July 20, 2012 BBL Aventura, FL

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I am 24 years old, will be 25 day of my surgery! I...

I am 24 years old, will be 25 day of my surgery! I am 5'5 or 5'6 and currently weigh 150-155. I have a 6 year old and I am married. Most if my young adult age I was busy with school, work, and wife/mother duties. I gained so much weight and I was not happy with my body and stretch marks. I felt so depressed when I would see the girls my age with 2 pieces and just looking FAB.

I decided to have liposuction in Tijuana on September of last year. I went into surgery at 172 and the lowest I have been after surgery is 135. BUT my stomach became so WRINKLED and my stretch marks so much more noticeable. I was embarrassed to show anyone and when I did I could see in the facial expression that it was a gross!! Or I feel sorry for you!! reaction. I think the moment I really hit depression was when I caught my husband checking out my friends profile on FB she had TT, BBL, and TT with a dr here in Los Angeles. He was looking pretty hard!

I started over eating and till now I eat so unhealthy that I lost that liposuction sculpture and continue to quickly gain weight. I am so happy my husband supports this procedure and this will make us stronger not because of looks but because he will see me happy and confident! And I am also happy to have found this website and to be part of the JULY Salama group all the ladies are just wonderful. I understand that I don't want to like me and be happy with my results like I was with lipo I want to LOVE me and find the REAL me!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated and I just can't wait!!!! And want to add this is a TT w BBL

I uploaded current pictures even though I do plan...

I uploaded current pictures even though I do plan to lose weight from here to late June and then regain to 150-160 by surgery date just to play it safe with the fat for the transfer I'm thinking 1,000-1,200 ccs let's see what dr can do. I'll add side and my motivation pictures tomorrow and let me know if my expectations seem realistic PLEASE! Also would be helpful to hear the ideas for after surgery how you ladies will position yourselves to not damage the fat transferred how will you drive or sit? I'm getting a TT also I'm not sure how it will work I'm so scared to flatten my behind after the procedure. And also changing eating habits since aftercare is SUPER important

So happy! Just got a reply from Ruben. He is truly...

So happy! Just got a reply from Ruben. He is truly awesome. I had so many questions and concerns and he really took care of them. So 2 more months and I will be having my surgery. The only thing is that since I last posted I have lost so much weight i'm currently 130lbs I plan to maintain myself until late June. I hat my stomach and stretch marks!!! And also my booty just shrinks :( so I'll post some current pictures soon for all
of you too see what happens when you get lipo and gain weight (my current photo) and then loss weight. The truth is you get the lipo sculpture back, but I highly recommend you just prevent the gain weight. Also it is so easy to gain weight after liposuction only you gain it in different areas and in pockets not lipoed. I'm so anxious I just can't wait until all this is over with

So I'm officially one month away from my surgery...

So I'm officially one month away from my surgery and I get an email!!! I can't get the TT with BBL!! Together!!! I'm so upset what do I do? I already had lipo and I'm not happy with what my previous dr did because my stomach was so gross! And now I have to choose...reality is I don't know what I want. And if I get the BBL and then the TT what will be the price for that? I'm sure more than 8,399 all together. Anyone else in my situation? What are you planning on doing? Please any advice??

Ladies me and my friend were suppose to have our...

Ladies me and my friend were suppose to have our surges the same week but due to personal issues my friend must change her date of July 26th. If anyone is willing to move their date to next month and is scheduled for late August to any day before mid Nivember please inbox me so I can pass you her contact email. Thank you much!!

Does anyone have good advice on what hotel to...

Does anyone have good advice on what hotel to try?? I've been so busy with personal life July got here so soon!! :D need to book ASAP ANY ADVICE WILL BE HELPFUL ;)

Oh my so I'm a big procrastinator!! I just been so...

Oh my so I'm a big procrastinator!! I just been so busy with work, moving to a new place, etc. so I just did my blood work and ekg cost me $400 since im not insured!!! I'm crossing my fingers that everything will be ok!!! Results will be sent tomorrow to Dr. Salama, I'm almost sure they will. Other than that I was able to book a room in Hallendale Beach Fl used to be marbay hotel now it's Knights Inn it looks decent online and I'm paying 870 for 11 nights, and also got a deal on my airline ticket 150 but im taking my friend to care for me so paying her ticket also. boy more than anything this is pricy but ALL WORTH IT!! Once I get the go from my lab results I'll fill my prescriptions over the weekend and get ready to go!! I'll be arriving to Fl by 9 am the day before so I'll have a chance to tour around and enjoy a little atleast some food I'm hoping the weather is good for the beach this room is 10 minutes away from Aventura and 3 blocks from the ocean also right next to a casino but I doubt I'll take my chances to gamble I need to save all the money possible!!! Can't wait!!! wish me luck :D
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I will rate after procedure to be fair. I have not talked to him directly I emailed my pictures and Ruben replied. I also spoke to Naomi to schedule my surgery. I believe that I will meet the dr a day before surgery

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