Mommy Makeover - 2 kids & over 100lb weightloss

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I've been wanting to do this for awhile now just...

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now just got confident enough to go forward recently. After 2 kids and 130lbs in weight loss my body is horrible. Im scheduled for Dec 16 with Dr Salama ... I started with 8-10 PS in Miami inquiring only based upon their photo gallery of work not price... I spoke with Nancy at Dr. Salama office she was the 2nd person I spoke with as I started my search for the perfect PS. Let me just say not once did I talk to someone that was as caring, informative, or nice as Nancy. Everyone else I spoke to treated me as I was bothering them especially if I had questions that seemed "dumb" to them. I figured if they treated me like that inquiring bc I'm not local how would they be during the surgery process. So I finally decided to take the 4 hour drive and meet Dr. Salama myself. I was about 45 mins late for my appointment but was still seen within a reasonable wait time. When Dr Salama came in he was not rushing and answered all my questions I had. I'm excited to get this procedure. I'm getting Breast Lift with implants, TT, lipo on flanks & backroll. My second procedure will be a thigh lift.. I'm preparing everything now so I have nothing to do as holidays get crazy. Any advice for garments?

9 days to go

Now that the surgery come close im sick. It's freaking me out. I have a sore/ dry throat stuffy nose and my ears ring. Based upon research and the paperwork I was sent I started myself on sudafed & honey for my throat. I pray this doesn't postpone my surgery. I live in Florida with not much of a winter so when a cold front comes through I get sick. Any suggestions of what to do to help kick it? I'm not finding much of dolls getting sick before surgery.

surgery is complete

I got my TT & breast lift with implants & lipo done yesterday. I was very nervous about everything. As Dr Salama marked me up he explained everything to be expected. He was very straight forward which I liked. Then the anesthesiologist came in and I was calmed between the 2 of them. My results of what I can see is only 1 day after and I'm already in love with them. I will say the pain is real. I Can't wait to see when the swelling goes down.

more post op pictures

I'm extremely swollen today being day 2 my chest feels like bricks sitting on it. I hope this goes away soon. The pain from being really swollen is worst than the incision pain or the drain burning. Anyone have advice on how to reduce swelling? I'm keeping elevated & drinking as much water as I can handle.


day 4 post op

Each day seems to get worse. The swelling is really bad and painful. My upper thighs are very swollen and hard when you touch them. Super hard to get around. I called the Dr as i was concerned but he said it's normal. My stomach, boobs, & back are numb and tingling feeling but that's all normal too.
Im hoping once I get into the compression garment and out of this binder my swelling will subside. If I had no swelling recovery would be so much easier.

day 5 photos

I feel such relief with my swelling. I ate a bunch of pineapple & oranges yesterday & upped my water intake. Today being day 6 I feel a lot better swelling. My complaint now is the numbness & tingling in my back & stomach. Its all normal but I have to complain about something haha. Everyday I fall more in love with my results. Now im considering doing a thigh lift next

day 13

There is light at the end of the tunnel! got my garment last week. I was in pain thinking it would never end. Day 8 1 drain out day 10 last one out. Super easy to remove I did it myself. Day 11 I've been pain free since. The garment with lipofoam is very uncomfortable. I think they should of have paperwork what to expect or if certain things arrise to be a concern. I've never been through this so any little thing I freak out over not knowing what to expect. I freaked out bc they said wear lipofoam in the garment so it won't leave any creases or lines bc creases & lines is not good & the lipofoam is leaving both lol. I feel like I've called their office with so many questions I kind of don't want to call anymore. All in all recovery has been good no problems that were not normal. I will feel 100% once I can stand straight. Im hoping the area below my belly button tightens up when I do.

6 weeks post op

I've made very good progress in healing no complications. Still a little sore but im just at 6 weeks. My scars are turning out nicely & I haven't even started scar treatment yet. I have dropped 2 pant sizes & couple pounds below my pre op weight.

At about 3 weeks I had a rip on the high tension area of one of my breast from the lift. Its very common although I was scared the implant was exposed. Everything turned out ok I followed Dr instructions. I also thought I had a "seroma" Dr. Salama had come in the office on one of his days off just to see me. Dr. went above & beyond by doing that for me! Turned out I was ok & it was just swelling.

My results so far are amazing. I do wish I was more curvy so I am planning to do more lipo for body sculpting. Dr could only do so much lipo as the state restrictions so its not his fault. My boob size is perfect. I was VERY worried about what the size outcome would be. When i did consultation I never got to 'try on' any sizers or anything only told Dr. I wanted to be a full C. It made me VERY nervous not knowing or being able to show him. Then when I went for surgery i told the Dr I wanted to be a D & not a C. He told me full D is pretty big. I then said ohhh hell no I don't want to be very big. I explained to him I just wanted them to fit my body & did not want to be top heavy. Well he did the size just what I had imagined. It was shock at first but I love them! haven't dropped & fluffed fully but the size is perfect!

The communication from the staff since surgery I would rate a 4 out of 10. They are all very nice sweet ladies but not on the same page. I had asked questions couple different times & got different answers everytime. Dr Salama I would rate a 10 out of a 10. I would highly recommend Dr. Salama. He's a very talented Dr. I will be getting more surgery done by him in the future.

8 weeks post op

These are updated photos. It seems my one breast is dropping although I gave up on it. Ive gained about 7-10lbs which I love as it's my thighs & butt. I was considerng a bbl but couldn't justify the pain it looks so I decided weight gain is better lol!

Im planning to see Dr Salama in a couple weeks for check up & consultation. I've decided I want thigh lift along with lipo on chin, lower back, & abdominal.

When I did my surgery I had 3 wks off work that was in addition to my vacation days ( i use vacation for travel to carribbean) my work is now only allowing my vacation days & that's it. So basically depending on what Dr says I might consider traveling abroad BC if I have to use my vacation days I want a damn vacation! Hopefully Dr says I can get surgery & fly for vacation next day. Yes I'm nuts lol! I will update how my consultation goes
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