Part 2...BBL 4 Months After Mommy Makeover, No Implants - Aventura, FL

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Hi ladies, I am writing this review as an...

Hi ladies, I am writing this review as an extension of my previous review of my tummy tuck and breast lift. Since the BBL is a seperate surgery I decided to re-do the second review so that my review can be found when other potential surgical candidates run a BBL search here on real self. So, here we go, hope you find it helpful.....

Reposted from 5 months pre -op for mommy makeover

I wasn't supposed to be able to have children and I never really wanted them until I met my husband ..turns out I had cysts on my ovaries and couldn't conceive for many years but after a lot of prayer I found out that I was pregnant with my son After he was born I considered having my tummy tuck. I was on birth control but it failed and then I got pregnant with my daughter. My son is now 2 1/2 and my daughter is five months old. I'm ready to go for my consultation with Dr. Salama in Aventura Florida on September 10. I sometimes experience feelings of guilt and sometimes I wonder if I'm being selfish by wanting my perfectly flat stomach back, but reading all the reviews here in real self makes me feel that I shouldn't feel that way ; that I deserve to look the way that makes me feel comfortable so I made my appointment for September 10 . I'm almost 100% sure that he is the doctor for me I'm only flying out for one day so that I can get home quickly and be with my kids . I'm a little worried about how they'll be cared for when I am unable to care for them during recovery but I guess I will be flying a family member out with me to help me and also maybe have someone stay here with them to help my husband. I hope to schedule the surgery for the beginning of January 2015. Four months after the TT, I will return to Dr. Salama for BBL depending on how my profile looks after the tummy tuck.

Re-post from 1 month, 3 weeks pre op BBL

So I'm on a mission...Doc. Salama told me to try to gain 5-10 pounds so I can have enough fat to mold a nice booty. With pleasure!! Lol...I gained 4 already and I have a little over a month to go before surgery . I also paid my surgery in full so I'm happy about that! Sooo excited!!!

Re-post from just over a two weeks pre -op BBL

2 weeks, 3 days to my BBL with Salama...
29 Apr 2015 3 months post
Omg, ladies I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to get on that plane. I can't wait to see how this is going to look on me!!! I have been trying really hard to train myself to sleep on my stomach but I just can't do it ????.... Soooo I bought a twin size 10 inch foam mattress and metal support frame. I'm gonna cut out an opening for my new butt so I can sleep comfortably when I get home. I have two kids and a husband to take care of when I'm home recovering. No need to add a stiff neck and extra back pain to the mix.
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Re-post from < 2 weeks to BBL

Less than 2 weeks to BBL status....
6 May 2015 4 months post
So I received my foam mattress today. I ordered it so I can cut a hole out for my butt. I absolutely refuse to sleep on my stomach for 2 months...I'm a back sleeper all the way. Only now, it's so nice and comfy ( omg like sleeping on air) ,that I don't want to cut it. Lol. I'm still going to, but it's gonna hurt. ????


Re-post from night b4 BBL

The Night Before
17 May 2015 4 months post

Ok dolls, I go in tomorrow at 7:30 am. Just relaxing watching the music awards with one of the fantastic and hard working caregivers here, Lourdes. I'm a bundle of emotions and nerves, but I can do this. I am fierce, I am strong, I am me...with or without a butt. Let's do this. Here are the before pics I promised. As you can see, I am shapeless..See ya on the other side!

Re-post day of surgery 5/18/15

While I'm in pain, I am very grateful to GOD to be ok. I want to thank all you lovely ladies for your support. Here is one pic, more will follow.

Re-post 1 day post op

After my first shower and bandage change. Bleeding has pretty much stopped except for my arms. I guess because I'm using them so much to get in and out of bed.

Re-post 4 days post op

So, recovery brings it's ups and downs. One minute I'm so energized and the next I feel the urge to need for a's all normal due to the intense demand on the body to heal. I can't really sleep at night because sleeping on my stomach creates so much tension in my neck and back. I wake up and walk around every hour just about and I usually end up with a migraine the next day, but two excedrin work fine. At least when I get home I will have my "cut- out" mattress waiting. I miss my two children so much, and speaking to them on the phone makes me do happy that I cry. :/. Such a basket case, I know. On the up side I know it's all temporary and I love my new body. Here's more pics 4 days out. Still very very swollen in my midsection, and somewhat distorted.

5/6 days post op

Just wanted to report back to all the real self dolls that I FEEL GREAT !!! My butt is even starting to soften!!! It's so exciting! Besides some stiffness in the morning, I can't really say anything bad about this day in the recovery process. I hope all of you experience the same! New pics...

NEW POST!!!! 3 weeks and omg

Ok ladies, this garment, massage and heating pad, and foam rolling thing takes soooo much discipline. I haven't missed a beat yet but man do I want to..smh!!!! I'm wearing vedette garments because I just can't stand Lipo express material. I am also wearing arm sleeves and chin strap but I'm taking breaks on those two here and there. I wear Lipo foam all over my torso except the front, for which I use an ab board. I change the position of the foam at every garment change, depending on how I want to shape my torso and on which needs more compression due to extra swelling. I also wear a squeem vest over everything else ...started in a medium and moved down to a small this past weekend ( so roughly at 3 weeks p/o). I move slow because all the garments make me feel very stiff.
I'm not sitting at all except maybe using my bbl pillow and not every day. I'm not driving at all, which is tough. I walk everywhere I need to with my kids, which is hard because my legs, knees, feet, and ankles ache because I rarely get the chance to lay down on my belly with two young kids around. Butt softens more every day and is almost completely soft and it jiggles ..LOVING IT!!!! Broke the sex rules but my hubby took it nice and easy, me on my knees and no real contact with fat injected areas. It was awesome knowing you look sooo good from any makes you feel SO much more sexy and free!!!! My waist looks so tiny butI is still a 31", don't know why but I'm hoping to get to 28-29" with waist training.....I mean I was like over 40" waist before everything so I guess I should count my blessings! Pics soon...

6 weeks post op!!!! .

Yes ladies my eight week sentence is almost complete. That means waist clinchers only!!!!! This journey has been a strengthening and character building one. Like when I go out, which I have had to do several times, and I sit on my BBL pillow. I know people see it and are like wtf??? I learned how to brush off the stares, be proud of what I did, know that I won't always need the damn thing and all in all just say "fu, don't hate, you couldn't handle this procedure with as much grace as me, with just my smile. ;) I noticed that men get nicer and women get meaner and stupider. Like this one lady who btw had a decent body too, cut off my 7 month prego bff while she was walking with the shopping cart behind me causing it to bump into her stomach because she was mad that the two guys she was with were staring at me....basically took it out on my friend. Almost let go of some of my grace with that one. But we decided that laughing in her face would hurt more. So sad, even when I didn't have an ass, I was never mean or rude to ladies who did. I always appreciate good looks, not feel threatened by them.

Went shopping because I need jeans and realized that I traded one problem for another, so now on the hunt for nice jeans to fit this ass. Going on a cruise at week nine soooo, went crazy on buying bikinis. Can't wait, it's just me and my hubby and it's about be on!!!! ;). About to head back to the gym. I was told that if I do cardio at all to do the stairs for only 10-15 mins max 3 days a week, and do weights. Also told to eat more calories, (healthy ones, not fast food calories) on the day I work out and this should help preserve the fat. Advice came from Nomie, office manager and nurse who had her BBL over 4 years ago and still her ass is amazing!!!

So now, how am I feeling physically, and how's recovery at week six? Well it's weird but I feel like somewhere in between weeks 5 and 6 someone flipped a switch back on that turned back on my normal. I still swell quite a bit in my back when my garment is off for about 4+ hours( ran a test run to gauge my recovery), but a lot of soreness and lack of feeling is reversing now. My hubby still massages me once a week (13 total so far ) and I use a heating pad nightly and then use a foam roller on my Lipo areas, rolling in the direction of my lymph nodes. My full energy has returned and I feel comfortable doing everything now. My butt is completely soft now and jiggles like crazy. It's funny when I'm in front of a couple of girls and I overhear them talking about my ass like its injections or silicone and then I start walking and it starts shaking and they stop talking. Running hurts, sometimes I try to hold my cheeks if I have to run after my kids. It's like big boobs when you run, lol.
Lastly, I finally understand butt greed. I have already thought of a round two because I can see some areas that I would still like to improve, even though the improvement is already exponential. I would wait until the winter of 2016 this time. I'm posting some pics later today.

Rounding 3 months post op

Feeling good!!! Butt and body have settled into their new shape and I could not be happier...might get a round 2 just for emphasis tho...not sure, feedback will be appreciated..

Round two BBL coming August, September 2016 :)

Yessss, I decided to go for it! Not going to be as extensive as round 1, just a revision to fill in certain spots and add 1-2 inches. Have to send pics in November at 6 months post and will reserve then. Anybody else out there do a round 2 and how did you feel about your decision in the end?

Just about six months post op and very very happy....

So what can I say except that I feel great...and that this is the body that fits my heart, soul and attitude. I had a tad bit of re absorption late in the healing game and it goes to show you that your body really does continue to change, even into the sixth month. I have an apointent on Nov. 11th to see the doc and get a date for my round 2, just to fix re absorbed areas and also perfect what I already have.

BBL round 2 scheduled for 4/21/16

Yasssss...I am doing a round 2...just want a tad more Lipo and to round out the top of my butt and also fill in a couple of tiny re absorbed areas.... It's not as exciting as the first time, especially when you know what's coming, but I am happy with the deaL I got from Dr. Salama. Cant wait for thE day to come and go.

Getting closer .. round 2

I'm getting very excited now. 12 weeks to round 2 BBL. RH booked, first class flights booked. Yassssssss!

Just an amazing, talented and practical surgeon, with an awesome team all around who go above and beyond... No pretention here ladies, just "real-ness"...

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