Having Salama Fix the Previous Sloppy Tummy Tuck I Had Done By Cortes - Aventura, FL

Took a quick 1 day trip to Aventura to see THE MAN...

Took a quick 1 day trip to Aventura to see THE MAN SALAMA. Had to get his opinion on if he can redo my tummy tuck that I'm not happy with and haven't been happy with since day 2 after the surgery. No, he's not the one who did the 1st tummy tuck, Dr Cortes in Houston was the one. Salama did my BBL a few years back. Dr Salama will be doing a full tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants on me. Super excited and can't wait til November. I love Salama's attitude and definitely very personable. Wouldn't choose any other dr to touch me. Learned my lesson the 2nd time with going to a different dr. Should've just been more patient and stayed with Salama. Now wasting money that I could've saved only if I went to Salama for the 2nd surgery. Oh well, you live and learn. People... do your research please. You have too or else you're going to be full of regret like me, but I feel at ease now with Salama redoing my tummy tuck. 10 months are gonna drag, lol.

Paid in full....

Made my last payment with Salama, paid in full.... Now the waiting game. 5 1/2 months left. Seems like a long time, but it's going by fast. Can't wait for him to fix me up. I need to post before pics since I have gained some weight, not much, but some. My husband likes it because it went straight to my Salamafied booty. Ladies, if you've had a bbl, you gain weight, your butt gets bigger, you lose weight, it gets smaller, not much, but it looks toned when you workout. Lol, my husband says "I love the way it is now, don't lose it!" Mind you.. I'm going on 4 yrs post op on my BBL. Sorry for getting off topic, so nowe it's the waiting game. Still have to book flights and room which I need to do now. I'll post pics later on someday. I have 2 other reviews on here. You can see why I don't like Cortes and I noticed the crappy job since day 2 or 3. Please be careful on who you choose ladies and do tons of research. Would I recommend Cortes... Hell No.. Why, read my review on my tummy tuck, says it all. This is why I'm going back to Salama. He knows what he is doing and is a true artist when it comes to plastic surgery.

26 More Days Til My Mommy Makeover

26 More Days Til My Mommy Makeover. I'm so darn excited. Kinda had a hold up due to my mammogram, got a scare but it was nothing. Now to get a clearance from my Dr on Wednesday. It hasn't hit me just yet, but it will in due time. Can't freakin wait. I don't have pics just yet, I will soon though when it's really close to time. I love seeing the recent mommy makeovers Salama has done lately, they're putting a smile on my face and making me more at ease. I hate the fact that I have to get a revision due to another drs mistake, so frustrating. I will keep you all posted on this procedure when it's my turn.

Read my story on my 1st tummy tuck

Read my story on my 1st tummy tuck procedure... not a very good experience for me. I'm just glad that Salama will fix me all up. Should've went back to him since he did my bbl 4 yrs ago. I went elsewhere and regret it so badly. Salama is the man and I have faith he'll make me one happy gal.
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