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Hi Everyone, I just joined the site but I've been...

Hi Everyone, I just joined the site but I've been searching it for yrs. I'm a 33 yr old mother of two teenagers. I've always wanted to do something about the way I look after I had my last child and finished BF. I want a MM. I'm making plans to have the surgery in Dec of 2014....starting to get things in order now. However, the first thing on the agenda is to find a PS in my area. I do not want to travel I would prefer to stay closer to home - less headache that way (IMO). I'm thinking the surgery should be no more than 13k. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated. I'm soo excited.....!!!!


August 3, 2013
I found a PCP in my area.......can I say I love her to pieces. She is down to earth and has caring and sweet disposition. She gave my valuable information - I was even upfront about my plans to have sx. She didn't judge m3 @ all. The only issues that we discussed was me needing to looses some lbs. Tell me something I don't know. I've been so busy @ work that I haven't been able to get on my #workoutflow. Once the the summer is over.........it will me on.

I was able to schedule my sx for December 18, 2014 w/ Dr. Salama. The time I schedule my sx was back in April 2013 ~ Dr. Salama was having a special for a MM for $7499. I added silicone for an extra $900. That's brings my total to $10,125 - this is an all inclusive package. My MM includes a TT, BA w/ lift, lipo of flanks, anesthesia and facility fees. This price has been revised the original included transportation, the office is no longer including this in the quote. I was notified if this on July 1st.

No worries I have the transportation lined up as well : Miller Healthcare Network LLC / *This part of update removed from review by RealSelf staff as it doesn't follow community guidelines* $225 they pick you up from the airport and drop off, take you to your hotel, all Dr. appts a d massages, pharmacy and grocery shopping. They also offer nursing assistance for $175 per day - I will be using the nurse for 3 days.

Nothing Has Changed Thus Far

Trying to get this weight down to a desirable #. I need a lifestyle change.......

Nothing to Report

I've on the hunt for a sx buddy to share experiences w/. Seems like everyone is #teamdr. Even if any of the ladies are going to ESP, it's before my sx date. Oh well, I'll keep doing me. Not looking for someone to contribute to expenses or anything just looking for someone to share experience w/ in a friendly manner and build a "surgeryhood".......lol


Update on Transportation

I'm still using the same provider for transportation but my cost will be a little less since I won't be needing the airport pick up / drop off service. The hotel that I will be stating has comp airport transportation. I will be staying at Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port in Dania Beach. Arriving on 12/16/14, pre op on 12/17/14 sx on 12/18/14. I plan to leave on 12/29/14, that will be 10 days of recover but 14 days total in Aventura

Finally Decided to Upload These Damn Pics

The old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words is sooooo damn true. I can't believe I let myself go like this. These damn clothes will fool ya!!!!.

I Want Results Like This.......Dr. Salama Are You Listening

I want results like Orlando7193
Ladies check her pg out if you haven't seen it already. Just Jaw dropping!!!!??!

382 Days!!!!!!

See above ;)


Ladies are we getting true lymphatic drainage massages or deep tissue post op from our surgeon of choice. I've seen the term tossed around loosely and even seen a video or two posted but it doesn't look like a true lymphatic drainage massage. What do you ladies think?

365 DAYS!!!!

Today I'm exactly 1 yr pre op. The coutdown continues at 365 days ~ yay me ;)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Salama and the staff at Elite Plastic Surgery of Miami thus far has been satisfactory. Even though I may have not conversed w/ Dr. Salama as of yet but I'm confident that he will give me the results I desire.

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