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Hi I'm planning to get a tummy tuck and bbl in...

Hi I'm planning to get a tummy tuck and bbl in march !! I'm 5'1 125 pounds does anyone have any good comments or pictures that they can show me about this Dr. I would very much appreciate it.!!!???? I spoke to one of the nurses today at his office and sent her pics of my self and she said I was a good candidate for tt and bbl her also said that the prices were only time limited and if I wanted to keep the price of 8400$ I would have to deposit a down payment to keep a surgery date. Can someone help me out thanks.

Another stomach pic

Surgery date scheduled!

So it's been a while, I finally booked my surgery with Dr. Alkon and I'm so excited! I'm getting a tummy tuck and bbl done by him and he told me I needed to gain weight which I have and I feel so fat I don't fit in any of my cloths and I feel so insecure this is really a toll on my mind but I know it will all be worth it. I'm scheduled for may 30 2017 does anyone have any advice for me who has done both procedures at the same time ?

Wish pic

Wish pic

Wish pic

Almost there

So I'm posting up some more before photos I have finally saved up all my money for my surgery may 30th and now just waiting for my preop appointment so excited I've been reading a lot of reviews and it helps a lot to ease the anxiety but just waiting for the day will keep you posted!

One more week till preop testing

So I've gained more weight I am 148 now hopefully Dr alkon will take it all away and put it in the right places. I've been exercising just to feel healthier but not really trying to lose weight, well here are some more before pics

More pics

Pre op done

Had my preop visit today with dr alkon I went in at 8:45 and was out by 9:30 we spoke about the benefits and risk involved in the surgery and he told me to start taking vitamin c and iron pills. They took pictures of me and weighed me, I weigh 148 pounds, I gained 20 pounds for the surgery and asked him if I should lose any weight and he said 5 pounds should be good because he is going to take out 5 liters and i have more than 5 liters so I'm going to work on that, I had fun gaining weight but I feel so unhealthy can't wait to start eating good again. He is very straight forward and knowledgeable. After his visit I went to trinity medical center where I will be having my surgery, they drew my blood and I spoke to the nurse and she gave me paper work discussing what I should do and know before and after the surgery. I feel very nervous and scared I hope nothing goes wrong especially since I'm keeping in my birth control implant in my arm, he provided me with blood thinner shots to decrease my chances of having a blood clot since I'm not removing my birth control I really hope nothing goes wrong . But I will keep u guys posted, has anyone stayed on their birth control during surgery?
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Haven't met the Dr yet

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