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I'm 25 and after a sad breakup with my best friend...

I'm 25 and after a sad breakup with my best friend turned boyfriend(he left me because he wasn't ready) I lost about 20 pounds. At my heaviest I've been 155, currently I'm 123 pounds. With the weight loss came a disturbing bout of acne and hair loss, which I attribute all to stress. Before I had HIPS and thighs, never really a big butt. I've always also had about an 11 inch difference between my waist and hips. Currently my stats are:

Height: 5'5
Weight: 123 lbs
Measurements: 34-26-37

I'm willing to gain about 30 pounds at the rate of 2-3 pounds per week for the next 5 months, I just need to know how. I'm not into fast food, trans fats or heavily processed foods and I'm a recent vegetarian turned pescatarian. I expect that a lot of my calories will come from nut based protein(I try and stay away from too much dairy as I'm already struggling with hormones, I don't need a cows to throw me off more) and soy isn't healthy as a primary alternative. If anyone has suggestions as to what to do to put on quality fat let me know, please.

LOOKING TO SWITCH to an earlier date! I finally...

LOOKING TO SWITCH to an earlier date!
I finally got my date set to May 7th and am now looking to move it to April or March. If anyone would like to switch please let me know!

So, since I've last updated I managed to gain 4...

So, since I've last updated I managed to gain 4 pounds. My goal is to gain another 20 by my surgery date. I'm trying to do it in a healthy way but it's been hard considering that I don't eat meat or a lot of processed foods. I've noticed that with my attempt to eat more processed foods my skin has broken out horribly. I'm going to start making thousand calorie smoothies and drinking them before bed. I think my job(I'm a teacher) and the fact that I don't have a car(I bike) don't help me put pounds on. By next month I hope to be at 132.

I'm STILL LOOKING TO SWITCH DATES. So, if anyone has a March or April date please let me know. May doesn't work for my work schedule.

I'm still trying to gain weight but it's not...

I'm still trying to gain weight but it's not really happening. I'm going to make more of an effort to wake up early to cook breakfast, then take a shake to work, eat a decent size lunch and dinner and have a shake before bed. It's really tough to gain weight the healthy way...and expensive!

I can only get time off of work in early April...if anyone has a date around that time I would be so THANKFUL if you'd like to switch for my May date. If I can't get the April date I'll have to go with another doctor :(

Major thanks to Makemeover1 who switched dates...

Major thanks to Makemeover1 who switched dates with me. Thanks to her I now have a March date. It's a bit earlier than I wanted but May wouldn't have worked for me, so I'm SUPER grateful. Nancy called and offered mea late March date which I was super excited about but that switch didn't work out, so I'm happy and thankful to both Nancy and makemeover1.

Now, I need to gain 20-25 pounds by March. I figure if I gain a steady 2-3 pounds a week I'll be good. I'm currently 130.

Happy holidays to all :)

I just realized that I changed my date to prime...

I just realized that I changed my date to prime time for Spring Break. This means that hotel prices are going to be wildly outrageous. I've been looking into various hotel options that are within 14 miles of Dr. Salama's office(since I'll be coming by myself I'll be making use of Larry's services and need to be within that mile range). The lowest hotel I've found that offers the amenities I'm looking for is around $115 a night. It's important that the room have a microwave, fridge and wireless and some of the cheaper ones don't have that. If you all know of anything or someone who's serious about sharing a room, please let me know!

My surgery is about 6 weeks away and I still have...

My surgery is about 6 weeks away and I still have 13 pounds to gain! I'm not sure if I'll make my goal, but I've been trying. It's difficult to eat so much, all the time.

My updated measurements are:

5'5, 137lbs, 34-27.5-39

I'm looking for someone to share a room or condo with for my March 19th surgery date. I'd really like to lower the cost, as I'm traveling from the opposite coast and taking off so many days of work. I need to save as much as possible. Please inbox me if you have a date near mine, or know someone who might be interested. Thank you!

Still trying to gain weight....stalled at 138,...

Still trying to gain weight....stalled at 138, doing everything I can with the last month I can. Hoping I can gain at least 8 pounds to put me at 146. My goal weight was 150 but I don't know if that's feasible.

I just got my pre-op packet in the mail and will do my clearance sometime next week.

Most importantly, is anyone down to share a hotel or condo for the week of March 19th???? Prices are crazy expensive and I just cant afford to do it solo. Please inbox me.

HI everyone, so I've done everything to gain...

HI everyone, so I've done everything to gain weight. Shakes, ensure, Boost VHC, high calorie low density foods, carbs, sugar...and my metabolism is fighting me! I started this journey at 123 pounds and have happily gained 17 pounds. My goal was 27 but I didn't quite make it. My scheduled surgery with Dr. Salama is March 19th. I just don't want to go through with it if it seems like I'm too small. If anyone knows of petite women who've had good results, please let me know. My stats are:
140 pounds
(started at 123 pounds, 34- 26-37)

Most of my fat is in my flanks and inner thighs.

I know that at my size I can't get a HUGE butt and that's okay...I'm looking for more width, for my dents to be filled in, roundness and an improvement on my shape. I love my legs and didnt want to touch them but I think I'll have to get them lipoed as another fat source.

I trust in Dr. Salama's work but I haven't seen outstanding results in patients my size, so it would be helpful to have some reassurance.

Thank you!

Oh, I forgot to add my "wish stats". I would love...

Oh, I forgot to add my "wish stats". I would love to be 34-25-42/43...when I'm smaller my waist has been that size and the biggest my hips ever were naturally was 43.

I took a red eye from California...I'm exhausted!...

I took a red eye from California...I'm exhausted! I confirmed with Nomie that my flight would get in at 6am today but it was delayed an hour...I didn't think to ask for Larry the driver's information. If anyone has his information, would you please inbox it? The office doesn't open til 9 and It's currently 7:30.

So everything ended up working out with the...

So everything ended up working out with the airport mix up. I got picked up around 9 something, so with the couple hours I was in the airport I people watched and BOOOOIIIIIII something MUST be in the water because ALL women have some kinda butt/hip/thigh game going on.

Larry the Driver i
He's super busy but an awesome man. I really enjoyed getting to know him with the drives we took around town today.

After he picked me up we tried to check into my hotel but it was too early in the day so he dropped me off in Downtown Hollywood which is literally a 5-7 minute walk from my hotel. I ate at a Romanian Bakery-Chocolada, browsed some shops and wrote in my journal. I called Larry a few hours later and he took me to the office for my preop. En route we picked up another Salama patient, she looked AMAZING!

***ADVICE**** Always have something to do, a book, a phone call to make(if you're in the appropriate setting for that), journaling, work emails...something! I was super productive today and wasn't bothered at all by the driving schedule. I think going into this you have to be understanding that things change and when you travel not everything goes according to plan.

I met Laila, Nomie, Nancy and Cynthia...and it's true...they absolutely are kind and gorgeous and all have beautiful bodies-they even smell good! Nomie had me sign a ton of papers and print my lab results, afterwards I met with Cynthia. She broke everything down, gave me my bobby pillow, etc. A few things came up:
1. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BE RELEASED TO SOMEONE, I had read blogs of girls traveling by themselves and not hiring nurses and I thought it was okay to do the same...I hadn't budgeted or planned on hiring a nurse, I was just gonna thug it out. But Cynthia was kind enough to get me a deal with Ms. Miriam Malcolm. Her daughter will be with me for the first 24 hours post op, then 8 hours the following day and 8 hours the next day. They will not release you unless you have a friend, family member or nurse. I came 100% alone and no one knows I'm doing this, so the nurse will be helpful for me.

2. THEY WANT YOU TO STAY AROUND 10 DAYS...I'm only staying 8. They prefer for you to stay longer because of the drains. Cynthia explained that I may still have my front drain in if I leave before 8 days. We'll see what my body does.

My hotel
Staying at the Entrada Resort Inn for 8 days total, $577(including tax). It has 2 beds, a mini fridge and a microwave. I havent figured out how to work the tv(I don't have a tv at home, lol) but the internet is working, so I'm good. I cleaned the place down with bleach and took off the comforter. You get what you pay for, I didn't expect to stay at the Hilton for the price I's got a nice pool area, it's literally 5 minutes from Walgreens,Subway,Papa Johns, H& R Block, A Sushi place, Starbucks, a Japanese Grill, and a grocery store(Publix). A few blocks further down and you hit Downtown's a cosmopolitan area, lot's of cultural foods, cafes, bars, pubs, and club wear shops. Literally right across the street from the hotel is the 1 bus which takes you to Aventura Mall. If I'm able to, I hope to make use of it. The people at the front desk are friendly. I read horrible reviews about the place online, but honestly everything in life is what you make it. I could've come in here and complained a storm, instead I made friends with the custodial staff and was chatty Cathy with Aaron at the front.

**I only brought a purse and a carry on sized suitcase so I bought some stuff here**

-Wahl Deep Tissue Massager(Walgreens)
- Tape Measure
-Cotton Balls
-Tampons and Pads
-Unscented Baby Wipes
-Clindamycin, anti nausea meds& Extra Strength Tylenol
* I opted out of the percocets, we'll see how that goes*
-Arnica, Bromelain, Cranberry extract pills, calcium, iron, msm and Silica
-Pillbox(since I'll be here about a week, I divvied my pills up ahead of time so I wouldn't have to carry all of the bottles on the plane)
-Heating pad
-Shower curtain liner
- Probiotics
-Tea tree oil(to DOUSE my vagina in as soon as I feel the yeast army attack me)
-Gauze pads
-Sterile gloves
-Anti-itch cream
- Earplugs
-Free and clear detergent packs
-And the other personal hygiene basics

-Gallons upon gallons of water
-Dried Prunes(for constipation-was trying to stay away from another pill)
-steam pack green beans
-salad kits
- dried cherries and apricots(for anti inflammation purposes)
-Fresh blueberries, bananas and strawberries
-Lemons(to constantly squeeze in my water for liver cleansing purposes)
-Unsalted cashews
-Reduced sodium pop top soups(black bean and vegetable)
-canned kidney beans
- unsalted saltine crackers
-Boost VHC(Very High Calorie Drinks for when I can't stomach food)
- instant oatmeal
-Turmeric(Brought TONS of it to take in shots of water to help with inflammation)
- Baby carrots
-Paper plates
-Brought a glass dish and silverware from home

I didnt't pack a lot of clothes because I figured I'd be in my garment all the time. I brought:
-2 black tank tops to wear under the garment
-A black maxi dress
- birkenstocks, croc flip flops and houseslippers
-A hoodie and a jacket
- a light scarf
-4 loose summer dresses
-Stretchy pants
-White fitted t-shirts
- Small Squeem(I should definitely be in an XS or XXS if things go well with surgery but I figured I would only wear the squeem over boards and other things while the garment was washing)
-Tax stuff(hey, gotta multi task, lol)

I ate an ENTIRE Papa Johns pizza right now to get my calories in for the day and to ensure that I have fuel til tomorrow afternoon. I get miserable when I don't eat so it'll be mind over matter for me tonight as I fast. I'm about to guzzle as much water as possible. Yesterday I drank a gallon of Simply Grapefruit, wanted to get my vitamin C levels up before surgery and figured that would be a good way to do it.

That's about it...

5'5 143
Bust 34 Natural Waist 30 Low Waist(below belly button) 34
Butt(above hips) 37 Hips 40.5 Smile BIG :)

I made it out of surgery a few hours ago...decided...

I made it out of surgery a few hours ago...decided to thug it out and skip the pain meds. Lots to update but I'm doing great! I've historically had periods so bad they made me pass out, this is less pain, more discomfort and achines and major stiffness. Forced myself to walk, drink water, eat crackers and soup and dried cherries. I got 1050 EACH cheek.

**sorry for typos, on my phone***

Well, the point of this blog is to be reall....and...

Well, the point of this blog is to be reall....and since I can't call my friends to tell them about this craziness I have no choice but to tell all of you here. I woke up from a lovely nap, farted once, got out of the bed to do some walking then farted again....felt the urge to pee and in the process of me getting ready to pee, I felt it...yes IT. There's no way I could've stopped it, I was here alone and there wasn't enough time to take my garment off. My only option was to stand my legs on either side of the toilet and hope my aim was good enough. I separated the two pieces of garment that went in my butt, covered one hand with a babywipe and tried unsucessfully to "catch" the green goo. When I tell you it slid out of me, I'm not lying. What looked to be creamy spinach dripped out of me without any pushing....dripped everywhere. Mind you, I can't bend so I cleaned the floor by dropping babywipes on the ground, using my foot to move it in a circular motion and gripping the babywipes with my toes to then throw in the toilet. And to make matters even more interesting, I've now clogged the toilet. So how did I have a bowel movement so quickly after surgery you ask?

-Well, I take probiotics three times a day an hour after my antiobotics
-I drink plenty of water
- I eat a few prunes a day and plenty of fruit
-I'm not eating many processed carbs(yesterday I had a few unsalted crackers, today I had some white rice)
-I squeeze fresh lemons into my water for liver cleansing purposes

There's more to update but I just had to share.

Oh, and btw...I measured my waist wrong the night before surgery, going in it was a 29. And, I also brought with me a yoga mat to put under my thighs on the plane-it could be more sturdy for those of you worried about the boppy not having enough support.

And finally, everyone I met in the office all are fabulous....good luck!

So I'm usually quite the busy body, for my work...

So I'm usually quite the busy body, for my work I'm on my feet all day interacting with people in various situations. I've become restless in this room. I'm starting to become bothered by my smell but refuse to shower until right before my massage(I REFUSE TO TAKE MY GARMENT OFF AGAIN UNTIL I HAVE TO-IT's HELL and I can't imagine doing it by myself right now)

SO, here's what I'm doing with my time:

-ITUNES Audio books(I have my own paperback books but it's hard to read while lying down on your stomach constantly). Listening has been great.

-Regular books...when I'm up for it, I read real books..nothing like feeling the pages

-Meditation...I've really used it. Breathing has helped me tremendously and learning how to focus my mind. This is all really a mind game. I'm in a blood soaked garment, I stink, I can't go anywhere and I'm in pain...this could easily lead to lot's of negative thoughts. Instead of taking myself there, I'm using the time for stuff I might not otherwise have ample time for.

-Calf keep the blood flowing to my calves, I do calf raises


-Work emails

-Online class(found a great deal on groupon for an online business class so I'm just doing it for fun)

Oh, and P.S. I BEASTED that toilet this morning. I fought my gag reflex, put some gloves on, plunged the heck out the toilet and handpicked the babywipes out. It was intense.

And, the worst pain for me has been the tension in my upperback and neck and getting in and out of bed so frequently. I havent worked out in a really long time and I can't access my stomach muscles, it's quite hard to lift myself out of bed so's like doing push ups on a soft surface.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I paid my deposit for Dr. Pazmino but after reading about doctor Salama decided to pay my deposit there. My date is set for March 19th, 2013!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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