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Like many of you, I have been on RealSelf for a...

Like many of you, I have been on RealSelf for a while now. Years in fact. I've been wanting a BBL for so long and now I'm about to get one!

So, a little bit about myself. I'm 25. 5'5''. 150 pounds. My waist is about 30" and my butt is 41". I'm going to post some of the pics that I sent to Dr. Salama. I was told not to gain any weight. I should've asked if I needed to lose any.

Anyway, I'm going to ask him to put as much into my butt as he can (like almost every other woman wants, right?) so that when I start working out, I'll still have a nice size behind back there. We will see what happens. Surgery in less than a month!

Only a few weeks left!

First, I just want to say thank you to those who have commented on my review! I really appreciate the community here!

So I just paid off the balance of my surgery! It's starting to feel real!

But I haven't gotten my labs done yet. An EKG is expensive! And seeing that I'm in my 20s, I don't understand why I need one. But I have to get one nontheless. And I'm uninsured. Ugh. Anyone have any advice?

Lab Tests

Hello everyone.

So I just got off the phone with my local hospital to get the cost of all the labs and with the 30% discount for being uninsured, they're going to cost me about $758.


That is ridiculous and definitely NOT an expense that I was expecting. I don't know what I'm going to do. So just a heads up for all of you who are researching this procedure, if you're not insured then add about another extra $1000 for just tests.

I'm so discouraged right now.

Lab Tests Update

So I went the Health Center the other day and filled out some forms. Went back today for the office visit. The visit was $35. The labs were $50. And the EKG was free.

WHOOP!! That's $85 for labs that would have been $1000+ otherwise. I'm so happy I can barely stand it.

Thank you for yall who suggested Labcorp. That's actually where the sent me to do my tests.

As my surgery gets closer, I'm getting nervous. I'm scared that my results won't be what I want. Dr. Salama has done some wonderful things with other people, but still. My nerves are getting to me.

Less than 2 Weeks!

I've been buying clothes, yall. Way more than I should be, but I'm just so excited. I've always hated buying clothes. I feel like nothing looks good on my body. Hopefully Dr. Salama can fix that!

The first pic is my now pic. The second is a (realistic) hopeful pic. But I want my waist as little as he can get it and my butt as big as he can get it. I want a DONK!

I used a plastic surgery app and I did the best I could lol.

Less Than a Week Away!

My surgery is less than a week away and I'm so excited and nervous! I really really hope I get the results that I'm looking for.

I do have a question for the ladies that have already had their surgery. What kind of clothes did you wear in the weeks following your surgery? Is the compression garment very noticeable under clothes? I can't stay in the house for 8 weeks. But I don't want to look super weird when I go out. Any comments or advice?

Also, how many garments total did you have to buy? And is there a place near the surgery center to buy them?

Tomorrow is the big day!

I had my pre-op consultation today! I thought I was going to be able to actually talk to Dr. Salama but I didn't. I did get to meet all the ladies that work there though and they're all so nice!

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so nervous! I hope I get the big butt that I want! Only time will tell.

I'm posting my last pre-op pics. And good riddance!

I had my surgery yesterday!

So my surgery was yesterday! I'm happy, just very sore. I'll post am in depth review maybe tomorrow. Kisses!

2 days post op!

Hi ladies! Thank you for all the comments!

Ok well I'm not going to sugar coat anything. This has been the most painful, bloody, smelly experience of my life. But I do believe it will be all worth it.

So Wednesday my surgery. I did have to wait a little while before the called me back, but it wasn't bad. Once they did I talked to the anesthesiologist. I was going to ask him what happens if I have to poop once I'm under but he was so incredibly handsome, I couldn't embarrass myself like that lol. So he went over everything with me, asked me if I had jewelry in (oh so I got a glass retainer for my nipple ring and it fell and and now it's closed. I'm so upset, but anyway).

Then the nurse had me change then go back to the same room and I finally met Dr. Salama! He is so friendly and personable. He definitely made me feel better. I could tell that while he was feeling my fat, I wouldn't have enough to give me the big ol booty I wanted, so we talked about liposuctioning my inner thighs if I didn't have enough fat. He didn't do my thighs, and my butt and hips look nice already so idk where he got all the fat from! He's a genius! We did do stomach, back, flanks, arms, and chin.

After the surgery I woke up freezing and shaking so hard on the bed. I also felt like I had to go to the bathroom so bad but I think that was just the cathater inside of me.

That first evening wasn't so bad. I was still pretty out of it. I do have a suggest for ladies who are staying in a hotel: bring a vinyl mattress pad and your own sheets. You will get blood everywhere! It is not pretty.

I couldn't walk for 10 minutes straight the first couple of times because I was so dizzy, but it got better. And you're not supposed to lay on your stomach for the first 48 hour which sucks because Salama gave me some hips and I didn't not want to mess them up!

The second day SUCKED. You need to eat and drink a lot of powerade. I can still barely eat. I have a huge lump in my throat/chest whenever I swallow which hurts so bad. It could be the lipo but my mom said she thinks it's the tube they put down your throat during surgery.

I went to my post op the next day and met with a nurse. I wish I could have met with Dr. Salama. Plus, they had me standing in the waiting room for about 40 minutes and I started to get sick. And there's sort of a language barrier between the nurse and I. I wish I spoke Spanish, but I dont, so some of my questions didn't get answered.

She did say I could take a shower yesterday, but I was too scared so I'm doing it today. I have my first massage monday. And I'm meeting with Dr. Salama Wednesday. I'll keep yall updated!

1st massage and garment change

Hey! So I'm 5 days post op. The pain is still there, but not as bad. I'm always hungry, but can't really eat anything. My mom got me some protein shakes that I've been drinking. Also, lots of powerade. I ate some chicken alfredo today that was pretty good. I always wake up sick and hungry though. I know I need to eat more, but I cant. I'm currently trying to stuff a banana down my throat.

So... my first massage. Yeah it was bad. I definitely had to ball up my fists and clench up my face, but I got through it. Celia said a lot of girls cry, especially during the front part. I didn't cry, but I was almost in tears. After, I felt so much better. The massages really do help. I asked Celia if the second one was less painful. She just looked at me and said "ehh... maybe." Which means no lol.

She also put the new garment on me today, which is the same size as my first one, but a different material so much tighter. She told me if it was too tight then to put on my old one to sleep. I should've listened. I didn't sleep at all. The worst part was my butt. The garment crease dug into my butt so bad. One of my bottom incisions started leaking an orange fluid. I took two pain pills over the course of the night and still couldn't realy sleep. Eventually I texted my mom and asked if she was up and to see if she could help me change. I feel so much better.

The two garments put my cheeks at different positions in the holes, so I feel my butt isn't round now, but at two different sizes. A smaller cheek circle inside a larger one, if that makes sense.

I'm going to try to finish this bamana and finally get some sleep. I've added more pictures. My body actually looks better in person. So glad I went with Dr. Salama!

Two Weeks!

So tomorrow I hit the two week mark. Nothing really new to report. My butt has gone down a little bit, but not bad. I got my fourth massage today. It was different from the ones at Elite, but I liked the lady and I think she did a good job. I got a heck of a deal, with four massages for $100!

I can not get comfortable for the life of me. I'm so tired of laying on my stomach. I try to kneel a little bit, but that hurts after a while.

My butt feels a little flat in some places, but hopefully it works itself out once it gets soft. My fingers are crossed.

So, remember I said to buy a mattress pad if you're staying at a hotel? Buy sheets too. I did, but I still got blood on the hotel sheets and pillows and they charged me an extra $200! That was not an expense that I wanted to pay, so just a warning to you ladies!

That's all for now!

Will my butt round out?

I'm getting nervous, so if there are any vets out there, I need your help. My cheeks aren't round. One definitely has a flat spot on it. My butt is still hard and it's only two weeks, but it's freaking me out. Will it work itself out once it gets soft? Someone please help.

1450 cc's!

Hey, quick update! Yall have been asking how many cc's were put in my bootay and it's 1450 cc's on each side!

A little sad

I don't know ladies. I'm just a little... sad, I guess. I really don't want to second guess going through all this. I know I shouldn't judge the inches, but I have gone from 45 inches after surgery to 42 1/2 inches and I was 41 inches to begin with. Plus I have a huge flat spot on the side of one cheek that I'm so scared will stay that way. I was told to massage that, but what will that do?

I know I shouldn't be envious, but I just feel like everyone else's results are so much better than mine. I'm just really depressed right now.

Almost 4 weeks

So I will be 4 weeks post op on Wednesday. I'm still not completely happy. I look good from the front, but I still have that huge flat spot/dent on the side of my cheek. It looks so bad from the side. And now it's starting to get sorr, which worries me. Idk. I'm starting to wish that I never did this.

Nomie told me to send some pictures

So Nomie got back to me and told me to send some pictures of the issue. It's hard to get accurate pictures. It's so much more obvious in person. And it's definitely obvious when I touch it. Ugh I can't even touch my butt without my heart sinking. But I attached some photos that I sent.

Also, I'm not saying these things to scare anyone away or bash anyone. I think Dr. Salama is an amazing surgeon. Things just happen, I guess. But hopefully my issue will be resolved in time and it's nothing serious. And I do not want to do a revision. I can't go through all this again.

Thank you all for the comments, I really appreciate it!

Almost 5 weeks post

Hi! So Wednesday I will be five weeks post op. I've been massaging the dent in my butt. It's still sore. Like a burning kind of sore. When my robe or blanket or anything touches it, it gets worse. I'm so scared that I have an infection or something. I can't afford any more medical bills. I emailed Nomie not too long ago and I will see what she says.

I went to the store without my garment on. My skin felt so tight and painful after a while. I was actually glad to come home and put my garment back on.

I haven't sat yet. The post op instructions say we can start sitting at 4 weeks, but Im going to try to wait about 6 weeks if I can.

That's about it. I'm really scared about the pain in my cheek. I know all I've been doing is complaining, but I was so happy to do this surgery, but I have had literally no good days since. I'm either worried about the dent or having something wrong and needing to go to the hospital or something. I'm so disappointed.

6 weeks

My butt still has a huge dent. I can't wear anything tight and cute. I can barely sleep with a blanket because the little weight of it makes my dented cheek hurt even more. Supposedly it's fat necrosis.

Im so sick of everything. Maybe if my ass didn't hurt 6 weeks later then I may forget that it's deformed time to time.

I think I'm going to delete my whole profile in a few days. I'm so glad for everyone who looks great and are happy with their results.

Over two months

So it's been over two months. The dent on my right cheek is still very much there. And even worse, I have developed two more spots on my other cheek. I am so extremely disappointed. I can't even wear form fitting clothes because the dents are so noticeable. I don't want anyone to see my butt because it's deformed. Intimacy with anyone is going to be uncomfortable because I'm so self conscious about my butt. And it still hurts. I'm not happy at all.


I don't feel like taking pictures of the dents now. But here are some pics that I actually like. One thing I will say is that I love my stomach now. I just need to tone it up a bit.

9 Month Update

OK so I'm getting a revision in a few months because my butt is JACKED UP. There are multiple big dents on both sides. I can't wear form fitting clothes and I'm too embarrassed for anyone to see me naked. If I can't wear cute clothes and I'm too scared for anyone to see my butt... then what is the point? I know it sounds so trivial, but sometimes I get so down about my body that I just burst into tears. What if it can't be fixed? What if I have to live my life with a deformed backside?

I don't want to go through another surgery, but I can't live like this. I'm miserable.


Here are some pics. It's hard to really capture the dents on camera.

Updated Pic

I don't think anyone reads my review, but I decided to post another pic anyway. There are three dents on either side. And my right chee looks bigger than the left, but that could just be the way I was twisting to take the pic. I'm not sure. And I have no one to really look at it for me in person :/

My weight!! :/

Holy moly, I weigh 167 pounds. Which is like 12 pounds more than I did before my surgery. Yikes.

Fortunately, after the lipo, I carry the weight a lot better. My stomach is a little chubby, but not near as bad as it would have been without it.

I want to lose weight, but my revision is in June and I want to have enough fat to do it. I think I may just wait until after that to try to start losing.

Revision Update

Hello all! Nothing new really to say. My surgery date was changed by a day, from Thursday to Friday. No biggie. I'm really excited but really scared. I hope this revision fixes my problems.

Revision Surgery Tomorrow!

I'm nervous but excited! I really hope that Dr. Salama can fix all of my issues. I have faith that he will. I will update when I can!

2 Days Post Revision

Hello everyone! So I am 2 days post revision and physically, I'm feeling pretty good. I am a little stiff and sore, but not near as bad as I was after the BBL.

This is what we attempted to fix:
- dents on both cheeks
- a little left over fat (or scar tissue) on my left love handle
- rolls of fat on my upper back

Dr. Salama lipo'd my upper back and left side and injected fat into the dents in my butt. So far, the dents in my butt are still there, but Dr. Salama said that after the fat establishes a blood supply, it will expand and fill it out more. I really hope so, because that was my main concern :/

My experience was wonderful, though. Dr. Salama and his team and really really awesome. He has definitely hired the right people to surround himself with. Dr. Salama makes me feel comfortable and listened to. Everyone else is reassuring and helpful. I appreciate everything so so much!

Not Happy

So it's almost 3 weeks post revision an I am not happy at all. My problems aren't fixed. All the dents in my but are still there. I know I have some more healing tome, but come on, nothing is going to change.

I am sad and disappointed and embarassed. My butt is so lumpy and dented on both sides. The dents are very visible with or without clothes.

I just dont know what to do. I don't want to wear cute clothes bease I don't want people to see my butt. I'm scared of future intimacy because I don't want my partner to see and feel my disfigured butt.

At times I feel like the whole thing wasn't worth it. My body wasn't the best before, but it's not the best now. At least if I never had the surgery I'd be imperfect but with an extra like $20,000.

I dont want to live with this for the rest of my life. I don't know how I cam fix it. I don't have any more money to go somewhere else and fix it. I'm just screwed.

So good luck and God bless to all the women having this procedure. I hope your results turn out better than mine.

Sorry about the typos

I was writing the review on my phone

A few pics

You can't rwally see the extent of the dents in this pics but I thought I should post some
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Salama and his team has been great. Dr. Salama is personable, kind, and really put me at ease before my surgery. The only not so positive thing I can say is that I wish I would have had more time with him. He is a very busy man, and very smart too, considering the team that he has built around him. Everyone that I met that is part of Elite is amazing! Cynthia, Jesenia, Celia, and Eilyn are the ladies that I had the most contact with and they were all so helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I really appreciate everything that they have done for me!

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