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Hello all, so since having kids my body went to...

Hello all, so since having kids my body went to hell. I have no butt left after losing and gaining weight and my belly is atrocious. Tomorrow i have a consultation with Dr. Salama staff, to schedule my BBL and TT hopefully for august just because he is booked until then. If you want to switch dates im the girls to talk to haha because i want it as soon as possible. tomorrow i will update with actual date.

So I went for my consult today and even though the...

So I went for my consult today and even though the dr wasnt there i was told that of i wanted projection i had to do my BBL separate from my TT because if i have them together they are allowed to take only 1 liter of fat and i i have te BBL by itself they can take out 4 liters. So i think the TT will have to wait a little more. So im scheduled for august 13th.. Im so happy and excited!!! Cant wait ! I hope this summer goes by fast and at least i wont have to wear the garment thru the summer months... Any advice is welcomed. In the pictures i posted i weight 180 pounds and my height is 5'2. I just had a baby 5 months ago and still lots of weight to drop. Im planning on getting around the 160s and any advice is welcomed

A year later

Hi peeps, so last year I couldn't have my surgery bc I found out I was pregnant 3 days before the surgery. So I went ahead and rescheduled for this upcoming October. I moved up my dates to sept 24 and now there's only 3 days to go and went up around 20 pounds from last year!! :( not happy about that ...

1 day po

So here I am typing this laying down... So much to say! So yesterday I got to my surgery late bc of stupid traffic at I-95. The surgery was at 7:30 am but I got the at 8:00 am... As soon as I got there the nurse made me pee in a cup and change into a paper robe. Then I went to see the dr and the anesthesilogist.. Both of them really nice and proffesional, dr Salama said that I had way over too much fat and that he wasn't going to be able to remove it all.. Oh well I though as long as I have a big ass... But he did shape me really good and I have a flat stomach with a huge ass lol I woke up in a ill pain but it's not as bad as ppl say at least for me!!! I started wearing a girdle to get used to it and now I'm grateful that I did bc if you are not used to wearing one believe me it will add to your uncomfortableness... Hubby picked me up and I've been laying in bed since yesterday getting up to pee and walk around. Getting up it a pain!!! I get super nauseous and really tired ( sweating and the whole nine yards but I got to do it) also I eat religiously since that vital to recovery and not being nauseous. Before I drink my pain med I make sure to eat before even if it's a youfurt or jello. And I got 1300 cc per side

Shout out to cocacola1

I had the pleasure of meeting for less than 5 min coca cola1... Answered my questions and have me encouragement .. Thank you girl

Crappy pic

Waiting for my shower tonight or tomorrow lol for detailed pics but here are a couple ...

1 week post op..

Hi ladies, today marks one week since my surgery. I still have my drains in. Yesterday was my second massage and fortunately it wasn't as bad as the first one but still pretty uncomfortable. I was really constipated this morning and hubby went to buy me a suppository and milk of magnesia... It was a pain!!! :0 I'm only taking the pain meds to sleep cause otherwise I can't rest.. Here's a pic I took today

10 days PO

Hello dolls,
It's been 10 days since surgery and even though the first week went by super slow this second week is flying back. My hubby goes back to work today and i am so humbled and grateful to him for having helped me and literally been with me through thick and thin. This experience has def brought us closer and the booty too hahahaha. He loves it. I'm only drinking pain meds to sleep since I get really anxious bc I can't sit or sleep on my butt but I'm trying to cut back. My compression garment is driving me nuts!!! But I know I need to wear it as long as possible .. In the belly area is not as uncomfortable as in the crotch area and the butt ughhh thank god I didn't get swollen down there like other ladies did but I'm ready for my squeem or corset. Everyday I feel like u can do a little more and feel more normal. Sorry ladies but I'm not a picture girl.. I barely take pics and when I do I put them here lol I'm trying to capture more for you guys but it's hard when I don't have anybody to take them (hubby hates taking pics so I don't ask) lol any question or concern don't hesitate to ask. Have a great afternoon

7 month update

Hi ladies.. Everything is great.. I am in love with my butt and everybody stares :)

Pics 1year and 3 months

More pics

More pics

Getting my TT soon

Hello I'm thinking of getting a TT soon like within the next 3 months but don't know anything for sure yet as soon as I do I will update here but trying to lose some weight since I've gained like 20 pounds :/
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