2 years PO w/ Dr. Salama

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Please read Part 1 of my BBL journey by clicking...

Please read Part 1 of my BBL journey by clicking here.

26 Days PO:

I had a turn around today, ladies! I've been very bummed about my loss of volume, but I put these pants on (same ones I took pics in at 2 weeks). Ass is still there! Lol. Also, just to clear up any misunderstandings about why my booty went down so quickly, I want to post an email from the fabulous Ruben!

What you are losing is inflammation and swelling. Fat does not disappear that quickly. Keep in mind that your body is full of fluid after surgery and it takes time for your body to drain that. Once that drains, fat is accommodating in your buttock.

So do not cry and in a couple of weeks I’ll show you how much of a difference your buttock and other parts look.

Keep me posted.


He's such a doll :-) well, on another note, I'm feeling really good! Only issue now is getting back to normal with bending and stretching. Everything is still tight, and uncomfortable when I bend. I have a bit of discoloration on my tummy and sides still. My tummy is looking better and better, thank God! The swelling in my feet, ankles, and calves has subsided completely! I'm still a little hard/swollen in my pubic area, groin, and tummy. Booty is giggly and a firm soft. It's not hard anymore at all, but it's like a nice big firm booty. I do want it to soften up a little more, which I'm sure it will since I'm not even 4 weeks. Well, today I started sitting. I sat through church. Entire service. Felt really weird and uncomfortable, but not painful. I'm going to continue driving with boppy and pillow for another 2 weeks. No excess fluid build up, no major issues on my end so far.

Well, ladies, for those of you who don't already...

Well, ladies, for those of you who don't already know me, I will reintroduce myself: I am a 24 year old female who lives in Kennesaw, Ga. I had my surgery on July 10th, 2012 with the fabulous Dr. Salama in Aventura, Fl. Pre-op stats: 170lbs 40-39-41 Post-op stats: Day 5- 34-29-44 5 weeks post-op: 33-29-42 I am doing well in recovery. I have been getting two massages a week since surgery, and have 3 more in my package. Speaking of, ladies that are familiar with my situation with Massage Envy, I spoke with a manager about my first two massages done with the woman who does the lymphatic massages that consist of light touching. She credited my account for those two massages, so I didn't waist my money :-) I'm very pleased with Massage Envy, and love my masseuse! I am still dealing with a lot of swelling in my groin/pubic area/lower tummy. It's the worst after a full day at work. I was told by my masseuse that all the fluids go down with gravity and collect there, so it's very common. I use the heating pad for at least 2 hours a day, and it works wonders! I hate the garment, and everything that comes along with it, but I'm still using it. I've listened to my love PrettyGirlFLA and I use my board regularly. It does wonders, as well. I just put my belly ring back in last night :-) I've been going to the gym since my 4th week mark, doing upper body weight, and 30 mins on the treadmill with a slight incline. So far so good. I'm feeling better and better every day. I still get stiffness in my lower back, and stomach. Stretching is the only way to relieve this, but it helps like nothing else can! I've finally started showcasing my body out in public and on social networks and I get so much attention. I've had old friends message me asking me if I got ass shots. Haha. I tell them all the Brazillian Butt Lift workout video, and they all buy it. I'm absolutely loving this, but I can't stop shopping!! I was in sears indulging in some Kardashian Kollection dresses (gna post pics when I get home later... They were made for me!!!!), and heard these ladies in the dressing room next to me saying Bebe was having a sale! So exciting!! Bebe dresses fit my body like OH MY GAWD!! I got $150 dress for $73!! Heck yeah!! Anyways... Nothing much going on other than swelling and tightness. I will be driving from ATL to Colorado Springs at the end of the month for a vacation/wedding! So I'm very excited to show off this new bod! Well, ladies, I'll post some more pics tonight, and I'm in the process of getting Ms. Kristy to post the links to Part 1 & 2 to the opposing reviews, for easy access. This sucks they cut you off. I guess I write too much. One last thing; I'm still in love with the EPS Miami team! Ruben is amazing!! He answers me like literally ASAP every time, and is so concerned! He ALWAYS puts me at ease with whtever issue I'm having! LOVE LOVE LOVE TEAM SALAMA!! (I go hard about my doctor and his team) :-*

New 5 week pics up!! I love my new shape! shoping...

New 5 week pics up!! I love my new shape! shoping is so much fun!! I can't wait to wear the KK dress to my husband's best friend's wedding in 2 weeks!

I weight 159lbs! So, I've lost 11lbs since day of...

I weight 159lbs! So, I've lost 11lbs since day of surgery!! I want to get to 150lbs, and I'll be happy!! :-)

So, I've been siting non-stop since 3 days before...

So, I've been siting non-stop since 3 days before my 4 week mark. It's been almost 2 weeks now. I drive with a pillow, and sit on a pillow at home, but I'm still putting pressure on my butt. It feels absolutely normal now. I mean, Dr. Salama says we can sit at 4 weeks, but I see all these women on here waiting till 6-8 weeks. I just couldn't do it, ladies! I gotta sit! Lol! I haven't noticed ANY loss of volume since my 3rd week :-)

So, I've been siting non-stop since 3 days before...

So, I've been siting non-stop since 3 days before my 4 week mark. It's been almost 2 weeks now. I drive with a pillow, and sit on a pillow at home, but I'm still putting pressure on my butt. It feels absolutely normal now. I mean, Dr. Salama says we can sit at 4 weeks, but I see all these women on here waiting till 6-8 weeks. I just couldn't do it, ladies! I gotta sit! Lol! I haven't noticed ANY loss of volume since my 3rd week :-)

6 weeks PO- Ok, so let's talk chin now.....

6 weeks PO-

Ok, so let's talk chin now.. Overall, I'm happy with the results, because, yes it is an improvement, but it is not what I expected. As I've said before, he did not lipo my jaw line AT ALL. But then again, I should've known that (and not assumed) since it is CHIN lipo, not chin & jaw, or jowls, but w/e, I'm still happy. I'm hoping it's still swollen a little, cause it still hangs down some, so we'll just have to wait a few more moths to see the final results. Regardless, it looks better, and I'm happy I did it, with no regrets!

I'm still at the same place with the BBL results. Happy overall, just wish my tight skin wouldn't have caused so much absorption. I love my shape, still, and am happy with all the lipo'd areas. I still have swelling in my back and lower tummy/pubic area. I am going to the gym regularly, working upper body, and light cardio. I sit like normal. I put ALL pressure on my butt, and it feels completely normal! I only use the boppy to drive. I've stopped wearing my garment all the time, just at night mostly. I wear my waist clincher to work, though.

Well, I'm 6 weeks today, and am happy to be this far through recovery! I feel pretty much back to normal, other than the swelling, and the garment/board/foams issue, LOL! :-)

Just wanted to let y'all know, if you're planning...

Just wanted to let y'all know, if you're planning to use CareCredit to pay for your surgery and to build credit (I financed SOME just so I could get a good loan on my credit), please know they do NOT report to the credit bureaus. Only when you MISS a payment. I just found this out today.

I'm getting all emotional today, thinking about...

I'm getting all emotional today, thinking about how much this site has helped me. There's been a lot of bullshit I've dealt with, and insensitive women I've come across, but I have met SOOO many women off this site who have become TRUE friends that I will hold on to for the rest of my life. I'm so thankful for them, and to have someone to lean on, a support system, and I love being there for them, too! This site has helped me so much, preparing, knowing what to expect, having realistic expectations, just so many aspects. And that's why I've given back so much. I guess, I just wanted to update today and tell my new friends that I love and appreciate every single one of you, and am so thankful to have you in my life. I honestly don't know what I would hve done with out y'all, and you each know who I'm talking to :-*

7 weeks- Hey ladies! Not much going on over...

7 weeks-

Hey ladies! Not much going on over here, so I'll try to update as much as I can. I feel pretty much back to normal finally! I've stopped wearing the garment completely (early I know tisk, tisk) and only wear my waist clincher. I've gained an inch around my waist, I'm guessing because my current waist clincher sucks, LOL! I ordered my squeem vest off amazon for $45. It should be here soon. So, I still have some stiffness in my tummy and the small of my back. I know this isnt going anywhere any time soon. I still have A LOT of swelling in my tummy and back. I hate it. My pubic area is huge!! Ughhhhhhhh!!! Also, I still have discoloration on my tummy. Anyone know when this will start to fade?
I had my LAST massage yday! Kinda sad that's over! I'll miss my massuese!
Dang, I can't believe I've finally gotten to a point where I don't know what to say on here any more. Of course I'm progressing, but at this stage in the recovery not much new happens, and what is happening will last another few months. Kinda crazy, though, cause I'm known for my frequent updates, LOL! I promise I wont leave you, ladies! Might not update as much from here on out, but I'm always here to answer questions.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a cross-country roadtrip from Atlanta to Colorado Springs. Very excited, but I will be on my ass the WHOLE time! Not like that's anything new, since I've been siting 3 weeks now. But I'm excited to show off my new body, and meet my husbands high school friends! I'm sure I'll have plenty of fabulous pictures to share with you. The one I uploaded last night was taken yday at 7 weeks. I'll fix the orientation when I get home. I just noticed its sideways again, dang RealSelf!! Good luck to all the ladies who's surgery is coming up soon. There's A LOT of ladies in October! It's bitter sweet, cause that's when I was supposed to go!

8 weeks 2 days PO: FLUFFING IS REAL!! Well,...

8 weeks 2 days PO: FLUFFING IS REAL!!

Well, ladies, I'm back from my vacation, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Sitting in the car for that 22 hour drive wasn't as bad as I thought. Now I did use my boppy and pillow just for cushion, cause I sat directly on it! I had a blast in Colorado, and enjoyed showing off my new body!

I got back home, did my measurements and my booty GREW 3/4 of an inch!!!! Fluffing is real girls!! My honey says it looks more rounder and fuller. Plus it jiggles like CRAZY now!! I LOVE IT!!

I'm still experiencing swelling. I've noticed it went down a lot in my back, but my tummy is still hella swollen. I don't wear my garment at all now. I ordered a medium squeem, and it's too big. I ordered a small, but will wear the medium until it gets in. So, since I haven't been wearing the garment my waist went up almost 2 inches :-( not happy about that, but we'll see how the small squeem goes. Oh yeah, about the squeem; it's really comfy!! The straps don't cut in and it seems very well made. I have no complaints! But then again, I did come from that awful garment I was stuck with for (supposed to be) 8 weeks!

I still feel the same about disappointment in projection and hips, but I'm still happy with my results. Like I've said before, a revision is a definite. I will be waiting until October of 2013, though! The fat on my back is absolutely rediculous! I hate it! It's like there's no difference from pre-op!

Another thing I want to touch on before I go is to give a little word of wisdom from a woman who's already been through this and has done years of research. Please be realistic with your expectations. I have seen SOOOO many women on here lately saying they want this and that women's body, and hope they get this or that. It's fine to desire a certain shape and say "if I had her body I would be so happy" but we MUST prepare ourselves to NOT get those results. Our bodies are just that-our bodies!! We can't do a body transplant, sorry! Lol!! But we can reshape, and better what God blessed us with! Also, ladies, please dont get too used to the swollen booty. I did, and was devastated when it went down! Until next time, ladies!

Some people really piss me off on this site!!...

Some people really piss me off on this site!! Makes me want to say EFF all of it and never come back, but I refuse to abandon my genuine BBL sisters!! I know countless women who have been harassed on here by ignorant mf, and then never post again!! It's rediculous! We are all adults, so let's act like it! And be considerate to others feelings. You ladies who havent made it to the other side have no clue how this messes you up emotionally, so you need to watch what you say to the vets. Keep it up and no one will want to post their stories on here.

9 weeks PO- My booty is officially 43 inches...

9 weeks PO-

My booty is officially 43 inches again!! Fluffing def is real!! Cause it went up an entire inch ladies!! VERY happy about that! Other than that, nothing new to report.

I will say, that I don really notice much difference in my chin. That's very depressing :-( oh well.

So, I checked my credit yesterday, and CareCredit...

So, I checked my credit yesterday, and CareCredit sure enough was on there!! I don't know what in the hell they two people I spoke to we're saying. Maybe that they don't report LATE payments until they're 30 days, not that they don't report payments period. No offense to foreigners, but they were NOT American, and could barely understand me and vice versa, so in sure that contributed to the confusion. But just wanted to let you ladies know I was wrong...

Almost 10 weeks- I have a question for my...

Almost 10 weeks-

I have a question for my fellow pale (or light skinned) BBL sisters.. I have had discoloration on my tummy (I'm sure from the aggressive lipo and bruising) since surgery. It's fading, but still there and noticable. Just wondering if any other ladies experienced this, and if so when did it go away?

Oh, and I have NOT had a period since before...

Oh, and I have NOT had a period since before surgery. Just a little light spotting for a day when it should have came right after surgery, but still nothing. What the hell is up with that??

13 weeks PO (3 months) So, I have finally...

13 weeks PO (3 months)

So, I have finally reached my 3 months mark. I feel completely back to normal other than occasional tightness, and tingling sensations. I am 100 % happy with my decision to do this surgery, and share it with everyone on this site. I love my results, and this surgery has definitely changed my life in the sense that I finally, for the first time in my life, feel comfortable in my own body. I love the way I look, and I love to show it off! I have the body I never thought I would EVER have, and it just makes me feel great! I can buy clothes without trying them on and have confidence that it will look amazing on me! Everyone who sees me tells me how great I look, and my husband absolutely loves it. He can't get enough of me. I have gained a little weight in the past few months, and my booty actually grew another inch. So, yes, the booty does grow with you, lol!

The only thing that I can say I am not happy with is my back. I realize that Dr. Salama reached the legal limit allowed, therefor my upper back was left almost untouched. That is why I have scheduled a round 2 on June 24th to get my back completely lipo'd along with my auxiliary and then have it injected into my hips for a little more curves. I love the size of my butt, I love the projection, I just love it all. It's perfect. I thought I wanted this huge ghetto booty, but now that I have given myself time to get used to it, I LOVE my size! It's clearly big cause I stop traffic, and even have women going crazy over me! Lol!!!!

So, I am going back to my home town in a few weeks, and am so ready to show myself off. I was planning on sticking to my story that I have been working out a lot, but while discussing it with my Mom, she made a good point: everyone who grew up with me, will know I had plastic surgery. Why? Because I was flat cakes pre-op. I have NEVER had a body like this!! And no amounts of working out would have changed that! Literally, a back with a crack, LOL!! So I'm kinda torn as to which way I should go. I used to get mortified with the thought of my childhood friends knowing I had plastic surgery, but as I've progressed in my journey, and the months have passed I've started to not gaf! I almost want to scream it so the whole world will know. I guess it all just boils down to me being so comfortable with myself, that I don't care about others opinions at all! And my mother was so right, it's so apparent I had work done to those who knew me before. So, I would like some thoughts on this... Any and all opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Btw.. I've missed y'all :-*

Comments enabled. :-)

Comments enabled. :-)

Current measurements- 34-30-44

Current measurements- 34-30-44

I LOVE MY ASS, that is all :-) Oh yeah, and...

I LOVE MY ASS, that is all :-)

Oh yeah, and happy National Ass Day, ladies

I know don't why this pic didn't upload last week,...

I know don't why this pic didn't upload last week, but here's a frontal.

Oh, and ladies... Please be nice to one another. This site is for encouragement and growth.

I'm out of town right now on vacay, and I got the...

I'm out of town right now on vacay, and I got the chance to FINALLY meet my love Ms. Juicy! WOOOOW ! O_O is all I can say! She looks amazing! Fat, juicy booty, and teeny tiny waist! And she's gorgeous!! Oh em geeeeeeeeee!! Salama is the man! He takes beautiful women and makes them show stoppers!! I'm speechless!

Hey ladies. So I'll be 5 months here in about a...

Hey ladies. So I'll be 5 months here in about a week, and wanted to let y'all know where I stand with everything. I feel that what I'm about to say will probably change the way some of you feel, maybe even disappoint you, but I feel it is my duty to share everything! It's not that bad, though, my fault more than anything.
So, I got this surgery thinking that my body will be forever changed, which it was, but not in the ways I expected. I thought that removing fat cells from an area would mean that weight wouldn't go to that place in the rate that it would before. What I mean by this is that I thought instead of all my weight going to my tummy like it used to, that it wouldn't. I'm NOT saying that I thought I wouldn't gain weight on my tummy, I just didn't think it would be as fast and drastic. Well, my dumbass stopped going to the gym, continued to eat the way I did before surgery, and just continued the lifestyle I had before which got me to the point of even needing liposuction. Well, I still look damn good. Ass has gotten colossal, but with the weight gain, my tummy has come back, too. It's not noticeable at all to the untrained eye. It's not that I've really gotten bigger visually (even though my waist is now a 32), but like when I bend over or am laying down on my sides, I have rolls AGAIN!! Also, the weight gain has caused lumps. Not necessarily saying this is Dr. S's fault (I still go hard about EPS, still love them, and they still communicate and check up on me), but it looks to me as though a (teeny tiny) bit of fat was left on my abdomen, and with my weight gain it has become more prominent. Don't get me wrong, my tummy doesn't look gross, I still look damn good, and a thousand times better than I did, I just wanted to tell you ladies what can happen after surgery. There's not a lot of women who continue to update after surgery is over. I made a promise a long time ago to commit to this site. Even though I can't stand RealSelf, and all the ignorant people who have turned this into a hateful, bashing session, I will not turn my back on the wonderful GOOD-hearted women who NEED these stories long after surgery!
With all of that being said, I want to again say that I blame myself for all of this. If I would eat right and exercise I could have abs, like a bunch of my other bbl sisters have accomplished. But I'm a fat girl at heart, and I love my food, hehe!! The munchies are a mf, too ;-P
My husband and I have committed to changing the way we eat, and exercising to get this body looking top notch. Regardless, I'm still going back to Salama to get all this back fat taken out and my auxiliary done, as well. As always I'm open to all questions. Have a great holiday, ladies, and remember this site is to be motivational, so love and support one another, or keep all of your comments to yourself. God is good all the time, so lets make Him proud!

Posted some 5 months pics. Check the back fat, and...

Posted some 5 months pics. Check the back fat, and the lines on my lower back. Idk wth that's from. Been there since day 1 PO. Ass is huge, though. Also, you can see the discoloration on my tummy.
Current measurements 34-32-44
Current weight 170lbs O_O

Almost 6 months PO- Not much has changed....

Almost 6 months PO-

Not much has changed. Just wanted to give y'all a current picture :-)

Oh, and my stretch marks on my booty are horrible! Any suggestions as to how to get them to fade will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, so before I begin my rant, let me first say...

Ok, so before I begin my rant, let me first say that this is all my own opinions based off my personal experience. I understand everyone feels differently, cause just like my doctor has pissed some people off, he has been amazing to me, and I have no complaints.

Ok, so I've been thinking about going to talk to Dr. Jimmerson, being that he is in Atlanta with me. I have been entertaining the idea for many different reasons, including the fact that I won't have to travel, and I can recoup in my own home. Also, I desperately want hips, and I feel like he can def deliver. Well.... I called to set up an appointment today, and I am totally baffled at what I was told. I will say everyone there was completely professional and very nice, even after I got a little heated with them.

So, after telling them I will be paying cash they tell me they can get me into a consult in April, and that if I was financing it would be October before he could see me. Which this just blows me. I feel like (and this is coming from someone who was in the medical field prior, so I know how things go) consults can be fit in very easily. Dr. Salama doesn't make you wait 10 months for just a consult. Even to this day, if I needed to see him, he wouldn't give me any problems! So, I told her that I would be wanting my surgery any time after July (since that would be my year mark), and she tells me that she can not schedule a consult further than 90 days pre-op, which is understandable, and then she proceeded to tell me that I would need 2 consults if I came in earlier. I told her that was not an issue for me, yet she still refused to schedule me sooner. I said, defensively, that I didn't think it was right that she requires people to book surgery before a consult, and she proceeded to explain that most women who call have done extensive research and are sure that they want Dr. J to be their surgeon (totally understandable cause I was like that with Dr. S), but what set me off was that they treat all the patients as such. That you can not have a one-on-one with Dr. J before making up your mind. Not every patient is sure they want Dr S, so why should we all be treated that way? I told her that I already have a date set with my previous doctor, and I will not just bail on him. I told her I want to meet with Dr. J in order to make a decision on wether or not I want to use him, but she would not allow that to happen. I am appalled at this. I'm sorry, but I just don't feel it's right that you force someone to set a date and THEN have a consult. I'm very disappointed, because this has totally deferred me from going to him. Oh, and might I mention that he was going to charge me a FULL BBL price, when all I need lipo'd is my UPPER back, and a little fat graft to the hips. I don't see how that compares to a FULL BBL...

Pre-ops as requested :-)

Pre-ops as requested :-)

New pics. Taken today 1/18 at almost 7 months PO....

New pics. Taken today 1/18 at almost 7 months PO.

I have been going hard with the work outs. P90X and running every day. I feel better than I have in my entire life. I look great and I FEEL great. Since I've been stretching heavily and doing yoga a little, I don't feel any of the tightness in the lipo'd areas. So safe to say I am 100% back to normal. I will DEFINITELY say that it took the entire 6 months to feel this way, but thank you JESUS for blessing me to this point!

I send all of my love and prayers to the ladies recovering & preparing! XOXO

Oh, and the only thing that is photoshopped on my...

Oh, and the only thing that is photoshopped on my pics is the edits of my tattoos (for discretion) and a little lighting editing to make the pictures easier to see. My body is untouched. Feel free to judge alllll you want, my beautiful BBL sisters =-)

A little words of wisdom: For the ladies who...

A little words of wisdom:

For the ladies who think they will be able to hide this surgery from people who KNOW them, please be prepared for your plans to not happen the way you want. Especially if you go from flat cakes all your life to a big fat juicy booty.

Me? I honestly don't care any more, cause its so obvious, and my bottom isn't even huge. Coming from where I was, though it's clear I had work done. EVERYONE who KNOWS me, KNOWS I had work done. I can deny it all I want to, but in all actuality, there's no denying it. Especially you ladies who think you can hide it from your significant other... Ladies.. When your booty goes from no jiggle to you being able to throw it back like no other when you're having sex, trust me he/she will notice. Vets, please tell em!!! Haha!! Have a great weekend ladies!

7 months: I just noticed there's no tummy pics....

7 months:

I just noticed there's no tummy pics. As you can see its very lumpy. :-(

In my collage picture you can see the lumps in my...

In my collage picture you can see the lumps in my tummy. Even from the side you can see the prominent fat pocket right at my belly button.

Ladies, I saw one of our BBL sisters on IG...


I saw one of our BBL sisters on IG being made into a joke. Love was looking all bootylocious with her mattress on the floor, box spring showing, clothes every where, place was a mess. So, PLEASE make sure your backgrounds are clean and neat before you are all over the Internet being made a fool of. It's nothing to crop and edit pics.

Blessings so everyone!

8 months- Ass continues to grow as I continue...

8 months-

Ass continues to grow as I continue to gain weight. I know you ladies have heard this from me before, but I'm getting off my ass, and getting in the gym for real, cause this lumpy stomach is not cutting it for the bikini, and the only way to control it is to lose weight. Other than that I'm happy. Lumpiness and discoloration is still there, but as soon as the weather gets above 60 I'm going to start tanning. Hopefully it will fade with a little sun. We shall see.

OMGosh I had no ass before Salama worked his magic on me! Thank God for him!

A friend provoked me to dig for some old pics,...

A friend provoked me to dig for some old pics, including pre-ops, so I thought I'd share with you ladies! I'm almost 9 months post-op at this point. Still planning on my revision June 24th with Dr. Salama.

I must reiterate (yet again) that all of you ladies should have realistic expectations. I browse the site from time to time, and it pains me to see so many of you posting unrealistic wish pics. Not only that but MOST of the pics you post, are photoshopped, and I know this FOR SURE! Remember, you can not get someone else's body frame, only yours. You can change your shape, but you will always have the same frame. And just like with anything else, your frame is the base of your shape, and it defines your results. Food for thought.

Good luck ladies! XOXO

9 months today- Only update is that since...

9 months today-

Only update is that since tanning my discoloration on my tummy (from lipo) has faded!! Very excited about that! I've posted pics so you can see.


I forgot to add yesterday that I've pushed back my...

I forgot to add yesterday that I've pushed back my revision to October. I have major vacations planned for June & July, and just don't have the time for recovery. I'll be having a follow-up/pre-op consult on June 20th while I'm in Miami on vacay. Also, another one of my BBL sisters and I are going together, so that's another reason I decided to switch dates (and the heat is no joke in June, whew!)

10 months PO

Ohhhhh RealSelf has changed so much!! Hope all my BBL sisters like it!

Ok, so not much has changed this way. I've been working out and eating healthier, so I got my tummy down an inch! Booty is still big, and un-hidable. Haha! Yes people do ask you, so be prepared. And there's no way around it. If they knew you before surgery, they will know you had work done. I had to make the decision on wether or not I wanted to look like a liar, or I wanted to come clean and be proud of my courageous decision to make a change in my life. I decided to be honest! And I don't care if anyone thinks negatively about that.

Best wishes to the ladies in waiting, and the ones in recovery! XOXO

10 months summer time!!

Sending Prayers for Ms. BBellaBooty1

My dear friend it's finally your time!! I'm beyond excited for you!! XOXO

I never get enough of this ass!!

Hope all of my BBL sisters are doing well!! XOXO

I will be leaving for Miami on Sunday!! Seeing Dr. S on the 20th for a follow up. We'll see what he has to say!!

Take care ladies!

You WILL gain weight in lipo'd areas

I see a lot of women saying they won't gain weight where they've been lipo'd, and this may be true if your doctor sucks your dry-which he won't. You need a small layer of fat just to protect you. So what does that mean? If you don't keep up with yourself then you will gain weight.

I am a prime example. I've been exercising, but I have continued to eat the same way that caused me to get lipo in the first place. And guess what? I have a pooch again. My stomach was lipo'd to hell and back, but because I didn't change my eating habits the fat came right back.

So my words of wisdom today as a vet to you ladies is to make sure you maintain this expensive physique. Do not think that this surgery is going to magically fix you and allow you to maintain your current health-lifestyle. Get healthy before surgery, and stay healthy after surgery!!

Btw one of my closest friends just had her revision with Dr. Salama to fix a little problem areas and to get her arms done-OMG! Salama has done it again, ya'll!! She looks BEYOND amazing!!

Until next time! Happy healing ladies XOXO


I just want to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful booty!

Booty, my love, I can't believe you are a year old already! It's been an amazing year since you came into my life. My world has changed so much and I believe you are the root to it, because my new self confidence because of you has pushed me to get out there and accomplish things I never dreamed of.

So, thank you, booty! Thank you for this amazing year! I expect at least another 75 out of you ;-)


Eye Candy

Just a little eye candy since its been a while for me.

Nothing new. My 13 month old booty is just as fluffy and jiggly as ever!!


Eye Candy

13 month update

Been in the gym, and ass is still massive. :-)



Happy Holidays ladies!

It's been a while so I figured I'd share a recent pic to show how I'm doing as I get close to a year and a half post op. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays & safe journeys!


The truth behind why vets disappear.

Ok, so I wanted to address something due to me getting countless PMs thanking me for continuing to post. I've heard every accusation in the book from women stop posting because the surgery doesn't last, to they're embarrassed for whatever reason.

Ladies, what I want you to realize is how much this surgery changes you not just physically but mentally and emotionally. You see, most of us become obsessed with this surgery and with RealSelf; reading countless stories, looking at too many pictures to name. Because we become obsessed with everything BBL, it's inevitable that once we obtain the very thing we are obsessing about that the feeling of obsession begins to die down. Especially after you have healed and gotten used to your body. It comes a time when you don't even think about it or this site.

I know I was once where many (if not all) of you are at right now. I read every single story, saw all the pictures. But then I had my surgery, I healed, and life went back to normal. I've run out of things to update with, I don't have the desire to even read other stories any more, and what I want y'all to realize is that there's a cycle with this, and to not judge the women who go MIA. A lot of women don't realize the severity of everything you go through during recovery, and when they get to it, they realize how personal it is, and do not want to share it. So, we have to respect each woman's personal choices.

So, don't assume that the surgery doesn't last, because it does, or that there are tons of complications down the road, because there aren't.

I am proud to be one of very few to come and show you the results years down the road, and I just wanted to express the many reasons why not many women follow in my foot steps.

Be blessed ladies and happy holidays! XOXO

Quick pic!

1 & 1/2 year pics!

Just wanted to give you ladies some updated pics from a vet that's a year and a half post op. Nothing's changed :-) still love all this asssssss! Thanks Salama!




Spring is here!

Hey ladies!

I trust all is well! Just stopping by for a quick update from my side!

Everything is still lovely!

Best wishes to all of those with upcoming surgeries and those in recovery!

Peace & love!

2 year birthday!

I missed my 2 year update on the 11th.. Can't believe it's been 2 years already!

Still fluffy, jiggly, and full of booty goodness :-)

Updated pics for 2015

Nothing's changed other than gaining more weight -___-

Still working on putting down the chocolate.

Before and afters

Here are a few before and afters. All afters are within 2 months of surgery. Enjoy!
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Dr. Salama is amazing! Such a sweetie! Ruben and all the girls have been amazing, as well! I am beyond pleased that I chose him!! I love my doctor and his team!

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