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Finished with the baby making...lol. Next, ready...

Finished with the baby making...lol. Next, ready for the new me that myself and my husband can enjoy. I have always been self conscious about my body even with my husband. Especially now after having two c-sections and weight gain. I am 5'4 & 150lbs. Even when I was younger I never was a small girl. My inner thighs have always been huge!!!

I enjoy reading everyone's post here and checking out all the great before and after pics. Everyone on here is very courageous and inspiring. I hope that my journey can help someone like all the info here has helped me. Will post before pics soon.

Rescheduled surgery date...5/24/12

Rescheduled surgery date...5/24/12

My BBL fam, Iagave some questions if anyone can...

My BBL fam, Iagave some questions if anyone can answer. I looked for someone who does limphatic massage in my area. There was not that many therapist that did. I did find one she charges 70 per hour. Does anyone think that is kind of high since I will need more than one when I get home? Will I need a full hour or is 30 min good? I am having a tummy tuck also with dr. Salma do they massage your tummy also or just the butt?Your info is very much appreciated thanks:)

Good morning BBL fam... Got some bad news...

Good morning BBL fam... Got some bad news yesterday. A pipe bust in the condo I reserved and they had to cancel. Does anyone know of any place I look on the internet for 2 br condos??? Any info is appreciated. God bless

Did my EKG and preop blood work today. Hope...

Did my EKG and preop blood work today. Hope everything comes out good...21 days left!!

EKG and Lab/Blood work came back normal. Thank you...

EKG and Lab/Blood work came back normal. Thank you Jesus! Can't wait...not looking forward to the pain but so ready for the results. Florida here I come 20 more days:)

Surgery went well, had it on the 24. I had to be...

Surgery went well, had it on the 24. I had to be there for 7am but I dont think it started till about 8:00. Everyone in the office have been just great;) I'm not going to lie having both the procedures at the same time is exhausting. The first night was hard I had acid reflux so it was hard for me to drink but I was extremely thirsty! Dr said it was ok for me to take zantac. It did help but took awhile. Trying to get in and out of the car not fun. I was draining from everywhere it is very scary but normal. It was embarrassing because a group of women stoped to see if they should call for help:( also I had long stringy blood clots in the bulbs but dr said this is also normal. Well I still cant get in and out of the bed by myself. My husband has been a great nurse and cook. It's hard to sleep on my sides. I had alot of trouble last night. I have a big lump on my outer thigh from laying on it because I got those lipoed a little. I have been laying on my left side more than my right because of this. I hope it does not mess up my butt. I told the dr I did not want alot of hips so i don't think it will matter. I also told him I do not want my butt gigantic. I think he did a great job! I'm just very very swollen and brused. I will Update later when I'm feeling better.

Having my first massage tomorrow...does anyone...

Having my first massage tomorrow...does anyone have thae address and or Phone # to the massage therapy office??????

So I had my first massage today. I had to wait in...

So I had my first massage today. I had to wait in the office for about 45 min which was not fun standing. Naomi did say i could lay on the sofa but i forgot my pillow and with the tummy tuck i def need head support. They were running behind I don't know if they scheduled two people for the same time or an employee did not come in. The office staff there are always so helpful and pleasant considering how busy they are;) ok back to the massage let me just say it is no joke!!! I did not cry and the therapist said I did really well but it is painfull. Only certain areas like the lower sides of my back and hipbone around the TT insicion on one side. I was so stiff but after I truely felt like my body had been reformed. My body had a better shape to it. It reminded me of neading dough to soften and shape it. Lol. well talk to y'all later

So I seen the Dr. yesterday and I do have some...

So I seen the Dr. yesterday and I do have some advice. Take your pain med before every doctors visit because it's better to be safe than sorry. lol. Of course I did not and I had one front drain removed (very uncomfortable), the steri strips were removed from my TT incision (replaced with some tape) and I was stuffed into my first body garment. I was sweating by the time we did the garment. So you can just imagine how hard that was when your body is not completely dry. On a better note I meet my BBL sisters that were transformed on the same day that I was and it was a pleasure. Our conversation def helped the time fly by. Well I leave to go home on Sat. I have my 2 massage on mabe get drains removed after. I might have to go home with one and have my primary dr remove it when it's time:( ttl

I am feeling better and better each day. By the...

I am feeling better and better each day. By the end of the day it feels like I've gained 10lbs due to the swelling. It feels like I am going to bust out of my garment. I am still in a lg garment. I am concerned about going down to the Med due to the butt bubble formation. I already see how this could happen to me also. I can see an indentation under my butt cheeks. I massaged that area today a little. I also had my second massage today since i've been home. The place that is doing them is called Massage Envy. They do have them in other states. I signed up for a package deal thats very good prices! The first massage I had there I dont think I explained the way I wanted it done well because the lady did not do my inner thighs or stomach. I booked with someone else today and I was very thorough and it went great!! They have more than one therapist that does lymphatic massage there.I was going to try them until I found the person I liked but I found her today! My husband does not want me to post my before and after pics online for everyone to see and I respect his wishes. That is why I have not put them up so just private message me. Talk to yall later

Ok so I'm two weeks post op. I am now noticing the...

Ok so I'm two weeks post op. I am now noticing the swelling going down a little faster than the first week. I put the med garment on today to celebrate my 2 weeks. I definitely had the butt ooze with the large garment also. What I did to stop it was stitch the back of the opening half way. I just finish doing that to the med garment and it is working well so far. I'll let you know if things change. I take the garment off to do #2 anyway so I don't need that part open. I will update you guys more later.

Hi everyone.. I know I have not updated in a...

Hi everyone.. I know I have not updated in a while, sorry. It would be so much easier to do from my phone but I am tech illiterate unfortunately.lol. So I am happy with my butt even though it has decreased in volume:(. My over all shape from the lipo is just great I am def loving it. I have curves now and I feel so much sexier in front of my husband. I can tell he like the new curves to which really has done wonders for my self esteem. I have been depressed though my journey due to my tummy tuck:( The sweeling just does not seem to be going away. I am still numb from my belly button down. I just dont know if it really is sweeling or just fat that will need to be lipoed at a later time. My Iower stomach from my belly button down is still numb. the area above my belly button is flat and this is the area that Dr. Salama said he could not lipo so I'm confused. I do plan on calling the office to see if he lipoed the lower part of my abdomin from my belly button down to the scar. If he did i guess its just still sweeling. I can feel the muscle above my belly button under my breast area is tight because this area is flat and I LOVE that. It just the lower part i wish it was just as flat but hopefully in time it will be. I will just have to give it the 6 months to see thats why I have not called the dr yet. My stomach does get more uncomfortable and tight during mid day untill i go to sleep so mabe it is sweeling still. Just to let any one getting a tummy tuck know.. this does get depressing. Especially after looking at other tummy tuck pics and there belly is flat after the first 2-4 weeks:( I keep telling myself mabe I heal slower. I still feel more comfortable wearing my compression garment during the week. I have gone the weekend without it and let me tell you I am ready to put it back on after two days. My stomch gets all tight and I dont like the way my clothes feel rubbing on the numb skin. Well guess thats all for now.If you have any questions feel free to ask. TTY later sistas.

My 11 weeks review update was deleted and it was...

My 11 weeks review update was deleted and it was long so I promise I will retype later. sorry
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