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Hi I'm planning to get a tummy tuck and bbl in...

Hi I'm planning to get a tummy tuck and bbl in march !! I'm 5'1 125 pounds does anyone have any good comments or pictures that they can show me about this Dr. I would very much appreciate it.!!!???? I spoke to one of the nurses today at his office and sent her pics of my self and she said I was a good candidate for tt and bbl her also said that the prices were only time limited and if I wanted to keep the price of 8400$ I would have to deposit a down payment to keep a surgery date. Can someone help me out thanks.

Another stomach pic

Surgery date scheduled!

So it's been a while, I finally booked my surgery with Dr. Alkon and I'm so excited! I'm getting a tummy tuck and bbl done by him and he told me I needed to gain weight which I have and I feel so fat I don't fit in any of my cloths and I feel so insecure this is really a toll on my mind but I know it will all be worth it. I'm scheduled for may 30 2017 does anyone have any advice for me who has done both procedures at the same time ?

Wish pic

Wish pic

Wish pic

Almost there

So I'm posting up some more before photos I have finally saved up all my money for my surgery may 30th and now just waiting for my preop appointment so excited I've been reading a lot of reviews and it helps a lot to ease the anxiety but just waiting for the day will keep you posted!

One more week till preop testing

So I've gained more weight I am 148 now hopefully Dr alkon will take it all away and put it in the right places. I've been exercising just to feel healthier but not really trying to lose weight, well here are some more before pics

More pics

Pre op done

Had my preop visit today with dr alkon I went in at 8:45 and was out by 9:30 we spoke about the benefits and risk involved in the surgery and he told me to start taking vitamin c and iron pills. They took pictures of me and weighed me, I weigh 148 pounds, I gained 20 pounds for the surgery and asked him if I should lose any weight and he said 5 pounds should be good because he is going to take out 5 liters and i have more than 5 liters so I'm going to work on that, I had fun gaining weight but I feel so unhealthy can't wait to start eating good again. He is very straight forward and knowledgeable. After his visit I went to trinity medical center where I will be having my surgery, they drew my blood and I spoke to the nurse and she gave me paper work discussing what I should do and know before and after the surgery. I feel very nervous and scared I hope nothing goes wrong especially since I'm keeping in my birth control implant in my arm, he provided me with blood thinner shots to decrease my chances of having a blood clot since I'm not removing my birth control I really hope nothing goes wrong . But I will keep u guys posted, has anyone stayed on their birth control during surgery?

Surgery is tomorrow !!

My surgery is finally here I go in 6 am at trinity hospital in New Jersey I am awfully calm but scared to what I am going to experience I will let y'all know all info when surgery is over ! Wish me luck !!

Surgery done

So I had my surgery had bbl tummy tuck and lipo 360 went in at 8:30 was done by 12:30 just like the doctor said the staff was amazing I love them so much ! So when I woke up I didn't feel any pain just soreness mostly on my butt no where else and my stomach feels really tight, I'm walking but I have to lean forward when I walk and it doesn't hurt at all maybe because they gave me a lot of pain meds I'm hoping I feel the same way tomorrow. I went to use the bathroom just needed to pee and they have me this breathing tube to exercise my lungs so that I don't get pneumonia but so far I'm doing really well I see my doctor tomorrow I haven't been able to see anything because there's no mirrors in this motel and I have my bf here helping with my drains and getting up but so far so good :)


Pics 2 day post op

27 Year Old Having Tt Bbl and Lipo 150 Pound 5ft

So today is my second day post op I'm really not in a lot of pain but I'm just sore and tight especially around my butt area but I'm able to walk by with a hunch and eat a little bcuz my appetite isn't all the way there yet I went in surgery weighing 148 im 5 ft tall I feel like it was worth it because I see the difference and I know everyday will get better

3 days post op bbl tt and lipo 360

Today is my third day after surgery I'm walking more and eating more but just been feeling a little nauseous but overall I don't feel any pain just tightness and pressure. I here a lot of women have crazy pain but I honestly don't feel pain just soreness. I take my oxycodone every four hours I love my curves but I'm super swollen

6days post op

So it's almost been a week from my having my surgery and I'm feeling worst then the first day yesterday I took my first shower and it was so hard to stand for that amount of time, thank god my bf has been here to help. Taking a shower took all the energy away from me the entire day I felt very swollen I've been really nauseous and I've been feeling pain in my abdomen today I woke up and it's harder to walk and my drains are bothering me and they some what hurt a bit I hope I begin to feel better will let u know how every thing is going

1 week post op

One week post op and feel so much better than yesterday I took another shower and it wasn't as bad as the first it's still uncomfortable to find a way to sit but doing my best , I feel like I not see a difference in my butt it looks the same but my stomach I love I see my doctor tomorrow hopefully I get my drains out Ima post a one week post op pic still hunched over

9 days post op

9 days post op feeling good just hope this swelling goes down still hunched over takin out left tube on Monday

2 weeks since bbl and tt

So today makes two weeks from my surgery and I'm back at work with my bbl pillow, thank god I don't do much here because I'm still just a bit bent over and still really tight. I went to see dr alkon yesterday to take out my last tube and he put the faja on me but I feel like my butt still looks the same just a little bit of projection and idk if it is cause I'm swollen butt I don't feel as thin as I wanted to be but I love how I don't see that pouch when I look down at my stomach, I hope my results get better over time next week I have an appointment to take out the stitches in my belly button but I'm feeling ok last night was the first night I slept in my bed I was sleeping in a lounge chair with a hole in it for my butt but now I'm sleeping in my bed on my sides Oo how I missed my bed but I'm still not trying to put any pressure on my butt well I'll post a pic of my faja hope my post helps u who are considering doing ur surgery with dr alkon

15 days post op

Still swollen can't wait to start getting my massages I have accumulated fluid in my stomach and the massages will hopefully help get this fluid out. My belly button isn't drying it's still moist so I have a gauze on it if anyone has had the same problem please lmk how I can get it to dry up

Zero gravity lounge chair

Bought on let go an app u can down load on ur phone

Belly button issues

So i just want to share my belly button issues that I been having. I started noticing when the dr took out the gauze from my bb it appeared as though some skin didn't heal all the way, but I didn't pay any mind to it, then the next two days I noticed some fluid on my shirt when I would take off my faja and then it started to have this bad fish Oder, I sent a picture to my dr because it was green and gewy I thought it was infected but he said it's not it was just a scab that fell off. But then the green patch started getting bigger and spreading throughout my bb and he called in my pharmacy for antibiotics and a cream it was expensive I spent 90$ on it then I went to see him and he said everything looks fine and I didn't need the antibiotics from looking at it in person but thanks for giving them to me anyways. Now it is getting better and smaller. So I feel better about it but want it to fully heal. So if this happens to you don't get to worried just send him a email and he will deff answer, he called me right away. I'll post a pic of my bb when I started noticing the green gew. Make sure to always keep ur bb dry even in the shower idk why mine is still moist but it's healing slowly. But over all I'm walking good my butt looks good, I was able to clean my house today with out any issues but taking it slow to where my body can handle, I still take my bbl pillow every where and use a regular pillow when I drive. I am still extremely swollen but I need to be patient. The massages help a lot I give myself my own massages at night with arnica oil it's suppose to help with the healing but I also go to a lymphatic massage place by my house

4 weeks post op

So today I'm four weeks post op and it's been an emotional roller coaster, so I feel fine I'm able to clean my house no problem I'm cooking again for my family and doing my regular routine, but my body still gets really swollen it's such a pain some days I feel thin and other days I feel bigger than I was before, I still have bruising around my lipo areas so I ordered the arnica cream I hear it helps with the bruising and pain, it's not so much pain but bruised. I'm sleeping on my sides still and kinda cheat and sleep on my back I think I've done it 3 times but my booty still looks the same and boy do heads turn when I go out, it doesn't look as big with out clothes but it looks huge with clothes. So every morning when I wake up my body hurts and I'm still not comfortable with bending because my stomach still feels tight. Sooo I had sex for the first time this Sunday since it's four weeks :p I dressed up and looked amazing my hubby was loving it but Oo man I could not move lol my stomach didn't let me but the job was done. Also I started using scar away gel for my scar it's looking better just have some dark sling from the bruising still. Overall I'm happy with my results I just have to be patient reallll patient. And my belly button is still healing it's looking way better but still not fully healed. I saw my dr yesterday and said everything looked well and in my next visit he will take pictures of me

4 weeks post op photos

Still swollen in the abdomen area but looking better maintain a well diet and take ur vitamins

5 weeks post op

So everyday it's easier the swelling is bad on some days and is down on others but love my results I switched over to a tighter faja and it has helped me a lot with my swelling, I still wear a size large but it feels tight maybe a little to tight but I take breaks from it and hopefully it will expand a little. My bb is healed now thank god, I took off my faja for a night so it can dry and when I woke up it looked way better but my back still feels bruised and my butt still has its moments when it hurts but loving my new body, I'm still not bikini ready because I do get really swollen still but that's ok patience is key

5 weeks 1 day post op

So took pictures at work I don't have my faja on it's been tight so decided to take it off for an hour. I'm still swollen and I been eating so horrible but I'm going to start eating right

6 weeks 3 days

Still swollen ugh but I'm feeling better I'm able to start working out but stomach feels numb when I start running but that's ok , so I wanted to share how I dried up my bb because it was always moist and it was taking forever to heal . I read online on how someone was having the same issue and what she did was take a shot glass and fill it half way with hot water and salt and hold over bb for 10 minutes, I did that and my bb dried up quick and looks way better so if u run through the same problem just try that and it should work. But I love the way I look I don't even remember how I used to look lol I love how my hubby can't keep his hands off me lol but his jealousy needs to stop lol well Ima download some pics

7 weeks

Just a few tips

Ok so I'm just a weeK From being 2 months and I just wanted to share some things that I did wrong and things I learned along the way of my recovery. It takes a lotttt of patience because we all want results quick and want to feel better quick But what I learned is that ur body needs time to heal and it will heal u just need to be patient. It took me about a month to really start standing up straight with out the super tight feeling, it was still there but not like the first couple weeks. I remember people telling me " o u need to stretch urself up or ur gonna stay like that " and I got worried so I tried stretching my stomach but all I was doing was messing with my scar. All the stretching widened my scar before trying to stretch my scar was basically already disappearing and from putting that stress on it, it became wider. So don't listen to anyone about that and let ur body heal at its own pace u will eventually stand up straight. Along the way I was having bb issues, it smelled bad and was leaking fluid and built white cloudy stuff in it. It wasn't infected it just need to dry up . Using a shot glass with hot water and salt to put over it for a few minutes healed it very quick like about a week. In my fourth week I switched to a different faja which was really tight that it made some of my fat disappear from my butt it doesn't look bad but I see it there and it wasn't there before so really be careful with the kind of faja u buy and make sure it fits snug but not too snug. And I noticed the tightness mad my scar redder and darker. So I threw out my lounge chair after three weeks because I felt that I didn't need it any more but I should have kept it because it from sleeping on the bed I started sleeping on one side more than the other and I feel like one hip is bigger than the other so don't throw away ur chair prob till 6 weeks. The doctor says after 4 weeks I can sit on ur but but I think 6 weeks is more on the safe side. I've been sitting on my butt but not with a lot of pressure and it's still the same size. Also stack up on scar gel because it's expensive and also bio oil for in even skin tone. After my surgery I put tape over my bb so the guaze can stay in place and the tape irritated my skin and now i have dark lines from the tape so don't use tape. Also make sure u save up for ur massages the office that dr alkon rexcommends charges 650$ for ten and there is also this other company called diamond care recovery where they will come to ur home and charge 5 sessions for 550 so make ur pick but I continue to wear my faja and still sleep in it with my an board. Oo also buy saline water at any pharmacy to clean ur wound it really helps with the bb also, and stack up on guaze to clean ur wounds also. But that's what I have learned and I hope it will some what prepare u with ur surgery ! Best of luck! And be patient <3

2 months and 2 weeks

So it's been two months and two weeks and I feel good I still get swollen but compression helps a lot., if I don't wear my compression garment my stomach blows up so I try and have some sort of compression because I got so tired of wearing my faja I'm so bad at following directions but I'm trying my best. I've been feeling a little pain on my scar area but nothing unbearable. my bb has been the only thing giving me issues with this procedure, it is completely healed and I been rolling up guaze balls to make a shape and it looks good but now I have this redness around it with dry flaky skin, I'm not sure if it's my eczema or if my skin is still healing, it doesn't itch or hurt it's just red and dry. I see dr alkon sept 8th so I'll ask him then I don't see it as an emergency so I can wait. But over all I ove my new body. I love not seeing an ugly stomach when I look down and now the only issue I have is moving my boobs out the way to see down there lol I'm still don't know if I will get slimmer after the swelling goes away but I would like to hear about others and their healing process. I uploaded pics for my update

3 month update

So it's been three months now and the swelling is going away, my lower abdomen still feels tight and I'm still treating my bb with the topical cream my dermatologist prescribed be because I got psoriasis on my bb but other than that I'm doing great Saturday I wore my first belly shirt and I looked amazing I just put some make up on my bb but I was looking so good. Now since the kids are going back to school Ima have time to go to the gym and exercise and get my strength back up because after the surgery my body does not feel the same, I feel weak and it just doesn't feel like it used to, i didn't realize how much stress surgery puts on the body. Uploading two pics today

Another pic

Bb red due to psoriasis


Photos 4 months 2 weeks

I'm a little over 4 months and I do not get swollen unless I exercise. Lately I been feeling sharp pain on my scar and lower abdomen. But I been feeling great getting compliments from friends. I'm very happy with how I look. I never got to enjoy my body because I had kids at such a young age and I wasn't so lucky to bounce back to a the way I was. I do recommend the surgery for anyone who has been thinking about it just make sure it's with a board certified surgeon ???????
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