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HEYYYY GIRLIES!!! SOOO ITS ME! TIA! AKA --->**bootylisious**!! As MOST of u know I have another thread / review here on my FIRST round with Dr. Salama LAST YEAR December... under that name (bootylisious) in case you want to see my first time around and experience....Im making a new review on my round 2 that's coming up in EXACTLY a week on Janurary 28th! IM EXCITED AND SCARED SAME TIME LOL!.. NOW...4 all of u that are wondering WHY would I be getting round 2 here's the thing....Dr. S did an AMAZING job 1st time around its just ME being a woman and wanting perfection! LOL. now I had to gain weight for my first round to be able to get the booty size I wanted so I ended up gaining about 15 pounds on my first round to get a nice size booty...which he DEFF gave me...but when taking out the fat via lipo he did explain that he cannot take ALL fat out on the first time for many health related reasons including skin sagging and so on and so on... which I understand..ALSO they have a limit of 4 litters they can take out OVERALL PER SERGERY! once they reach that limit u gotta go back for another surgery to get more out after u have healed from round 1...for obvious reasons...although the doctor did an amazing job the first time I still see certain areas id like for him to TOUCH UP on and some fat pockets I want to address...also my butt it has YES shrank which is normal but it did about 50%...so I want to fill it up a bit more and sculpt it a little more...I do have a dent do to the scarring which occurred internally following my blister on my butt check so all of that I decided I wanted touched up... SOOOO I contacted Nancy MY FAAAVVVEE! HEy nancy!!! LOL and they gave me a reasonable revision price which I cannot discuss im sorry...AND OFF I WENT AND BOOKED FOR ROUND 2! soo im hoping this time around is LESS invasive and less painful with less work and recovery and we shall c!!! I am having my full torso (back, love handles, upper and lower stomach area) and my inner thighs redone again for maximum fat loss with what ever fat I can get back into my butt to fill in the tiny dents and irregularities I hope....As far as what I am doing this time around to prepare...I am NOT taking as many vitamins as last time I am taking a multi vitamin as well as iron. I Eat healthy and I stay fit for the most part to make sure my skin is tight and won't sag after surgery. That's a must ladies if you don't want t hat saggy look! surgery alone WOUNT HELP! ;-) so OH yes and im rubbing coco butter on my body to make my skin soft....ummm what else I think that's it for now I will update with anything else CLOSER to the surgery date which is next week and will post pix before I go in :-) ..XOXO

Only pre op pix im gonna post pre op round 2 cuz they basically look like my latest review from round 1...

Got some back fat roles to fix... Want to take my waist and sides in some more... Inner thighs some more... And round off the booty a bit.. One of my cheeks is slightly smaller and off bcuz of the scar tissue... But HONESTLY not much work to be done from round 1!! :-) mind you I've been off the gym so I can have something to take out! LOL so I'm not as tight as usual

ON MY waaayyy!!! :-D

Ookkk girlies @ the airport on my way to Miami to get dis ish poppin!!! Lol tired as hell my flights real early but wat ever I'm gettin away from the cold I'm good! Lool so tomorrow is my pre op consultation with Dr. S excited to c Nancy and SOME of the crew! LOL so lets c! Will try and enjoy my 2 days before and get the ball Rowling,.. PRAY 4 ME!! :-) k jetting off...

Round 2 Surgery was Today!!!

sooo HEY guys its your trullly! ummmm DONT ask how im able to type right now im like on heavy drugs LOL...SSOOO my surgery revision / round 2 was today at 12 pm....Went to sign my papers at the office yesterday yand everyone was excited to c me..NAAANNCCYYY! LOOL... they ALL told me NOT to touch my butt and just do the LIPO revision BUUT I know what I want and how I felt about sertain spots on my butt I wanted to fix...now ladies I wasn't to make this clear I did NOT want a BIGGER butt! I wanted a ROUNDER butt and needed some dents fixed do to Dead Fat and stuff that was missed from round 1..my goal was NOT to make my ass bigger my goal was to get more lipo on my flanks and back and to fill in some dents in my butt I got....so doctor S said it was a revision and not a round 2,,,walked into the office today met with the nurse and the anesthesiologist and they were both very nice they explained the procedure very carefully and then I met with Dr Salama...he took a look at my body and basically said I don't have a lot of fat left and there isn't many areas he can take it from. I GUESS I gotta get over the fact that im just big bonned and I cant have a tiny waist because my hips r too high and too close to my ribs so I cant get that look :-( and he showed me that when he grabbed my areas I thought were fat he said a lot of it was muscle..so he got rid of some more back fat and a little more off my waist and sides and my inner thighs....then he moved onto my butt..soon as he looked at it he said u have asymmetry..meaning my one butt cheek looked diff then the other which was my issue..basically wat happened is on my left side a big chunk o my fat DIED forming a flatness to my left check and the top of it wasn't as full as my right one...so he agreed it needed to be filled to match the right cheek.. also I had a dimple on my right cheek that he filled...so he said wat ever fat he's able to get from my lipo he would use it as a filler for m irregular but areas.. SOO then he drew on me and off I went into the surgery room.. after joking around with the guys for a bit I seen dr S told him to take good care of me and I was out COLD! Woke up in the recovery and this time around deff better than last BBL GEEZ! the pain was DEFF not as bad... So off I go back to my hotel and here I am not laying down...Ok lets talk pain...The pain is DEFF not as bad a my round 1 but it could be that the anesthetic hasn't worn off and I don't feel it..also last time I felt excruciating pain pretty much right after...my complain is the nausea!!! HOOLLLYYY SICK! no actual pain really but I feel SUPER nauseas and sick...it was very hard to drink or eat anything and I still feel very dizzy but I guess that's normal for your first day..Also im bleeding a lot from my incisions but doc said its normal and I don't have drains like last time so I guess im drains like that...OVER ALL a MUCH better experience off the bat then last time but then again I didn't get half as much stuff done this time AANNDDD we shall c the next 2-3 days when the pain is supposed to get worse... k im really tired girlies will post some pix I just took and talk to u tomorrow or something...xoxo

Day 1 POst op round 2 pix!


Day 2 Post op guys!

Hey guys! So the day after surgery.. Lets c.. Nothing really happened today...just more pain than yesterday .. Less nausea but more pain :-( ... Went to c Dr. S for follow up and he said everything looks fine... Been resting and sleeping all day DEFF can feel that the Doc went IN even tho I didn't have much I feel where he worked on so I'm glad I got some more fat out.. Looks good so far but I'm still too swollen to tell what's going on under there... So wen I get my 1st massage Friday and change my garment will take some more pix.. Only complaint... Seems like my dimples on my left ass cheek are a bit pronounced but doc said its because I'm swollen and I always had them damn dimples it's nothin serious.. So we shall c when the swelling goes down.. Girls! I hate hearing women on here complaining about rippling and dimples... It is NOT the doctors fault! Everybody's body react different and everyone's fat is different you cannot control which fat will die and stay u can't say oh he gave me dimples.. NO he didn't wat happened was your body rejected the fat n killed it lets be real.. I can go blaming my dimples on The Doc or I can except my body just decided to kill that fat it is wat it is.... U cannot control that fat once it is deposited in you point blank..I'm pretty sure the doctor didn't take u off the OP table looking irregular it happens afterwards depending on your body and your fat... Thas all I gotta say.. So I'm hoping for the best but overall my butt looks more even now waiting for the swelling to go to judge better... K I'm out guys! Xoxo

Oh forgot 2 pix!

Day 3 Post Op round 2 revision ladies!

Sooo day 3.... Lets c... Ummm took my garment off today 1st time to shower and see wats happening under.. AND looks GOOD! Compared to wat I looked like on day 3 round 1 I'm 3 times smaller and this is right after surgery.. Can't wait go see this body after all the swelling goes down... I got a bit of swelling on my right flank I've had that since round 1.. Think it's just tuffet tissue on that side but Doc said I should massage it out and it'll go down... Other than that my back and overall body looks great! No more fat I can c! Only swelling... And my butt is awesome! NOT huge just fuller and again it'll shape up in about 2 months :-) ... Only sucky thing is I ended up getting SICK right after surgery :-( been sniffing and coughin since Tuesday :-( and I got HORRIBLE heart burn and tummy aches like acid pain... Pain level... Surprisingly isn't that bad.. It hurts a lot to the touch because the skin is sensitive and very close to the Ribs and bone after round 2 so it hurts wen I touch it but I haven't had to really take pain killers yet... Trying to drink lots of fluids it's hard cuz every Time I get up to pee I get acid pain from inside plus my body pain :-( ... At least my naseau is gone! One thing I've noticed is my appetite is much better than round 1 I eat normal... And for sum reason my stool is coming out very easy Im not having pooh problems like first time... I already feel my garment getting big so I'm going for garment change and my first massage tomorrow! LADIES NO BURNS!!!! I need to say something about that... The doctor knows wat he's doing... He looked at my body and basically told me what I should do and if I end up doing more it might result in problems and burns because of my skin being too irritated... I think a lot of ladies c pictures on the Internet and they want to look like these girls and they request for the doc to do more than he advises and that's wen they get them burns.. The doctor will tell u what he feels is going too far... If u choose not to listen u r taking a chance and every persons body will react different... He fully told me... I don't advise u redo your lower belly... It looks great if I go in again there's a chance it might scar and look lumpy or burn... So I decided not to take that chance and I'm glad... LADIES REMEMBER! 95% of the wish pix u c on the Internet have A LOT of photoshop done to them! Those girls do not look like that in real life! Trust me I know cuz I've been in photoshoots and magazines with those girls.. Some TRULLY r lucky! But very very few! All the rest have cellulite... And their waist is DEFF not that small it's photoshop! They smooth their butts and make them smaller than they r with bigger booty its not real so u can't expect the doc to do wat a computer does especially since everyone reacts diff to surgery but he's damn good! NEXT thing! Take CARE OF YOUR SELF AFTERWARDS! Don't blame the doc for your lack of attention to your self! Follow instructions to the T!!! It's not guaranteed ull be 100% but that's the chance we take going under the knife.. I got some irregularities but that's just how my body heals and I all I can do is try my best to work on my self after surgery... Cellulite is something we CAN'T control! U can't control wen where or how the fat dies in our body neither can the doctor.. ALSO MIST women u c that ARE near perfect u BEST believe have spent THOUSANDS on other treatments and have gone under more than once or twice! Also they eat healthy and work out like crazy so it's lots of stuff not just the surgery... K I'm done now ! Lool here r sum pix without the garment from today day 3 post op revision / round 2 - more like revision

Day 3 Post OP took my garment off 1st time today!

More of day 3 post op.. Have some xtra swelling on my right love handle hoping it goes down after massage...

Ohh one more thing regarding my meds!

4 those of y'all who want to know what I took pre op and wat I'm taking now post op.. Unlike my round 1... This time I just got Iron Pills and Multivitamins and started taking 1 of each a day about a month before surgery... Now I'm doing the same I take the antibiotics doc prescribed... The stool softener... 1 iron pill and 1 multivitamin ... Annd if I'm in pain I take either Motrin PM or 1 n half percs n go sleep... That's all if u don't take anything else u MUST take your iron! And a multivitamin that pretty much covers all of them instead of buying 100 things... That's my advice.. And starts them bout a month pre op and for about a month post op.. K!!! Xoxo

Ok so tried taking out the pads and putting on a waist clincher to keep it tighter... Can't breath! Sigh :-(

K my pic didnt load..

Day 4 post op.. Ladies I'm DYING!!!

Sighhh so I tried sleeping with my waist clincher last night instead of the pads cuz the surgery garment is getting loose.. And HOLLY tight! I was wearing that waist clincher on the second hook about a month after my round 1 surgery .. Now I got it on my 1st hook and I CANNOT BREATH WITH IT!!! I want to keep it on SOO bad but I can't... It's SOO tight it's making me dizzy.. Maybe it's a bit too early and I'm only 4 days post op probably too swollen to put it on yet.. I'm very uncomfortable and In pain so I'm taking it off... Will try it on again maybe in a week wen some more swelling goes down because at this point I can't breath with it... Going for a garment change today and massage #1 so hopefully ill get a better garment I don't need pads for.. Lets c... For all the ladies asking where I got my waist clincher from I'm posting a link right under here PLEASE READ IT because I don't save or remember that info...

Link for my waist clincher bellow!

www.squeem.com and I got the small full back one... It comes with 2 hooks So u can tighten it if u need

Ok!!! Day 4! Had my 1st massage and garment change!

Ok Ladies! So I got some info 4 u.. Just got back from my first massage after my revision.. First off! I forgot to take my pain killers before I went in and I was scared! LOL cuz my round 1 was crazy painful! Buuuuttt to my surprise it wasn't as bad as I thought for my round 2... It hurt but it wasn't as bad as I thought... Then changed into a Large garment from my XL post surgery and it was tight but it fit and I bought a Medium AND a small cuz my goal is to fit into that small in a month TOPs! Took a pic of before massage and after u can't tell by the pic but body is smoother after massages ALWAYS!!! And LADIES U NEED THEM!!! They are ESSENTIAL to a flat tummy and a SMOOTH body after surgery I got 10-12 last time after surgery they're not cheap but they're a good investment and if u can get the lazer treatment back home too GET it! Also while ur at home massage your self or get ppl to do it at home... Also took a pic in my new garment today totally better! For 4 days post op not baaad ;-) k this cold is kicking my ass so imma go n try get some sleep.. Going in for massage 2 tomorrow and then again Monday... Xoxo

Pix of before and after massage and 2nd garment (Large)

Hey a bit of UPDAtE ladies!

SOO Day 4 night 4... So I just wanted to say that in a few hours after my first garment change I was able to go from second hook to first hook! It is a bit tight but I was even able to fit the pads AND hook it on the tighter hook in one day'! So that's very good! Just took my 2nd shower and feel better! Took a pic for y'all just before my shower! Can't WAIT for this swelling to go! So this means ill be ready for the medium garment in days! Which is great! Means I'm shrinking! Much faster than round 1 :-D ok I'm done going to bed.. Massage #2 tomorrow.. I'm using coco butter on my lipo spots and massaging after my shower and before bed for maximum scar break down and less stretch marks :-).. K Gnight! Posting 2 more pix I kno u luv EM! Xoxo

Night 4 update

Day 5 and massage #3! Starting to feel MUCH better!

Helloooo ladies!!! SOO today is day 5... ANND I feel GREAT!!! MUUCH better then I felt 5 days post op round 1 I almost died on my 6th day post op last year so this is good! I even played dress up today and dolled my self up for y'all ;-) these massages are AMAZING BUUTTT THEY HURT AS HELL!!! Lol... I changed into my smallest garment today just for the pix and it FIT it was even a bit loose so GO ME! Exciting soon might be able to fit in a small ;-) ... Ummm wat updates do I have.. WELL pretty much this time around is a BREEZE compared to last time! I don't feel any pain no more unless I touch, massage or stretch the lipoed areas... My butt doesn't hurt.. It's just stiff in some areas n bruised.. I take a shower every night and wash with antibacterial special wash... I'm still using the pads pretty much the whole day unless I'm outside... Umm wat else OHHH if anyone's interested in the link for the black body suit I'm wearing in one of my pix below ill post it on ghd pic... K ladies got massage # 4 tomorrow last day in Florida sooo I'm goin to bed! Enjoy the pix! Xoxo

Felt like it tonight.. Here u go ladies

Link to my black body suit is...


Day 6!! Some EXCITING news 4 me ladies!!:-) oh AND I got into a Medium garment Today YESS!

Hellooo sexy ladies!!! Wats crackin! SO it's my day 6 post op of my revision / round 2! I made it a goal to get into a Medium garment today! Last round I couldn't get into a medium until after about 2 weeks :-) SOO I got up and stuffed my Fat ass in my medium garment! YEEY! So I've gone from an XL to a Medium in 6 days not bad! :-) sooo I want for my 4th massage today and it was much less painful thank GOD! Got my board and a waist clincher to put OVER my garment wen I'm ready it's a XXS so 2 extra small it's tight As fuk! But gotta do it if I want a small waist!! Lol so I said my byes to my favourites Nancy and Cynthia.. Gonna miss those 2... And then I got some exciting news.. The doctor has decided he would like for MY BUTT to be his BILLBOARD BUTT that he's gonna put on a HUGE BILLBOARD over the highway here in Florida or Texas where ever they're advertising... YEY!!! I'm excited! That means my results are worth displaying on a billboard for his business I take that as a HUGE compliment! :-D so that's our next project and u might be seing my butt driving on the highway in your hometown soon! LOL so anyway leaving tomorrow so imma rest today and get ready.. I'm feelin good tho.. In sure u can tell by the following pix.. LOL xoxo ---->

Tia is H.A.P.P.Y!! FYI ---> Nerd! Lol

Here's the stuff I picked up at the office today to go home with XXS waist clincher 4 extra tightness and my belly board...


Hellooo ladiiess! So I make a week today! From my surgery! GOSH time flies man seriousllyyyy lol... So I'm on my way to the airport to get out of here.. Dun ask how NOT excited I am to be on that plane and to have to SIT 4 how ever long ughhh.... Ill figure it out hopefully ill get lucky and get the whole back row to my self like last few times! ;-) ;-) if NOTat least it's only an hour flight to Jamaica... That's RIGHT I'm goin back home to c my wifey! Missed my support system! :-( ANND I need sum Lovin! Lol ;-p so anyways nothing new! Will update soon and he's a morning bonus pic from this morning I c sum FLUFFING!!!! ;-p xoxo

Day 7 Post Op bonus pic :-)

Day 8 Post Op! I'm HOME to my wifey in JA and yey!

SOO day 8 post op ladies as I'm laying on my couch in my home I Montego Bay.. Got home yesterday and I feel much better! Got to see my baby and YES F doctors orders I used that damn boppy pillow and had me sum sex last night! LOOL YES ladies u can have sex after surgery! Just if ur in MiSh.. Keep the pillow under your butt and try not to be ruff or put too much pressure on your butt... Also I Filmed my self getting a massage with Celia at the docs office so I can show my wife at home And last night after my shower she did AWESOME I'm gonna try And get her to massage me every night before bed for a while to make sure I got no lumps or scar tissue build up.. LADIES U NEED THOSE MASSAGES! If u can't get to a massage therapist get your husband wife friends or kids at home and put them to work at least 4 times a week for a while after surgery it really helps imma DEFF put my GF to work lool... With that said as far as my flight home thank GOD it was only an hour and once again I got lucky and had a full row to my self! That's it for now higher then that I pretty much keep my garment on all day except for when I shower and massage.. Still keep the side foams in but I'm planning on starting to use the clincher instead on my 2 weeks mark cuz the foams are annoying.. K that's all for today.. Xoxo Sistas

My flight home :-)

My massage last night :0) keep up with them ladies! :-) put your partner to work! ;-)

Guess who fit into a SMALL garment todaaayy! ;-) Day 9 post op

Day 12 post op ... Wore my cincher on top of my garment today

2 weeks Guys!!! Just went shopping and put on my board today! ;-)

Hey heeyyy so WOW again time FLIES! Wish it was 2 months BUT 2 weeks will do! ;-) so I'm 2 weeks post op my revision / round 2.. And honestly only minor things to talk about.... Ummm something I'm noticing.. My swelling is going down DEFF I'm in a lot less pain unless I'm ruff with the lipoed area... AND ummm I DEFF feel bigger than I did before surgery however I have to keep reminding my self that .. That is do to the swelling that will take 6 mnts-year which I know from last time and the doctor DID take fat out so there's no way I'm actually bigger LOL the swelling is going down pretty fast so ill give it another month before I judge.. ALSO I don't move much I don't go nowhere cuz I can't sit or do much so that's also gotta do with it cuz I'm not loosing the weight as fast as before... Wen I was working SOOO I like my butt it looks rounder for now let's c how much of the fat will stay as far as my lipo I'm confident as the swelling goes it'll go down... Ummm the bruises are going away! Thank GOD they're not cute! Lool.. So I'm posting a few pix I took today :-) enjoy xoxo


2 and half weeks Post Op revision new pix :-)

Ok guys!!! So lets c.. Wat to update... 2 and half weeks post op I feel good but still swollen so I still feel bigger than before surgery :-( can't WAIT for this swelling to go for me to c the reason y I did it.. Like I can c it in my clothes.. But I don't c it on me and it takes bout a year to c the final so I gotta be patient cuz he DID take fat out u can't come out bigger than u went in lol so that swelling Killing me! LOOOOL anyways! Other than that! I feel good... Bruises are gone... I still wear my garment n pads every day except wen I shower or massage... Trying to wear the board and waist cincher as much as possible but it's extremely hard to do it as often cuz it hurts my stomach and gives me horrible heart burn and cramps and acid ... Sigh cannot sleep with the board.. ANYONE ELSE WITH ME? Ugh it's SOO painful.. It diggs in how can u sleep! I remember from last round 1 I used to take it out wen it reach bed time cuz it sux ass! Lol ... My scars are almost gone not as bad as last time at all! So hopefully in a month they'll be hard to see... My ass... Same size it's not hard like round 1.. I c slight different it is a bit rounder still not sitting on it but I'm not waiting 7 weeks like last time this laying on my stomach all day hurts my stomach like hell I always have acid :-( ... I stay at home 85% of the time barely go out n I'm goin a bit crazy but that's the sacrifice for at least the first month... Started going out a bit more but I always wear my suit under my clothes ladies keep it on! Otherwise u swell up trust me! Lool k that's it for now.. Posted some pix.. Xoxo


Some more pix I just took for y'all before my shower.. LADIES WEAR THEM FOAMS THEY HELP! :0) XOXO

2 n half weeks post op round 2... 19 days post op

Hey LAdies went shopping today! For my bday outfit! At almost 3 weeks NOT BaD!!

Hey hey about to post a pic from the outfit I bought today :-) I like being different dresses alone are boring.. So I went today shopping WITHOUT my garment so there's a pic of my birthday outfit I'm wearing next week in Jamaica :-) no garment.. What yall think?? Xoxo

3 Weeks POST OP revision!

Thought I would use my 3 weeks post op mark to do a BEFORE / AFTER comparison between ME before surgery ONE and ME NOW! After surgery 2! To show Dr. Salama's tallent! AND My tallent to STAY that WAY lool after a year and some months... Hoping I stay this way a LONG time? But it takes work ladies u dun just give up working out and eating right after this! It DOES come back.. ANYWAY keep in mind I had gained weight for my round 1 surgery so I was bigger than usual but I mean cmoonn.. Looks good! Imma do another comparison in a few more months :-) but here's this one :-) xoxo

Here's another before and after from round 1 post op to now post op since some of y'all was asking if it was different :-)

A MONTH Post op guys!! 4 weeks today!

Hey hey!! So it's 4 weeks today since my round 2 surgery! Was my birthday yesterday ! Went to the beach and everything I felt good! :-) still wear my garment but the small is big on me now so imma start wearing the waist cinchers I got instead... Been sitting a lot more than last time but that's because I can't stay in the house as much as I did last time.. I carry my boppi pillow everywhere like a nerd lol movies restaurants! Lol ppl lookin at me like I'm crazy but wat ever imma do it for another week or 2 then ill start sitting without it... Started going to the gym again last week but I'm taking it slow I don't run I do cardio but not over the top I exercise my arms and my legs n but haven't really touched my mid section yet as it still hurts.. But soon... My butt looks fine :-) looked nice in a bathing suit yesterday I'm still swollen around my mid section so I can't wait for that to go but for now I feel great :-) I get massages from my girlfriend every other night.. It's hard not to sit I still get horrible heart burn and acid cuz I'm always on my side or my belly it sux :-( sigh but u gotta do wat u gotta do.. Posted sum new pix for y'all enjoy xoxo

My 4 week post op pix

More 3-4 weeks post op pix

OK OK took ONE more 4 u ladies :0)

5 Weeks ladies!!!

Ok so! I figured ill do a 5 week update! I KNO I'm being really bad I don't wear my body suit as often as I should And I've started sitting on my butt here n there but figured at 5 weeks I can start a little... Umm overall much hasn't charged my butt looks big and bubbly lol it's not hard tho... My stomach looks good and the swelling is down a lot but still some there.. Really need to wear that suit more often but the small size is now big on me and I don't wanna pay for a next one LOL so I think I'm just gonna take in the small one at the sides to make it tighter cuz I feel it's useless to wear if it's not tight... Otherwise nothin has really changed I feel great it doesn't hurt no more it's barely visible umm my scars are still brown but it's just how my skin heals... Other than that the attention is BACK to crazy! Lool everywhere I go it's overbearing sometimes lol but hey! That's wat we sign up for right! Here are sum update pix... Xoxo

5 and half weeks update...

7 week update! Just got back to Canada and INSTANTLY SHRUNK! Lool weird body

Soooo I've cum to a conclusion my body doesn't work like all the other bodies lol.... Just got back from Jamaica and instantly lost like 5 pounds of water weight! Annoying! I'm always bloated there cuz of the heat... Uploaded pix and this is AFTER EATING MOST UNHEALTHY MEAL IN LIFE LOL ANYWAY! So updates ummm not much to say MY SCARS are FINALLY LOOKING BETTER MY BUT IS... BIG! Lol only word to describe it! Still jiggling tho it's not hard like first time around which is good ... I've stopped wearing the body suit which isn't good but it got big n I didn't c a reason to wear it no more.... Need / sizes smaller... Like 2xs cuz the small is now big on me.. And wearing the waist cincher is way too uncomfortable donno how ppl do it... I continue to eat healthy ppl TRUST ME IT HELPS! Other than that everything feels back to normal honestly

7 weeks post op

OH 4Got to say! TOMM is my 1st day back to work! 7 weeks post op WILL BE OK :-)

Back to work Tomm first day back since round 2 at 7 weeks MUCH earlier than with round 1...

So Update tonight almost at 8 weeks next Tuesday..

So I went into my club tonight for work.. And gosh the positive feed back is overwhelming! Everyone was like YOOO his did u loose so much weight so fast!!! Bags LUVVSS IT! GOOI DR SALAMA THEY HAVE NOOO CLUE! ;-) lol and I made good money it's been good... Pretty much back to normal now body doesn't hurt only way u can tell is by my scars that need time to fade but other than that I've been getting awesome feedback that I look slimmer and better and I'm happy! :-) uploaded a pic for u guys from tonight ;-) xoxo

So this is wat.. 3 months Post Op round 2 HOLLLYYY ISH!!!

Wow time FLIES!!! Hey guys! :-) so for updates other than I'm back go normal with minimal scarring and my but is completely back to soft.. DEFF bigger lol my Wife said it DOES LOOK BETTER NOW AFTER ROUND 2 so that's good :-) was worried I did it 4 nothin.. But it looks worth it.. My body looks more lean although I'm still thick but that's just my built and I have to get over it ill never be skinny it dont even look good on me ESPECIALLY with an ass this size! Lool BUT at least it takes me NO TIME to get slim if I fall off the wagon so that alone is worth it! I feel that overall my revision was worth it... DEFF NOT HALF AS PAINFUL AS ROUND ONE AND NOT THAT LONG OF RECOVERY... I stopped wearing my garment a bit early (BAD GIRL) y'all don't do that! Lol I just couldn't take it no more especially In hot ass Jamaica where I live too much!...but anyway I'm back to normal now n everyone lovin my body :-) will post some recent pix... Xoxo


3 months post op round 2... Vacay!

More recent pix... Recent vacay

Today before beach.. Bloated tho... Need to go gym...

Update pic from tonight.. Just at 3 months I know u like your updates ;-) a bit bloated been outa the gym for a bit but HEY.. Gi

Update update !!! OFFICIALLY 3 month now lol.. For real this time! LOL

Got me a NEW waist trainer! It's AMAZING my waist is tiny lets c if it works if anyone wants to know from where it's a store in Jamaica BUT if u just google latex waist trainers u can find MANY on the net! I haven't been to the gym in 4 ever REALLY NEED TO GO! LOL but now I'm brining my waist trainer with me! Here r sum pix from Today I even danced in it for like an hour LOL ;-) xoxo my ass is so jiggly now BTW lol

LADIES LADIIESSSS! 3 months 1 week post op! Got something to say!

Hey y'all I KNOW y'all be lovin them updates so WHY NOT! Got nothin better to do all day lool... Ummm wanted to say I've noticed especially last MONTH or 20 days! MY FRONT 2 SCARS that were MOST VISIBLE during round 2 revision are now BARELY VISIBLE and all I need to do is SOMETIMES put a tiny bit of "DERMA BLEND" liquid make up for scars on it and you can't c them @ all! Took some pix for y'all yesterday and this morning! My body is honestly SOOO WEIRD! LOOL got this new waist trainer and some days it fits great next 2 days I'm bloated and dying and it's so tight! Lool so yesterday was DEFF bloated but kept it on for a few hours at home until I couldn't breath no more! BUUTTTT LOOK TODAY! My stomach sucked it self in and I look like I got abbs somehow! Lool Mind you I DID eat clean yesterday and had a small dinner... LADIES IN MY OPINION WHAT YOIR STOMACH WILL LOOK LIKE NEXT DAY DEPENDS A LOT ON WHAT YOU ATE AND HOW YOU ATE AT DINNER AND HOW LATE! Don't eat big heavy meals before bed no heavy meat! Of you need protein eat a can of tuna with some mayo (A LITTLE MAYO!) lol and sum veggies or just tuna and wait at least 2 hours before going to bed and watch how flat your stomach is next day! AND GET A WAIST TRAINER HONESTLY! The PROPER LATEX ONES they're anywhere between $70-$100 depending where u get it but they help if used properly they get gas out and help control appetite as well and good for posture! Thas al for today! Pix below ;-) xoxo

Sumthn sumthn

OH!!! Almost forgot the BACK Shot!!! Smh c'mon Tia! ;-)

4 MONTHS POST OP!!! TELL ME MY DOC ISN'T THE BEST! Luv Ya Dr S! :-) feeling great :-)

And we're at 4 months! Nothing to update except I feel amazing my belly is sexy! DR S.. Nuff said! Here's some pix! :-D

4 months pix :-) business has NEVER been busier! BUT unlike A LOT of BUTT JOBS! Mines look natural! ;-) so they preffer ME over.


Holllaaaa where them abs come from tho! LOL I don't work out! Haven't in 2 months... Lol

Went shopping ;-) need gym tho ASAP! Summers coming


Hey guys SORRRYYY! I've abandoned u!!! Gosh.. WELL! U really don't have much to write about LOL my butt is back to normal and jiggly and SUPER SUPER realistic! My tummy stays flat (YES DR S!!!! YAAAAASSSS) I'm on the HERBAL LIFE diet plan and lemmy tell u it's magic! Mind u I haven't worked out in 3 month or more lol and I'm BLESSED to still have a somewhat fit bod and that would've never happened before DR S! Lol I loose weight SOO MUCH FASTER now than before... Ummm my butt... HAS shrank... Yes... Significantly BUUUT it's still a STUNNER and NOBODY can't tell me it isn't mine! LoooL it's still bubbly and perky just more jiggly.. But maintains shape! DR S changed my life I'll never use another doctor he knows he got me a loyal patient! ;-) ill post some recent pix to show u how I'm holding up... And I'm at.. LETS C.... Almost 7 months post op my 2bd round! :-) luh ya! Xoxo

OMG OK OK ILL UPDATE! HAHA LETS C!... Ummm 8 1/2 month post OP ROUND 2

OKKKKK QUICK UPDATE LADIES SINCE YALL SHOWIN ME SOOOO MUCH LOVE! I TOLD DR S HE NEEDA TO HIRE ME STR8 UP! Hahaha! Soooo updates... Not many! Ummmm I'm still on the HERBAL LIFE! It's is AMAZING for weight loss guys BUT! Pls bare in mind! With weight loss U WILL LOOSE BUTT VOLUME! My butt DEFF goes down wen I wanna loose the belly or legs wat ever! After all IT ISSSS FAT! I would say that round 2 was good for overall shape improvement and roundness not so much 4 volume.. And my whole body overall looks nicer and leaner... But my BUTT IS STILL DEFF NICE! Not as perfect as it is after surgery but c'mon lets be realistic! Lol... Fat will not stay like so...ANYWAY OTHERWISE IM OK! Broke up with my girlfriend super sux! Buuttt got me a hot new boyfriend on the bright side! Loool ;) so I HOPE YALL HAVE A GREAT DAY AND AGAIN IM SOOOORY IF I DONT GET BAK TO YALL FAST I barely come on here any more super busy... K HUGS! Xoxo

Tee Tee

Ok OK... Was feelin my self a bit tonight...

Givin u guys 2 xtra shots.. ;-) shhhh don't tell nobody haha xoxo!

My Belly was Participating this morning

;) ... DUN get it twisted tho.. I DO work out and DO herbal Life and eat overall good... For that... I KNOW I don't got abs or all that but I'm not pressed for it either I'm OKK with just my flat belly! ;) have a good morning! Xoxo


Okkkk I get this question 1000 times a day and I don't mind question just gets REALLY tiring after the 100th time hahaha u kno I'm friendly... Guys AGAIN. That garment is from a local store here in Canada In Toronto! Just a random Chinese store... I'm NOT sure if they have a website but honestly if u just google them online I'm sure you can find them use descriptive words in your search.. They're everywhere now a days ok hope this helps.. Xoxo

Hey girlies! It's ME AGAIN! Can u Believe I went for ROUND 3! DR Salama Rocks!

Hey my lovely ladies! Everyone knows me on here as Bootylicious!... I've done 2 rounds of BBL with Dr Salama and Documented both in Detail!... Look for my round 1 & 2 on here... I decided to do another round and try and get my torso smaller... Plus Dr. S started doing Vazer Lipo and I couldn't resist! I trust him with my life he's my to go to with everything! So I had my surgery yesterday sorry I did not take before pix but again this is round 3 so I didn't look bad..I Have ass just wanted a smaller waist and my back fat gone since some came back... I wanted him to also put any fat he found back into my booty and some more In my hips... So surgery was yesterday...did my Arms... Waist back and Lipo vaser on my stomach ... It was successful just very painful afterwards mostly because of the arms.. Guy the arms HURT more than anything... Bleak pretty much all of yesterday and was feeling sick... Today I'm better... I'm walking around often and I drink a lot of water.. Remember that's VERY important... Today I got my gauZe and pads changed feels better. Stomach looks great everything is still swollen.. My ass is HUGE! ???? and I'm bruised everywhere but it'll all go down soon... That's it for now... I'll keep u all updated on the progress.... I took a few pix this morning to show u...

OK DAY 3 ROUND 3 post op! Was dying earlier but feel better after massage!

Hey girlies! So I'm day 3 Round 3 post op today... It's been RUFF... The doc really went in this time... Took a lot of fat from my arms and did Lipo and vaser on my whole torso... Had my first massage today and let me tell u the PAIN! OMG! Something I DONT miss... BUT! The feeling after the massage is amazing... I feel lighter and better I can move more... Not as stiff...so far I don't c ANY complications burns or anything gone wrong... By butt is HUGE lol' it'll go down tho.. My mid section looks amazing even with all the swelling I can't wait to c it a few months from now... I've uploaded a few pics from today BEFORE the massage..mind u I look even slimmer after the massage... Back into my freshly washed garment and I need to REST! Barely got sleep last night because I was so stiff... FYI I bruise REALLY BAD :-( sighhh I know I know... Xoxo

My pix didn't load so here we go.. These r from Today BEFORE my massage Day 3 ROUND 3!

I'm super Swollen but I like how it's looking.. And the massage after made it even better



Day 4 Round 3 Massage # 2

Hey girlies! My internet sucks here! :-( ANYWAYY!.. It's dat 4..: of my round 3 BBL / VASER LIPO journey.. Just had my 2nd Massage and let me TELL U HOW MUCH THESE MASSAGES HELP! They HURT LIKE HELL BUT I honestly feel 10lbs lighter when I'm done.. I can walk better.. Just feel better in general.. My butt is still huge lol but my torso is looking really nice.. Starting to c my Vaser Lipo lines in the middle.. The Doc really did a number on me.. My arms r killing me because I know he went IN on me this time! Haha I think he's tryna make sure I don't come back a 4th time LOOOL... I am sooo bruised up but I'll take some pix.. I got foams loaded in there so not sexy lol... Anyways overall I'm ok pain is less (THANK GOD) I get up stretch and walk around every 2 hours it's very important.. That's all I got for now ladies xoxo

Day 4 ROUND 3.. PADDED up like crazy! LOL not cute

ROUND 3 DAY 5... Day from HELL! ????????????

Hey ladies... Ok.. Day 5.. Today was TUFF... K tuff is an understatement... Wen I tell u I FEEL LIKE SHIT! .... Everything hurts... Overnight last night I came down with BAD fever and killer headache... DR S SAID IM anemic... And I need to force my self to eat a lot more protein and drink more... All day I spent in the surgery centre getting an IV tryng not to pass out... I just got too much done at once he REALLY went IN on me this time' LOL I don't blame him tho I Kept asking for it I don't think he wants to c me in surgery again haha.. But yes he was aggressive with his surgery this Time and I got a lot done and I'm DEFF paying for it now.. I know I'm going to look amazing but maaan... I thought I'd tough it out and NOT take the pain killer today since it gives me headaches... BIG MISTAKE! I almost passed out during my massage it hurt so bad I'm taking 2 tomorrow! LOL.. Ladies if I can give u one advice... TAKE YOUR PAIN MEDS BEFORE THEM MASSAGES THEY HUURT! Anyway... I finally feel a bit better tonight.. I had a big meal after my meeting with the doc and my IV... Had a big steak with potatoes and lentils and Eggs.. I'm not playing no more lol... I lost a lot of blood and liquid so u HAVE to eat and drink... HOPEFULLY tomorrow goes better.. I'm very swollen.. My arms r swollen as hell they couldn't even find my vains for my IV today :-( sucked... I took some more pix... Not much different... My ass is still HUGE! Haha it's gotten softer.. But not much change in my body... I have garment change and another massage tomorrow. Let's C! I should be Used to it by now right! ROUND 3!!! LOL YEAH RIGHT! Psshhhh wasn't ready LOL... BUT he did an AMAZING job as always and I'll deal with the pain for the results... Ok check in with u guys tomorrow xoxo!

Day 5 round 3 pix

Ab etching pic Day 5... Very swollen..

For EVERYONE who inboxed me! I'm SO SORRY!

Ladies ID LOVE to get back to u all but I get so many msgs my inbox is Full and it's a bit tuff! So 4 everyone who I haven't gotten back to just write me a comment on here.. If anyone has questions just leave its comment on here it's easier 4 me THANK U! :-D xoxo

4 ANYONE who wants to Use me as a WISH PIC!

Hey ladies! ONE MORE THING... FEEL FREE to use ANY of my round 1,2 or 3 pix as a wish pic to show Dr S if u wish... He gets a lot of ladies who come in with my pix so it's totally ok! :-D xoxo

ROUND 3 Day 6! Had my 4th massage!

Hey SISTERS! So today is Day 6 of my Round 3 experience... I woke up feeling HORRIBLE!... Because I fell asleep and slept too long without getting up and walking so the result was HORRIBLE Stiffness and pain this morning... So I Took 2 Percocets and off I went 4 my 4th Massage with Celia... WEN I TELL U CELIA IS AMAZING! I LOVE U CELIA U GIVE ME LIFE! Lol???????????? massage hurt like hell but afterwards u feel brand new! The doc changed me into a Butt IN tighter garment today to put more compression on my butt since it's so damn big LOL but for u ladies who WANT to keep all your ass I recommend the BUTT OUT! Even tho it's uncomfortable... Then they put a special foam on my belly for the Ab etching/Vaser.. It's a little different than the usual foam it's for more compression on the Ab lines.. I look like an art exhibit LOL.. I posted a pic to show u... All in all its been a much better day since my massage... The office was crazy busy but they still managed to take care of everything efficiently.. The doc is very busy :-) I love my fam.. Anyway! Let's c how the rest of the day goes! I'm gonna go eat a big FAT STEAK NOW! Lol xoxo

The special Ab etching/ Vaser Foam


Okkkk Ladies' so I'm a WEEK post op on my Round 3 with Dr. S today... Had another massage with Celia she was amazing as usual... I feel good... I'm still very swollen but DEFF going down slowly but surely... Took some pix of my belly to TRY and show u some of the VASER LIPO lines.. But again a lot of swelling... I feel ok with the pain killers only problem is the headaches I get from them and the itching... UGHHHH... Otherwise they deff help.. I go home tomorrow.. Not excited but I have to lol.. Xoxo

Pix of Ab etching/Vaser After my 5th massage today

Ok Ladies! Round 3 Day 12... Oh man

Soooo it's been TUFF LADIES! NOOOOT GONNA LIE! Lol... I've been in pain every day basically... My body looks great.. Except my ass is CRAZY BIG which HAAAASSS TO GO DOWN LOL but aside from that my stomach and waist look AMAZING.. Buuuutttt this round is kicking my ass... I wake up every day hoping I feel better and it's been a struggle... I been getting massages every other day and they help a lot but man... Wen I tell u not ONE position is comfortable! My God... My arms r killing me... My mid section is super hard... I'll upload pix to show u my progress.. Don't get scared by my ass it WILL go down but it'll take time lol Doc WENT IN ON ME this time... Lol.. No joke... Anyway... STILL got my drain BTW I'm still draining so I haven't been able to remove it but I got till Friday cuz that's the 2 week mark and I can't keep it for longer so I'll probably take it out Thursday or Friday.. And I gotta do it on my own ???????????? sigh boy excited... But anyway I'm hoping I'll wake up one of these days and feel better LOL... Xoxo

Oh I forgot this one


OKKKK.. Where we @.. Ummm ROUND 3 DAY 17...

Okkk ladies a little update here... At 2 & half weeks Post Op on round 3... Thinks r looking GREAT... I've had about close to 10 massages ready and they DO HELP a LOT.. However I'm still super swollen and STIFF as hell still in pain ????????????... Sigh which means he REALLY did go in on me... I'm now in the Medium Garment WITH FOAMS.. And it's getting loose.. I'm shrinking fast and I'm out of Garments... Just ordered a S & a XS garment and I hope they come fast because my M is loose... Ive uploaded some stomach pix for u To c how it's looking... My Butt is FINALLY looking a bit more normal LOL still huge but not rock hard no more it actually has some giggle to it... Only thing is I'm going crazy sitting at home all day doing nothing but it's a part of it right... OH I FORGOT to mention I Took my own drain out at 2 weeks on Friday... WASNT FUN AT ALL but it had to be done so I pulled it out I feel FREE NOW LOL... Anyway xoxo

Day 19 Round 3 some Fun pix

Finally felt a BIT better to dress up a little after my massage... My but is still huge but I can't complain too much ???????????? Dr. D u really did the thing man! LOL


Ok guys! So 3 weeks! I thought at 3 weeks I would feel a bit better but I guess this shows how much work the Doc actually did because I'm still in pain LOL.. I'm hoping next week will go better... SOOOO... So far I've gotten about what.. May 10-11 massages they definitely hell but I'll try to get about 4-5 more at least maybe more well c... My butt is still to big to fit into any of my pants lol I tried dressing up in something cute to feel human LOL... So far body looks great but I still can't work or go out really... But so far so good

LADIIIIES! I am BACK! So sorry I been MIA! Been everywhere!

Hey my babies! U miss me?? I know yall been waiting for an update I'm SORRY I been MIA! SOON as I started Feelinv better I WAS OUT THIS BITCH! LMAAAO I WENT THROOOOUGGHHH IT! Wen I tell u I got like 20 massages and it was a tuff 2 months... But MAN I AM BACK AND THAT BODY ON FLEEEK GUURL! ???????? DR S I LOVE U I SWEAR U ARENT GETTING RID OF ME BOY! HahA! Ok ladies I'm 2.5 month OUT! Booty is settling.. My stomach swelling has gone down A LOT I'm starting to LOVE IT! I want my booty to stay like this.. But we all know it'll prolly go down a bit more... It's ok tho! He killed it! Imma mess around and go EVERY YEAR! Haha.. My scars r fading nicely,, of course after a 3rd surgery u can't expect no scarring but they're not bad at all! Most ppl don't notice them unless I point it out... I'm doing GOOD! My body doesn't hurt no more... My butt hurt a bit if I bump into something or someone slaps it ???????????? hehe.. But otherwise no pain...

FYI: ladies MAKE SURE IF U LIKE WAT U SEE U MENTION ME OR TAKE MY PIC IN AS YOUR WISH PIC TO THE DOC! I love spreading the Salama sexiness! Here r some Ox below of the latest situation...XOXO

2.5 months POST OP ROUND 3! Here u Go! ????


For those of u asking about my belly and Vaser.. Here u go! Just took this last week not bad for 2 months post op! :-) I like it

Explicit - Click to view


Ok one more! Cuz I was feeling my self earlier.. Hehe

THAT RED RED.. Eyyyy 2.5 months!

Felt my self today.. Here's one more pic for u

Vavuuuum haha

Hey my loves! I know u love these pix...here's more

Btw I know work out 3-4 times a week for those of u wondering if u loose the fat... I mean YES it's natural fat.. BUT u honestly don't have to go crazy in the gym once he got rid of your fat... Just maintain it! DONT RUN on the treadmill.,, squats HELP to keep your fat lifted.. They help with dimples and cellulite I find... And regular body weight exercises with light weight.. Just maintain so u don't have to go hard.... U will loose between 40-60% of your Butt fat regardless in a few months after surgery so don't think that's from working out... It's just how it is.. Trust me I know after 3 surgeries LOL that's y I got 3!

Omg I've been SO MIA! Sorry! Ok so I'm at 4 MONTHS POST OP CAN U BELIEVE!

So Instead of writing a whole bunch of bull this time ILL JUST ATTACH A VIDEO FOR YALL! 4 months post op I feel good.. Butt has gone done as per usual.. But I'm happy! Always a happy camper after Salama Magic ;-) I LOVE YALLS SUPPORT! XOXO


MY SURPRISE VIDEO BLOG AT 4 MONTHS round 3! THANK U GUYS 4 all the support!

Explicit - Click to view

Video time!

Had to share this with y'all... GONNA HIT U WITH SOME SEXINESS REAL QUICK! ;-)

So I haven't uploaded pix from last month or 2.. Let me find some...

Got a surprise 4 y'all! HEHE

In CASE U WANTED TO C ME IN ACTION.. This WAT 4 months Post op Round 3 Salama booty looks like ;-p

4 months Tummy

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I LOVE MY DOCTOR! He is amazing! You can blame my sexy Bod on HIM! ;-) LOL and I can ALWAYS reach him with any questions and concerns and get an answer quick. he knows his job and is professional about it! u GO Dr. S!

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