Salama Did His Thing On Me... Mommy Makeover!!!

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Took a quick 1 day trip to Aventura to see THE MAN...

Took a quick 1 day trip to Aventura to see THE MAN SALAMA. Had to get his opinion on if he can redo my tummy tuck that I'm not happy with and haven't been happy with since day 2 after the surgery. No, he's not the one who did the 1st tummy tuck, Dr Cortes in Houston was the one. Salama did my BBL a few years back. Dr Salama will be doing a full tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants on me. Super excited and can't wait til November. I love Salama's attitude and definitely very personable. Wouldn't choose any other dr to touch me. Learned my lesson the 2nd time with going to a different dr. Should've just been more patient and stayed with Salama. Now wasting money that I could've saved only if I went to Salama for the 2nd surgery. Oh well, you live and learn. People... do your research please. You have too or else you're going to be full of regret like me, but I feel at ease now with Salama redoing my tummy tuck. 10 months are gonna drag, lol.

Paid in full....

Made my last payment with Salama, paid in full.... Now the waiting game. 5 1/2 months left. Seems like a long time, but it's going by fast. Can't wait for him to fix me up. I need to post before pics since I have gained some weight, not much, but some. My husband likes it because it went straight to my Salamafied booty. Ladies, if you've had a bbl, you gain weight, your butt gets bigger, you lose weight, it gets smaller, not much, but it looks toned when you workout. Lol, my husband says "I love the way it is now, don't lose it!" Mind you.. I'm going on 4 yrs post op on my BBL. Sorry for getting off topic, so nowe it's the waiting game. Still have to book flights and room which I need to do now. I'll post pics later on someday. I have 2 other reviews on here. You can see why I don't like Cortes and I noticed the crappy job since day 2 or 3. Please be careful on who you choose ladies and do tons of research. Would I recommend Cortes... Hell No.. Why, read my review on my tummy tuck, says it all. This is why I'm going back to Salama. He knows what he is doing and is a true artist when it comes to plastic surgery.

26 More Days Til My Mommy Makeover

26 More Days Til My Mommy Makeover. I'm so darn excited. Kinda had a hold up due to my mammogram, got a scare but it was nothing. Now to get a clearance from my Dr on Wednesday. It hasn't hit me just yet, but it will in due time. Can't freakin wait. I don't have pics just yet, I will soon though when it's really close to time. I love seeing the recent mommy makeovers Salama has done lately, they're putting a smile on my face and making me more at ease. I hate the fact that I have to get a revision due to another drs mistake, so frustrating. I will keep you all posted on this procedure when it's my turn.

Read my story on my 1st tummy tuck

Read my story on my 1st tummy tuck procedure... not a very good experience for me. I'm just glad that Salama will fix me all up. Should've went back to him since he did my bbl 4 yrs ago. I went elsewhere and regret it so badly. Salama is the man and I have faith he'll make me one happy gal.

Salama did his thing...

All I have to say is that my 1st tummy tuck from the so called hourglass guy was a joke. Salama sure did tightened me very well. I don't have any pics yet and I'm sorry about that, I'll post soon. I'm on my 3rd day and it still hurts like my 1st day. I know in due time it will all be better and so worth it!! Surgery took hella long because he did so much to me. Mind you, he had to work on some other drs stuff that worked on me. Seen Dr Salama on Saturday and he took off my compression thing above the boobies because there was a certain area he was concerned about. Then he took tape off some areas and put the binder back on, but said he didn't want it tight all because of another area, he didn't want the skin to die due to the 1st tt I had with a different dr which I regret soooo much, but can't complain now since Salama knows his stuff. He gave me another prescription to help with blood flow and help for the area not to die.
Crazy how I asked him these exact words "What the hell did you do to me Doc because this pain is ridiculous?" He kinda laughed and said "HA, I did a lot to you on the inside. You had sutures but you were still so loose. I usually use 2 sets of sutures on everyone, but you, had to put 3 sets." HOLY COW, NO WONDER I'M IN SO MUCH PAIN!!! That explains a lot. He said either he didn't tighten you or they loosened up over time. I told him "I know he didn't tighten me up because I was cooking Christmas dinner and Salama's face was like WTF!!! I couldn't imagine cooking dinner feeling this way that I am... Oh hell no!!!
I think I'd rather do the bbl again over this procedure any day. I'm so done with cosmetic surgery. However I am after I'm all healed, I'm accepting... period! Pain is crazy. I've been walking but man oh man the pain in my lower back and quads are sore as heck, lol. My husband has been my rock, such a blessing to have him here. Well I'll post another day because my eyes are getting heavy from the meds and I don't want to be typing all weird, lol. Happy Healing to all, wishing you all a speedy recovery. xoxoxo

Still In Pain..

Just wanted to update here.. I'm still in pain, yes even after 5 days post op. Ladies please understand who are recovering or about to get this surgery done that all of our bodies are all different. I'm noticing I'm comparing myself to other ladies who have had the same procedure and I need to stop. Percocets that they prescribe don't do anything for me.. weird I know, but at least Salama said I could take 2 at a time. The 2 helped out a lot. Constipation is crazy right now. I started Colace after surgery, nothing, drinking Miralax now.. Nothing, next is milk of magnesia, if that doesn't work, then the last resort will be an enema. Sorry for TMI. I've been drinking so much water (pH water at that) because I'm not trying to drink Gatorade with sodium and sugar. The drains are what irritate me because they hurt like crazy. Hate the drains even when I had my bbl 4 yrs ago with Salama.
I'm posting a pic of a before and after surgery. Mind you my before pic was even after a tummy tuck that I had done with Dr Cortes aka Dr Hourglass (yeah, I don't think so) The 1st tummy tuck had me in a depression stage. I made a review also on here about how I knew it didn't seem right from the beginning. I mean I was walking the 1st day and the following week was making Christmas dinner for everyone. This tummy tuck, well mommy makeover has literally knocked me on my butt... literally. I don't know what else to type since I'm falling asleep. I just know it'll get better with time. Patience is key. I'll update again soon.

Feeling Sore Still...

Sorry I haven't been on. Basically, this tummy tuck was definitely different than the 1st one I had done. This one was way worse. I'm 11 days post op and I'm still freakin sore. I'm thinking it's because I've had a tummy tuck before, scar tissue, 3 sets of sutures (Salama had to use more sutures because I was so loose). I have no idea why I'm still so sore. I still have 1 drain in and it's such a hassle and irritates the crap outta me. Thinking maybe tomorrow or the next day it'll come out, I'm scared because my husband is going to pull it out for me... yikes!!! I trust him though! 2 spots in the lower stomach area on the sides are so sensitive and hurt like hell. Still kinda walking like the hunchback of Norte Dame and my lower back hurts. Gosh, my review sounds so Debbie Downer, lol.
I do have a question though... when you have a breast lift with implants, are they supposed to itch? Man, mine itch like there's no tomorrow. Other than that, that's it.. I'm on the road to recovery.

I Wanna Feel Normal Again..

Sorry I haven't posted, but man I swear, this tummy tuck revision Salama did is something else. He did his job and made me freakin flat & tight which is what I wanted of course, but didn't expect it to knock me down the way it did. My ab muscles are still so sore, when do they start feeling normal again? I still have 2 sensitive spots that bug the heck outta me on both my lower front sides. I have an open wound under my left breast. I was totally bummed when I recognized that something was wrong, but what can I do, couldn't cry about it. My husband text Salama and Salama called in a script for me to start, it's an antibiotic cream. My boobies are still weird shaped, but I know it takes time for them to heal and set. Patience is key I guess. I can't wait to be 2 months post op. All I'm thinking about is working out, lol. I get these lil shocks here and there in my breasts.. is that normal? I guess nerves are trying to reattach, I don't know. My lipo areas are still sore and bruised and I even rub arnica gel on them and even take arnica 3 times a day. I just don't like the healing process of lipo. I definitely am happy with my results. I still have some stitches, but most of them are finally disappearing. I have this love/hate relationship with the garment. I am not using any of that brown tape because I want to heal all the way before I use any of that tape. After the tape then I'll use the scar cream.

Things are starting to look a lil better...

Things are starting to look a lil better. I actually slept in my own bed, but not all the way flat, hopefully soon. I was in a big size garment and I stuffed myself in one of my old garments I had from my bbl and 1st tt, it's 2 sizes down from my big sized one. OMG... IT'S TIGHT!!! I only have it buttoned up halfway since I don't want it digging into the bottom of my wound under my breast. When I sit down, it digs into my ribs. Practicing my breathing. In 2 more weeks I'm going on vacation back to my home state of California and I refuse to be in this garment while I'm at a Raiders game and Lake Tahoe. My thing is... what if I need to take a poo? I'm screwed, I'm not taking this garment off in public bathrooms. Hmmmm... need to buy a smaller/shorter binder online. Plus a Spanx just for that short time. I'll wear the garment while sleeping though. I still have stitches in my belly button and a few in my incisions. I need to call the office on Monday to see what to do. Oh... how long before the soreness from the breasts start disappearing? Mike are sore. I know I'm only 3 weeks post op and I have a ways to go before I start seeing more shrinking, but I'm so impatient. Other than that.. I'm actually feeling better than the 1st week, gosh I don't miss that week at all, that was the worst.

It's been awhile, but doing better.....

It's been awhile since I've posted. I am feeling better now. Only set back is the 3 open wounds I have associated with the breast lift w/augmentation. The main open wound is finally healing after 3 1/2 weeks of being faithful to the silver sulfadiazine cream. The other 2 wounds I use the sulfadiazine cream and medihoney to close those up. Will I have scars... yes, but I'm ok with that, nobody will see them but my husband, I definitely don't plan on walking around naked in the public, lol. I panicked for quite some time because of the wounds, but I learned patience is key and being on top of the medicine. I don't feel as if I'm shrinking in size, but I know I am because I'm able to fit an old squeem on from my bbl 4 yrs ago. I don't button it all the way up due to my wound under my breast. It's a large and it's snug, but love how it holds me tight and makes me straighten put my back. When I'm tired and the end of the day, around night time, I'm sore and swollen where I feel so fat. In the morning is where I feel normal. My breasts are still sensitive here and there, I've been massaging them a lot more so I don't have that falling asleep sensation. I feel it took me 5 weeks to feel a lot better. Went to the snow last week and have to admit, the -3 degrees helped me also, did a lot of movement.
One thing I do suggest to everyone who gets a tummy tuck and breast lift... Wait on putting the brown tape on. I was told to put it on after the steri-strips to put it on. I had a hunch that wasn't the best thing to do, but I listened and followed directions from the nurse and she said to change it every 3 days. I took the brown tape off the 3rd day and that's when the hole, opened wound happened. Please... I advise you, do not use that brown tape after steri-strips, wait til you're completely healed and all stitches are out. I'm not even using it on my tt incision yet. Waiting til I'm completely healed then I will only on my tt scar. I will be using a cream on my breasts incisions.
I know I need to post pics, I will. I'll have to have my husband take pics of everything one of these days. I wore the garment for just a lil bit due to the open wound, didn't want it to dig into it when I sat down.
I do love the fact that my appetite has not been the same, I get full so fast now. I do regret not getting my love handles lipoed, I feel as if there's fat there. My butt had gotten small with the 12 lb weight loss. I'm still thick but that's ok. Today I start my workout regimen, nothing big, but a start. Been eating really good.
My advice to you ladies once again is to be patient and we all heal totally differently. Do not compare yourself to others what so ever!!! I will post pics of everything soon.

2 months post op... Finally

Hi ladies. 2 months post op already. Too be honest, I'm feeling so much better, almost 100% better. I'm still sore in my lower ab area when I sneeze or cough. Healing great. I really don't feel too swollen except at night.

I actually flew into Ft Lauderdale the day before the shooting with my husband and kiddos for my daughter's 18th birthday, she wanted to spend time in Miami for her big day. Why not.. she deserves it. Well I went and had a massage done at Salama’s office and seen Salama at the surgery center to see how I was healing. He took a look and seen my 3 wounds that are healing and each wound had stitches in them. He took them out and OUCH!!! Makes sense as to why they were open, guess my body was trying to spit them out but they were just chillin halfway in & out. Anyways, he said I looked good. My husband went and asked him "Hey Doc, what do you think about her booty? Do you think we can add a lil more fat to the top of it?" Salama looked and said "Yes, your butt has dropped and is sagging a lil bit, we can fix you up. Have you lost weight?" I said "Yes. Ever since the tt and before I would be on yo-yo diets" He said "Just gain weight!" Are you crazy Doc? He said "Don't lose anymore weight at all!" So what I'm getting at is, I will be seeing him soon... most likely at the end of June to get lipo in my back and a bbl touch up. I told myself no more surgery, but after the tt, my booty went flat and my back has rolls, especially my upper back. He'll have to lipo me also in my arms too. He said he was going to suck out some of the fat from the bottom of my booty, but I like the lil bubbleness I have there. He would know what to do since he's the bbl artist. Now I want time to fly because I want to get this done so that way I can start toning my arms and legs when I'm all set and done. You'll see in one of the pics how I need my lower back sucked out and fat added on top of the booty. Salama says I have a short butt which I do, so I'll take whatever he gives me.

I'll also post pics of the boobies and how the wounds are finally healing up. I'll be left with scars, he even said, but I'm ok with that. I can live with it.


Comparison of my 1st tummy tuck from the dr who claims to be Dr Hourglass aka Dr Wilberto Cortes out of Houston Tx... yeah right, more like Michelin Tire Guy the way he left me to now. Dr Salama did the damn thing. He's a freakin artist, period!! I hate looking at the sloppy job I had done before, no wonder I went into a depression afterwards. He straight jacked me and many other ladies for our money and left us with crappy jobs. Thank you Salama for working your magic. You're by far the best out there. I'll be seeing you in July instead of June.

Swollen Now From BBL Revision

Hello realself fam... I'm back. I had my bbl revision done on the 24th of this month. I'm swollen everywhere now. I look fat, I say the Michelin tire man, lol. I gained 10 lbs for this procedure. After I got my mommy makeover, I went down 23 lbs, but Salama didn't want me to lose any, so I had to make myself gain 10 for the bbl revision. I have no complaints with the tuck. The bbl revision is something else, emotional. Just with not being able to sit down, wearing this faja and foams suck in this crazy heat. I hate laying on my stomach all the time. I get headaches, neck pain, and back pain. Swollen as heck. Ughhh.. kinda wish I left it alone, but oh well.. what's done is done. I had my back and arms lipoed. My arms are black and blue, my back hurts and burns. My stomach looks huge because he did lipo some of my flanks. I just look so swollen. Waiting for my back to not burn so much so I can wear my squeem over the faja. He added fat to my hips and some to the top of my booty. Whenever my body is done healing, I need to accept the way I look because I'm so done with surgeries. I'm almost 40 yrs old and need to love myself. To be honest, I didn't like how I felt coming out of surgery this time, I felt so blah. I just can't wait to finally workout after so long. Time to tone my body and make 40 look like the new 20s. I posted pics on my newest review. Just an fyi, I have not used any scar creams or gels on my tt scar. My scar is big and dark, I don't like it, but I did find some stuff for it that I want to try soon. Mind you, I was cut twice so I don't know of that has anything to do with it or what. I'm fine with it, doesn't bug me at all nor my husband, but I still want to try this oil I found. I'll let you know how it goes. Sorry I don't update much on here.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you've done to my body. 4 yrs ago a bbl and now a mommy makeover and tummy tuck revision. You're truly an amazing artist. Number 1 Plastic Surgeon in my eyes. You definitely have a gift, that's for sure. The office staff is also wonderful. Blessings to you and your staff. This was my 2nd surgery with Salama... no other dr is like him, he's truly an artist and amazing at what he does. He revised my tummy tuck since another dr didn't do a great job. Salama did his thing, made my tummy tuck look right, also made my boobies perfect. I'm truly happy. The office staff is amazing. Thank you Dr Salama and your crew for all you've done for me. You're truly amazing and Salama, you're truly blessed with some amazing skills. Stay Blessed.

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