46 Yr Old 7 C Section Births..... - Aventura, FL

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My story has been similar to others; I've watched...

My story has been similar to others; I've watched this sight for a few months then decided it was my time to shine. I originally chose Yily except my passport was denied due to an old child support issue..So I was then faced with the task of finding an equally great doctor in the states. That doctor is non other than: Moises Salama. I've read and seen great reviews. I'm two weeks away from becoming a Salama Doll. After losing $500 on the failed trip to Dominican Republic; I hope Salama transforms my body into my dream.

My hemo rose from 10.7 to 11.4

I could not be more blessed as I am right now. God is so good...target is 12 for surgery..

Moving forward ladies. #GloryBeToGod

Ladies I received the best news yesterday. I'm going to be keeping my original date of Dec 6th with Dr. Salamas. However ; I am required to do the cell save procedure @ $500. I'm fine with this because safety comes first. I grabbed my arnicare tablets from the local health store. I'm taking 325 mg of iron 3 times daily...saw a level from 10.7 to 11.4 in 10 days.

Made it to Miami off to my PreOp appointment

Dr. Salaam's office was very elegant. Finally met Nomie in person. She was nice, very informative...told me about an alternative to the boot pillow..so I'm grateful for the heads up.."foam roller"
Surgery tomorrow...nervous but excited too. See you girls on the other side.

Day 1 Post Op

Day 1 post op

4 days post op

Ladies...omg..this has been a journey of self reflection for real. As for my results I'm blessings just hard to see how it'll all turn out since it's just day 4. I have the same dent I had before on my left butt cheek..and my stomach isn't flat. It this changes with time then that's what hoping.. and after 2 office still no garment. Next appointment on Monday.

Dr Salama Rocks

I have to give this doctor credit where credit is due it was very cordial very nice and he did a great job however I am still in the swelling stages so I can't really see what my full results will be but I'm confident from the work I seen him do that I'm going to be pleased on the final results

Volume decreased....

I'm concerned that I have lost alot of volume due to sitting on my butt. The ride from surgeon's office, also did some driving. I was using a regular pillow. Anybody have any advice? I'm only 8 days post op

Day 10 Post Op Ladies

I'm feeling better...long story ladies. I wanna tell you everybody about my trip up until now but so much happened..Dr. Salama is a STAR in my book first off. But ladies be careful of who you Bring with you . I brought a person who basically left me for dead..she knew people in Miami so when I invited her she gladly excepted...long story short ladies I'm grateful to have lived through it. Had nothing to do with Dr. Salama what so ever...I should have stayed in the recovery house..now I'm paying for it..

Some of my recovery methods

Just a few things that I'm using to get me through the recovery process.

Drain #2 gone

I had the back drain removed at Dr. Salama office before I left. Today I had my husband remove drain #2 right side..just one more drain to go. Seeing my primary physician tomorrow.

Saw my primary physician today

My primary physician almost jumped out of her skin when she saw my incisions. Omg. She was like "that looks very painful" what a sad thing to hear from a physician. But I ignored her remark and smiled. She looked at me and replied, I guess there is no reason to see you anytime soon unless there's infection present...I agreed and left. I hear alot of people say you go through a sad spell, boy were they right..my family is treating me like I'm a selfish person for even having the surgery. I understand it could have been a selfish act with a 9 and 10 year old at home, but I really needed this for me. And I did it for me..I regret it today though...I'm asking myself now, was it worth it?

13 days Post

I can see a few major changes..mostly in my stomach.. im still contemplating the changes I see in my butt though..what do you guys think?

Went shopping today

My clothes doesn't fit anymore in a negative way....bootey too big for my jeans and since my tummy is still swollen I'm unable to fit what I already have at home...so I went out and grabbed a few one size fits all dresses.. I guess I won't go downward in clothes sizes until swelling goes down? Anybody know how this works?

Front view and back 15 day post op

I forgot to post a front view for TT....I will post one without clothes in a few days...I'm still swollen in the front.

My stomach looks

I'm not sure if this is the way my tummy is supposed to look 16 days post op but it doesn't look good..it's better than it was before but please Lord tell me it will get better.

Day 1 vs Day 16

I'm clueless. Please help. I thought this was supposed to be a situation where things got better and better?

Feeling better today

I've been drinking pure pineapple juice.heard it was good at reducing swelling,that along with the binder and I've noticed a little decrease in swelling..thank God. I have also cut my pain pill consumption down to 1-2 a day.. thank God for this site also because the support is so real..I thank you ladies deeply.

SALAMA I love you!!!!

Omg...I took pics of my back with a thong on! Omg ladies...I'm crying...#GloryBeToGod
I thank God for the support here at real self....

Switching from binder to garment

I should have 1 more day for drain...I was going to wait to switch but the binder feels better than the binder...the binder was uncomfortable at times..was experiencing soreness as well.

Feeling better today

Ive found that pure 100% pineapple juice, cherry flavored milk of magnesium, and water is a BLESSING in disguise! The pineapple juice has all the daily recommended vitamin C in one small can...vitamin C is good for the immune system..and it helps my body absorb iron..still taking 325 mg of iron daily since I'm have iron deficiency anemia. And the milk of magnesium works better than the stool softeners that were prescribed by Dr. Salama...I go every morning just by taking 2 tablespoons every afternoon.. hope this helps someone because the first week with stool softeners was terrible...it took me 45 minutes to go and it hurted.

Feeling Gloomy

I think I'm just thinking what the hell was I thinking to do this so close to Christmas and New Years? My family is not being very helpful...they all think I should have waited till after the holidays. And to make matters worse it's been 17 days and I still have my left drain in... hopefully it'll be ready to come out tomorrow. Well I'm on my way to a family Christmas party.dont want to really go..I've already spread my negative aroma to the kids. Party starts in 45 min.. God bless ladies

Party was better than I thought

I had a margarita and a small slice of pizza...I don't know if it was the liquor but I went to the bathroom twice #YAY
I wore compression garment without padding.well this is where I am on my bootey..

Feeling 1000 times better today

Cleaned house. No pain pills today....and about to have my husband remove this last drain...yesssa. Here's the pics from last night. They wouldn't upload LastNight

First garment fit loose second one too tight on my ass

The girls at Dr. Salamas gave me #SadFace. The second one fits my tummy good but squeezes my ass..hurts a little back there...I wonder if the pressure will kill any of my fat?

Belly button

Swelling has gone done..not as tight. Bellow button looks like it's healing.

Front and side view

On Mr right side there is a raised lump shaped like a tube..I asked Nomie about it and she said it was the drain tube. I only have the left drain tube in right now but that damn lump is still raised...I'll wait till after my left drain is out "most likely today" photos not downloading again...smh. I'll try again later or tomorrow.

Trying to debate weather I'm well enough to party

I want to part for new years...just don't know if I'll be comfortable..

Left drain stuck..

I can't get it to come out..it's at the tip and gives zero pull.

Besides this left drain being stuck, I'm feeling pretty confident

I'm looking at the way my body is evolving and I like what I'm seeing. My plan for round 2 is an arm lift and a breast reduction with implants. Hope Dr Salama is up to round 2.. He's a great surgeon..I want to be consistent with my surgeon unless I'm lead to think otherwise. #SalamaDoll

Got the Bootey paranoia

I had to take a few pics..I got paranoid that my bootey wasn't big enough..got me thinking about round 2...the addiction to bootey is real..omg

Forgot to focus on back Lipo progress

My back looks super boned up..Dr Salama did that. Thank you Salama!!! He snatched it!

Drain removed...no surgery

Omg..Dr Floyd a retired surgeon at an urgent care knew exactly what to do.
A little pressure and a long pull.and that baby was out...so ladies if it ever happens to you it would likely be the left drain near your pubic area... because it's embedded deeply in there.....

Used an expensive phone better bootey shots

Wow what a good camera can reveal...used my daughter's iPhone 6...I definitely see a difference using a better camera...

No more complaints from me...pics don't lie

Ladies I'm done with pouting how small my bootey turned out. these pics shut me down...

Salama created a monster #TeamSalama

I can't stop trying dresses on...damn this ass looks so lovely in clothing... Salama will you marry me?

Bootey has softened is this fluffing?

My butt is soft now..still gets sore if I sit on my poppy pillow too long,wear pants too tight,or walk too long
Any body know anything about fluffing?

My tummy today

My tummy looks good..alot of stretch marks And lower frontal swelling..

The stretch marks and the lower tummy puff is real

I'm hoping this puffed area at my lower tummy is going to go down to flatness.

Alot of ground to cover at the gym

Great start though...thanks to opportunities...and Dr. Salama..

BBL Lipo TT progression

I know it takes time and my tummy won't be flat over night..I just see so many flat ones.. my expectations were sky high..but everybody keeps saying, "it takes time" I know..

Ass looks bigger in pics . Go figure

Maybe I'm tripping or maybe I fluffed early?

Had to share how God Can Heal

After 7 c-sections,1gastric sleeve,1Tummy Tuck and 1BBL and back Lipo...my body still heals very quickly, no infections..just God doing what he always has..#Healing

I felt it was time to hit the gym

I'm a gym junkie so I'm back but only once a week..
15 min of slow walking on treadmill. Then arm lifting while standing..that's it and I've noticed my and are coming out wonderfully..I worked my butt,arms and an muscles 4months prior to my surgery so as the swelling goes done you can see the definition..after Salama removed the excess skin of my tummy the muscles in my abs are definitely showing...so working out those muscles prior to surgery gives you better results after swelling, also promotes better healing because your body is stronger.pics not uploading...will post pics of my abs before, then after gaining 20 pounds for surgery, and then after at the 1 month post op.

My journey before and after surgery..time to leave ..I'll return at 3 months post op.

My story is I lost alot of weight, built alot of muscle in abs but excess skin wasn't going away, I then gained 20 pounds for BBL.... and then had tummy tuck,bbl and Lipo...my plan now is to build my abs and arms and back to prepare for round two: arm lift and breast reduction with implants . After that's said and done I may go back for Lipo to legs and get a little more fat for the dented Areas of buttocks.....there you have it ladies.

Help need a place to buy clothes

Went shopping for the first time..ended up going home with spandex tights. The jeans that fit over my bootey was too loose in the waist. Same thing in dresses.

I said I'd wait until 2 month post op but DAMN!

First of all I love Moises Salama...He changed my life..I was a teen mom 3 years in row and excess skin after the 5,6 and 7th child left me hiding my stomach for years.. I have NEVER taken pictures of my belly with pride as I am able to do today..????????????????

3 Months Post op

Ladies it's been 3 months..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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