36, 2 Cesareans BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!!

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I have two kids 5 and 8 and with the two c...

I have two kids 5 and 8 and with the two c sections my abs (upper and lower) have made me cry. I've gained and lost weight and I'm currently at 130 (very happy with the number.) I've always had this weird fat pad on my stomach even before my kids that just won't go away. Now I also have a fold of skin over the c/s scar.
I'd be happy with any change at this point.
2 weeks to go!!

Appointment moved up!!

I called to see if there were an cancellations and she got me in a week earlier! Now I'm starting to get nervous. Procedure is on Thursday.
I just went through my closet and noticed all the tops I stopped wearing because of my stupid stomach.
3 more days!!!

I'm already so bloated!

It's been 10 hrs and this is what I'm dealing with. Yoga pants and sweatshirts here I come.


The night of the procedure I already began bloating. My waist (across my belly button) measured 36" 3/4". I asked my tech at my consultation if drinking water would help the process she said yes and suggested that I add lemons (they aid in digestion and help to eliminate waste more quickly from the body.) So I've been drinking water with lemons like mad. I just measured myself again and I'm down to 34". I'm still a little tender and numb but no pain. There was no pain during the procedure either so I have my fingers crossed.

Day 5

The tingling pain has begun. It's not bad though. I just keep drinking water and I took some Tylenol today. I'm still wearing leggings and loose tops as I can't seem to suck my gut in. I just want results!!

Day 7

Am I skinny yet?

Um no. But this has got me eating healthier, especially drinking more water. I'm hoping something works.

Pain now?!

I started feeling the deep burning and itching way behind my belly button. I just happened to be going to my gp yesterday. When I asked him about it he told me the itching is just another response to pain. Apparently, I'm in pain. He said I don't need anything and to massage the area. Yeah, I'll get right on that. Hopefully since it started so late it will end quickly.

4 days until week 3

I know I know. It's just too early for me. Tell me I'm being silly. Tell me it's going to work. Idk, whAt do you think?

Woo freakin Hoo!!

I don't give a good god damn if no one else sees it. I see a change. Yesterday was 3 days! I swear it looks and feels different.


My stomach really gets flatter every day. The wrinkles aren't great though so I'm going for a consult on ultherapy Wednesday. I'll be sure to update.

Less than 3 weeks

Don't love the wrinkles but I'll deal with it. The consult for ultherapy turned out to be a no go. She said I wouldn't see enough of a result. I love their honesty.

For Sunnamma

The tan lines are fun. Lol

4 weeks 3 days

Months ago a secretary at my son's school congratulated me for "finally showing!" And commented that my belly was so cute.
I was thoroughly embarrassed and determined to do something. Even with some weight loss I still had a pregnant belly and had to wear girdles and spanx to keep it down. When I did coolsculpting I could never imagine that my weight loss (30 lbs since comment, 5 more since coolsculpting) could have made such an amazing difference.

5 weeks

I'd love to go again. I'd like to do my stomach again and my flanks. It might help pull the skin. I keep telling myself not to worry about the wrinkles but I'm not going to lie. It bothers me but I have no plans for a tummy tuck anytime soon. I love that this was scar free. My belly is still a little numb.
I'm just shy of 5 weeks and my results have been perfect for me. I hope it continues to work.
I have lost 5 or 6 lbs since getting it done.


This was fun to put together.


I wore a fitted shirt today!!! All my fitted, cotton, show all the bumps have been hanging in my closet since forever. The last time I tried to pull it off I got complimented on the fact that I was "finally showing" and that my belly was so cute. This from another female.
So today when I was feeling brave I donned an off white tight shirt. I'm no Victoria's Secret model but damn! I sure felt good in it.

Now for the loose skin

I've read that Thermage doesn't really work and when I had my consult for Ultherapy I was told it wouldn't work very well because the results would be so minor.
Now I'm on to Skin Tyte. Lol. It's tough to find providers (at least near me) but I did and I'll be calling Monday.

5 weeks 3 days

I'm researching everything possible on laser skin tightening. I have it nailed down to Thermitight or SkinTyte.
I'm definitely waiting until 6 months though and really see where the Coolsculpting can go. My stomach is so much flatter and that little roll of skin that hangs over my c/s scar seems to be tightening up on its own.

No luck with lasers but I'll keep my results

Since coolsculpting I've lost 10lbs. The procedure was a huge motivator for me. Unfortunately, my loose only got worse. I've been to 3 different consultations, each using different technology, and still not a candidate. Since a tummy tuck will probably never happen, I'll just deal.

Better pic

You can see the wrinkles a little more in this one.


12 weeks post procedure and still the best money I've ever spent. My coworker just told me today that she booked her appointment for Coolsculpting and she named me as her referral! Even better, her gf is getting it done too. That's $200 for me just for showing off the work of Natalie at Radiance Medspa in Avon, CT.
I'm considering using it for ultherapy. At least try to get rid of the wrinkles above my belly button. When I went for a consult there to treat the wrinkles they discouraged me from paying for a full session but the RN told me she would do above my belly button for $300. Decisions decisions.

Exactly 4 Mos. Out and Still Thrilled

I went for my final check to today. Natalie was beyond thrilled with my results. I swear I was 9 months pregnant in those first pics. Even though we never did any work on my back even that was smoother.
As we were looking at my screen shots another tech asked how many treatments. I proudly said, "just one."

So if you've read this mini blog you'll know that as much as I love the work it hurts my heart and self esteem that I have these ugly, crinkly, wrinkles of lose skin. Even worse is the gross flap that sits over my c/s scar. I'll admit it. I HATE it. But Natalie made me feel a million time better assuring me that there is no more work to be done and extensive surgery like a tummy tuck would be so major for such a minor problem. I'm going to try and remember that and be grateful for the beautiful body that Radiance Med Spa, at the hands of Natalie, have given me.

4 month post pics

6 months later...

It's been six months and my weight is back up a little. I hover between 120 and 125. I will still say this is the best money I've ever spent. I feel confident in tight clothes and I'm proud that I've kept the weight down. But even putting weight back on isn't going to my gut. I'd love to have my flanks done and do my stomach again. But truth is if I ever get that kind of money again I'll get a tummy tuck (I have loose skin.) I'm not afraid of the recovery. I had two c sections and HAD to get up and move.

Concern for fellow coolsculptees

I've read so many reviews where people are sold 2 or more sessions at once. Wait and see what your results are before shelling out five grand. Shop around. The first place I went to was Ideal Image. They told me I needed 4 applications and 2 sessions. When I went to the Med Spa they told me I only needed 2 applications and encouraged me to wait before I do any more than that.
All I'm saying don't burn yourself. Take your time. Talk to the staff. Talk to other places. Do your research. And then, good luck.

One Year Later

My weight has gone up and down between 5 and 10 lbs. I will still say that it's the best money I've spent. Even with weight gain and it showing in my belly it's never looked like my initial pictures. All I have to do is tighten my muscles and my stomach goes flat. And when pushing it out it's practically nothing.

The whole staff at Radiance Med Spa was wonderful. I felt like they already knew me. From the consultation to my completed treatment I never felt like I was being sold something. Especially when I would suggest more work I was thinking of getting done the staff was honest and tell me I didn't need it at all! I've already told my gf about my experience and she can't wait to make an appointment.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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