Deposit Sent off Today! - Aventura, FL

Just sent off my deposit to Dr.Salama's office for...

Just sent off my deposit to Dr.Salama's office for my mommy makeover - TT, BL, & Implant Exchange (currently have 900cc mod+ Saline w/ Benelli Lift and looking to downsize to a more neutral size implant with lollipop/anchor lift) as well as BBL. I will be having my MMO in March of 2017 and BBL in July of 2017. I am currently 22 weeks into my second pregnancy and due this mid Sept of 2016, so will have a solid 5 months to loose as much baby weight as I can before my first surgery! My wedding is Nov of 2017 so should have enough time for my last surgery (BBL) to drop and fluff! Just wanting to start/share my journey!

Pre Pregnancy Photos (before)

Here are some of my photo's rite before I found out I was pregnant for the second time!


I've been thinking a lot about my surgeries I have booked next year and am starting to feel really guilty about leaving my daughter who will be 2.5 and my newest who will only be 5 months, for almost 2 weeks each time I fly to Florida. Is there any other mamma's who have left there baby with family for that long of time? I will be leavin them with their daddy my first trip and gramma the second. But I'm wondering if an almost 2 week period away from them especially the new baby, will stress her out? I really want these surgeries, and I am going to go forward with it, have sent off deposits, just feeling a little guilty and maybe selfish :(

"cellsaver" by Haemonetics with Dr Salama???

Nancy just informed me of this extra precaution service Dr Salama offers during a BBL procedure for an additional cost. Have any of you ladies used it? I am seriously considering it and would like to hear others experiences!

Flights Booked! Where should we stay?!

Have officially booked my flights for my first SX date on March 13th,2017! Mommy Makeover - TT with implant downsize and switch to silicone, as well as lift (I'm assuming at least lollipop!) So excited! It is happening! Just looking around for hotels, and condos on airbnb. Does anybody have any great recommendations for our stay?! Don't want to spend an arm and a leg at a hotel, but also don't want to end up in a dump on airbnb! Any referrals would be greatly appreciated! I'm bringing my mom with me to take care of me during my stay!

5 more months!

March can't come soon enough! I had my second daughter 3 weeks ago and cannot wait to get my body back! I started my diet (Ideal Protein) last week and am down 10lbs since starting the diet and 30 total since my daughter was born. I'm trying my hardest to loose 60+lbs by then and I think it's totally achievable with this diet. I did the same diet after my first daughter was born and had great success in loosing a large amount of weight in a short period of time, similar to what I'm looking to loose this time. I'm so ready to get my body back and get my boobs re-done. I've never really been happy with my boobs since my first augmentation so they are what I'm most nervous about. I just want nice perky boobs and to be able to feel confident while bra less and naked in the mirror and in front of my fiancé.


Air BNB booked ?? flights booked ?? March can't come soon enough ????????

Exactly 13 weeks!

I can barely wait! 13 more weeks until my first surgery with dr Salama. I gave birth to my second daughter 12.5 weeks ago, and am down 60lbs of the 80-90 I gained this time when i was pregnant. I know I know, it's a ridiculous amount but it happened the first time too and u lost it all that time as well! I guess my body just packs on pounds when pregnant. Anyways my goal is to loose at least another 30 by my surgery date march 13. Here are some photos of where I'm at 222lbs yikes. My plan is to loose 30 and then after mommy makeover loose about 15 so there is enough there for my bbl, I've been told we should be 15-20 lbs over our goal weight so that will work perfectly for me!

Current Weight 216

Currently weighing 216lbs. Have lost about 66/67 in the last 13 weeks and am 15 weeks post partum from second baby. Have been directed by The girls at the office to start taking vitamin c and iron but a little unclear (on my part because it's measured differently in Canada from what the pharmacist told me) on how much iron so just waiting to hear
Back from Nomie. I have only ever emailed with Nomie and Nancy and spoke with Nancy on the phone when I booked in way back last May. Both seem very nice and don't make me feel annoying with my emails lol so that's nice haha. I can't wait to meet Dr Salama and staff. I'm hoping he can snatch my waist. I don't know if it's even possible because I'm so square and boxy but praying he can work some magic on me! I'm really not going in with any expectations and am not set on any wish pics. I'm just hoping for an hour glass shape or curves and am really just going to leave it in his hands and let him do his thing. I don't know how much curve I'll get with my MMO in 10 weeks, I'm thinking the shaping will come into play with my BBL procedure booked with him in July :) My biggest hope is that he can make my boobs perky. I've always hated them. Anyway here's a pic of my mom belly while sitting, my belly button is sad and frowning....yikes.


Ughhh I'm so annoyed! I haven't been on birth control in years. I decided to start it JUST incase with surgery so close but planned to stop 2 weeks before surgery. Anyway I'm half way through my pack (10days)and I full on just got my period. I know it's related to my low calorie/low carb diet. So I'm just like fuck it. Stopping my birth control and will just be VERY careful. I hope this doesn't mess with my weighloss, I'm trying to loose at least 20lbs in the next 9.5 weeks! Damnit.

48 Days!

Only 48 more days until my MMO surgery! Can barely wait! Trying to loose 15-20 more lbs in that time!

Some old pics of my implants before kids

Just found some old pics of my implants before kids. They're just ridiculous lol they seriously look bigger in real life. I hate them. After kids they look like giant rocks in socks, it's awful. lol

Weight loss for MMO surgery

Some pictures of my weight loss. I'm down 78lbs from my pregnancy weight. I'm 5'7 and weighing 204lbs in these pics.
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