1 month POST-OP!!!! TEAM SALAMA!

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Have not had my surgery yet but Nancy has been a...

Have not had my surgery yet but Nancy has been a huge help thus far! Cannot wait! I have been researching this procedure for over 2 years now just researching different doctors and trying to find pictures of people how have done it. I also wanted to try and find a more affordable doctor as well. My initial consultation was with Dr. Markmann in Ellicot City MD, he is a WONDERFUL doctor and if I could afford him I would have gone to him however he was well out of my price range. I didn't want to settle though so I wanted to find someone else just as good but more affordable with extensive experience in what I wanted done. I finally found realself (by accident) one late nite and let me tell you this site has been a God send! So many women I want to thank you for your reviews and photos you made it much easier to find a new doctor.

I will upload some photos tomorrow, I have them on my thumb drive. I have a few so I will upload those and show you the before then the after once I get it done. I am getting a BBL and TT. I am 5"7 140lbs, I have 2 children by c-section and I am 31 years old. Just to give you background on me. I have always been unhappy with my butt since forever, well before this surgery even came out I was wearing butt pads and extra underwear to plump my butt up in jeans. LOL

I am black so I have always been aware of my lack of buns. Everytime I saw a back view of myself in jeans I wanted to cry it was saggy and wrinkly. Then after my kids I have loads of stretch marks on my belly and a bulge that really bothers me and does not allow me to wear a bikini which is a must in my book! I have also had a lack of curves ALL my life I have been very straight no hips no curves no buns only thing I have is large breasts you can imagine my body profile, not too exciting.

All in all I would like an "S" curve to my back and definition in my waist and a BUTT! After all these years of wearing double panties/boy shorts with jeans and/or butt pads I deserve the real thing now. lol

Best of luck ladies and I will keep you all posted as I go along.

OK SO I AM ABOUT A month out and i am super...

OK SO I AM ABOUT A month out and i am super excited! i switched with nicki86 THANKS GIRL! i had nov 5. she needed later and i needed earlier so it worked out perfectly!

and i got a call from the office a few weeks back and they no longer do TT and BBL together :( im so sad because now i have to PICK! get lipo and tt or bbl and lipo???? i will post pics and let you guys see. my issue is my stomach does not hang over but i have loads of stretch marks that drive me crazy! and without doing a TT i wont be rid of them :( but i can do lipo and bbl to get a niceer booty. but no two pieces on the beach! HELP ME DECIDE GUYS!

any advice you can give a sista NOW is the time to give it! super nervous. about to book my flight and hotel today!

anybody else going to be there the first week in Oct???

So today i am going to order my vitamins from the...

so today i am going to order my vitamins from the online drug store niki86 told me about. It is getting close!!!!! I got my labs done yesterday and my EKG done yesterday too. Waiting for the results to make sure I am clear and then booking hotel and flight! once I book my flight it will be REAL! I had a little anxious when I was going to get my lab work done yesterday i got nervous like Dr Salama was standing there with a scapal! Girls I was trippin. lol I am excited to get naked after my surgery though. lol

I will keep you guys updated as I go along!

So this surgery that I have anticipating so much...

So this surgery that I have anticipating so much is almost here! I am beyond excited, nervous, scared and just everything right now! I have been slacking so did not book flight/hotel yet, but I will tonight. Hey out of town girls how long are you staying in FL? I was thinking Oct 4-12 which is 7 days by that time I will be more then ready to go home I am sure!

Going to fill Rx today and I have been taking my vitamins faithfully! I am a vitamin girl anyway so it wasn't really had to remember to take pills. I will stop by walmart tomorrow and pick up some stuff I may need and start putting my bag together, lay everything out to make sure I don't need to purchase anything before hand.

I have enough maxi dresses for a week and extras in case one gets blood on it. I am beyond excited! and will be trying on a bikini first thing when I get home from surgery!

What hotel are you ladies stayin at? Everytime I say I am going to book one I hear a bad review. Dunno I guess I have to book soon and just hope for the best!

Oh and pics will be up later this afternoon!

I need a roomate! Anyone arriving on Oct 4?...

I need a roomate! Anyone arriving on Oct 4? private message me. I have a 2 bedroom condo.

3 days post op! I feel MUCH better today! The...

3 days post op! I feel MUCH better today! The first day I wanted to die! The 2nd day I wanted to die! Today I want to live :) The worst part for me was the nausea from the operation that was still left in my system and without food being in my tummy it def took a toll on me. If I could have thrown up everywhere I would have but since I had just had a tummy tuck I was unable to even bring anything up which made it all worse! I took my anit-nausea meds and it made it feel a whole heck of alot better. I have been cleared by Dr Salama to take a shower, excited and nervous about that because alot of my skin is still numb so the water will probably feel very weird. Eating some food to take my pain meds and taking a nap. Until later ladies :)

I cannot believe I am 12 days post op! I never...

I cannot believe I am 12 days post op! I never thought I would do it let alone be this far along in my healing. At first I hated what I had electively put myself through and I felt real guilty once I got home that I could not be there for my kids like i wanted to because of my quest for beauty. I still kind of live in that place but I try to tell myself that it is ok to do something for me! Everything does not have to revolve around making my kids happy or my husband it;s ok to make ME HAPPY!

I am liking my results thus far I am so skinny lol. I tried on a few outfits that were not close to fitting before even on a my best day. Now some of the outfits that have tags on them that I bought and could not fit or I was too embarassed to wear are fitting nicely even with the swelling! I got my drains out yesterday, total I had them in for 11 days and those were 11 days of hell! Those damn drains were so painful, when I got them out instantly I was pain free! How aboout that. I realize their importance but doesn't make them hurt less. lol Now that they are out I am staying very diligent with my water intake and wearing my binder, I do not want to run the risk of seromas so whatever I can do to eliminate that risk I will. I eat well and rest when my body tells me it is tired. Although I am feeling much better my husband keeps me in check and makes sure I don't over work myself too soon. which I have a tendency to do. I hate my house being messy :-/ and I like helping to put the kids to bed and all that. I am still taking my arnica, vit c, antibiotics and iron. Although I have the drains out hubby said i should keep taking antibiotic for a few more days while those holes close and heal to make sure I don't get an infection. Ladies make sure you eat plenty of yogurt while on the antibiotic! Sheesh those pills with tear your stomach apart without the yogurt. The antibiotic flushes out the good and the bad with that you cannot digest properly and your food goes right through you! It took me a few days to realize what was going on but I eat 3 huge spoonfuls of yogurt basically with every meal and it helps keep my food inside me ;)

Nap if you can, walk slow, take it easy because you've just had surgery! Don't rush it.

I still have a long way to go healing wise but so far so good. Stay beautiful :)

Before and after pics to come.

Nearly 1 month post op! I will be 1 month post op...

nearly 1 month post op! I will be 1 month post op on nov 5 (which is only 4 days away). I have to say what a difference a month makes! My waist is about 30" I started with 34" and I am still very swollen so I cannot wait to see the final outcome :) My breasts are still perky and a bit smaller I went from a 34DD to 34D I am ok with them I just have to get use to the new size and buy new bras. I am happy I no longer have grooves in my shoulders from carrying around boobs that were way to heavy for my frame and saggy! Now I have perky nice pretty boobs that go with my nice tight tummy ;) I am still healing so I have to watch what I do or how I turn I feel great most of the time so I find that I forget that I even had sugery from a pain stand point and I have to catch myself so I do not injury anything.

My husband is LOVING the results very much. He nearly tackled me today lol 2 more week honey. I am still taking all of my vitamins well because I spent alot of money on them and I am not going to let them sit there and go to waste so I will be taking all pre op vitamins until they are gone! No harm in that I don't believe. I like taking vitamins anyway so no problem there. The shooting pain in my boobs is a little annoying sometimes because it happens at random times and makes me jump sometimes especially if I am in the middle of doing something. My tummy tuck scar does not hurt so to speak by it gets stiff when I sit so I try to get up every hour for atleast 15 mins or so to walk around. (I have a desk job)

I drink lots of water and eat lots of fish, I love fish and I dont drink ANY soda. I do like fries though but I have been good. When I first had the surgery it was hard for me to digest foods so I got use to eating better and lighter. I have not had an alcoholic drink for over a month now and it feels good actually. I hope not to have one any time soon. I feel better when I don't drink, but peer pressure is a B. Folks don't want you to change in fact they hate when you do so they try their hardest not to let it happen sad but true.

I love my new body and I am enjoying it thus far. I cannot wait to start shopping for it :)
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Dr Salama is a seasoned professional who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I would trust him again if I ever wanted anything else done. And Florida isn't a bad place to recover :)

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