I Can't Believe Im Finally Going Do This:) - Aventura, FL

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Hi everyone! Im super excited I finally was able...

Hi everyone! Im super excited I finally was able to book my tummy tuck date:)
I am a 35 yr old mom of 2 (19&12) my height is 5'7 and I currently weigh 190 Im going to try my best to be 170 for the surgery (I would like to still be a little thick;) After having a 10lb baby my looks have not been the same:( I've been doing my research for the past 6 months..and after looking at this site 2x a day I've gathered enough courage to go ahead and make it happen!!! Im going with Dr. Salamas:) the results he has given his patients gives me hope on my outcome. I will be traveling from out of state alone if any one has suggestions for hotel, villas, private nurses please feel free to inbox me! Thx in advance for ur help.

making it happen!!!

So RS sisters, I have booked my hotel and flight just now!!! Still am not believing all of this lol. I have started my weight loss mission trying to lose 2lbs a week for the next 10 wks! Hopefully I will be at my goal of 170 or less:) I am so inspired by all u courageous woman! I will update my profile bi-weekly, if u have suggestions on where to purchase items like faja's or drain holders I would be so grateful. Thx ttyl:)

No weight loss:(

So here's my 2 wk update, nothing much has changed I flipped flopped on my weight loss due to the Holiday's but I'm going to get myself back on track!!! In less than 60 days it will be my turn:) ttyl

Weight Loss Update:)

Hi RS! Quick update on my weight loss..I have lost 7lbs since my last post! I've been trying to eat really well and I started working out 3x a week. Now I'm not going to lie Bday is this weekend and I know I will have a minor setback, I'm not going to go crazy but a cupcake or two hell it's my bday!!! Anyhow I will update pics when I hit a 10lb loss. Ttyl RS;)

10lb weight loss!!!

Hi All, so let me pick up where I left off.. It was my bday and I went crazy eating,drinking just enjoying me. Anyhow now im scrambling to lose this weight for my surgery smh. Stepped on the scale and YES!!! 10lbs off boy was it hard! This week hittting the gym hard:) Ok so my bestie decided to go with me on this journey YAY! So we can hit up Miami the nite before surgery though shes only staying 4 day im grateful. I will need all my RS sisters for your encouragement will be goin thru the rest alone:( I am freaked out ladies I havent bought a thing yet! Please Please Please write me and give me some ideas! Should I buy a 2nd stafe compression garment? The first will be supplied to me by the Dr. Everything else im oblivious. Here we go 19 days away!!! Ttyl muah!

Day of Surgey!!!

Hi, RS made it here yesterday in Miami:) did my pre-op everything was great so here we are! My surgery is at 1pm. My daughter who is 19 will be with me until Saturday, so I hope I will be able to manage. Anywho I'm nervous, scared but I wanted this for soooo long I'm ready!!! Wish me luck guys ttyl!!!

Finally on the flat side:)

Hey RS, had my TT yesterday and ohhhh boy this is no joke!!! I'm in a lot of pain but thanks to my daughter helping me it makes it a little easier. Ladies please make sure u walk it's very helpful. Here's a few pics so far, thanks to all u ladies for ur support!!!

More pics

7 Day Post op

Hi all:) this has been a rough 7 days but it gets better daily trust me, I am still 85% hunched over. My drains are still in but draining very little:) I see the PS on Monday so hopefully they will come out then. Still super swollen but that's to be expected right? Anyhow I'm going to try to relax and enjoy this healing time. Here are a few pics so far I will update weekly. Ttyl

2 was post op

Hi everyone:) so I'm finally back home!!! I'm much more comfortable now. So I had a skin breakdown due to moisture ladies pay attention to the signs especially redness I thought it was because of my binder but under the steri strips my skin was breaking down. Went for my last follow up and was prescribed Silvadene I've been on it for 3 days now and it's working! I still have both my drains in which I will have to take out by myself smh hope I can do it. One is draining less than 25 cc so far the past 24hr so if it's still at this rate I will take it out tonight! I of course still have swelling especially at the bottom of my stomach. I still have have hardness on my sides due to the lipo I started massaging those areas hoping they will soften. Hopefully I will have a better update next week ttyl!

3 wk update!!!

Hi all:) just updating I can't believe it's been 3wks already! So I've been trying to keep myself busy but not over do it I started driving my self around which felt weird lol, but def getting back in the swing of things! I did a follow um with my MD and she loves my scar and was surprised on the good job he did! She was concerned about the skin breakdown that I have so she sent me for a 2nd opinion with a PS, he saw me the same day and said its healing fine and to continue with the silvadene cream 2x daily. I finally was able to take out my drains myself! I took it out slow and steady burned a little but was totally fine:) swelling has still been constant especially my lower abs but I know it's going to take time, I've been trying on clothes left and right and boy do I feel sexy again;-) I have realized that I'm going to have to love my CG because I've notice when I take it off it has molded my shape but if I just wear the binder my sides are lumpy. Soooo I'm going to try my best to wear it all day and if I take it off at night I will wear nothing. But here are some pics did not wear my CG in almost 2days so I'm very swollen:( ttyl dolls!!!

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