26 Years Old. Mother of 1. In Need of Rear End Curves. - Aventura, FL

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Hello Curve Lovers, Here is a little on my...

Hello Curve Lovers,

Here is a little on my surgery background. After 1 child. I got breast augmentation. The next year I got a tummy tuck. This year I got butt Implants. Prior to considering implants I was aggressively wight lifting and working out for over 1 year. I would see progress but it would evaporate if I did not maintain my routine. It was taking a long time and I felt like I was aging out. Then I wanted to try steroids through my butt and focus on that muscle group. Since all these body builders had amazing rear ends. I did not try that method, but I would still like to know if that method work.

I have been scanning the internet for information on butt implants. I was worried because I would be sitting on them. I was not able to lay on my boobs with out pressure for 2 years. Now I can lay on them but I don't want to mess them up so I give them cushion space. I liked how the results for fat transfer looked, but I did not have that kind of volume. My ideal surgery for butt implants with lipo. Was to have the biggest implant my muscle could close with 1400cc-1800cc of fat in each cheek and 600cc in both hips. The reason for the high numbers is because after working out I noticed that my boobs were basically gone and what was left was the implant. I wanted to leave lots of room for re-absorption.

My initial Consultation was Dr Jimmerson. I paid the 50$ to have a phone consultation. The day of the phone call it was not at the scheduled time and I had to phone back several times. They said they would contact me when they were free. Later during the day they phoned. Unfortunately I was working and had to prematurely end the consultation. I asked them to phone me back the next day. I did not receive a call. I called to see when I could resume. I was told they would call me back when some one could. I never did get that call. I was going to choose Dr. Jimmerson because of his fat grafting - it looked great. The down side as everyone is finding out is that he is expensive and a surgery day is long in the future. This did not work for me.

I wanted a butt for the summer. I started looking for reviews on other doctors work. At the time there were not many written reviews. The next questions was the type of implant. Did I want to stay in the US or go to mexico. Truthfully I did not know if the FDA and non FDA approved implants made a difference. I was looking for pictures of work that had been done. I came across one review on Dr. Salama. After seeing her results I was impressed and that is what sold me.

I phoned for consultation, discussed what I wanted. I am 5"6 130-132lbs. To get what I wanted I needed to gain weight and was told that during the consultation. At first I discussed it with my husband and we said no to that option. After much research and discussion we changed our minds and I tried to gain some weight for lipo. Unfortunately I did not gain enough weight. My husband thought I had but that falls on deaf ears. I would have liked 20lbs. I gained maybe 5lbs.


I was told to take iron supplements prior to surgery. To not eat after 11pm the day before. During preoperative we finalized my implant size of 440 and Lipo. With Lipo it was whatever could be extracted. I felt comfortable talking and discussing the process. Dr. Salama answered all our questions. The surgery cost covered the surgery, Bobby pillow, faja. Some other reviews say they get massages, I should have asked. For writing a review you get a corset or pay $80.
Compared to the other ladies procedures it looks like I over paid.
The staff at the office were friendly and try to answer any question or request.

the surgery

Morning of surgery. I arrived at the medical center. Changed into a medical robe with compressive stockings. Then met with Dr. Salama for the markings. After markings and confirmation, the anesthesiologist came in to discuss the procedure. He led me to the operating table and I got my iv put in. Then I was out. I woke to pain and was on my tummy. I have low pain tolerance so it brought me to tears. I had two drains and two compression garments. One on tummy and one on butt. The I kneeled on the wheel chair to the car. I was to return the next day for a check up.

post op

Everything was painful. By far the most painful procedure yet. My meds were very important. Dr Salama and the nurse and staff said it is very important to drink water and Gatorade and to eat lentil or high protein foods. I didn't want to be constipated so I ate lentils = no constipation. I had protein. Shakes and bars. I had to use a cup with a hole in it to pee. Laying on my stomach sucks. I can't get any sleep. But I don't want bad results so I have to get use to it. I did regret it for the first week. But it looks great. Oops I forgot to say I got oval implants.

post op check up

I went to the surgery center and got my bandages changed. Oh I forgot to mention I leaked red fluid all over the bed sheets and towels. Other ladies say they ask for surgery pads to not have that problem. So I would ask for them.
Dr. Salama checked everything out and told me to stay hydrated and well fed.

post op

Dr. Salama and the staff told me to get massages and to walk around very often. The massages were painful. I could only sleep a couple hrs at a time. I went in for an early checkup because I noticed one of my cheeks was getting flat indents. Since it is early in the healing process, Dr. Salama suggested I massage it and if it doesn't correct it can be fixed. Other than that it looks normal. During the visit I received my faja, which was very painful to get into. Thanks to the staff for getting me into it. With the drains still in it hurt. Not fun taking it on or off. I am still monitoring my left leg to make sure it does not pinch any nerves. My right cheek looks great and feels better than the left. Perhaps m y body favors the right.

two weeks post op

I clean my drains everyday. And put polysporn on my incisions since my crack itched beyond imagine. My drains came out two days ago. That moment will be engraved in my mind forever. I waddle like a duck for now. Sleep is very broken. I could not have done this alone. I needed a caretaker. The entire time. Now I can put the fans on my self. I am also pulling in my waist. I am waiting for my drain holes to close so I can take a shower. Dr. Salama said not to get shower water in them. I am going for a check up in 3 weeks.


This is a difficult recovery. I find myself staring at people sitting down. Man I can't wait till I can do that again. I realize now how much I use to depend on it. Like they say " you don't know what you got till it is gone".

So my left leg is slower at recovery than my right. Shows how much I favor my right. The pain was bad could not even sleep. It seemed swollen. I was getting worried. So I tried a cold pack all day over my butt cheek and it help so much. It reduced the pain to 1 or none- basically it let me get sleep. I do this every time for hours when it becomes unbearable. Love looking at my back end. Lululemon pants look fkn amazing. Doing waist training and gotta trim up my thighs. Feeling better everyday.


Sorry I am 5"6 130lbs.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama was very thorough and answer all the questions that we had. We were are to see his promtly when a concern came up.

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