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When we found out we were expecting our 4th child...

When we found out we were expecting our 4th child I told my husband I deserved a Mommy Makeover. He agreed and so here we are. I research docs and found Dr. Salama and fell in love with his work! My Surgery was on 1/25/16. Tummy tuck w/ muscle repair, breast lift with Augmentation. I'm still healing

Better late than never

So as you can tell, I'm posting late. Well technically 22 days after my surgery. I wanted to be able to blog on this experience day by day but I just kept putting it off. So here we are 22 days later. I didn't want to be a reviewer that just posted the bland review with no pics b/c we all know what we want to see are the actual results so I finally decided that I owe all my Realself er my personal review.
As I stated b/f I went out of state to have this surgery. After reading review after review I narrowed my search down to Dr. Salama. I loved his breast work and how he snatched that waist in, creating curves that weren't there before.
If I remember correctly I contacted his office in September 2015 for an online consultation. I called and spoke with Nancy, a truly sweet person who talked me through what I wanted and what Dr. Salama recommended. She gave me pricing and assisted me with scheduling. I was offered a date in October but couldn't take it due to work. Jan 2016 worked out better for us all. I say that b/c my sister actually scheduled surgery with another doctor in Miami for a completely different procedure. I was sent my pre op check list and promptly scheduled my medical clearance appt for the end of November. Got all my labs done- I was cleared by my Primary doc and my Cardiologist!! By the beginning of January I payed off my balance; picked up all my Rx's and was ready to go to Miami.
Then the Blizzard showed it's ugly head!!! Lucky my BFF (who was scheduled for surgery the day after me with Salama) got super anxious about the storm. So instead of coming to Miami the day before surgery (basically during the 3ft snow fall) we booked flights to arrive the day before the snow was to come! Thank goodness b/c everything flying out of the DMV area was CANCELLED! So we were able to see some sites and relax before surgery win/win. My sister and I had booked a stay at AR recovery house for 10 days. Btw they were wonderful!! Rosemary and Carmen were the best caregivers you could ask for!! They took care of us like we were their own family! If I ever decided to come back for surgery again I wouldn't hesitate calling them.
Surgery was Monday Jan 25 at 7:30am, I think I was back at the recovery house at 1pm. My sister arrived a little later and the rest of that week was a blur of pain, pain meds and walking,lots of walking. I had post op the day after surgery and on post op day 9 the day b/f we left. I was put in a whit binder and post op bra after surgery and changed to my 2nd stage garment a faja with lipo foams on day 9. Apparently that faja was rubbing me the wrong way(left bad reddened/blistered area on Mt stomach above my BB and on my side, so I had to find a better one. So now at 22 days later, I'm back at work. 2st day back today. Nothing hard or strenuous. Sit down, computer work and giving shots. Yeah I'm a nurse. Today has been fine. I'm trying to walk around often. So I'll try to post my pictures up until now.

24 days Post op

So far I'm still really happy with my results. But I have a couple of questions for my PS. First I want to know if I can stop wearing this death strap.. oh I mean breath strap. I've been wearing it fo 23 hours out of the day. See I'm one of those people, if my doc tells me to do something, I try to follow orders to the tee. But now this strap is literally trying to kill me. (I wake in the night gasping for air. Lol) Also I want to know what to do about this weird painful cord/tendon that I feel under my left arm down my arm to the middle of my upper arm. It hurts to raise my left arm above my head. Any thing above 90 degree angle pulls. So of course, I sent an email to my PS's patient coordinator to see if he can look at my pics and give me some insite, instruction, idea of what I should be doing. I sent it yesterday so I'm awaiting a response. I'll post the pics I sent him. Other than these 2 things I'm good. Still sore, wearing my faja religiously (23 hrs a day) only off to shower, and washing it, at the same time. Today is my 3rd day back at work. The first day put me on my butt when I got home. Had to take a pain pill, muscle relaxant and I passed out. I woke up only once in the night. (Unusual for me).
Oh and I almost forgot. My PS taught me my massages. For any of you with a BL with implants how long after surgery and how often do you do your massages. My incisions look really good so I've been doing the massages about 4-5 times a day.
Idk if I stated this but I got 550cc Left and 550cc Right High profile Silicone. I told my PS I didn't want to be top heavy, a full C or small D cup. I'm 5ft 5 1/2 in tall and weighed 156lbs.
That's enough of my rambling!
Have a great day Realselfers!

Playing dress up

So while taking my shower yesterday I decided to play a little dress up. Really what I wanted to see is if I could fit my low panties without my TT scar showing and I'm glad to say I won't be getting rid of any of my old panties even my supper super low panties that I really stopped wearing after my 2nd child. Being the pack rat that I proudly am. I held on to them and now I'm so glad I did! And so is my hubby. You should have seen his big ole grin when he caught me trying them on. Lol. I also tried o. Some old swimsuits. I'm still very happy with my results! Thank you Dr. Salama!!!!!

Still healing

Everything is going well. My TT scar is healing nicely. I've been working on my BB with packing it with gauze/cotton ball/marble. I started using a Shea butter/coconut oil/Jojoba oil on my TT/BB and stomach. I like using Aquaphor on my breast b/c they still have sutures in the incisions. I was able to get my sutures out of my BB but I can't see under boobs to remove those suture. And no I don't trust my husband doing this. Lol. My step mom is a nurse and as soon as we can get together she will be removing them. Hopefully soon. There are about 6 left. Other than that I'm good. I walking 100% straight since last week and I'm getting my strength back as well. I plan on going back to the gym next week for some cardio/dancing. I'll let yall know how that goes. Also I plan on taking some more pics soon.

This weekend was my first weekend out with the my girls and we had a ball. I'm so excited to buy new clothes because EVERYTHING looks so good on me now! But after paying for this I need to wait a little. Gotta save up? but this summer is going to be amazing. My confidence is back! My hubby is all hands and eyes on me all the time! TMI I know!!! But it's true and I love it! Until next time Real selfers.....

Time is flying. ..

I was able to see my step mom a couple weeks ago and she removed the last of my sutures. So much better being suture free! She looked at all of my incisions and told me, what I already know... Dr. Salama did the DAMN thing! I'm still soooo happy! No regrets.

My sister and I started back working out and I'm so amazes at how my workout clothes fit me. I have curves where there weren't any. Working out was the best thing for me as I had some trapped gas in my chest for a couple of weeks that was bothering me and at first I felt like it was going to be a problem while working out, but I pushed though and to my amazement it's gone and hasn't returned. My workout is cardio dancing like Zumba and I was surprisingly able to make it through the whole hour. We haven't been back since but that's only b/c work has gotten crazy and I've been too tired with work and family to make it back. But I'll get back on track!

Fajas, scars and more...

Seems like when I would read about others journey I would hear about the dreaded garment/faja. Right after surgery I was in a white abdominal velcro binder for 9 days and at my last visit with my PS the nurse squeezed me into the tightest garment/faja I had ever been in. My sister was in a nice Diane faja straight outta post op and I wanted to be in one too. Now fast forward 2 months. This garment thing is killing me! Lol. Swell hell is real and its better to stay in my garment. I got a Just Faja from my PS that really didn't fit at first. So I got the same diane faja that has a side zipper and it was wonderful. My sister and I had alway been about the same size and now I'm smaller than her so I wore a large and she wore an XL. A week later I found I could wear the original garment my PS provided and that helped so I could always have a clean garment. My sister then bought us new garments in search of a black comfortable one and I ended up with 2 new garment as my sister didn't like hers. It apparently was a post partum garment not working for her putting to much pressure on her butt. Then last week she order a squeem like corset that in the beginning was really nice but by the end of the day is digging into our upper ribs and thighs. So last night I tried on my sisters new garment she got from her massage place and it is a Medium and it's a little big on me so I ordered the same one in a small. So ladies let's hope I can get in it. I'll let you know. Also last night I changed all my tapes and took new pics!!! My husband came in and was complimenting me on how hot I looked and he said my tummy tuck scar looks like it is going to fade really nicely. He said it's not as noticable. And I haven't even used any scar therapy yet. (Hoping to start scar therapy soon). Tummy tuck scar is flat and smooth on the sides and a little more noticable at the middle. My breast scars are mostly flat, raised more so at the intersection of scars and on the horizontal scar. But who sees that. You will, my hubby and me. That's who. Lol. I got bra measured and they said I'm a 38D that was 3 weeks ago and I measured myself using an online bra calculator tool and it says I'm a 34F. I'm so confused. So this weekend I'm going to Vickie's Secret to get remeased and try on some bras. I'm so excited! So more pics to come then. But check out these from last night.

Sorry I've been away...

So I know I did the unthinkable I've been away too long. I was always following someone else and wondered why they fell off and know I know. Life goes on. Lol. I wanted to come back and post some more recent pics for my Realselfers to see. Things are still going well. No problems. I love my boobs but sometime I wish they were a little smaller. See I'm already broad chested with wide shoulders and in some clothing I feel Iike my boobs are huge. But my friends and family say they fit my frame. So I'm going to just have to get used to them.my left (the bigger one) is a tad higher than the right but they say the boobs are sisters not twins,so i gotta get used to that too. My TT is amazing. Im flat and I love,love, love it. I love my shape now, in and out of clothes. I still swell in the evening as you can tell in these pics and I do notice that if I eat to much my upper abdomen pudges out so I've started to watch my diet harder and hit the gym harder as well. I didn't pay all this money to revert back. Lol. And if you remember my sister got a bbl and now I'm so wanting to get one too. Her shape is everything!! Maybe oh maybe. Lol.

A couple more pics

I played with a pic app and put together a before and various after. I have to say it's the best thing to do to see how your results have progesterone. I love it! I have also been shopping like crazy because I love how clothes fit now. Amazing!! I'm so glad I went to Dr. Salama for my Mommy makeover!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is straight and to the point. But I like that being a person who works in the Healthcare field. He was thorough with explaination of what he would do and all the possible outcomes (i.e. breast asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation ) I'man out of town patient. I flew in a few days before surgery and stayed for the suggested 10 days after. My results are wonderful compared to what I had before. My waist is tiny, stomach is mostly flat (normal swell hell), my breasts are a little bigger than I expected but I still love them, they fit me. The Breast lift scars are very thin and I think will fade nicely over time. I did get to see Dr. Salama twice after surgery and he was to the point/thorough with what I should and shouldn't be doing. I would highly recommend him to others, in fact I already did recommend him to my best friend who had surgery the day after I did. Those are the pros... now for the cons... If you require hand holding (especially from staff) this is not for you, no warm fuzzy hugs... no one called, texted or emailed me to find out if I was ok. Now do understand this is not a problem for me but I know others need this. All in all Dr. Salama's work speaks for itself. If you are looking for a beautiful mommy makeover, small waist,flat tummy, perky breasts, he's the one, and I'd choose him again & again.

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