3 Weeks Post Op-TT & BL

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Sick and tired of people asking me if I'm pregnant...

Sick and tired of people asking me if I'm pregnant or when is the baby due!!! I'm 5"4 and currently weight around 164 lbs, with the majority of it concentrated in my stomach, hips, and thighs. After 3 kids, I think it's time for some maintenance or a overhaul or whatever you want to call it. I was always on the skinny side prior to having children and I just want my abs to match the rest of my body. I'm also having a breast lift to restore my boobs to their previously youthful, perky selves. I go in tomorrow to finalize my payment and then it's 4 weeks of waiting. I'm praying that Dr. Salama can really give this girl back her confidence. I haven't worn a bikini or a mid-drift since 2000! Will post before pics soon...I have to work up the nerve!

Implants or no implants? That is the question...

I'm getting a breast lift and the doc has advised that I will lose volume. I wasn't really concerned at 1st and I've never been top heavy to begin with, but now I'm in my feelings about joining the itty bitty committee... Decisions, decisions????

TT and BL scheduled for 11/19!!!

Tummy tuck and breast lift scheduled for 11/19/15. I can't wait to see my results!!!

Looking forward to the day when I don't have to see this staring back at me in the mirror????

I finally worked up the nerve to post before picks. Nov. 19 get here already!!!

What is the preferred scar therapy treatment!

I'm currently shopping for all of post-op care products. What scar therapy treatment/product delivers excellent results? Also can someone give me a link for a site that sells fajas for post-op?

Only 17 More Days til D-Day (SX)

Only 17 more days till I can finally say, "Bye," to this fat that's been holding my stomach hostage since like forever!!!! All payments have been finalized, my stay at the recovery house has been booked, and I'm moving down my list of items needed post surgery. Having faith that all will go well and I'll be home in time to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family!! My husband and I got married this past on Monday in a civil ceremony at the courthouse and all I could think about was how bloated and pregnant I looked in my dress...can't wait to wear it again minus the extra padding????????

Can't Wait To Get this Over With

It's funny how the closer you get to your SX date, the more things you physical imperfections you find. I see how people can become addicted to cosmetic surgery!! It's such a quick and easy fix. A few hours to undo what many of us have been saddled with for years. 2 more weeks til SX date. Praying for everyone whose undergoing surgery tomorrow to have a safe experience and a speedy recovery!

10 More Days To Go

Time sure does fly when anticipating something! Still trying to pick up the rest of my recovery items and prepare for my month long leave of absence from work. Praying that I'll be well enough to enjoy Thanksgiving....

1 More Week Then I'm Kissing This Tummy Goodbye!!!

???? Singing 7 more days!!! Next week this time I'll be crossing over to the flat side!!! Nervous, excited, impatient!!!! Come on 11/19! Can't wait to get this show on the road!

Countdown to Flatside: 3 More Days!

November 19th where are you baby???? Up getting ready for work, looking in the mirror, and the only thing that consoles me is knowing I won't have to struggle with camouflaging my stomach any longer! The solution is at hand! TT and Breast lift 11/19...

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Less than 48 hours til SX and my baby comes down with a cold ???? I really hope I don't catch her cold...don't have time to be managing pain and congestion!!! #FingersCrossed

Super Stressed!

This day is turning out to be horrible! I just want to go home and cuddle with my children until I fall asleep, but instead I'm still running errands and stuck in traffic! I knew I should have taken today off!

Welcome to the Flat side!!!

It's really easy yo over exert yourself! The surgical incisions feel fine, it's the muscle repair that hurts out of this world! Sitting down, attempting to lie down, laughing, coughing, or any use of the stomach muscles must be done very carefully if at all. Too much pain can cause nausea.

Got my Confidence Back!!!! Salamafied????

So happy to have finally realized my goal of getting my body back! Dr. Salama is very skilled and I couldn't ask for more!

Thinking BBL Next! Nothing too big, just plump and curvy

Before and After

Truly Amazed At My Resultd

I am truly amazed at my results and can only pray that my recovery is a smooth one. Dr. Salama is an artist who brings his visions to life! Before the surgery I really didn't know what to think as there is a cap on the amount of fat that can be removed when sx isn't being done in a hospital setting. I didn't know if he was going to be able to get everything, but he did (even my bra fat that he said wasn't included in the extra lipo I paid for. For the 1st time in 15 years, I'm excited to look at myself in the mirror. I would recommend Dr. Salama to anyone!

6 Days Post Op and the Roller Coaster Ride Has Commenced

So I'm 6 days post op and today is my 1st full day home from the recovery house which was great by the way. Remembering to take your pills on time, showering on your own, tending to your wounds, remembering to eat, and just having someone there to make sure you're not overexerting yourself are just a few of the things I took for granted. The pain is pretty much gone. I didn't have to take my pain pills at all today, although I'm still taking stool softener and pills for acid reflux. My skin feels super tight and stretched and my muscles feel like I'm wearing a corset underneath my skin. Sleeping is a nightmare, getting comfortable is a nightmare, standing or sitting too long or a the wrong angle is a nightmare. I always feel like I'm pulling something or like my stitches might come undone. I received my compression garment today (the bodysuit) and was very disappointed to find that I can't wear it for extended periods of time because it aggravates my acid reflux. It's too tight and my organs are already squished together enough with out it. My skin is also incredibly itchy on the lipo sections, but I've been taking benedryl for that. Hopefully this phase doesn't last too long.

Day 15

Please, please, please remember to drink your fluids. I'm not big on drinking water and haven't had any soda or juice since before the surgery and let's just say you don't want to add constipation to your list of woes. Apparently the pain pills make you constipated so you need to increase your fluid intake. Also experiencing itching in the lipo areas. Do we need to wait for the doctor to remove the surgical tape from the incision sites? My tape got wet in the shower and my blow dryer decided to conk out at the same time and I know they stressed the importance of keeping the areas dry. Other than that, I'm great. Lower back still hurts and I take a pain pill for this and wear my compression garment which is also good for back support, so I can continue about my day, but I'm up and about...if you didn't know I had surgery you really wouldn't think anything was wrong with me.

2 Weeks Post OP Review

So tomorrow makes exactly 2 weeks since I had my procedures (tummy tuck and breast lift) done with Dr. Salama and I am pleased to say that I'm really excited and happy with my results. My tummy is nice and flat, with just a little swelling in the pubic area and directly above it. I still have my surgical tape on my tt incision so I can't see my incision, but from the few pieces of tape that has come off, I can tell that my scar is very thin and so far, no discoloration. Can't wait to be able to start my scar treatment hiding scar away silicone sheets to further minimize scar. I absolutely love my breast!!! They are so perfect and perky!!! I don't have to wear a bra, my nipples and areola were both reduced and they actually look like the breasts of a teenager! The only issues I'm dealing with thus far are my drains. I still have both of them in and they are pretty painful/uncomfortable. They don't look like they're coming out anytime soon because both are still draining 50+ a day although one dropped to under 25, but increased the very next day. I don't know what I can do to reduce drain intake so I can have them removed. I wear my compression garment for about 12 hours straight, take it off for a few hours to let my body breathe, then put it back in for sleep. My lipo areas are healing nicely. Minimal bruising and soreness in my stomach and flanks, just tightness from the muscle repair and being stitched back together. The lipo in my underarm area is still a bit soar and could benefit from a massage as I seem to have developed a few knots that are tender to the touch. I can feel my body healing... The extreme tightness I felt in the beginning is going away...although I still get full really quick when eating (but I'll take that as a plus because I did want to lose an additional 10-15 pounds), my acid reflux is gone, and my shirts fit better already. Can't wait until I can resume physical activities so I can hit the gym to tone up...my but is starting to look flabby.

2 Week Post Op Pics

I really wish I had done this sooner!

Post op garments

Post op garments

I Don't Miss My Stomach At All!!!!

So today makes approximately 2 weeks since I crossed over to the flat side. 2 weeks is a long time in the world of recovery. Anything can go wrong, infections can set in, skin can separate, etc., so I am extremely grateful for the smooth recovery process thus far and my results of course, which are amazing!!! My stomach and breasts look better than they did when I was 18! I finally have my confidence back after 14 years of uncertainty and disappointment about how unattractive my body was without clothing. The worst of the tightness is over! I didn't realize it when it left...one day it just stopped feeling so tight. Still have my drains in, but I'm confident that they'll be out next week. I already saw progress this morning after wearing my new post op compression garment. Aside from that, I'm looking toward to beginning my scar therapy which I can't until at least 6 weeks post op, and of course going shopping for clothes that accentuate my new flat tummy lol!

Last Post For Today

I woke up feeling a little emotional. I got to thinking about the day of surgery and how depressed I felt standing there while the doctor was marking up the fat zones and taking pictures. I felt so disgusting and embarrassed to be standing there in front of a stranger in all of my naked glory. The doctor to his credit, didn't bat an eyelash and I'm grateful for that, because I was truly on the verge of tears..... Waking up and seeing all that hideous fat gone was like seeing your child for the 1st time! I literally felt like I had given birth to a new me!

2 Week Before & After Pics

It's only been 2 weeks and I'm already down 2 pants size (formerly a 12, now an 8), and I went from a large top to a small????????????. Hopefully by I can down to a size 4 by week 6. I've been trying to eat right as well. Still haven't got on a scale do don't know how many lbs I've lost.

Aunt Flow

Did anyone notice anything weird with their cycle and how long did it take to return to normal?

Swell Hell is Real!

Just a few days shy of my 3 week post op and the swelling is finally starting to set in! I'm almost sad to see my washboard abs go, but I'm know it's a temporary situation. Dr. Salama had me so flat and tight, that I don't my skin was capable of swelling too much in the 1st few days. Now that my skin is beginning to relax, I'm starting to experience the swelling. It's not as bad as my pre-op tummy so I won't complain! And besides, it's really not that bad...just hoping it doesn't get any worse.

Yay!!! Finally Got 1 of These Dreadful Drains Removed

Finally had 1 of my drains removed and the other will be out by Friday of this week!!!

3rd Week Post Op Pictures

The healing is coming along rather nicely! Note my scar..I haven't applied anything to it thus far. I did keep the surgical tape on for 2 weeks. My belly button and breasts still have a few stitches in that the doctor has to remove and I go to get this 2nd drain removed in a few hours (hopefully that will help with swelling in the lower abdomen, as the swelling on the left side is going down already and my stomach on that side already feels less hard directly above and beneath the incision.

1st Time Going Out Post Surgery!

1st time getting dressed up and going out since the surgery. Left my compression garment at home in favor of control top panties.

Lymph Massages & Heating Pad

So I was finally able to get the 1st of 5 massages last week and lets just say it was very painful! On the outside my procedure looks great and you don't really think about what's going on underneath your skin. The massages are necessary to break down scar tissue and ease swelling. My masseuse also said to use a heating pad for am hour everyday, avoiding the incisions.

6 Week Update

It's been a minute since my last post and I just wanted to provide an update on my experience. On Nov. 19, 2015 I received a tummy tuck with tightening of the abdominal muscles, liposuction of the flanks and bra fat area, and a breast lift with no implants. I am pleased to say that at the 6 week benchmark, I have found almost nothing to complain about. My breast have healed perfectly. They're symmetrical and the incisions have healed beautifully. My tummy is flat minus a bit of swelling and my lipo'd areas are still flat and smooth. I'm really looking forward to my final results. The excess swelling I've experienced in my lower abdominal area seems to come and go. Today it's almost non existent. I do have 1 small area on my incision that doesn't seem to want to heal. Everything else has closed up perfectly, but the scab on this area doesn't seem to want to dry up and fall off. I wonder if some of the stitching didn't dissolve as it should have. I have some numb spots that I'm hoping will come back ( my left breast and the entire front of my abs (6 pack area), but other than that, I'm fine. I've lost about 12 lbs and my waist line is definitely smaller. I'm wearing a size 8 pants and a small shirt, so that's definitely a plus. That's really it! I would definitely do the surgeries again. I have Absolutely no regrets!!!

Can't Believe Its Been 9 Weeks....

This week will make 9 weeks since undergoing a tummy tuck, lipo of the flanks, and a breast lift with Dr. Salama. I'm still in love with my results, but I am a bit bummed and confused about these latest issues that are starting to crop up so late in my recovery. My incision was all healed and then 3 weeks ago, I had a hole open up because of a stitch that didn't dissolve. Not knowing what it was, I continued putting anti-bacterial ointment on it and keeping it covered, hoping it would heal. Of course it didn't because the stitch was still inside. When I went to my 6 week post op visit, they were able to remove the itch and prescribe me a stronger anti-bacterial ointment. Healing is crawling along and so I'm still walking around with a bandaid on my otherwise flat tummy. Aside from this, my scar has healed nicely. It's still super thin and flat and blending in nicely with my skin tone. Swelling is going down although it's still not quite as flat as I would like it. I'm wearing my compression garment sporadically, or overnight, but not daily. Here's a pic of my me taken last night. I've lost at least 15 pounds and it appears that I am still losing. I brought this skirt set 2 years ago and couldn't wear it because of my gut and butt. I actually have it to my teenager but she was too slim and couldn't fill it out, so I decided to try it on, and low and behold, it fits! These weeks are flying and I'm looking forward to being 100% healed.

Waiting on Valentines's a Day like...????????????????

I have never worn lingerie! Never! Never felt comfortable. Always had issues with my body. But thanks to the doctor, I'm finally ready lol. This is something I brought years ago but never actually wore for my hubby. People just don't understand what these surgeries do for s woman's confidence!

Happy Valentine's Day

13 weeks post op

This Week Makes 3 Months Post Op

These last 3 months have been life changing! My healing is getting better and better by the day, but I'm still swollen, numb, and sore when I cough, sneeze, or work my abs even just a little. I've lost at least 15 lbs, but as my skin relaxes, I notice that my love handles are not as flat as I would like. Thus could be due to not eating healthy. I kind of fell off the wagon a few weeks ago. So I'm thinking about a round 2 which would consist of additional lipo to the flanks, full lipo to my back ( upper and lower), lipo of my inner thighs, with all of this fat being transferred to my hips for a rounder butt. So hopefully August of this year....

Thinking Ultrasound Cavitation

I recently received an email offer from one of the local wax spa companies in my area and they're offering a pretty good deal on ultrasound cavitation. Never had it done before, but I googled the term and was surprised to see that the machinery looks similar to the one my masseuse uses at the plastic surgeon's office. It said it's good for small areas of fat so I'm going to try it out on my upper and lower back and my inner and outer thighs. Will keep you guys posted....

3 month pics

I think my love handles are just swollen. When I wear my compression garment for several hours, they go back flat...so no extra lipo needed! yay!!!

4 Month Post Op

It's amazing how you get so accustomed to guarding yourself against pain that you don't realize when the pain leaves! Bye bye sore stomach muscles!! I don't miss you at all! I can finally get some real exercise in!

Can Someone Please Tell Me When I Can Expect the Swelling to Subside?

So I just realized that today puts me at 19 weeks post op. That's 1 week shy of my 5th month surgeriversary. I'm still dealing with swelling in both the upper and lower abdomen (I really hope it's swelling), but my waist is still small so I guess I'm ok.... I'm so confused! I'm still a size s top and size 8 pants although I have gained back a little of the weight I loss. The only things can suggest is to definitely maintain pick up some good eating/exercising habits. I love food too much to go on a diet, but I'm so scared that my tummy is trying to come back. ???? I posted my pics from today...

Bikini Pics!!! Loving the new me!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

After being on the fence for the past 3 years, I finally made a decision to have a tt and breast lift with Dr. Salama-ELite Plastic Surgery. The entire process from consultation to surgery day was an amazing and pleasant experience! Nancy and Naomi who secured my payment and surgery date were a dream to work with. Both ladies were very competent, professional, and courteous throughout the process. The Dr. himself was very kind, patient, knowledgeable and reassuring. I placed both my life and body in his hands with full confidence in his abilities to work wonders! The anesthesiologist was also very kind, soothing, and professional. He removed any lingering anxiety I had about the surgery. Results were instantaneous!!! I woke up with a flat stomach, zero love handles and a small waist! Dr. Salama exceeded my expectations! I've seen post op pictures of tummy tucks and I've rarely come across a photo in which the the abs looked so perfect immediately following surgery or even a few months later. The girls always looked like they still had a bit of muffin top going on. I literally woke up looking like I've been going to the gym my whole life! Incredible indeed! My breasts also look amazing! I got a lift w/out implants and was a little worried that my breast would end up small and unattractive, but the good doctor gave my breasts LIFE!!! They're beautifull! They look like perfect peaches! Perky and my nipples and areola that were enlarged as a result of breastfeeding were reduced significantly. Looking at my breast today, you would never know their history! I'm in love!!! Thank you Dr. Salama and Elite Team!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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