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Hey Everyone ! So after stalking all of you...

Hey Everyone ! So after stalking all of you religiously for the past month or so, i decided to become part of the Brazilian butt lift community. I have been interested in this procedure for about two years now. After doing my research, i decided to go with Dr. Markmann and after putting in my deposit and setting the surgery date ( Next month! ), i came across many of your reviews! All i can say is that Dr. Salama is truly an artist! His work is amazing. All of your result made me switch over to #TEAMSALAMA! lol. Dr. Salama's results are much more dramatic, creating unbelievably sensuous curves. Unfortunately, i am unable to get my $1,300 deposit back, but i dont mind too much. Markmann's prices were more than double the price of Salama's ( $18,000 ! ) After emailing Dr. Salama's office, i quickly got a response about a hour later, with the approx. pricing $7,300 .. so in the long run, i am saving ALOT more money. Almost immediately receiving the email i called their office, i spoke to Nancy ( who is a sweet heart by the way ). She answered all of my questions. She told me i could receive about 1,000 - 1,100 cc's in each cheek if i ended up doing my inner thighs and arms. I am still contemplating if i want to do my arms. Anywhoo, my deposit will be $780. Once i put my deposit in, i will reserve a date! I am so excited and glad i found Dr. Salama before it was too late. About me : Age - 20 years old Weight - 145 Height - 5'3 Other surgeries done - Breast augmentation Hopefully, Dr. Salama is able to give me the projection i would like and help me get hips! ( mine are currently non existent haha )

Oh my gosh ladies, i am so anxious. I am unable to...

Oh my gosh ladies, i am so anxious. I am unable to put in the deposit until next week ( the price of the BBL will go up $1,000 ) so i dont have a set date for sure. I'm guessing it will be in January maybe even February .. And unfortunately i lost the $1.300 deposit with Markmann. Even though that is a lot of money, i am glad i'm not going to lose an extra $17,000 . This whole waiting process is the worst haha.

I am still contemplating if i want to lipo my arms because i was told by my trainer that that area can be easily toned. I am doing my inner thighs for sure because i am sick of them rubbing together! Even when i was 20lbs lighter, my thighs were always on the large side ( good or bad ? )

I cant help but keep coming to this site. haha. It's not helping with my obsession at ALL. I have been purchasing yoga pants like crazy for the past 6 months preparing for this surgery because that's all i am going to wear after. I love yoga pants, but i was never able to fill them out ( if you know what i mean ) .

My boyfriend stands behind me with 100% of his support ( not surprising huh? lol ) , he just hates the thought of me getting even more attention then i do now. ( i dont necessarily have a nice body, but i have a decent looking face lol ) After the surgery, i am not planning to see him until after a month of healing lol. i want to surprise him.

Nancy told me that Dr. Salama can get about 1000 - 1100 cc's out of me. I wonder what that's going to look like because i dont want anything TOO large that it looks unbelievably fake.. ( i am asian , and normally we dont have much of anything back there. So i dont think i can pull off a large large booty half as well as you ladies haha ) I dont want to go for anything lower because i am afraid of the fat cells absorbing. I've been looking at a ton of pictures and even though you ladies receive around the same amount of cc's , it looks different on everyone ( height , weight .. ect )

Okay, let me stop rambling on haha sorry ladies, i just needed to clear my mind.

Okay, so i JUST talked to Nancy. And i booked...

Okay, so i JUST talked to Nancy. And i booked January 11th ! ( If anyone wants to switch of course i'd be thrilled :) but i know that's unlikely. ) My deposit is now 800 because the increased price. I am going to do my arms and inner thighs.

I also asked nancy if she thought it would be a good idea for me to gain weight ( current weight is 145 lbs ) and she said no because Dr. Salama is very aggressive and will suck out everything i have , leaving me with a wonderful figure. I love Nancy ! Shes such a sweetheart ! :)

Since i got a set date ( unless a miracle happens and i am able to get a sooner date ) i am looking for a buddy to room with. Like i said my date is January 11th and i want to stay for Atleast 8 days leaning more towards 10 days ( So there is no rush ). If youre interested, please let me know :)

Hey everyone ! I'm still here waiting patiently.....

Hey everyone ! I'm still here waiting patiently.. We're already in the middle of June ! I am contemplating whether i should or should not get the area below my Non-existent crease lipo'd ( is that even a word .. ? lol ) because i really want a defined crease. Nancy said the surgery may or may not create a defined crease and that she doesnt know if getting that area lipo'd ( that word again lol ) would help much . She said i didnt have " banana rolls " ( .. ? ) and so i didnt really need to get that area touched. I dont know. Any ladies out there that got that area done ? I need opinions !

Hey everyone :) im back on RealSelf again. Even...

Hey everyone :) im back on RealSelf again. Even though my surgery is 6 and a half months away, i cant stop thinking about it ! This wait is horrible , i swear haha.

I need to stop eating everything in site ! I gained 10lbs for this procedure to be done probably 5 months ago and Nancy told me to stay at the weight i am at now ( or was.. i was 145 lbs before ) , but it's so difficult because i want to eat all the time lol. I think i am actually at 150 lbs now .. I am going to try to get down to 140lbs before the procedure.

I have of my girl friends coming with me to Aventura to help me out :) I am so excited. JANUARY 11th !! Ahhh :)

ATTENTION : I understand it is highly unlikely, but if anyone wants to switch dates, please let me know. I start my semester a couple weeks after my surgery and im afraid of sitting. I am looking for an earlier date .. ( its worth a try lol ) Thanks !

I also forgot to add in that All this weight gain...

I also forgot to add in that All this weight gain has really effected my self esteem. I have always lacked self esteem since i can remember. My beloved boyfriend has been nagging me all summer to go to the pool with him ( he was a life guard so he loves swimming ) but i dont feel comfortable revealing my body ( not to mention that i dont fit in any of my bathing suits anymore ! lol ) . I feel horrible that i cannot enjoy this summer as much as i would like to. I am really hoping that this surgery can really help me feel comfortable with my body because i never really was..

i am sorry ladies, i know sound pathetic. My boyfriend gets really annoyed that i always look down on my self. He's always saying things like, " You're so beautiful, i dont understand why you look down on yourself like that babe. "
I am doing this procedure for myself, and not anyone else. ( well.. maybe my boyfriend.. just a little bit hahaa ) I want to be able to wear a tight shirt ( something i have never done, even when i was thinner ) and feel confident. I want to be able to put on a bikini without always covering myself up. I want to be able to stand in front of my significant other without worrying about him not being physically attracted to me ( my boyfriend is a the definition of a pretty boy.. fighting off all these other women is a full time job lol He has all these gorgeous ladies after him, it makes me feel horrible about myself ) . And most of all, i want to be able to look in the mirror at myself everyday and look and feel wonderful about myself. I think all women deserve to be able to do that.

I have always gone to the gym after my first child, but losing all this baby fat is almost impossible ! lol. I am planning to go back after the procedure and just tone up :)

I have so many clothing that i have bought for this procedure ( smaller shirts, yoga pants, jeans .. ect.) And i still have clothes that used to fit me when i was 120lbs. I want to be able to put them on and feel good in them :)

Okay, So unfortunately my date that they were...

Okay, So unfortunately my date that they were holding for me was taken :/ so i am now Monday, January 29th.. bummer lol. So i really need to find someone to swap dates with because i have school on Feb 3rd ! ahhh. Hopefully, i will be able to :( I will keep an eye out. If ANYONE is dropping a procedure or switching dates, please let me know :)

Hey ladies :) i'm still here stalking all of you....

Hey ladies :) i'm still here stalking all of you. haha. Still trying to find an earlier date but it seems almost impossible. I posted a couple pictures up of a photoshoot i did a while back when i was about 15 - 20 lbs lighter. i was soo nervous when they were taken. LOL. i kept trying to hide my belly ( if you can notice ) . I was self conscious about myself even then. Goodness. After all that weight gain ( now about 25 lbs heavier then i used to be ) , alot of people think i only gained about 5 lbs.. i am the master at disguising haha. Back then i only wore loose clothing , and still am. Anyhoo, i am posting up a couple wish pics :) why not right?

Sorry i havent been on for a while ladies, a huge...

Sorry i havent been on for a while ladies, a huge storm passed here in maryland and i lost power for a few days so i was unable to check my inbox.

I tried signing on last night on my phone but my phone was acting up so i couldnt .. but once i got on this morning, i checked my inbox and Foreverbooty was blowing up my inbox. She was super excited about a date she found for us ! We have been contacting eachother since i have been posting here on realself, telling eachother we HAVE to find a date to be roomies :) So you could only imagine how excited i was too! We are getting everything set now. Again, we cant thank you enough Strawberry10 ! You are a lifesaver ! :) and thank you ForeverBooty because if it wasnt for her, i wouldve never seen that comment that strawberry10 had left me in time !

I just got off the phone with Nomi and confirmed the switch ! October 1st is the new official date !! So that means my previous Jan 19th is now available to anyone who wants that date. So foreverbooty and i have to be there on the 30th for our pre-op appointment. We have to start taking our iron and vit. c supplements soon :) TOO EXCITED ! Were currently looking for a nice cozy place to stay.

Suggestions ladies?

i am going to do more research on the type of clothing to bring to make sure i am comfortable.
Any recommendations or anything we should know, please let us know :)

Hey ladies ! Nothing has really changed much, im...

Hey ladies ! Nothing has really changed much, im still stalking all of you and thinking about nothing but the procedure !

i'm going shopping next week for new clothing :)

i had gotten new jeans in size 3 because i was planning on dropping a good 15 lbs to 20. But after lookin at all these new booties on realself, i think i need to go up to a size 5.. maybe even 7 ? Anywhoo, if anyone is lookin for some really good jeans, check out Levi's leggings. Theyre SOOOOOOOO comfortable ! I'm more of a yoga pants kinda gal because i normally hate wearing jeans ( they make me look more flatter than i already am ahahahaha ) but these jeans are the best ! Super stretchy, and soft. And they actually dont look like leggings at all. If someone felt them, they just feel like soft jeans. Check em out !

oh, and of course im stocking up on the yoga pants ;)

Hey ladies :) So having a hard time trying to...

Hey ladies :)
So having a hard time trying to decide what i want to get lippo'd .. ( is that a word? haha )
Other than what is already included ( flanks, entire abdomen, and back ) , i know for sure i want to do my inner thighs. ( i am sick of them rubbin together ! ) and i want " the gap " ( what foreverbooty calls it lol ) . i am contemplating whether or not i want my arms done.

my arms arent that bad, but i dont want to be disproportionate after my procedure.. i was planning to not get them done and just work them out after, but honestly, looking at this realistically ... i know that that probably will not happen LOL! i always hated and always will HATEE working out my arms .. i hate working out period but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta much more of a " i do the absolute bare minimum, JUST ENOUGH to break a sweat and make it look like im bustin' ass " kinda gal at the gym HAHAHA. Just kidding, i actually usually do 45 min of cardio and 30 min of weights ( mainly on my legs ) . I have horse legs. I always have had huge legs even when i was 3048239523 lbs lighter, ( genetics ) i just tone them up. Might as well work with what i got right ? Plus, i ice skate ALOT. and when i say ALOT i mean use to skate about 6 days a week MINIMUM . So yall can only imagine my legs are COCKDIEZELED out. lol. or as my boyfriend says " brolic " . omg .. look how off topic i got hahahah. sorry

ANYhoo, before i got off topic..

i also was thinking of getting the area beneath of my buttocks lippo'd ( that word again lol ) .. I never had a defined crease (Foreverbooty calls it " the cup " lol, i freaking LOVE her ! ) and i really want one. Looking at all the results here on realself, not everyone has one after the procedure. i talked to nancy about it and she says that not everyone will have it. Ive read about one user ( forgive me, i forgot her name ) getting that part lippo'd ( she too was worried about not having a defined crease) and i asked her if it was worth the extra money. She said it was. So i think i will end up getting that area done.

Ladies, i cant get this procedure out of my head! its taking over my life hahaha. i think my significant other is getting really annoyed that i keep talking about it. He has a perfect body, face, voice.. ect. So he wouldnt understand. smh, pretty boys.. lol.
Dont get me wrong, hes not a jerk.. well sometimes he is haha but hes just annoyed of me talking about this 24/7! It's hard not having anyone to talk about this to. Thats why im here rambling on and on and on to yall i guess. lol. I also call Foreverbooty here and there. i love her ! shes soo amazing. We clicked so quickly ! shes so funny and nice :)

im sorry Ladies, look at me rambling on again. But anyways, the purpose of me posting this up is i am hoping for some advise from you ladies who have gotten their arms done? Is it worth it? have you seen a large difference? And also the area underneath the crease !

Hey RealSelf Fam, so i am stuck in a predicament ....

Hey RealSelf Fam, so i am stuck in a predicament .. If you had kept up with my reviews, then you know that Nancy told me to stay at the weight i am at.. or was. lol ! i think i gained weight. i may be close to 150 now where as in the beginning of my posts i was close to 140.

.. I .. NEED.. TO..Stop.. EATING ! CTFUUUUU ( i bet when foreverbooty sees this, she will bust out laughing )
Foreverbooty has successfully shed off a few lbs, i need that determination! This morning, for example, i had 3 chocolate chip cookies and 2 glasses of WHOLE milk.. HAAHAH. I love food too much, but i need to learn how to control myself now, so when the surgery comes, i need to make sure i dont gain that weight back ! So starting today, i am going to start working out. i think i am at 150 now.. maybe a couple lbs less. but my goal is to be 140. MAYBE 135. But no less than that. So lets see if i can lose 10 - 15 lbs before surgery :) i dont know how i am going to do it, but ill find a way. i am probably going to start running again. I havent worked out in over 6months so i guess im going to start off with 20min a day of running on the treadmill than gradually work my way up to 30 min a day then 45 minutes. And then start running outside ( Running outside is more difficult than on a treadmill ) Sunday, when i go back to work i will measure myself and finally get my actual measurements so i know where i started at and where i will end , after working out and after surgery. :)

My diet will mainly consist of Veggies, fruits when i want something sweet, nuts, and grilled chicken or fish. NO FRIED FOODS..AND NO MCDONALDS ( .. :'( hahah ) .. and NO IHOP ( i want to cry ) lol. ill keep you girls updated on how this goes :)

.. i hope my updates arent disturbing all of you haha.

Okay ladies, i FINALLY got my measurements...

Okay ladies, i FINALLY got my measurements yesterday.. well kind current measurements are: 36-?-40. i dont know my waist size yet because i measured myself incorrectly around my waist. When you measure your waist, you measure by your belly button which i did not do. I measured about 3 inches below it. But i will check again today and let you ladies know :)

OKAY! So i finally got my measurements :) 36 -...

OKAY! So i finally got my measurements :)
36 - 29 - 40 .. i know my waist used to be a little larger .. maybe a 30 or 31 .. but i rationed my portions when it comes to food ( Lord knows how hard that is for a food lover like me ) and i also picked up a second job as a waitress, so i am constantly moving around. ( not to mention my weekly 2 hour skating session lol ) i still dont feel like those measurements are correct though .. i feel like my waist is alot larger than a 29. I know for sure i am a 36, and for my hips i am 40. i dont know, maybe i am not as big as i thought.. You know how us women are, always degrading ourselves. lol. But yeah, thats all for now. So until my next update, ladies .. GoodDay to you all :)

Okay ladies, Now that i am looking at everyones...

Okay ladies, Now that i am looking at everyones pictures here, i really doubt my hips are 40 inches .. i think i measured wrong. hahaha. i think i may be like 37 inches .. maybe even 38. Like i said i am a bit wide. I also doubt i weigh 145 . Last time i weighed myself i was 145 and i dont think i changed much since then ( maybe lost a good 5 lbs ) But i think my weight is a little on the high side because i have alot of muscles in my calves and fat in my thighs . Not to mention my breast implants. So If you just looked at me, i look like i weigh 130 ish ( give or take a few lbs ) . i am going to try to measure myself again when i get to work .

Alright everyone, i apologize, i havent been on...

Alright everyone, i apologize, i havent been on lately.. ive been working like crazy saving up for this procedure! I decided to save up the 7g the good old fashioned way. I am putting in over 100 hours every couple weeks. My original date was Oct. 1st .. but i actually pushed it back to November 20th. It's more reasonable for me. Other than that, nothing really has changed. Just gathering every penny for this procedure . Finally stopped spending money! I am just 9 1/2 weeks away ( right before Thanksgiving .. ill just say all that turkey went too my booty LOL ) ! Can you believe that ?! AHH ! I'm on the phone right now with ForeverBooty and were talking about how we're going to FILL IN our pants :)

Alright ladies, im thinking about pushing my...

Alright ladies, im thinking about pushing my surgery date back a week or two. Just because i want to be more comfortable with timing and getting everything together. i feel like im not quite ready just yet. So if any of you ladies have an early december date and want to switch let me know by private messaging me ! My date is November 20th .

Actually my inbox isnt working, so comment me !

actually my inbox isnt working, so comment me !

Hey Everyone ! i apologize i havent been updating...

Hey Everyone ! i apologize i havent been updating much . Ive been super busy working.
Well anyways .. where do i begin ? Lets see .. i left maryland at 9pm and made it to fort lauderdale around 11:30pm where Larry picked me up. Larry is a complete sweetheart! i love him. I did come by myself, however, my friend is meeting me down here on wednesday.

I went to the office and saw Nancy . She is freakin gorgeous ! But i did all my paperwork .. it wasnt too bad. I then went grocery shopping and bought everything i needed. Also picked up my prescriptions . I am now sitting in my room at 3:30am .. too anxious to sleep. I know i should be sleeping. I will in about 10 minutes . Im going to text ForeverBooty before i leave because she called me today, but i was very busy today . Well anyways , My procedure is at 11am, larry will be coming at 10:15am , so i will be at the surgical center by 10:30 am ( yes im that close haha ) I will meet with dr. salama. and hope for the best before i go under. Wish me luck ladies !

Hey ladies ! im in my room preparing . I managed...

Hey ladies ! im in my room preparing . I managed to get a few hours of sleep in. I'm just making sure everything is set before i leave ( nothing too low that i cant reach in my room when i return for easy access lol ) Right now im texting ForeverBooty. Shes giving me all the advise she can lol. I love her. .. wish me luck ladies !

oh.. and they said no makeup .. sigh.. i hope i dont scare everyone in that hospital hahahahahah

So i wake up to around 5:30ish, Larry picked me up...

So i wake up to around 5:30ish, Larry picked me up and i went back to my room and my nurse is here to take care of me . I have minimal pain.. even before i took my meds. Its just uncomfortable when i lay down and get up . Ive been getting up every hour or so to walk. Eating alot and drinking of course. I wouldve updated alot sooner but i didnt have internet for some reason, i apologize. I am not nauseated at all. I am bleeding all over my garmet. lol. I recieved 900cc. I think salama forgot to do my inner thighs .. im not sure because im not sore at all there. Ill find out tomorrow. But im tired, im going to nap for a bit . be right back ladies . :) thank you for all !ur support !

Hey ladies, i have a couple hours to kill here...

Hey ladies, i have a couple hours to kill here before my appointment.
im feeling great.. well not GREAT but better than i thought. i am experiencing no pain what so ever with the meds, no nausea or dizziness . When the medication wears off the is a slight sting but nothing too serious. My nurse just left around 8am and my friend is arriving around 6. My nurse said i was doing very very well. Better than most girls. She helped me get on the bed to lay down and get up about 2 times each. but after i was doing it myself no problem. I did however drop many goldfish on the ground while eating them lol. i was so hungry i was stuffing them in few at a time so i kept missing my mouth puwahaha. evern after surgery, my eating habits are .. lol jk theyre not as bad. I was draining alot but now not so much . I am bleeding all over myself though .. ew lol.
I went to sleep and woke up every hour to walk around for about 10 minutes. I didnt get stiff at all last night.

Looking at myself i dont have much projection ( as far as i can tell but it could be the padding ) but my hips are HUGE . lol . Im not going to make any assumptions until later. My waste i can see is visibly smaller. Alot smaller. Dr. salama managed to take out and put 900ccs in each cheek. Which is okay, i am pretty petite so i wasnt expecting much anyways. He did not do my thighs, however, because they didnt add it on for some reason. im kinda upset at that. but thats ok. im trying to keep a positive attitude through all this.

I met dr. salama yesterday ( obviously ) . He's alot more laid back than i thought. He's very down to earth. and he is very funny. We did strike up a conversation before surgery . We chit chatted alot actually. He's a very nice guy, he does sincerely care about his clients.

unfortunately , a lot of girls have been dissatisfied with their results. And i hope no one gets offended with what i am going to say. This is my personal opinion..

I personally think that many girls come in with high exceptions .. which is not bad. but i think they should be more reasonable. Some girls come in expecting to look like super models after sx . Dr. Salama is an amazing doctor, he does amazing work but you have to remember, he is not God. He does the best he can. He also cannot by law, take out more than 4litters. So if you come in, and you are a little heavy set, you cannot expect to walk out after surgery looking like Kim K. Like i said, he is doing the best he can.

Another thing, there is a rumor going around real self that Dr Salama does not like ' wish pics ' . This is not true. Dr. Salama finds them helpful. it gives him more of an idea of what you would like. HOWEVER, your wish pics should be reasonable . He says there are girls that come in that a bit more heavier than most and bring a picture of like amber rose. or something. He doesnt want to strike anyones dreams down but does tell the girls that he will do his best. He is working with your body, every ones body is different.

I went into the office with an open mind, when he asked me what i would like, i told him " whatever you think would be more suitable for my body ." i did however tell him i wanted the illusion of larger hips but i didnt want to take away from projection. I do have a wide body so i wanted my hips to compliment my shoulders. And thats what he did. (projection im not sure yet but like i said im not making any assumptions because i do have padding inside of my garnet and i am very swollen ) but i cant wait to see my results.

Anyways, i hope i didnt upset anyone here but i just wanted to voice my opinion and what i thought.
Well anyways, please keep praying for me ladies, i appreciate your support to the fullest.

oh and btw , i weighed myself in his office yesterday before surgery i was 151 . i am glad i gained weight because i wouldnt even have 900 ccs in each cheek if i didnt.

Hey girls. Just another update. I went in to...

Hey girls. Just another update.

I went in to the office today and dr. salama said everything looks great. When he took off the garment , i was a little light headed. When he put the garment back on, oh jesus .. that hurt ! Lol Ooh and i got my boppy pillow today.

When i got back to my room, my friend was dropped off by larry. i am sooo greatful he came. He helped me get a few things from the grocery store. He helped me take off my garment and washed it (my garment was sooo bloody ) while i showered.. yes i showered lol. I wasnt light headed, dizzy or anything. I have been drinking alot and i did have a steak, rice and beans. yum. I also had come celery and broccoli with ranch dressing.

Unfortunately i will not be getting a new garment until monday. But i will be getting my foam also. My first message will be saturday .. oh jesus, pray for me lol.

After my post op appointment, Dr salama had taken out the padding inside my garment. Oh Goodness my waist is so tiny ! ive never been this thin before, and im only going to keep shrinking ! i love my hips, i hope they dont shrink too much, my behind is huge. i have a shelf lol ! I wont mind that shrinking a bit, its wayyy to large for my body lol.

Well im off to sleep now :) will update soon. Hopefully with some pictures too !

Hey ladies :) I am 3 days post op and im feeling...

Hey ladies :) I am 3 days post op and im feeling great. I am feeling no pain what so ever. i am only taking my pain meds when i take my garment off to shower which ive done twice already.

I showered with anti bacterial soap ( the one that foams up ) and then i put Neosporn not only on the incisions where He lipoed but also on the drains. I do have some fluid build up on my flanks. I am going to ask about that during my next appointment. But other than that, im doing great. Getting up and laying down by myself . I am no longer limping/wobbling like a old woman/penguin haha. My stomach looks weird because of the garment . and of couse, i am still very swollen. I cant wait to see my final results because my waist is already so tiny, and it is only going to shrink more. Dr salama also did my entire back . It looks great. i no longer have any back lumps / rolls . My stomach is completely flat. My butt is huge, i wish i had something to take my measurements with .

I bought some sweats in Large, for this surgery and it doesnt fit around my butt lol. wow.

I am still sleeping alot. And getting up every hour to walk for about 15 minutes. Drinking alot of fluids.

I also walked to the grocery store today which is across the street, i got sooo many stares. And i admit.. it felt pretty damn good. lol .

Pre op weight : 151 lbs Post op weight: ? pre...

Pre op weight : 151 lbs
Post op weight: ?

pre op measurements :
37 - 31 - 39

Post op measurements ( 3 days post op ) :
35 - 29 - 43

Hey everyone :) Thought id do another update. I...

Hey everyone :) Thought id do another update.
I am now 5 days post op. Feeling alright. I am tired all the time , so ofcourse i have been napping all the time. The third day (friday) i did stop by Hollywood Beach with my friend. I got soo many stares .. Jesus.
Later that day i made my second BM .. it was a nightmare. The first time, i did it fine, wiped myself no problem. However, this time, i took off my garment ( i was going to take a shower shortly after ) , grabbed my baby wipes and did my business . When i was going to wipe, i began to feel light headed. I thought i was just a bit hungry. So i tried to hurry . But then i suddenly became very very dizzy. i immediately opened the door and called for my friend who rushed over. He walked me over to the bed and laid me down. He gave me Gatorade and he then took the wet wipes and helped me wipe.. so embarrassing . lol. i felt so bad and kept apologizing, but he kept saying " i work in a lab, trust me, ive done so much worse . Stop apologizing.. im here to help you, " Ladies, i was in tears.. and butt naked lol. He then laid next to me with his computer and watched The Walking Dead while i took a nap for about 15 - 20 minutes. I then got up slowly and took a shower. He then helped me put on my garment and laid me down . He ran across the street and got me food ( steak, rice, and beans ) . I ate, and went to sleep. That night , he woke me up every hour and reminded me to walk around for 15 min. then went right back to sleep. i had no energy. I am so thankful for everything hes done for me.

My friend left yesterday morning (Saturday) around 8am, and ive been alone since, ive been alright i guess. Ladies i dont suggest coming alone. Its not only difficult physically but also emotionally . I felt like crying yesterday. I felt so miserable, cooped up in a room by myself , unable to do anything but eat and sleep .. smh .

I went to the Aventura mall with wnt2shine today :) It is so nice to have someone understand what youre going through lol.

But anyways, my results are pretty much the same. I think i have a seroma on my side.. ill ask about it during my appointment tomorrow. ( i get a new garment ! ) My waist is a couple inches smaller, and its going to continue to shrink once the swelling subsides . My butt is so large ! I actually hope it goes down a couple inches .. its too large for me to handle lol. Jesus. None of my clothing fit me.

Hey everyone ! i just came back from my second...

Hey everyone ! i just came back from my second massage, i ran out of pain meds, so it hurt pretty bad lol. The massage lady said i wasnt drinking enough fluids, because i am still very swollen and still have fluid. I was supposed to get my back drain removed today and my front one on wednesday before i leave, but she said she recommended me getting one more massage before i take out my drains so thats what i am going to do .

I finally got my new garment . Unfortunately, the office was closed for a couple days because of the holiday, so i was unable to get a garment. i was stuck with a XL until today. Which is another reason why i was still very swollen. She said it was very very loose on me. So she grabbed a medium for me.. a medium ! Let me tell you ladies, i saw that thing and looked at her and told her that that thing was not going to fit. lol. She said that it would. So we began to put it on.. and omg. The thing was like the size of one of my thighs ! Idk how she expected it to get it on me. ( i already have huge thighs ) she said it would fit perfectly, but since my legs are so large, and my hips and butt were large, it would be the hardest part. It was HELL putting it on. Let me remind you, i am not on any pain killers lol and very sore after that massage.. i wont lie, i cried. it was so painful putting it on. That was by far the worst pain ive gone through after getting this procedure done.

Hey ladies , So tomorrow is officially one week...

Hey ladies , So tomorrow is officially one week for me.

I just came back from my second massage and it was kinda painful. I ran out of pain meds. I was also supposed to get my back drain removed today ( front one on wednesday before i leave ) but the massage lady ( forgot her name ) said that i still have alot of fluid left, so she recommended getting one more massage before i take out my drains. So thats what i am doing. She also said im not drinking enough fluids because i am still very swollen.

So after the massage, she went and grabbed a new garment ! i was so excited. She came back with a medium.. Now after surgery, i was wearing a XL garment. Because the office was closed for a couple days ( holiday ) i was stuck with that garment. She said another reason why i was so swollen is because the garment i was wearing was very very loose on me so i had no compression.

.. Now i have HUGE thighs, even before surgery. I looked at that garment and looked at her and said, " you sure about this? It looks so tiny " she said that it would be perfect for me, since i needed the compression. The hardest part would be getting it past my legs , hugee hips and butt lol . Ladies.. once i got one leg through , i sighed. A long, depressing sigh. Lmao.

The size of the garment where the waist was is the size of one of my thighs .. ONE of my thighs. How the heck was i supposed to get BOTH legs through, my hips and butt ?! I was on no pain killers.. i knew this was gona hurt. This whole time i was thankful that i didnt go through any pain what so ever.. it all caught up to me.

Yes, i cried. lol It hurt so bad !! I was still sore from the massage. I get a small garment on wednesday for next week .

I also got the foam today.

I also got the foam today.

This Benadryl isnt working .. Itchy .. so very...

This Benadryl isnt working .. Itchy .. so very very itchy ..

.. thats all ..

Hey everyone ! Sorry i havent been updating , ive...

Hey everyone ! Sorry i havent been updating , ive been super busy . I am one day shy of two weeks tomorrow ! I cant believe its already been two weeks ! I still do have my front drain in. Dr. Salama and i both decided that we didnt want me to take out the drains and risk getting a seroma back at home. He asked if i had a primary dr back at home that could take it out and i said yes. He also showed me how to take it out myself if worst came to worst after one week. i am still draining so i still have it in.

When they took out my back drain, it was quick. very quick. i barely even felt it. I laughed and asked " Was that it? Thats what all the fuss is about ? " and everyone laughed. It felt like someone just kinda poked me.

My plane ride :

The ride back wasnt so bad for me. The flight was only for 2 and a half hours, so i was lucky . I got on board and showed the flight attendant ( who was a total sweet heart ) my doctors note that said i had just gotten surgery done. She said, " aw alright, well after take off , you can stand " so i wobbled to my seat and kneed for about 15 minutes. She came back and told me that there was an empty isle that i could have to myself and i could stretch. I was so excited. So i sat on my boppy pillow for 10 minutes until take off. Then i laid on my stomach the whole way until landing and did the same. Everyone around me was so nice, offering me their sweaters as a pillow lmfao ! But i had sweats on and a sweatshirt.

My life back at home :

I have returned back to both of my jobs when i got back a few days after. None of my jobs require sitting so i thought it was okay. People did notice first thing when i came back.. i am still swollen and wobbling lmfao. My first job, everyone actually complimented me, it was too funny. My second job however, are filled with people my age, and of course, immaturity was expected. Im the main subject till this day ( its been 4 days ). I really dont mind though. Funny thing is, its only the females who are talking, none of the guys ! Lmfao !! All my guy friends are like " DAMN ! " haha. One of my guy coworker/friend was like, " so uh, did you leave ( my name ) back in florida ? " lmfao i couldnt deal with them. im friends with all the guys there so none of them gave me any problems.They all said that the girls are just jealous because theyre not the main attraction.

Haha, well, im letting thsi get too personal. so i will stop there with my job lol.

I am still sleeping on my tummy of course. BM are no longer an issue, i just have to take off my garment, or else i will get all over myself because the way the garment fits on me, i guess they werent expecting anything to come out back there, smh. I did master peeing standing up. and yes i am proud of myself for that ahaha. All my guy friends make fun of me for it. but i take pride. I pee with the seat up btw.

My swelling did come down both around my waist and my butt. I am relieved though because my behind was wayyy too large for me to handle. i dont know my measurements yet, i have to buy a measuring tape. but it isnt too much. im guessing a little bit less than an inch. Its still pretty large.

i am still wearing a medium garment with the foam. I did purchase the small one, and will start wearing that next week. I am going to start wearin my board tomorrow.

I am not eating as much as i used to , I eat one huge meal a day ( around lunch ) and eat many many snacks around then. ( Yesterday i had steak, rice and beans with a side salad ) I am drinking a lot of fluids.

i shower everyday, taking off my garment and washing it and letting it air dry. I still put neosporn where the back drain was removed , and the front drain. The lipo incisions have healed now but still ichy. i am not as ichy as before.

Well , until next time ladies :)

So i am one week and one day. I woke up this...

So i am one week and one day.

I woke up this morning, Looked in the mirror and didnt like what i saw.
I knew i was constantly shrinking, being only 2 weeks post op, but my butt is shrinking wayy too much now.
Yes my waist is shrinking also, but if it shrinks anymore, i feel like i wont be satisfied with my results anymore.
How disappointing :( i mean dont get me wrong, its a huge difference. My waist is tiny ! and my butt is bigger than before, but im scared cause i know its going to continue to shrink. I still dont have measurements, but i will soon.

Hey Ladies, im back :) i was officially 4 weeks...

Hey Ladies, im back :)
i was officially 4 weeks post-op yesterday. I have started driving with my boppy pillow to and from work which is only a 10 minute drive . I refuse to sit down any longer than that. I got finally got a measurement tape! I am also now wearing a small garment. I experience stiffness every now and then when i wake up. My behind is slowly softening up and jiggles a bit. lol horrayy .

my measurements are :
35 - 27 - 42.5

i have only shrunken half an inch . But im waiting for this fluffing to happen :)

Measured my hips today i am now 42 inches .

measured my hips today i am now 42 inches .

New pictures ;)

New pictures ;)

Hey everyone, i am now almost 6 weeks post op....

Hey everyone, i am now almost 6 weeks post op.
They said when i reach 6 weeks, the fat is have is to stay,

I dont know what to think really . I do look 100% better than i did.
However, i am disappointed with the projection i have.. i mean i only received 900 ccs
so i guess i shouldnt have expected a HUGE difference . I was 39 inches before
and i am now 41 inches.. so i only went up a couple inches. i love how i look when i have
my small garment on, it gives me projection and also slims my waist down another inch or so .
i am 27 around my waist where as before i was 29 - 30 inches .

ive had one friend even tell me he cant tell the difference . I'm definitely going back for
a second round , maybe in a year or so . Not sure . sighhh such a disappointment ..

when i have my garment on i do get a lot of attention . I literally turn every head that i pass lol.
i am still softening up . who knows, maybe i still have to fluff but i doubt it. i'm keeping my head up though.

Hey everyone! So i decided to make another update....

Hey everyone! So i decided to make another update. Tuesday, i am officially 8 weeks post op.
It's been a journey i can tell you that much. I've come a long way and i still cant believe almost 2 months ago i actually went to florida and got this procedure done. lol!

Well where do i start? My last update i was very upset that i lost a total of 3 inches around my hips in volume.
i was a mess, and become very sad for a while because it is alot of money i put in and i almost went back down to my
old measurements !

Just recently ( maybe a few days ago ) i notice my behind becoming more fuller and rounder. Then i figured i JUST now began fluffing !!! Praise the lordddd! lmfao. i went up 3/4 of an inch ! so im now 41 and 3/4 inches. Almost at 42 :) So hopefully she keepppps onnn fluffing :) hah. My booty is softening up alot. Jiggling more when i walk.

My stomach is still numb, and swollen. It still has firmer parts here and there. I did notice however, around the same time my behind started to fluff, so did my stomach . So around the waist i am almost 28 inches. noo!

i started going to the gym on monday. Started doing mainly cardio, and squats . i am going 3 days a week for 2 hours each visit. i am also on a very strict diet. but i do have one cheating day :)

current measurements : 34 - 28 - 41 3/4

im still contemplating if i want to do a round 2 or not.
My trainer told me , " you need to stop wearing these tight pants, everyone keeps coming up to me like ' damnnn is that real ? ' " lmfaoo. He says you can definitely notice the difference. I told him i wanted to go again for a round two and he was like FOR WHAT!?

he says my butt is already big and it suits my body, any more bigger and it will look way too fake. But idk, maybe i like the fake loook ;) hahah . i want to go up another couple / few inches. but idk. I guess i will keep going to the gym and wait until i reach 6 months.

i turn heads like crazy . It feels amazing to wear whatever i want . :)

Hey everyone ! I haven't been here for a while. I...

Hey everyone ! I haven't been here for a while. I have been so busy with everything . So ima upset all of you where I currently am ..

Okay so I am currently almost 4 months out !
I am completely back to normal , except the scarring . They are fading slowly but surely . I am sitting completely normal .

The attention : ladies I have been getting attention nonstop ! I started school about 4 or 5 weeks ago . Let me tell you .. I was the talk of the school for the first 3 weeks. Every time I walked in there , I turned heads . Males and females ! I still do . Females I don't even know hate me lol I guess how my body looks , which is amazing . The guys went crazy. I have taken the spotlight from every girl it's pretty funny . I've had someone say " she is so gorgeous , every time she walks in, she's like a model " haha .

Outside school I've had so much attention ! Last weekend was the first time I dressed up and Jesus ! I was getting hit in like crazy. Firemen had to come to my job last weekend because a child pulled the fire alarm , and they stayed 15 min after the alarm was cut off to watch me lol. It's was like 5 of them . My friends were like "you are breaking necks !" Lol . One of them event attempted to talk to me .

My body looks amazing . 100 better than it did. However there are things I do not like .. I still have a lot of back fat and fat on my flanks .. I feel like salama could have taken off a lot more because I wasn't big to begin with . I also have a dent in my stomach ., I hate it ! But the main thing is my back fat and flanks .. My back is pretty large , then my waist gets thinner and then my hips and butt are large . I think it doesnt look proportionate . In fact it looks kinda obvious I got work done to someone who knows about plastic surgery cause my back and arms are so large . When it comes to projection , eh .. I'm satisfied . I repeat I do look 100 percent better but now I am aiming for perfect . Well not perfect but close to it . In some outfits I'm like "damn my butt looks freaking amazing !" But then some I'm like " eh.. " I hate that !

I decided to go for a round 2 with yily in DR. I've looked at her work and its amazing . Like salama she is wonderful with sculpting . Super aggressive with the lipo however she does not add too much on the buttocks , which is what I am aiming for since my butt is pretty big already . I just a little bit more umph! Lol . I was her to touch up my upper back , flanks , arms and inner thighs ! I am waiting for her to reply to my email but I was hoping to get this done sometime is summer .

Oh, I also have been trying to diet and have been...

Oh, I also have been trying to diet and have been going to the gym religiously to get rid of this fat , and toned up for summer ( until my round 2 )

Measurements are 34 - 28 - 42

Oh and I forgot to say, I was actually asked to be a world star honey lmfao ! I am going to audition for bad girls club see how it goes hahaha

6 months

More photos - 6 months post op , salama

It's been 32-33 weeks since my life changing procedure!

Hey everyone ! Just wanted to give you a update on how I am doing. I am 32 or 33 weeks out now and I feel great. I did have some concerns about my body, here and there. My stomach has a lump on it, and I still had some fat on my back. However, overall I am very happy with my results.

After surgery all the swelling went away, I was so skinny, then I pigged out and gained weight all over. This was around my last post.. ( my butt grew with me lol ) however, I have made another life changing decision that has encouraged me to exercise everyday.. I'm joining the navy! So now I am in the process of getting in shape. My legs have toned , my stomach shrank, but my butt stayed the same ! It's ridonkulous ( get it?? No? Lol ) so my butt looks so huge now because as my whole body shrinks, it doesn't. I actually think it grew bigger since I've been working out. My trainer was like " you look like you lost alot of weight, and your ass is a lot bigger" I haven't seen him in a month or two.

I have been running 3 miles a day, swimming every other day, and insanity. My measurements are : 34-27-43

About 33 weeks in .

8 months post op, pictures !

Exercise , hard work and dedication ladies

:) lost 5 lbs in a week and a half

Hey ladies I weighed myself about a month ago and was at 165 , a week and a half ago I was at 159 , now I am 153 ! Woohoo ! Hard work and dedication :) I have been working out damn near everyday . And portioning my food

Lost 6 * lbs in a week and a half

Sorry I can't count guys . Lol but my measurements I am aiming for is 34-26-42 ( if ican stay at 43 , great! But I am thinking realistically )

Almost 10 mo. Post op! Picture

Everything's still the same !

Hey everyone! About one month away from 1 year po ! | SALAMA

Hey everyone! I'm back with another update! I'm less than a month away from being one month post op !

I've gotten my procedure last November 20th by dr salama. I can honestly say I am more than content about my results. I have put on some weight but that is my fault .. Bad eating habits. But I'm going back to the gym ( took 3 weeks off cause I messed up my knee) .

My measurements are currently 34-28-43.5 .. I'm still trying to get my waist down to 26 but I love food too much haha. For ladies that have questions about weight loss and gain, when I did lose weight there was almost NO change in my hip ratio . If my waist went down an inch, my butt would MAYBE go down .5 of an inch but most times it would stay the same. I put on an inch around my waist and my butt grows with me lmao. It increased .5 of an inch!

My butt gets me so much attention. Maybe a lot more than I could ever want. Everywhere I go , I always have someone compliment me , try to hit on me, or .. Well you get the point. I definitely break necks now lol. I changed colleges and everyone stares at me like I'm a mystical creature lmao . My friend tells me that people always asks about me. Sometimes I feel like wearing baggy clothes, cause its just too much attention. I get a lot of people ask me if my butt is real, if I got shots or pads.. Lmao. "Yea its real..expensive!!" I guess it's a compliment though , you know, since my sink looks so amazing lol.

Most importantly, I feel great about myself.. Minus the weight gain. I love the fact that I can go out and feel confident in myself. Overall , I am still glad I got this procedure done.

Thinking about a round two again with salama

I've bee talking to foreverbooty and were thinking about doing a round 2 with salama next year .. I love my butt but there are dents I would like to fix and add more volume at the bottom of my butt. I want I lipo my back because I felt like it was untouched want to lipo my arms and inner thighs also.

Made it ! More than a year post op

1 year and almost 1 month po SALAMA

I year and almost 1 month po SALAMA

Last year I was salamafied, round two with cabral?

Hey everyone ! I've finally decided that Im going to DR for round two. I originally wanted to go to yily, however, she wasn't responding as much as I would like to. I then came across dr cabral. I like his results as well & I also heard that he taught dr. Yily. And I guess the fact that infamous yaris sanchez had gotten work done from him practically seals the deal.

.. Idk but the horror stories scare me.. What do you ladies think? I'm now just waiting for a reply with the cost

Last year I was salamafied .. Round 2 with campos or cabral ?

Some of you must think I'm crazy for a round two. But there are things I want fixed. First , I want you all to know that after Lipo, if you do not up hold your diet and exercise ..your fat will come back with a vengeance . Your beautiful figure will not be maintained unless you work to maintain it! That is something a lot of the bbl vets have warned about but I ignored it. But no. My waist is almost the same size as it was before, give or take an inch. I want a smaller waist .

Second, my back was barely touched. I dread wearing bras because of the fat I have back there. I also had a lot of fat below my breast, on my upper abdomen. My arms are also large. So it's like I have a large upper body , smaller waist, large bottom. It makes it so obvious I had work done. Salama only put 900 cc per cheek. I don't think he took out the full four litters .

Third, the Lipo on my stomach was uneven . I have a lump of fat on the right side of my belly button which makes my stomach look awkward. My flanks were done unevenly ,and I do not have a smooth curve .. They're looking a bit rough lol.

Fourth, I would like a round two because the bottom of my butt is completely fat. I have no curve down where my cup is supposed to be. It looks really weird . Ill put a picture up to show you all.

And lastly ... My thighs keep rubbing together ! It hurts lmaooo ! I'm sure all you know my pain .. In the summer , wearing shorts, woooooo >____< must I say more ?

Last year I was salamafied , round two with campos or cabral ?

Fourth reason I meant flat * not fat. Lol

But I've been stalking all of your reviews and I think I was to go with either cabral or campos. I think I'm leaning more towards campos because of cabrals horror stories..

Revision with salama ?

So I decided I might actually do a revision with salama. I've decided this because I did have an awesome experience with him . I also think he over all did a good job on my procedure. The uneven Lipo is completely normal when it comes to Lipo. Salama is a surgeon, he is not God lol. A lot of it depends on you and how you take care of your body after.. That's something I took for granted. Even though I don't think he took out the full 4 liters , I do believe he would be best to do my revision . I've seen horror stories on how a patient would go to a different doctor and their butt would come back all lumpy! I am currently waiting for a response on the cost for a revision

Revision with salama !

Hey everyone ! So it's official ! I'm going with salama with a revision to fill out the bottom part of my butt. I just put in my deposit and my date is may 22nd :) I am also adding in additional Lipo to my entire back , abdomen, and inner thighs .. I'm still contemplating if I want to do my thighs though .

Current measurements :

Just took measurements : 35 - 28.5 - 44
I did put on 15 lbs which is why my measurements went up .

I am going to try to lose that 15 lbs before my procedure

My height is 5'3

Revision by salama !

Alright so I have decided not to go through with the Lipo for my inner thighs .. I figured I would look weird with a big ol booty and tiny thighs .. Plus my boyfriend loves em haha.

I did have a question to ask salama though , since I'm paying for additional Lipo towards my entire abdomen , upper and lower back .. Would he use fat from my flanks for my revision since I'm paying for everything else to be Lipoed separately ? Hmm lol. Ill ask him during the consultation.

Still in the process of losing 10-15 lbs ..

Ladies , becareful after lipo !

Hey ladies ! Please please take care of yourself after lipo because it will come back with a vengeance !!

More pictures | salama

How awkward do you think I look taking these pictures hahaha

One year , two months post op pics | salama

More pictures

1 year ; 3 months salama

Waiting ..

May 22 SALAMA.. Looking for an early June date

Hey everyone so I just found out I have court on the 23rd of May and I need to switch dates . I am looking for anything from early to mid June .. Please contact me !!

New date , June 2

Hey everyone ! So my date has now been changed to June 2 !!

SALAMA | REVISION on the 2nd !

Hey ladies ! So everything is set, my flight and hotel is booked. I arrive sunday for my preop and my surgery is on monday! I am staying at the ramada. Its only 8 minutes away from the hospital and a couple miles from the beach. There is free wifi so i can keep all of you updated .. i am going to start packing tonight.

So the procedure i am getting done is a revision from the brazilian butt lift i originally got done .. i am also adding on an additional lipo area which is my upper back.


2 More days until REVISION with SALAMA :)

Hey everyone, so i am packing now. My flight is at 6:55 am and i will arrive in FLL at 9:25am :) i get off of work at 3am tonight so i have to leave straight to the airport but i am excited !

ive been speaking to my girl Wnt2Shine about my revision and i am so thankful for her support. Shes been there for me , helping me emotionally and giving me great advice. Thanks girl !

So the things i am bringing with me:
- 2 garments from round one (large & small )
-maxipads ( for swelling down there )
- 4 tank tops
- 4 tshirts
- 2 dresses that slide on easily
- a towel
- shampoo & conditioner
- anti bacterial soup
-2 sweat pants
- neosporn
- a pair of slippers
-a pair of sandels
- babywipes is a must !
- Hibiclens ( Wnt2Shine strongly suggested. It is an antimicrobial cleanser to fight infections..thanks girl!)
-toothpaste & brush
-coco-butter lotion
-a robe
-iron tablets

Things i am purchasing when i arrive to Florida

- those mats that dogs go pee on (i forgot the name) so i dont make a mess on the bed.. so helpful during my round 1
-Groceries & lots of Gatorade

i am having the new driver justen pick me up and take me where i need like the pre-op, to and back from surgery, airport, store ..Hes almost the same price Larry was.

Wish me luck ladies! ill keep you all posted on my second journey :)

Current Measurements :

35-28-45 .. Yes 45inches around my butt ... i gained some weight , dont judge me lmao


I've made it to Florida everyone ! Justin ( who is a total sweet heart ) picked me up and drove me around to get groceries, my prescriptions and my pre op. I am currently laying on my bed in my hotel ( ramada) and I like my room . It's specious , clean , and has a king sized bed lol. The price made it 10x better haha. It's only a few minutes away from the hospital , has a bunch of restaurants within walking distance , has a clean pool, gym, wifi, and free breakfast ! Oh and there is a $1 shuttle that takes u to the beach which is only a few minutes away also !!

Well wish me luck ladies & keep me in your prayers

Heading to aventura hospital ! SALAMA

I'm in the hospital waiting to see dr salama :) see you all on the other side

Revision finished feeling great ! Salama

Hey everyone ! I made it . I'm going to write a review after I come back from the beach :) yes I had surgery at 9ish and yes I'm out and about haha

1 day post op revision - SALAMA

Hey everyone . I am one day post op and doing well . Almost no pain .. Just a lot swelling and soreness . I went to see salama today and he said everything looks good . I also received my foam.

Salam did lipo my entire back . The top part I paid for and the lower back and flanks he used for my revision . I have no drains and I am walking around getting up an bending down fine on my own lol . Washing my hands with anti bacterial soup after everything I do . My garment has no blood . I am constantly hydratin myself with water and takin my meds and vitamins . I hired a nurse for 24 hours but I personally didn't really need one . She kept me company though . We have been walking Around like crazy . I walked about 2 miles yesterday lol . I love my hotel and strongly suggest it . My nurse is wonderful . I love her .

I met a girl at the hospital . She had her surgery right after me ( I was first ) but she had a full on bbl . I was giving her advice and she needed more materials so I gave her things se would need since she's staying for 10 days and I leave Thursday . Nice girl .

Only one garment was included in the revision and no massages . I paid for one and will pay f

One day post op SALAMA revisiob

For more when I get home . The heat and humidity made me light headed after surgery . I'm not used to this weather . So u can imagine I have to AC blasting in my room .

One day post op . I can take a shower today hooooraaay

Revision with salama , one day post op

Oh and I forgot .. He added fat to both of my butt cheeks on the bottom to round it out more . And also added 400 to my left cheek cause it was a bit smaller then the other

3 days post op revision

Had my first massage today .. They make a huge difference

Pictures 5 days post op revision SALAMA

6 days post op

One week post op , revision

Drove today :) put a yoga Matt under my thighs so my butt was in the air

2.5 weeks post op revision : SALAMA

7 months post op round 2

7 months post op round 2 Salama

Dr. Salama was excellent. He's so talented in what he does. ladies, if you want a tiny waist and a bubble butt, he's the doctor to see !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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