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I had a BBL and it turned out beautifully however...

I had a BBL and it turned out beautifully however the liposuction/fat harvesting on my abdomen and around my waist is horrible and has left me with lumps, crevices, bumps, pigmentation. All due to the aggressive technique utilized with large cannulas to hasten the process. There was no artistry, no liposculpture, no regard for the end product -- only regard for the BBL result. I followed all instructions - massages, cincher, board, foam, heating pad and am now spending a small fortune on Ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency. some very slight improvement but the bottom line is that I will have to spend a small fortune and go through another procedure to transfer fat back to the area with no guarantee that it will improve. So my advise is yes, he is very good but request that he not be so aggressive and go over EVERY detail.

abdomen revision

So I went back to Dr. Salama to have him try and repair my abdomen. Let me get to the point here - he took fat where he could find it and that included the butt he had already done. Everything looked good initially however none of the fat stayed. Additionally my butt is getting smaller and smaller. I am now worse than I initially was when I came to see him the first time - I have lumps on my abdomen, scars and hyper pigmentation in different areas, and a credit card bill I am still paying on. MAJOR DEPRESSION!!
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