Tummy Tuck with Mini BBL with Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

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Hello ladies I had started a review for a BBL a...

Hello ladies I had started a review for a BBL a few months ago but I decided to reschedule my surgery for October 11th and I changed my procedure to a tummy tuck and mini BBL just to make the bottom of my booty fuller and to fill in a few dents. I have already had a BBL in the past like 3 yrs ago. I liked my results but I felt like I needed more fat at the bottom. Also I gained about 18lbs since my BBL procedure and I am working on going down at least 10lbs before my surgery, i signed up to LA fitness and I have been going to the gym religiously to build my legs and tone my body. I will post more pics soon but for now I will post the pics I sent Dr. Salamas office, who by the way have been so awesome with me so far. I paid for the recovery home in full and booked my flight. I still have a balance for the surgery but its only about $5,699. Overall I'm excited to get rid of this skin and have a brand new belly and finally fix the little imperfections on my booty. Well that's all for now I'm going to sleep cause tomorrow I have to go to work and stack that $$$$

Happy Wednsday Ladies!!

Don't got much to update but I finally got my vacation time approved for the surgery. I just need to go to the Dr and make sure there's nothing I need to work on, I do have hypothyroidism but it didn't affect me at all with my other surgery....im kind of nervous but exited at the same time because its been a while I have gotten on plane and I will be going by myself thank god Dr.Salama has a recovery home that includes the pick up and drop off to and from the airport, meals and much more....does anybody know if passports are required if your just flying in the US? And is anybody getting surgery in October 2016??

6 days PO. The pain!

Hi ladies sorry I haven't not updated lately. The past few days after surgery which was 10/11 have been hell...I been in so much pain. No appetite, it is now the 6th day PO and I'm finally coming back to life. I even got up to make me a sandwich and ate an orange. I literall7was forcing myself to eat the first days after surgery it was torture. I had a mini BBL and full tummy tuck. I will post pics soon. I should be getting my drains removed tomorrow. I have a friend helping me at the hotel and the driver Jason has been so amazing. He's punctual and helpful I really recommend him if you need a driver when your coming out of town for these surgery's. I had my preop with Dr Salama the same morning of the surgery. He was very straight forward and explained everything I needed to know....I didn't have enough fat for the mini BBL so he had to liposuction my back and I added my saddlebags aka outer thighs. It was a plus because now I won't have back fat with a flat stomach lol. Yes but besides the pain it had been a great experience with Dr Salama and his staff. I will update more tomorrow after my post open visit.

Post op visit and massage

Today I got my second massage but they didn't remove my drains. I'm so tiered of them but the nurse said if they are not draining under 25cc by Wednesday than I'll take them with me to Houston and removed them over there. So fingers crossed. I miss my husband and my kids so much. My friend keeps me some company but I think I'm homesick. By the way the massages hurt so make sure you take a painkiller before the massages. I don't have an appetite so the Dr recommended me to get ensure shakes if I'm not able to eat too much solid food. I took my first BM today and I feel relieved. It wasent easy but I did it. Having both procedures is painful but I survived it. I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction in the flanks, back and outer thighs and a mini BBL. Below is posted the pics from today I will post more soon.

6 days PO Pics

6 days PO Pics

9 days PO more pics. TT and mini BBL

Ok I'm 9 days PO today and I'm so happy already with my results. My husband is happy as well. He said he loves my shape. I'm still swollen and bruised of course this takes time but I can already see a good result. For the mini BBL I asked for more roundness at the bottom and better shape and that's exactly what he did. He also lipoed my saddlebags and hips because my previous surgeon added way too much and I felt akward with it. I wanted a more athletic look. I still feel little pains here and there but I no longer take the percocet, instead intake advil. I'm surprised on how fast I'm healing. Washed my garment took a shower even had dinner ready by the time hubby got home with the kids.

2 weeks PO

I'm officially 2 weeks PO today. I have better mobility and I can stand up straight 100% until the end of the day when I'm exhausted. Hubby helped me take out some stitches and I removed all that old bloody tape from my tummy tuck incision and put a new tape that the office gave me. My lower abdomen is still very swollen. My back and hip liposuction is almost healed because I don't see much brusing it might be also because I been applying arnica cream. I changed into a large 2 days ago because the 2XL was wayyy too loose. It's hard to eat in this thing I been drinking Body Key Shakes with almond milk and I snack on fruits, the Dr recommended lentils they are high in fiber and iron so I had my mom make me some. But I also cook for my family I have 3 boys and hubby that works full time. I left my job before the surgery. I left it the right way though because I did my two week notice, in case I ever want to go back. So I'm just staying home now making jewelry and selling it on Etsy. Well here are some pics below.

1 month PO !!!

Hello ladies I officially turned a month post op on Tuesday this week. Alot of my swelling has gone away. Except in my outer thighs they are very swollen and painful. Not bruised but there is redness, they are so tender omg....I sent Dr Salama office to make sure they look ok cause they are more swollen and red than a week ago, idk if it's because I started sitting on my thighs with my booty buddy cushion since Monday to protect my mini BBL. I love my new shape and can't wait to be 100% healed. I attempted having sex with my husband but it was too painful idk if I'm swollen or what down there but I felt like a Virgin and I couldn't do it. Lol sorry I know it's TMI but I would like to know if any of you ladies are going thru the same thing. I just got my period today. It's not heavy like usual it's more like a light period or spotting. I bought some silicone dressings for my scar but haven't started using it. Waiting until I finish my roll of tape, I'm still taping up my scar. I read it keeps your scar thinner but idk. My booty is still healing as well it's starting to get soft but it's still a little red. Idk if it's from scratching because omg I get itchy as hell there and on my back. I put cortisone cream and benadryl cream none of those work. I'm tiered of this garment, it makes me loose my appetite because I'm so compressed, I use a looser one to sleep in. Goodnight ladies I will try to update more soon.

Almost 3 months PO update

Hi ladies sorry for taking so long to post life got back to normal and I got super busy with my accesories buisness, the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc.....I lost count but I think I'm 11 weeks post op. My scar is sealed and I no longer wear a full garment. Instead I wear a waist trainer for a few hours and then take it off. Loving my results the only issue I have is my right outer thigh where I got liposuction, it's swollen, red, hot to the touch and hard. Something didn't seem right and it's also painful so I contacted Dr Salama office and forwarded the pics that I sent to Noemy the nurse I guess she was on vacation to Dr Salama himself and he prescribes me 2 antibiotics. I just started taking them last night. I had fever last night too and chills but then I took some ibuprofen for that. I layed on my hips my whole recovery so I thought maybe It's just taking longer to heal because I'm constantly irritating it. But I guess I do have an infection if I have to take two antibiotics. I'm not mad because I know infection is a risk of surgery. It's not common but it can happen. I mean my tummy tuck incision and belly button never gave me an issue or the BBL, it's just my hip/thigh...I even thought I had a hematoma or something. I'll post some pics. On another note I went to the gym yesterday and finally started doing weights...nothing really hurts at this point but my thigh. And I have a stretching feeling with my tummy tuck throughout the day. I get minor swelling at nights still on my belly bit nothing major. Also my hubby got me a Ninja smoothie machine and I been eating pretty clean except for Christmas and new years. I'm scared.to gain all my fat back lol...As for the BBL I am no longer using the cushion and my booty is almost done softening up...big improvement. Im definitely more confident in my body and all of need now is to tone and build muscle. I'll update more pics later.

emergency surgery to remove abcess and infection

Hello ladies it's been a while since my last update where I told yall that Dr Salama prescribed me antibiotics which didn't really help they would just make me sick. I messaged Dr Salama and the nurse again last week to let them know I was growing concerned with my thigh because it was not getting any better and it was starting to hurt. I asked Dr Salama what he thought it could be and he said it looked like a rash to him and that steroids might help. His nurse sent me a script for the steroids and she said to take them and if it dosent help go to the ER or fly overthere. My intuition kept telling me something quint right. So I waited till Friday so I can drop off the kids with their dad for the weekend and my husband took me to the ER. They drew blood work and did a CAT Scan on my hip because they said that my thigh is not supposed to look like that at 3 months. And they where lecturing me for waiting so long. When the results came back they said the cat scan showed I had an abcess with pus that had to be drained and that they are calling in a general surgeon to perform surgery on my thigh so the infection which was found in my blood work aswell won't spread further. Thank God it didn't spread to the bone. They had me hooked on an IV with antibiotics and they admitted me into the hospital. I found out I'm allergic to vancomicin because trash soon as they put it in my iv I had a horrible itch all over my body and scalp. It was unbearable so the nurse changed my antibiotic and discontinued the vancomicin. They also did cultures to see what kind of bacteria it was. From day one I remember having that redness but I thought it was just swelling from the hip lipo that's why I didn't worry. It's very important to be able to follow up with your doctor constantly after surgery and that's the only reason I wouldn't recommend going out of town unless your able to travel back and forth alot. I had sent several emails with my thigh concerns to Dr Salamas office but they didn't respond until I finally decided to call and speak to someone at the office which she informed me the nurse was on vacation so she gave Dr Salamas email. But regardless I waited to long and now I have two holes in my right thigh with drains...I was so scared. I get anxiety when I look at the holes. The surgeon that removed the abcess told me I had to keep the holes open with the drains and just change my dressings 1 or 2 times a day. He wants to make sure all the infection drains out so he cannot close it or it will swell up again. I will follow up with him in 2 weeks so he can remove the drains and even then he can't sow me up the holes will have to heal and close on their own. I been a nervous wreck. I got released from the hospital Sunday and I am doing ok. Thank God I don't have to go to work. I work from home. Ladies I will upload pics as soon as I can so yall can see the outcome.
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DR Salama and his staff where amazing and very knowledgeable. Everything was organized and smooth. That was very important to me as an out of town patient.

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