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I can't believe after the year and half of...

I can't believe after the year and half of stalking this site I'm finally about to write a review. I'm very blessed to finally be in a place in my life where I can make this decision with confidence and financially afford it. Cause with kids, you know our money can always go towards something else! I booked a consultation with Dr Salama. It was for 9am, I got there at 8:50am before they opened and was greeted very kindly. Filled out paperwork and was taken back by 9:15am. Dr. Salama is much younger than I thought... and handsome lol but he examined me and was very professional. He detected my hernia right away and said that would be taken care of with the surgery. He's also going to liposuction my sides to give me a nice contour shape. He says I don't have a lot of extra skin which will require another technique to close me up. But nonetheless he said I'll be tight, flat tummy, tiny waist... and that sounds like heaven for me! Will post pre pics soon.

Pre pics (April 2016)

Ok so I'm about 10lbs heavier than usual. I'm kinda happy my surgery is at the end of the year so I can get it together until then. Lol My main goal for surgery is to repair my muscle and get rid of the permanent 5 month prego look. I'm happy with my body... just not with the belly.

What's an abdominal board for?

Two months out from surgery day! Still not super nervous but a little anxious to make sure I have everything to aid me in recovery. Any must haves for a TT? And what exactly is the purpose of an abdominal board, do I need one? Thanks for the help ladies! (and maybe gents?)
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