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So I have 4 kids and a severe abdominal separation...

So I have 4 kids and a severe abdominal separation and I nursed 3 kids so I also need to have a lift and I want my boobs back. My plan is to have a tummy tuck, lipo of the flank, lift and breast augmentation

So I have surgery this year around October time. I'm getting ready to have surgery with Dr Salama. I love his reviews from other people on here and it's exciting to see what he does for me.
Initially I booked my appointment and paid everything in full in a matter of a few weeks and several months went by before the staff got all my money they were quick to answer questions and afterwards it kind of trickled off. I got a call about the recovery house having an issue and I needed to find a new place to stay.
I had no clue where to begin until I had to come here on real self and see where everybody stayed.

I haven't been too happy with the staff of where I'm going to have my procedure but I do hope Dr Salama makes up for the experience. More to follow. Btw I did find a place to stay which is going to be joyful recovery house

Lab work

So after several emails I was finally able to get the paper for my lab work completed. I made an appointment with my primary doctor to get this all taken care of. It will include an ekg, and pregnancy test, and blood info.


These photos were taken Tuesday.

Delayed thank to weather

So surgery was suppose to be on friday, now it's pushed to Sunday I think this hurricane needs to move over so I can be seen.

Pre operation

Need to swap

The hurricane messed up my surgery date and now I have been pushed to Sunday can anybody swap with me? I am doing the mm with TT. I leave out on the 15th and my recovery time will be cut short if it's off track

Surgery day around the corner

Without further a do surgery is tomorrow. Since I have been here with a delayed surgery date I have successfully blown my budget. However, I'm super excited I can't wait to have this stomach chopped off.

After surgery

So I feel very groggy from meds I got to the recovery house around 5/6. I remember calling my husband to let him know I came out doing ok the can feel that everything is tight and I felt very dehydrated

Day 3 post op

I learned that laying flat as much as I can has helped me when I stand up. The muscle relaxer is my friend because it helps that muscle tension go away to properly be up right. Tomorrow is my follow up and I hope to get my compression garment like my friends did. I'm happy with my results thus far and can't wait to stand straight up and down to really get a Good look. I feel like my stomach looks sucked in. But that happens when hunched over.

Day 5 post op

Walking around and resting, I get my compression garment on Monday. Today is the last time I have to put Neosporin around my Areolas and place gauze before using my post op bra. I fly home on Monday and chances are I will still have my drains with me. I have no pain except when I cough, I forgot to ask when can my staples come out.

Day 6

Day 8

Got my compression garment today and got to talk to the Dr. Everything is looking great, implants are a little high so I have to wear a band for pushing them down. Drains got taken out since I went more than 2 days under 25cc of fluid. Check your fluid for a full 24 hours when you see that you are not draining as much. The staff at the surgery center was amazing with me and they helped so much!! My garment is an xl for now and in two weeks I need to get a medium. Headed back home to my family where I can recover for a few more days and Friday I can go back to work. Super excited!!!

My recovery home review

I stayed at Dolls Recovery Getaway and I had the best experience ever, the staff was great sandy, rush, Merilynn (owner), Trudy, and Mary joe were all amazing they all took shifts, they have a chart of what medications to give and when to give them, the didn't push pain medicine unless you asked for it, they helped with showering and changing bandages, cooked 3 meals a day and even made extra food if you weren't feeling full. Took care of appointments and transportation for you to get there. As I was leaving out they were interviewing for more staff. I stayed there for 11 days and they even did pick up and drop off from airport.


Today was the first time I try anything on as far as appearance. I had this little blue dress that I have been wanting to wear with no shame of my stomach and good God Dr Salama did his craft of making me so happy. Hubby is in love with his new toys and he's loving the newfound hourglass (I already had it) the stomach was what took it away.

Laundry list for surgery

So after surgery I only needed to have spaghetti strap shirts for under compression garment (make sure they don't have ribs and are smooth)

2-3 panties for when on menses
Dial soap for body
Hibicleanse pre surgery
Arnica pills
Sports bra 1-2 sizes larger or close to desired cup size that zips in front
Compression socks
Pee ez to prevent squatting on toilet and using your abdominal muscles
Sweat pants (1-2)for going home and getting outdoors at day 5 I got my hair colored it was a nice break from inside the recovery home
T shirt (1-3) for going home and getting outdoors

I had packed way too much stuff that could have stayed home. The recovery house provided much of the other items needed. Of course take your personal toiletries and a good pair of flip flops for flight to make it smoother through airport.
Also, post surgery request wheelchair access to the airplane and from the airplane they will take you all the way to baggage claim.

The compression garment doesn't need panties to be worn underneath so you will wear your garment most of the time and use your pee ez.

1st day back to work

Friday was my first day back at work. It felt good to be back at work. I moved at my own pace and I wasn't stressed and everybody was great at work.

I went home relaxed and the 2nd day was very different. I felt a little sore on my right glute, no clue why. Went to work feeling fine until I randomly got a headache, felt nauseated, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I had to take all of my compression foam off and loosen my garment. I went home and relaxed and slept all day.

Today day 3 of work, I felt great and it's important to make sure I hydrate.

15 days post op

Switched over to the brown tape and my incisions are looking great, photo is 8days post op

Had my first set of massages today and it was light and nice compared to stories I have heard. I learned that you can massage your scars to help them heal nicely and minimize it.

16 days post op

Tried on my regular jeans today and they finally fit. I have on my compression garment underneath without the foam to see where I was with being swollen. I have my post op bra on underneath as well since I have to wait up to 3 months to wear a bra with wire. On the other hand who needs wire when they are already perky. Lol

My thighs fit nicely in the jeans, I tried on my older jeans that are a true religion brand and my thighs fit them I currently have a big ass apparently. So more time will tell if I loose any weight.


Monday I start wearing my new compression garment. I ordered fajas maria E, amazon says something different but it was the one that had the bra snap front. I plan on trying it on tonight as I just got it in the mail today. I also ordered a lipo board to help my small pooch go down, ( stomach is flat as a board) the lipo board is very stiff and I'm not sure about wearing it at work. I will wear it at night mostly and days I'm at home.

Today I am officially standing straight, sneezing and coughing still hurt like hell. I can reach above my head. Hips measure 41, I'll measure my waist tonight.

Day 20

Ok waist today measured 30". Last week I was 31 and some ugly time before surgery with my excess skin I was over or at 35". I'm extremely proud of the accomplishment of where I'm at today. Love my new compression garment. It's super snug has multiple clasps for when you get more small and it has a thing looking clasp to make going to the bathroom easier. I don't have enough room to add my foam but starting tomorrow I can go without foam per my PS. But since I want to see how well I can do at work with the new compression garment I will experiment with it today. The shoulder straps have a padded area that's adjustable for comfort. Needed more compression around my thighs and now I've got it. My other garment was slightly loose. My weight loss really hasn't done much, I'm loosing more inches at the moment than anything else so all in due time until I can work out again.

Happy healing!!


Day 24

Little swelling today, I have sutures that I need to have taken out in my belly button. Thanks to another review I asked about them and I should have them removed.

Breasts and tape

So I still have unhealed wounds, not sure why or what's going on but I sent my doc pics and I'm waiting. However at physical therapy we have switched me from paper tape to this tape. It helps lift the skin to let the lymphthatic system drain and helps the scar tissue at the same time. More to come soon

New tape

Here's a pic of the new tape on its very comfortable and I just have to dry it with the blow dryer. Lasts up to two weeks I think.


So few days later of adding my cream and showing you guys the start of my issues I have sutures pushing through.

Bras post op

I had a question about type of bra to purchase. I bought open front zipper bras from Walmart super cheap. I went two sizes up from my presize and all sports bras offer compression to a certain extent. I paid roughly 20 bucks per bra I can't remember, I'm cheap so these were Way cheaper than Victoria secret which I wasn't impressed with their zipper bras and my favorite brand under armour didn't have anything that opens in the front, and I got colors that could be washed a thousand times I only bought 3. They have inserts in them to conceal the nipples, I took those out because I had gauze on my nipples after surgery. Now that I'm working I have them in to feel comfortable at work.

Day 31 (4 weeks)

My scars are healing very nicely, I started laser therapy to continue to help with the scarring. It doesn't hurt and I still get my massages. I also started my silicone strips, it's suppose to heal with the scar appearance and reduce it in addition to what I am already having done. My holes under the breast are still there I let them
Air dry at night to help a scab form and it's looking a lot better I don't have a pic for it.

Happy healing everybody!!

5 1/2 weeks post op

Sunday I can start working out. Will start with cardio and legs since I can't do any abdominal until week 8.

6 1/2 weeks post op

Last post for a while, but wanted to share. My scars are practically invisible on my breast, the wounds are healing and almost non existent, you can tell where the area is. My biggest scar is not raised it's nice and flat and healing nicely. I continue to massage and make sure to break up scar tissue daily. It feels like I'm popping bubble wrap when there's scar tissue popping lol. I'm in love with the way my undergarments fit with no blubber over the front of my panties. I still wear foam on my front feels more comfortable for me since I do a lot of walking.

Shy of 9 weeks

Shy of 9 weeks

Comparison to where I started

Here's a snapshot of where I started and where I am now.

4 months post op

Healing has been wonderful, I still wear my compression garment with the foam on the upper portion of my tummy to flatten the top part. Not sure why it still pokes out, I haven't started extreme work outs since it's still very tight on my stomach so just stretches and seeing an osteopathic doctor for my back to realign everything

Finally weight loss

So I have had a flat tummy since surgery but there was this sitting poofy spot at the very top that the doc said he could fix with lipo. I was a little upset that he even said I had to pay to get it fixed when it should of happened the first time. Since ten I have been on a journey to get rid of it myself with proper dieting and exercise until I finally found vitamins to take. So far I have lost two inches.
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