TT, armlift and breast implants

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I started a real self blog but at first i didn't...

I started a real self blog but at first i didn't know what I was doing now I got better so i thought I would start different reviews on my different surgeries. At first I was going to have my work done by a doctor near by in Baltimore, Maryland but a little voice inside me thought that this doctor was not going to give me the results that I wanted. So after searching the internet I found Dr.Salama and read all the great reviews about his perfectionism on the work he does. So I changed my mind and switched my doc asap.

current pics

There's so much skin!!!!

More pics

This is what being overweight and carrying an almost 9 lb baby does to u

Some wish pics from Dr. Salama's website

I have faith that Dr. Salama can help me. I think these pics could be realistic for me, what do the rest of your think, do I have very high expectation??

And the countdown begins

And the countdown begins ladies!!! I am 23 days away from my surgery, I have a ton of things I have to get done, my semester in ending and I have a crazy amount of school work to get done before all this plus getting ready for this surgery and Christmas. I have a 22 month old baby that I am not going to spend Christmas with and it breaks my heart. I feel so horrible =*( for a moment I wanted to take her with me but my sister-in-law (which also had a tt) said I was insane. This is the only time I can do it because of school but I am going to miss her so much and I am rushing back to be able to be home for New Years. I am beginning to feel guilty again!


Today I am going to get my testing done and I am freaking out!!!!! I cant believe this is happening. I have a mix of emotions I am happy, sad, excited, nervous, anxious and all types of other emotions that I can't describe. I am having problems getting my EKG done. I live in a stupid small town and everything is a fucking problem, even though I am paying for everything cash the people are telling me that I need a doctor from P.A to prescribe a EKG and when I told them at Medical Express that I will pay for a physician visit they said that the physician may not even write a prescription for it. I hate this stupid town that I live in it is full of close minded ignorant people and the people who are not that way usually is because they came from another state or town. Those bitches behind the counter where probably jealous cuz their stupid asses cant get a tt. Not my fault trick!!! lol dont mean to sound ugly but they got my blood boiling!!! N~E ways my realself family have a great Thanksgiving!! XOXOXOX

What should I take with me

So i am starting to get my bag ready for my TT but I do not know everything I need to take. All my TT vets I need your help. Can someone please direct me to a good list?? Thanks

Time is Ticking

Well I am less than two weeks away from my TT, arm lift, and possibly boobies. I really hope that the doctor sees me and thinks that I can handle it, I have a good feeling about it but we will have to wait and see. I still have a few things to get before my trip such as pads, medical gauze and white tees. I am taking the bare minimum because I feel that I do not need to take extras like a blow dyer, make-up, or nice clothing because I have a feeling that I am not going to give two shits about the way I look in those ten days that I am going to be there. At this point I feel anxious and excited. I cant wait to see the new me and finally feel hot and sexy. I am a little nervous about the scare placing on my arms. I do not want a scares that shows from behind when I have my arm done and when I talked to Nancy yesterday she did not make me feel to good about the subject. She said it was a trade off but I will be honest I do want an arm lift but I rather still have some fat there if my scare is going to be smaller. But I am going to pay the rest of my balance for the procedure today ($7,550) so that means sh*t got real this is really happening.

In one week

In one week from today is my surgery date! I am stressed out right now I have finals this week and my daughter broke her arm on Sunday. I was thinking about cancelling my surgery because I was so upset about her arm breaking! Believe it or not none one in my intermediate family every broke a bone before my 22 month old baby was the first so of course I freaked out but the rest of the family said that it is no big deal and these kind of things happen everyday so I will continue with my plans. Well everyone have a blessed day =)

This is no joke!!!!

There is a ton of things I want to share but I will do that when I get home, but for right now I'm doing pretty good.

A short update

Well first I have to say is the first day of surgery was horrible!!!!! I don't wish that pain on anyone. I was so drugged up and that didn't even matter because it was still painful. I am doing a lot better I walk good but still hunched over. The pain is very minimal but I do take my meds on time (I am not trying to be brave or a tough girl). I am very swollen but with each day it goes down. I saw Dr. Salama the day after my surgery and he said everything looked good. Today I am 3 day post op and I can get up from a chair and get out of bed by myself. I drink tons of water and fruit juices. I took my first bowel movement yesterday in the morning and it came out so easily thank God. I really feel all the liquids helped a lot. I am going to post pics I like what I see and I am only 3 days out!!! Dr. Salama is a true master at what he does.



Side view, very swollen and hunched over

I got my boobies!!!!

Dr. Salama gave me a full C since I didn't want much bigger he said that a full C was the best for my size and I am so happy I listened to him I like my size.

On my arm lift

I also got an arm lift and when I can lift them I will take pics and show my scare placement. I also want to wait till the swelling goes down a little bit more

I hope I'm swollen =*(

Well I'm 3 weeks out po-op and I feel good so far. I have a few concerns first I think my bb might be infected so I gave Nomie a call and sent over pics I hope to hear from her today. Second I hope this is not my final results though the doc took a lot off I hope I am not left with this lower belly looking like this. I know I have to be patient, but I just pray this is not my final result. Below are pics of my swollen self and bb.

sorry pics didn't post yesterday

I don't know why these didn't post but here u go

Feeling Sexy

I'm 9 weeks post op and I feel great. My doctor did an amazing job and I am glad I went with him. Recovering was no joke but I would to it all over again 10x to get my results. New pics
Miami Plastic Surgeon

This man has changed my life. The entire ESP team is amazing but I have a special place in my heart for Cynthia she has been sweet and compassionate the entire time. I am waiting for a new date for my BBL and I know with the help of Dr. Salama and his team they will help make my dreams come true.

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