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Hello Dolls! After several years of research,...

Hello Dolls!

After several years of research, I have decided to get a breast reduction/lift. After having my child my body changed drastically, with my breast taking the largest hit. I found myself at a 36G (DDDD) with back pain and no confidence. I am very young woman and desperately wanted to feel and look my age, so I began the process of researching surgeons for my mommy makeover.

I was very torn between going abroad for surgery or staying within the states. After months of research , I came across Dr. Salama and instantly admired his work. A few days later I inquired about a "bbl" procedure and was promptly responded by Nancy, who helped me throughout the process.

I booked my date, payed my balance, purchased my supplies, and headed to Florida. In July 2015, I had my "bbl" procedure and was extremely happy with the results. So now I returning for my breast lift.

My procedure was on July 26 and I will post both before and after photos.

1st Procedure BBL 2015

So as I mentioned, I had the BBL procedure with Dr. Salama this time last year. My costs included: 8000 for the procedure, 300 for my airfare, 570 for my hotel stay (Holiday Inn Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood), and another 200 for miscellaneous (supplies, transportation, food).

I received laser liposuction on my back, stomach, flanks, and arms. I stayed a total of seven days and had a family member for assistance. The procedure itself was very smooth and I had no complications following the surgery. The worst part was recovery and the lymphatic massages. The first massage is absolute torture, but they become better with time. With any procedure the most important part is taking care of yourself and being active with your recovery, that includes maintaing your results, minimizing infection/complications, and following the doctors instructions. Some issues may be out of your control, but these tidbits will make things so much easier for you.

I could not be happier with my results and Dr. Salama delivered exactly what I wanted. I have small legs and the fat graft is moderate and proportioned with my thighs. No diaper booty here lol! It looks extremely natural and subtle.
I have attached photos of my bbl results.

Also, I know that I am fusing two reviews into one, but if you would like to more details of my bbl just let me know!

2nd Procedure Breast Lift

My breast reduction/lift has been such an awarding journey! After correcting my lower half, it was now time to correct the top. My breast before were extremely saggy with extra skin and tissue. I measured at a G (DDDD) and experienced back pain. I tried to have the reduction covered through my insurance, but after two denials and countless time wasted on physical therapy, doctors visits, and paperwork, I decided to head back to favorite surgeon and pay out of pocket. I had no more time to dedicate to a "maybe", I needed the procedure whether the insurance companies agreed or not.

I contacted Cynthia with my requests and booked my appointment. I had two months to prepare for the procedure. I purchased my airfare and made arrangements to stay with a family member nearby in Fort Lauderdale. I would be traveling alone this go around with a shorter stay.


I definitely recommend booking your procedure at least six months to a year out. Having two months to prep for a major procedure set up stress for not only me, but Dr. Salama's staff. About two weeks after I booked my date, I tried to contact my PCP for labs and clearance. It just so happened that she was on vacation for two weeks and when she returned was booked solid for an additional two weeks, due to caring for her partners patients while she was on vacation. I felt so screwed! And to make it worse, I found out that I date with Dr. Salama was canceled. They had not received my clearance and final payment before the two week deadline.

I almost had a panic attack! Thankfully his office worked with me and I was able to find a nurse practitioner to conduct my Labs and clearance. I was back on for surgery and prayed that the remainder of my journey would go smoothly.

I flew into Fort Lauderdale airport with ONLY a small carryon with the following supplies:

Two maxi dresses
Hair brush and ties
Arnica tablets

Purchased upon arrival:
Electrolyte water

Compression socks, no slip socks, surgical bra provided by Dr. Salama.

Day Of and Post Op

The day of I cleansed with hibiclens and headed to the surgery center. I spent a couple of minutes with Dr. Salama and went under shortly after. When I woke, I caught a ride with their driver Justin. I felt no pain and took my pain medication as directed.

I was instructed to not remove any of the dressings, so I kept all clothing on until the next day for my pre op appointment. Honestly, I was extremely amazed at how well I was recovering. Even without my pain meds( had to stop taking them after three days- gave me serious migraines) , I felt no pain and was very mobile. The only discomfort I felt was during car rides when hitting bumps. Your breasts will NOT like violent bouncing. --->Tip. Use a pillow in the car against your breast to stabilize them.

During my post op, I met with Dr. Salama and had my dressings removed. I was cleared to travel home and headed for the front desk. When I got to the front desk I experienced a hot flash lol. I think my blood pressure dropped after seeing my breast for the first time. It dropped when I had my drains removed from my bbl. I'm guess I'm kind of a wimp lol. Anywho, I went back to my relatives home and prepared to head out the next morning.

My flight left at 5:45 a.m. and the surgery God's were definitely looking out for me. The airport was almost empty. The Fort Lauderdale airport is pretty small and it took me TWO mins to get to my gate. I kid you not!

On top of the airport being empty, I also went through the TSA pre check line that was empty!! I walked through the metal detector and my gate was first to the left of security. I have never been through an airport so fast lol. It seemed the only people in the airport were security and the few passengers for that morning flight. So book early ladies! My flight was a non stop.

Two weeks

When I returned home, I continue to sleep on my back, wear my surgical bra 24/7, and recover my breast. My routine includes:

Shower with hibiclens
Air dry breast
Lightly spray with peroxide
Apply neosporin
Apply gause on incisions

After two weeks I was able to remove my steri strips. It took me five hours to remove the strips. I showered first to soften the adhesive and used tongs to slowly remove the strips. I wanted to make sure that I did not pull too hard on the incisions and also the adhesive is very strong and you want to take your time with, it as it can hurt.

The incisions have healed beautifully. They are still very dark in the photos, but have lightened as the adhesive contiues to wash off. That stuff is very strong! I still wear steri strips under the areola and on the "T" intersection, as I have an active job and would hate for it to open. I only wear them when I go to work and remove them at night.

My left areola is a tad smaller than my right, but it doesn't look bad in person. I still think it is too soon for me to worry about it. My left side, including my incisions have healed slower than the right. Plus, you take a risk of the areola/nipple dying and I'd rather have it smaller vs losing it.

Today makes four weeks post op and I will be starting my scar treatment. I ordered medipac silicone tape, silicone sheeting, bio oil, vitamin E oil, kelocote, and new scar to help lighten and flatten my scars. If you ladies have any suggestions on scar treatment, PLEASE PLEASE share!!

Body by Salama

Attached are photos of my body today!
Bbl--> 1 year post op
Breast lift--> 4 weeks post op (No bra yay!)

I lost my father this year and gained some of my weight back from my lipo, but once I hit 6 weeks and I'm able to exercise again, I'll drop it in no time! Enjoy!

Before bbl

Forgot to upload before bbl photos
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama and his staff were exceptional. He answered all questions and delivered my expected results. I highly recommend!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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