Awaiting my BBL with Elite Plastic Surgery's Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

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I went in for my initial consultation with Dr...

I went in for my initial consultation with Dr Salama last week. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I got a consult and I was so impressed with their patient coordinator, Nancy, that I decided to book with them today! I really just went in with the mindset to see what the person examining me thought about me. And then I possibly was going to book elsewhere. Nancy just valued my time, was very nice, reassuring , caring and she always responds to emails and calls!!! So I feel veey confident in them. They have awesome reviews too! So we shall see!

Pre-op with Salama

So I did my pre-op with Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami area. It was nice. I had my daughter with me again as I did in the consultation. I met with the Nurse Nomie. I think I did payment with Kayla...i am not sure but whomever she was was pleasant. I definitely picked the right people to help me change my appearance. I have NO complaints! I am actually very pleased! So I added on lipo to my arms and that I will be ataying with their recovery house as well. I had been debating on whether to get a hotel ans have my mom care for me. But 1st of all, I have only told a few friends and 2nd of all, my mom is a nurse but has never even been around someone who had elective surgery lol. So it is best to stay with people whk are use to this. I want to heal properly and get the right care. Plus I dont want to traumayize my mom and daughter. So I'm gonna hit a Kim K and got on a "vacation". And just come back BANGIN'!

Sx date 3 days away!!!

Alright yall! I got a call friday saying they had to move my sx from thursday to friday. But the customer service is RIGHT, trust me! I disnt make a big deal about it. Luckily i was staying with them and not anyone else, so it didn't pose a problem for me. Then there was a discrepancy about my lipo not being on my papers...but I emailed Nomie and that was taken care of. Because I was sweating it. But day in and day out, the customer service had been amazing. I love them. From the patient coordinator Nancy, to Jensenia, Dr.Salama, Kayla,Nomie and whomever I have missed, they all offered up a smile, a listening ear, kind and encouraging words, a true sense of calm and a sense of peaceful that I have appreciated. And believe it or not I am sooo calm and relaxed about all of this! I think that may just be my way of coping with things,idk. Sometimes when I am pissed off, im quiet..and maybe when I get nervous I become peaceful...idk!

Surgery today!!!

Feeling kind of in shock. Wondering what im doing with my life at this point. I guess because Idk what im gettig myself into. Haven't felt like this since I got preggo in college. The feeling of not knowing what to expect, unsure of the unknown. However I have chosen a great team. I am sure of that. See u all on the other side!! I may make one more post when i get marked up and ready for the operation.

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