Two Kids, 2 C-sections and now It's time. TT + breast lift + BBL = Total Salamafication ! Aventura, FL

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I wasn't supposed to be able to have children and...

I wasn't supposed to be able to have children and I never really wanted them until I met my husband ..turns out I had cysts on my ovaries and couldn't conceive for many years but after a lot of prayer I found out that I was pregnant with my son After he was born I considered having my tummy tuck. I was on birth control but it failed and then I got pregnant with my daughter. My son is now 2 1/2 and my daughter is five months old. I'm ready to go for my consultation with Dr. Salama in Aventura Florida on September 10. I sometimes experience feelings of guilt and sometimes I wonder if I'm being selfish by wanting my perfectly flat stomach back, but reading all the reviews here in real self makes me feel that I shouldn't feel that way ; that I deserve to look the way that makes me feel comfortable so I made my appointment for September 10 . I'm almost 100% sure that he is the doctor for me I'm only flying out for one day so that I can get home quickly and be with my kids . I'm a little worried about how they'll be cared for when I am unable to care for them during recovery but I guess I will be flying a family member out with me to help me and also maybe have someone stay here with them to help my husband. I hope to schedule the surgery for the beginning of January 2015. Four months after the TT, I will return to Dr. Salama for BBL depending on how my profile looks after the tummy tuck.

Getting closer to my Aesthetic ideal

So the date for my consultation is set and my plane ticket is bought! I'm very very excited to go and meet Dr. Salama and get more info! One thing that has been on my mind though...I have a 6 month old daughter. I worry about teaching her to have a positive body image in a world where plastic surgery is like a trip to the dentist. I believe what I am going to do is ok, but I can't honestly say that I would know how to explain it to her as she grows up..or t

TT and breast lift booked 1/20/2015...BBL booked for 5/18/2015

So dates are booked. Dr.Salama is my surgeon and he and his staff are top notch. Plane tickets are bought, arrangements for child are have been made, and I finally got my husband on board with the whole thing :). In preparation I also joined nutrisystem and picked up my gym game. Down 5 pounds and 30 more to go. I'm so excited about the whole thing and not feeling guilty for wanting this for myself, at least not at the moment. Now I just need to see a doctor, get supplies and book my stay at the recovery house.

Exactly 3 months from today :)

My first round of surgery which includes a breast lift and tummy tuck is exactly 3 months from today, and my BBL is 7 months away. I'm sooooo excited to start this journey and I'm doing really well on the weight loss and also improving my fitness level to better withstand the procedure. I will be staying at the serenity recovery house, where Dr. Salama's patients most often go, from 1/19/2015 to 1/31/2015. Anyone out there going to be there around the same time?
* before photos coming soon....

Mommy makeover 1/20/2015...Dr. Salama...Hoping for earlier date

Sooo I'm now a month and 20 days away from my surgery date...I'm so thrilled and anxious at the same time. I now have everything I need in my suitcase or on the way in the mail via amazon. I think I have spent about 250 on supplies. My list was comprised of many different lists belonging to other realselfers. Once my surgery is complete I will post my list of what is actually useful and what you can skip.
I'm really hoping for a sooner date than the January 20th because I'd like to be further along in the healing process by the time of my baby girl's first birthday on February 4....

Soooo close and feels like time has slowed down ????

Just over 3 weeks now and I'm working out like an animal, blending nutriblasts like its going out of style and worried to death about getting sick...debating about whether or not I should get my flu shot as well. I can't even express how excited I am, i thinkI must be driving my hubby crazy.

2 weeks....4 days

All packed. Gained 2 pounds which kind of sucks, but I'm not dangerously overweight and I'm heavier on muscle than not too concerned about it. Starting a cleanse and watching what I eat. Working out. Just a waiting game now. All I can do now is think about how much I'm going to miss my two children.
I'm also really reflecting on how amazing it is that I'm going to go into that surgical center and they are going to put me to sleep. I will be asleep and have no control, no thoughts, and no recollections afterwards. And yet, I'm going to wake up with a different set of measurements and a life changing moment behind me...and I'm not even going to know what conspired in those few hours I was asleep. Simultaneously scary and awesome.

2 weeks.

All packed.Gained about 2 pounds which kind of sucks but I'm heavier on muscle than fat so I'm not too concerned. Taking vitamin C, on a cleanse and working out; I think I'm doing my part. All I can think about now is how much I'm going to miss my two children.
And then I'm reflecting what actually going to happen. They're going to put me to sleep and I will have no control, no thoughts, no recollections...yet when I wake up I'm going to have a different set of measurements and a huge life-changing event behind me. I'm not even going to know what conspired doing those three hours that I was asleep. It is the first powerful,life-changing experience that I won't remember. Simultaneously scary and awesome.

1 WEEK!!!

One week. Okay so now I'm a little tense. I keep going over my schedule for this week to make sure I haven't missed anything. I keep checking my things to make sure everything is packed. My husband is just laughing, lol and smh. I've just been waiting soooo long to do this and I have never ever had a flat belly even though the rest of me would be toned and fine. I've ALWAYS had rolls and I am so thrilled that my time is finally come.

1 Day

I go in tomorrow at 7am. So happy to be Salama's first of the day. I gotta say, the recovery house is the place to be for this experience. You will have nothing but support here, from the other girls and especially from Lourdes and Grace! I just got here today and I'm loving it! Will update after surgery.

Coming back to life...

Recovery is tough, but worth it in the end. Off ALL pain meds since Thursday morning. So far, so good....still very stiff, tight and swollen but it's to be expected. At least I finally figured out this pooping thing: take your prescribed meds for stool softening as directed. I took mine at every meal with my antibiotic. Then drink 8-10 ounces of prune juice right after breakfast every morning. That should do the trick to cure and prevent constipation. It's especially important for tummy tuckers because we can't push at all. Now I can't wait to stand up straight. Sigh.
Happy healing!

Over 2 months post op

So happy with my results. I have been instructed to gain 5-10 pounds to prepare for my BBL scheduled for May 18. Attached are photos 2 days p/o and then I jump to the end of recovery; about 9 weeks p/o. I'm about 3 months p/o now and I still swell at times but not often. I got tired of my faja and started wearing it only 12 hours a day at 6 weeks. Mostly because I know I'm going back in May so I wasn't stressing much about my shape. With the BBL I intend to wear it the full 8 weeks and then part time for another month.

1 more 9 week p/o

Excited to gain 4 pounds???!!!!

So I'm on a mission...Doc. Salama told me to try to gain 5-10 pounds so I can have enough fat to mold a nice booty. With pleasure!! Lol...I gained 4 already and I have a little over a month to go before surgery . I also paid my surgery in full so I'm happy about that! Sooo excited!!!

2 weeks, 3 days to my BBL with Salama...

Omg, ladies I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to get on that plane. I can't wait to see how this is going to look on me!!! I have been trying really hard to train myself to sleep on my stomach but I just can't do it ????.... Soooo I bought a twin size 10 inch foam mattress and metal support frame. I'm gonna cut out an opening for my new butt so I can sleep comfortably when I get home. I have two kids and a husband to take care of when I'm home recovering. No need to add a stiff neck and extra back pain to the mix.

Less than 2 weeks to BBL status....

So I received my foam mattress today. I ordered it so I can cut a hole out for my butt. I absolutely refuse to sleep on my stomach for 2 months...I'm a back sleeper all the way. Only now, it's so nice and comfy ( omg like sleeping on air) ,that I don't want to cut it. Lol. I'm still going to, but it's gonna hurt. ????

???????? 1.5 days pre op

I fly tomorrow, but I might as well be flying right now!!! So happy and excited!!! Before pics coming tomorrow night ????

The Night Before

Ok dolls, I go in tomorrow at 7:30 am. Just relaxing watching the music awards with one of the fantastic and hard working caregivers here, Lourdes. I'm a bundle of emotions and nerves, but I can do this. I am fierce, I am strong, I am me...with or without a butt. Let's do this. Here are the before pics I promised. See ya on the other side!

I made it...but owwwwwwv

While I'm in pain, I am very grateful to GOD to be ok. I want to thank all you lovely ladies for your support. Here is one pic, more will follow.


New pics***

After my first shower and bandage change. Bleeding has pretty much stopped except for my arms. I guess because I'm using them so much to get in and out of bed.

About 5 days post op..

So, recovery brings it's ups and downs. One minute I'm so energized and the next I feel the urge to need for a's all normal due to the intense demand on the body to heal. I can't really sleep at night because sleeping on my stomach creates so much tension in my neck and back. I wake up and walk around every hour just about and I usually end up with a migraine the next day, but two excedrin work fine. At least when I get home I will have my "cut- out" mattress waiting. I miss my two children so much, and speaking to them on the phone makes me do happy that I cry. :/. Such a basket case, I know. On the up side I know it's all temporary and I love my new body. Here's more pics 4 days out. Still very very swollen in my midsection, and somewhat distorted.

Going on six days post op..

Just wanted to report back to all the real self dolls that I FEEL GREAT !!! My butt is even starting to soften!!! It's so exciting! Besides some stiffness in the morning, I can't really say anything bad about this day in the recovery process. I hope all of you experience the same! New pics...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is an artist to say the least. He and his staff are respectful, pleasant, and so so helpful. At a time when you feel most vulnerable and scared, and maybe even ask some repetitive or silly questions they never make you feel like a bother. I will be back in May for my BBL for sure. I also highly recommend the serenity recovery house which is exclusively for Dr. Salama's patients. To the doctor, Nomie, Nancy, the front desk, Justin (our driver), Grace and Lourdes (recovery house),and anyone I may have missed, thank so much for helping me along on this journey to my aesthetic ideal.

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