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Dr Salma had a last minute booking and I took it!!...

Dr Salma had a last minute booking and I took it!! lol The doctors make you have someone with you and I'm not sure if my boyfriend can come so I wanted to know if anyone wanted to share a room???

I originally had surgery done in TJ but I HATE the outcome so now I'm looking to go to Salma. I have an ok butt, but I don't have enough fullness.

Yaris Sanchez and Kyra Chaos are my wish pics lol I doubt I'll get spot on, but something close would be amazing!!

I'm trying to add my before shots and have to get...

I'm trying to add my before shots and have to get my blood work this week, hopefully everything is ok and I can move forward with the surgery.

I decided to really document my journey bc while I...

I decided to really document my journey bc while I was researching I was really interested in everyone who gave really detailed reviews. Thank you to everyone who shared their story & pics!

I'm 24, I just had a son, and I had lipo before my child but wasn't happy about it at all. My stomach is now awful thanks to scaring. My Dr never gave me after care instructions and I wasn't pleased with the lipo at all. So, this time I'm going to Salama! I really like his work, a little worried about some of the "box butt" comments I've read but Nancy always answers my questions and puts me at ease. Also, the work he's done on Orlando7193 is freaking amazing. So, I'm hoping for the best, I sent in my pics and Nancy said my results would be amazing and I already look like I've had a BBL(I haven't)

I need to get my hotel and flight booked. Someone cancelled last week and I was able to get a Nov 2nd date... I think I may add arm and chin lipo and have him lipo my chin then my arms so he can get the most fat out of those areas.

I had my surgery Friday and forgot my pain pills...

I had my surgery Friday and forgot my pain pills so I had to deal with all of the pain until Sat afternoon and was given vidicon. I had lipo done a yr ago and Dr S said bc of my scar tissue he couldn't put in as much as he wanted :/ I'll find out today how many cc he put in. It doesn't seem like much of a difference as I already had a butt. I haven't seen my stomach or back yet. He just has me in a binder no garment yet and I didn't get any drains, idk why though. I got chin lipo too which looks good.

I got 600cc in one cheek and 700cc in the other...

I got 600cc in one cheek and 700cc in the other cheek. I wanted more so I'm a bit disappointed especially if I end up losing most of it. And one of my hips are naturally rounder and it looks like he emphasized that so one hip is big and the other is flatter. I have lots and lots of swelling but I can already tell my stomach will be even flatter.

I originally wanted arm lipo too but I'm sooo happy I didn't get it because I use my arms to push myself out of bed. Make sure your room is cool so you don't pass out and put a cold towel on the back of your neck when you get up to use the rest room or walk.

I've had a child, lipo, and my breast done before and this is the worst surgery I've ever experienced :( I'll post pics in a moment.

I posted two after pics.

I posted two after pics.

Day 8 So lets talk surgery... I went to to FL by...

Day 8
So lets talk surgery... I went to to FL by myself as my boyfriend stayed home with our son. I had a nurse stay with me for 3 days. Originally I thought I'd be able to stay by myself but I'm happy they told me to get one. Because the pain was unreal!

I met with Dr. Salama briefly. He went over all of the risks and expectations and he was honest and straight to the point which I really really like! He wasn't overly friendly, but as long as he got the job done I really didn't care. Not to mention the anesthesiologist and Rubin is beyond friendly as well as the staff Nancy, Nomie, and Cynthia. :) So after surgery I was jittery and out of it. I was shaking and felt like I couldn't breathe so they gave me some oxygen, I calmed down and Larry came to get me. I got in the car and got to the hotel and barely remember making it upstairs but once I got to the room Larry set up the pillows on the bed for me to lay down. Again the pain was UNREAL!! It was worst than giving birth, having lipo, etc. I don't ever want to go through this again. My nurse was late and didn't get to me until Midnight but I was out of it so I didn't think much of it and Larry stayed with me until she came.

All I did was sleep the first night and get up to use the restroom. I ate the microwave meals that Larry got for me and just slept. You're supposed to walk 10-20 min every hour but as I said I was in a lot of pain. Sunday I had a check up with Dr. Salama and I still wasn't in a garment. He just had me in a garment and I had an extra waist cinched that I used. I did walk a little bit at the office while waiting on Larry. And I started walking around my room Sunday as well. I met with the Dr Wednesday and they still didn't have a compression garment for me. I had my first massage, it hurt, but wasn't terrible. I had to leave and go hm so I left a little early.

The first night home was awful because my son wanted to lay on me the whole time. And I just couldn't get comfortable. By Thursday I was out of pain meds and now I just take Aleeve. Everyday gets a little better. I'll try to post a picture today, my body is starting to look a lot better.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I researched doctors in TJ and in Miami and he's the best in Miami for butts so I chose him!! Hes straight to the point we went over the pros and cons and he was realistic about what he could do. Once I see my body I can give a better idea of the outcome

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