Yasss! Tummy Tuck and Lipo w/ Salama! Aventura, FL

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I can't believe after the year and half of...

I can't believe after the year and half of stalking this site I'm finally about to write a review. I'm very blessed to finally be in a place in my life where I can make this decision with confidence and financially afford it. Cause with kids, you know our money can always go towards something else! I booked a consultation with Dr Salama. It was for 9am, I got there at 8:50am before they opened and was greeted very kindly. Filled out paperwork and was taken back by 9:15am. Dr. Salama is much younger than I thought... and handsome lol but he examined me and was very professional. He detected my hernia right away and said that would be taken care of with the surgery. He's also going to liposuction my sides to give me a nice contour shape. He says I don't have a lot of extra skin which will require another technique to close me up. But nonetheless he said I'll be tight, flat tummy, tiny waist... and that sounds like heaven for me! Will post pre pics soon.

Pre pics (April 2016)

Ok so I'm about 10lbs heavier than usual. I'm kinda happy my surgery is at the end of the year so I can get it together until then. Lol My main goal for surgery is to repair my muscle and get rid of the permanent 5 month prego look. I'm happy with my body... just not with the belly.

What's an abdominal board for?

Two months out from surgery day! Still not super nervous but a little anxious to make sure I have everything to aid me in recovery. Any must haves for a TT? And what exactly is the purpose of an abdominal board, do I need one? Thanks for the help ladies! (and maybe gents?)

Pre op Test

It's starting to feel real! I have my pre op clearance exam this coming Saturday. I started taking iron pills to help ensure there's no issues with my RBC count. I've read other reviews where surgery was possibly delayed due to low blood counts. I already have about 3 weeks off from work for December so I can't really afford to not get this surgery done on time! I've also gained about 5 lbs since my consultation with Salama back in March . Ugh. Well the only good thing about that is it went to my booty and stomach and since I'm getting my stomach cut off.... lol I'll update again after I get my test results!!

Pre op Appt

Hey ladies! So I went for my pre op appt last week and am cleared for surgery!! My labs came back great with no issues. I just have to stop taking my daily vitamins like Biotin and Vitamin B. During the appt I was given info on pre op and post op care as well as supplies I may want to buy. During my exam I realized that my surgery included the flanks but not my lower back. And since I want a flat tummy and no back rolls I decided to add lower back lipo (from bra line to waist) to my surgery. It was an additional $500 so not too bad. They gave me my prescriptions to fill which were:
Flexeril (muscle relaxant)
Colace (stool softener)
Keflex (antibiotic)
Zofran (anti nausea med)
I can't believe I'm 2 and a half weeks away! I'm working on my supply list and will share when done.

So I think I have the flu....

I've been feeling like crap the past 3 days and finally my bf was like, I think you have the flu. Body aches, nausea, headaches, fatigue and cough. Ugh! My surgery is in 2 weeks. I'm praying that I get better way before then. This is my luck....

My Supply List

Still feeling a little under the weather but I plan to go to the clinic today to see if I need any antibiotics. Surgery is 2 weeks away! I wanted to share my supply list (pics show costs):

Bedlounger (to sleep better in bed)
Bolster (to place under my knees in bed)
Compression socks
Recovery robe (has inner pockets for drains)
Shower pockets (holds drains in shower)
Walker (to help with walking hunched over)
Go Girl Urinal (to pee standing up)
Assurance Xtra Large wash cloths
Gauze (small and large)
Gauze tape
Alcohol wipes
Vitamin E cream
Soothing Gel Mask (heat or cold option)
Assurance underpads (to protect bed)

2 more days!! Ahhh!

I feel like I'm nesting and can't stop buying stuff and checking and re checking my plans for my kids. I have a 13 and 6 yr old that will be with me during recovery. They will be assisting my mom in helping keep the fort down. I'm a single mom so taking charge is my role and it'll be a challenge to allow others to help me for once. I wanted to post some pre op body pics. I'm 5' 8" and 175 lbs.

Surgery Day

Hey dolls! Still feeling sleepy and drugged up so this will be quick. Yesterday I met Salama and he marked me up. Really nice guy. The anesthesiologist was also very kind and informative... told me alot of ways to prevent blood clots. I was put out and it felt like 5min and I was back awake. I had to double up on my percs to manage the pain but having the nausea meds helps. Pretty much went to sleep or tried to. The lipo done on my back was very tender and made it hard to lay on it. Today I had my pre op appt. There was alot of girls there... took about an hour and half to be seen. Changed bandages and given more post op care. Next appt is in 5 days and it was suggested I get my first massage on Monday. Here's a pic that I took today. So far I'm loving what I see

Day 2

This morning was rough cause all my pain meds wore off and I felt pain all over. I had a waffle and took an anti nausea pill first then took my percocets. I have to double up cause one perc does nothing for me. My drain site hurt like a bitch today! A burning, tearing sensation. It got better after I cleaned it and walk around for a bit. I tried to walk more today but these damn drugs have me so woozy all I wanna do is sleep. And on that note off to bed I go.

The blues are setting in...

I told myself before surgery that I was going to stay strong and allow myself time to heal. But it's hard especially when you have kids and you can't even do simple things like make a school lunch easily. I'm still walking hunched over (thank God for my walker) and it's a journey to go from my BR to kitchen and back. I'm exhausted. I feel so tight that, especially at night, it's hard to breathe. I took 2 laxatives last night to hurry along my first bowel movement but that was torturous. I took it on an empty stomach so it gave me heart burn and then of course the bubbles in the gut. I still don't have much of an appetite. Today I took a sponge both and really looked at myself in the mirror. My flanks are SWOLLEN to the max and aren't really getting compression from my binder. They're bruised and look like they're ready to pop. I've been icing it cause it feels so sore but I'm hoping it's not a hematoma. I go for a follow up on Wed so I'll get to ask. Hopefully they take me off of this binder and put me in a garment. These drains are torturous too. Oh, and lastly, I stopped taking my percs. I still have pain but I need a clear head and my bowels to get back to normal. So for now I plan to take Tylenol for any pains.

Slow but Progress

I think the hardest part of this surgery is expecting to bounce back quickly. Since my last post I went to the office to have one drain removed (the one that was giving me a burning sensation). It turns out there was nerve damage so Salama prescribed me some meds to help with nerve pain. I really hope this heals itself over the weeks cause the burning sensation down my inner thigh is really painful. The left drain stayed in as I'm still out putting about 50ccs a day on that side. I was given my garment which helps alot more with compression. I wear it during the day and then switch to my binder at night to sleep in. My swelling has gotten a little better in the flanks area... it's too early to tell how my back side will look. Although my rolls are gone my butt looks small because of the swelling of my lower back and flanks. I didn't have anything done to my butt it was always a decent size lol But it just looks shapeless and small now. Come on Salama! I hope you didn't lipo away my ass lol Let me see... what else. Still can't stand straight but when I lay down I try to recline more back to slowing stretch the skin. It's so tight it feels like it could rip. So I'm also moisturizing with Jergens Shea Butter and a body oil). My energy is much better. I can do light chores around the house. Sleeping is still hit or miss with comfortability. Here's a couple pics of progress

14 days post op

Drains are OUT but Still Swollen... :-/

Hey dolls! Two things I wanna stress. 1.) So I have to say I love Eilyn the massage therapist at Salama’s office. She's super sweet and thoughtful. Not only is she massaging my swell hell away but she agreed to meet me on Saturday (NYE) to remove my left drain if I was outputting 25ccs or less. You see, the Wed before NYE I was at 30ccs... she was like, you're probably gonna be at 25ccs by the weekend and I'd hate for you to celebrate new years with your drains still in. And sure enough, she was right. On Saturday I texted her and we met at the office in the morning. She removed my drain and also removed my steri strips and cleaned up my incision. Which brings me to 2.) DO NOT put the brown silicone tape on until at least 4 weeks post op. My incision was still in the healing phase cause I had scabs still. She put on the tape and when I removed it 3 days later my skin lifted by my incision. It wasn't too bad and has now healed on its own but it was scary cause I thought my incision split. For the past few days I've been massaging my incision with tea tree oil and my scabs are coming off and my skin is peeling a bit. But it clearly shows I'm still in the healing phase. I texted Salama to inform him and he told me to wait another week. I think by next weekend I'll be good to start the silicone tape. Other than that, still wearing my garment all day... my lipo areas are still tender... I'm now experiencing muscle spasms more frequently so my boyfriend bought me an electric heating pad which helps relax the muscles. I'm still slightly hunched over but have more energy. My Fitbit steps were around 2K steps around surgery time and is now around 5.5K. I'm hopeful in a couple more weeks it'll be up even more. I return to work on Tuesday amd told everyone all meetings need to be by my desk so I don't have to walk all over the place (we have a pretty long corporate office lol). So that's about it. Posted a pic of my incision so far. I'm really happy with the placement of it and how it's looking so far. I know it's not even close to what it will look like completely healed. Until next time dolls!

10 weeks post

Hey dolls! It's been awhile since my last update. I just came back from a girls trip to Haiti and I was happy to walk around sans compression garment for a few hours. I still swell up pretty bad but this is the first time I could go a full day without it and then wear it at night for bedtime. My scar has raised a bit but I haven't been consistent with the silicone tape. I started wearing it religiously again and my scar is starting to flatten out. I still feel tight in the abdomen and sore after a long day. I'm still pretty swollen SMH but Im confident it'll get better over the next few months. The swelling in my flanks have noticeably gone down but above and below my belly button is where I swell up. Still tender in my lipo areas (they have a burning sensation when pressed, pretty sure it's nerves). But other than that I can get around easily and I'm looking to start exercising lightly soon. Keep you posted!
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