Sooooo Excited Can't Wait Until my Time!!! - Aventura, FL

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Hi, ladies I'm 38 with 4 kids 22,14,12 and 1 (and...

Hi, ladies I'm 38 with 4 kids 22,14,12 and 1 (and we're done!) Anyways I always dislike the way my body look so I had BA back in 2001 in Illinois and I promise I think that doctor was trying to Bush me up like a piece of meat the way my scars but that's about to be over I'm getting a MMO by Dr. SAL.

The wishes I want

I just can't wait until my time I want and I turn out just beautiful and the same for all you ladies here on real self I've dreamed this since I was a young girl and Lord your finally giving it to me thank you

1 month and 4 days to go!

I'm too excited can't wait to be and see the new me! So I brought my self something to bring along on my MMO journey.

wish pics

Wish pics ( everyday I see so many new and beautiful ass I don't know what to choose from :-) )

more must haves!

Now I gotta hide the bank statement and pay them before my husband see them I sorry I got it bad ladies I need help all of the brands are a big problem for me especially when it's on sale

Feeling like (Kelly Price) its my time

Ok ladies! I thought that I was gonna have to change my date for my BA and TT with the all and famous Dr. Salama, but through prayers that all changed.
But, anyways im freaking out the closer my date come which is Thursday. So if you ladies have any ideals about what to pack and what not pack please let me know and just keep me in your prayers thats for everything RS family


good morning we'll see if the ladies I am coming here today to tell you a little bit about my mommy makeover to me I have some problems in the beginning because my surgery had to be postponed due to the fact that I had nicotine in my system and I don't smoke so guess how it got there secondhand smoke ladies so I had to reschedule it for more than one week from my actual schedule date so that was all good and dandy I get that done and over with so my advice please do not be around anyone to smoke it anywhere anywhere there's smoke that you can and heal if you could see the second hand smoke and it to show up in your system because they text you right before surgery for pregnancy and nicotine and I guess so did drugs in your system but the overall I enjoyed and I love dr salama up in his nose is and it was very professional I had no problems with them everything was good I got my surgery done on Wednesday and today is Friday my results look absolutely gorgeous I am so loving myself right now so ladies I will post photos of the new in the new upcoming me I still have one prices live to come back for my bbl and ladies if you're reading this and it don't sound right it's because I'm using the voice texting so I hope everything is correct so you ladies have a great day enjoy you love the information that you put out there other than just very helpful continue doing so and have a great great day a great great great bless day I should say


Love love love my results ladies....

3 days op

Feeling better
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I spoke to Mrs. Nancy she was very prompt by responding back to me and was able to answer any and all my questions she was very patient with me (bc I had a million in one questions to ask) The people in his office was very kind.

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