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I really don't know how to begin this so i guess...

i really don't know how to begin this so i guess i'll start by introducing myself. i'm Nita. i'm 21 yrs old, no kids and no husband. i'm asian and i live in Canada. i've been thick all my life and two years ago i gained a lot of unwanted weight because of depression. I've always been infatuated with big butts on guys and girls lol i started researching since i turn 18. At first i wanted to get butt implants until i came across BBL and saw results. My personal goal is to make myself happy again with the way i look and feel. People have been pointing out to me again and again about how much weight i've gained and it's really bringing my self esteem down. Before the weight gain, i was active and joined many sports but i could never get the butt i wanted no matter how many squats i did hence why i want to get this procedure done. Right now i'm stuck on what doctor to go with. i wanted to go with salama but he's booked far far along the calendar and i would like to get it done before summer. i decided to go with salama's partner Dr. Rami the only problem is trying to reach the office. i've emailed and called the office but it's always on a busy line. how did you ladies do it? how did you ladies start? i'm so nervous and scared and i feel completely lost. please help me.

I just got off the phone with nancy! she's super...

I just got off the phone with nancy! she's super nice and made me feel at ease with everything since i was so lost at what to do. i paid my deposit! i was quoted $7, 779 for BBL with Dr. Ghurani. paid my deposit and my date is set!!! so happy to get that done and over with. i will have my surgery on may 22nd. now i'm just gonna work my ass off to get it paid plus extra money from my tax returns. i also forgot to mention that i'm 5'2 and weigh 170 lbs. nancy didn't mention anything about losing pounds but i will absolutely shed these off. i hope by the time of the surgery i will be 150 lbs to get the most out of everything and to look like my dream pic. nancy said she will email me tonight if not tomorrow and i will ask her where to go from there. right now time to just focus on my goals and save save save! i was thinking of getting a loan but i don't think i'll get approved because of my horrible credit rating. the most i'll want is $3000 but we'll see how it goes. Also if anyone has their date a few days earlier then mine after may 16 with Dr. Ghurani and would like to switch please pm me. that's it for now.

The company i work for is slowing down so i'm...

The company i work for is slowing down so i'm gonna need to finance this procedure partially. i'm a student so i don't have very good credit either. To all my ladies who financed, please help me! i live in canada too.

Hey ladies, i've tried to get a loan with no luck...

hey ladies, i've tried to get a loan with no luck as of right now. i'm contemplating whether to move my date down a month. does anyone have a late june date with dr. rami? i won't know til the end of the month if i'll change or not but i will keep you updated. i'm just really sad i have to wait a little longer then i would like to. i will definitely get this done before summer ends! if i don't do it now, when will i? on the plus side, i've lost 7 lbs. i'm 163, which is an improvement from 170. i can notice a difference. i'm trying to go down to 140. i guess for the time being i can focus on that. Thank you to all my BBL sistas for their help! i really appreciate it. especially having someone to talk to who understands what your going through.

So Ladies, i have decided to move my date down a...

So Ladies, i have decided to move my date down a month. i am looking for a late june date or the first week of july. i'm sad that i couldn't do it in may but plans change i guess. what happens to your deposit that you put down now? i put down $750 which goes towards the surgery. i have to put down another deposit? this is stressing me out. i've been sort of eating fast food because i'm so sad but i'm going to start my diet tomorrow! wish me luck!

So i decided to move down my date for August. Kind...

so i decided to move down my date for August. Kind of bummed out but i'm staying positive. i'm taking summer classes so i won't be able to do it til then. if anyone would like to switch or canceling please let me know! i will post up some pics of my weightloss journey so far.

Then: 170lbs
Current: 160lbs
Goal: 140lbs

i'm praying for all my bbl sisters who are having their procedure today! Happy healing love xoxo

Hey Ladies, sorry i haven't been updating you guys...

Hey Ladies, sorry i haven't been updating you guys but there's really nothing to update. i have changed my date for August 7th. i uploaded some pictures of my weight lost. i'm beginning to feel like my old confident self again. i am on the master clense and another bbl sister here is doing it too. Good Luck to you hun! it's a struggle at first but just thinking about the how this will pay off in the end. i am on day 21 of my master clense and i am aiming for 40. i will admit that i fell off track....twice! T___T sigh* it's a struggle, that's for sure, i smell the food which my family finds it odd but i find it kind of reassuring that i can do it even with food infront of me. i would have been done my clense on may 31st but now it will be done June 2nd. i'm more motivated more then ever to achieve the body of my dreams. My family has notice and complimented me on my weight loss. after 40 days, i will start eating healthy ( no more junk food or fast food ) and do a bit of light exercise. My skin got soft, before it was hard, and i can feel the squishy stuff lol

My previous weight was 170lbs
My current weight is 150 lbs
My goal weight is 140lbs (recommended by nancy)

who knows, i might even go 130lbs! i haven't seen that number on the scale for a long long long time. i read on here that one of the bbl sister went in 122lbs and he gave her a big fat ass. i was so amazed! i hope dr. G will give me one just like hers!! ^___^

I think dr. G will do his magic on me so i'm not worried about not having enough fat. i just don't want there to be any left over.

I'm Back!

Okay so i haven't updated for awhile, I apologize. i changed doctors! i'm on team Duran!! My date is Oct 16. i am planning to be there on the 15th - the 26th. Does anyone want to buddy up? Also i would like to give a huge shout out to my BBL sis NJexciteddd and Vambie. They have been really helpful, especially NJ. i sent my deposit in and now i'm checking flights. i'm also checking out RH too. Any recommendation?
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