29yrs old... 2 C Sections. Diabetic. Scar Tissue. Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo. Aventura, FL

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Finally got medical clearance. I'm a type 1...

Finally got medical clearance. I'm a type 1 diabetic. I've used insulin pumps before and it left me with internal scar tissue. My second child was in the 97th percentile the entire pregnancy and was delivered at 37 weeks and weighed 10 lbs 2.6 ounces. He stretched my body to its limits.
I will be having a tummy tuck with lipo in the waist. I have never been put under, so that's the only scary part. Dr also recommended lipo of the abs and hips, but I don't want to be under for too long since it's my first time. I will continue to work out and see how I improve in my abdominal area. Finally looking forward to having a skinny waist and flat abdominal area. I'm good at hiding my pouch but am thrilled it will be gone.

Preop is scheduled

My preop is scheduled for June 8.... Can't wait
I've already started on my required vitamins
Vitamin C .. Zinc... Bromelain and a special blend chia seed

A1C Issues

So I was told today that my anesthesiologist did not want to do the surgery because my A1C levels were at 8.0. I freaked out and was disappointed…Cried a river!!!!

I called my endocrinologist and asked if I could redo my lab work and what a difference a month makes because my A1C is now at 7.0. Which is what the PS wanted to begin with. I haven't been at this number since I was very young, so it was great.
My preop is still monday and it didn't get cancelled, but now the Anesthesiologist should feel more comfortable with my surgery. Preop in 3 days and surgery countdown begins… if everything goes as planned…surgery is in 11 days!!!


I had my preop yesterday and they were amazed I got my a1c down to 7.0.
I still have to go back on Thursday for a physical to get the final clearance by the anesthesiologist. My aunt knows the people who will be involved with my surgery, so in many ways I have to go through extensive reviews to make sure I Am perfectly healthy for surgery and recovery. I am viewing this as a good thing all the extra preop I have to do, but it's the right way to go about things.

Medical clearance

Finally got approved
The anesthesiologist is tough but I'm appreciative. I feel confident in her that everything will be ok. I have never met someone who was so informed and knowledgeable about what they do. I feel like she is treating me like her daughter and that she cares so much about my health. I feel every dr should be this way.

The big day

Today is the day!!!! See you all on the flat side :)

Post op day 1

Surgery went well. A little sore but doing and feeling great. Only have one drain in and it's not bad

Post op day 3 & 4

Still have drain in for the weekend just to be safe but it's barely leaking. Feeling great. A little sore from lipo bruising. I cried a bit yesterday from pain trying to get up bc my arms were swollen and it didn't help me move. Go back to ps on Monday. Ps removed about 1.5 liters of fat from lipo and a lot of skin. Loving the tiny waist and can't wait until swelling subsides.

Post op day 5

Took foam pads off for a while to avoid blisters. I feel so safe with the pads and binder on but let's see how I do for a little while. Incision and healing is doing great. Tired but feeling great overall. Finally found my comfy position. I have another post op appt tomorrow to hopefully remove drain. I love how tiny and smooth I look and can't wait til the final results.

Sutures and Drain removed

Went to ps today and had my drain removed. I'm not going to lie but it hurt when they removed the stitches on that side and pulled out the drain. I also had the stitches removed from my belly button, incision line, and areas in back from the lipo. My scar is low and very thing. Dr. G is truly an artist and I can't stress that enough. They out a tape over my incision and I go back in two weeks. They said to continue taking it easy and resting and not worry about the incision at all, so that's good. I will try to take pics later on or by tomorrow.
Well the urge to poo has kicked in and that has been terrible because you have that urge but nothing. I started taking milk of magnesia so hoping it kicks in within a couple of days.

Throughout this whole experience my blood sugars have remained on average and I have an appt with my endocrinologist tomorrow morning.

Pic update week 1

Ok I couldn't wait cuz I see everyone talking about morning flatness

I am pretty happy even though I still have some swelling but it's not bad... Still some minor bruising from lipo as well

Week 1 day 1

So i finally went to the bathroom and that was excruciating but I was able to take a mini shower after and that was great. Everything was good at my endo appt and went to the grocery store with my mom and kids and now I feel like I just need to nap. Gotta eat something bc I haven't eaten all day but when u feel u gotta go to the potty and nothing is happening who thinks about food?.?.?.

Today's pics

Still have some swelling but I'm out of the binder and just wearing the garment

Love that morning flatness

Week 2

Feeling better.. Moving around better.. Finally moved back into my own bed.
I recommend Metamucil pills to help with bowel movements and arnica gel for the back and waist areas that are sore and tender from lipo pain and swelling.
I'm not really experiencing a lot of swelling just some on the back. I've been sitting at my desk a lot for my school work. I finish my masters today so getting some last minute assignments done and getting ready to go back to work in like two weeks. Everything has been good.

After dinner bloat

Not too bad... Feeling better goin into the third week.

Post op visit

Everything is going good.. Swelling is going down a lot especially in the back. Still have the tape on and it's slowly starting to come off.

5 weeks post op

I turned 5 weeks today post op. Officially started work yesterday. I've been fine! Can't stand sleeping on my back anymore so I noticed I've been shifting to the side a bit throughout the night. I had this crazy knee spasm for a week but it's kinda gone away. Felt like I had a pulled tendon in my knee so I was just doing some light walking.
I really notice that when I'm not eating clean I feel fat and feel like I get a little bulge over my belly button, so back to eating healthy only. My tape is still on but getting loose in some areas. Surgeon told me to leave it on for as long as I can, so I've added some new tape to the side where my drain was. My incision line is very small and thin.

Coming up on 6 weeks post op

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks post op from surgery.. Finally feeling better almost 100%.

Incision line at 6.5 weeks post op

My tape finally finished pealing off so I just took off the small piece that was left. I'm very happy with the way it looks...can't wait til it lightens up. My csection scar is white and thin and barely noticeable so I hope I get the same results in time.

Almost at 11 weeks

Feeling good.. Still occasionally get swollen around my lower back and abdomen area since I'm not wearing the garment all the time. It's kinda hard to in this south Florida heat. I still haven't gone back to working out and my eating habits are not clean right now but I want to get back in it this upcoming week.

Almost 11 weeks on Tuesday

2 days shy of 14 weeks

Everything has been great.. Swelling has almost completely gone away except for days I'm up and moving all day. I barely use any garments now because it's just way too hot in south Florida. Have my post op appt coming up in the first weeks of October.

3.5 months post op

4 months


Still haven't worked out just don't have the time.. I still get a bit swollen in the ab area because I'm always moving around and bending. Still love my results! Better than before!

Happy thanksgiving

Christmas Eve



Scar is lightening up but still pretty dark for me


I've gained some weight and need to lose pounds. Scale says I weigh 168 ???? So I gotta lose like 25-30 lbs. stomach is still flat but that's not the case when I'm slouched on the sofa so I need to start working out... But life has ups and downs and sometimes it's the last thing on my mind. Lol

A year later feeling amazing

So I had gained weight and it got me depressed.. I've been eating clean and working out and I've had the extra help to lose weight with Zurvita and zeal... If u want to maintain the weight my system is perfect for you and if you want help losing the weight to prepare for surgery this is also for you... Check out my website www.zurvita.com/carinap hoping to get in optimal shape to possibly do a lift in the future and have smaller chest
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