dr alkon tt&bbl scheduled!

Hi I'm planning to get a tummy tuck and bbl in...

Hi I'm planning to get a tummy tuck and bbl in march !! I'm 5'1 125 pounds does anyone have any good comments or pictures that they can show me about this Dr. I would very much appreciate it.!!!???? I spoke to one of the nurses today at his office and sent her pics of my self and she said I was a good candidate for tt and bbl her also said that the prices were only time limited and if I wanted to keep the price of 8400$ I would have to deposit a down payment to keep a surgery date. Can someone help me out thanks.

Another stomach pic

Surgery date scheduled!

So it's been a while, I finally booked my surgery with Dr. Alkon and I'm so excited! I'm getting a tummy tuck and bbl done by him and he told me I needed to gain weight which I have and I feel so fat I don't fit in any of my cloths and I feel so insecure this is really a toll on my mind but I know it will all be worth it. I'm scheduled for may 30 2017 does anyone have any advice for me who has done both procedures at the same time ?

Wish pic

Wish pic

Wish pic

Haven't met the Dr yet

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