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After many consultation and tons of researche. I...

After many consultation and tons of researche. I have chosen to go with Dr. Moises Salama. He has so many reviews and these women are so pleased with the Results. I have had 3 children and nursed all of them, resulting in saggy boobs with no volume. I will be having breast lift with augmentation and lipo of the abdomen and flanks. Super excited.

Hi ladies Hope everyone had a great New Year....

Hi ladies

Hope everyone had a great New Year. Mine was very calm and relaxed. No drinking for me because im trying to follow all the rules and be a good girl. LOL
I have received my welcome packet. A little overwhelming. Nearly had a panic attack because it just made this all the more real. Its really happening. I was a little concerned about all the supplements it was suggesting to take so i called Nancy and she said the Vit C and the iron are the most important. The Arnica is good to take also but can be started the day b4 surgery and Dr. Salama will give it to me when i see him. U can get the pills or just the gel that gets applied to the skin. As per reviews> it makes a hell of a difference as far as the bruising. So i think I'm gonna use it.
So i started taking the iron and for some weird reason i am getting headaches when i take it and i actually got sick with a cold.Don't know if its coincidence or my kids gave me their coodies. lol
My travel and stay are all set up. Staying at a condo on Miami beach and rented a car for pretty cheap.
As of now i am trying to see what to buy to wear during my stay there. Bought a few sun dresses and that's about it.
Well that's all for now ladies. If anyone has any updates or any recommendations on where to purchase the supportive bras let me know!

Just putting up my before pics. Getting a breast...

Just putting up my before pics. Getting a breast lift with implants
And also lipo is abdomen waist and flanks. Don't judge me
On the cellulite girls please :( Anyways there it is. Can't wait to be able
To put up my after pics!

Hi ladies haven't blogged in a while. Been super...

Hi ladies haven't blogged in a while. Been super busy! Okay so I just got here last night. Was hoping for some hot Miami weather but its so windy here. Cynthia called me Friday just to talk to me and and answer any questions I may have. She was so kind and reassuring. I meet with Dr. Salama today at 3 and I will also meet Ruben. I checked on my navigation and I am only 10 I items from his office which is great. Due to last minute happenings I now have my 2 yr old with me which is bitter sweet. I was very nervous about leaving him behind. I've never left my kids anywhere without me yet I know it's gonna be so hard post surgery to deal with him. I won't be able to hold him or do much for him. But I'm hoping I feel better than expected after surgery. I'm not getting bbl which is a big surgery with a lot involved so its hard to go by what most girls post on here but we shall c. I did have 3 boys al natural. Lol. I got this!! Well ladies take care. Gonna take the baby for a walk in the beach. I'll keep u posted

Hi ladies. So I finally did it. I got in on...

Hi ladies. So I finally did it. I got in on Saturday the 2nd and saw dr Salama on Sunday. He was very nice and explained everything in thorough detail. Didn't sugarcoat anything. He even giggled because of my face when he was talking. He recommended I split my procedures. He said if he combines surgeries the law only allows him to lipo very little along with ba surgery. He said he's very aggressive with lipo and does not want to be limited. This made me very nervous but I trusted his judgement and appreciated his honesty. He said I would've done it with someone else if I wanted simple lipo. But I came to him for a reason and that's his lipo skills. My surgery was at 7:30 am yesterday. I was so nervous I can barely talk. I started hysterical crying and nearly chicken out. I took a deep breath and went in the or. I spoke with the anesthesiologist and he was very nice. He's Brazilian so we spoke in our language together. They laid me down and I was freeking out. He started the iv and immediately I felt groggy. I asked the nurse to hold my hand but dr Salama came next to me and held my hand til I fell asleep. I woke up which felt like 5minutes later. Pain wasn't bad at all. Just groggy and confused. I'm one day po today and lemme tell u. This hurts!! I'm sore all over. It's hard to get in and out of bed. The percs are working wonders. Make sure u get up and walk it helps! And eat a lot. I know u may not feel like it but force urself to eat. I haven't vommitted at all cause I'm eating with my meds. Too a shower jay now and it wasn't fun at all. I felt dizzy when I took the garment off and it was so hard to get it back on so brace urself cause its gonna hurt. Other than that I've been okay. Hoping tommorow is a better day. I'm kind of nervous about going under again. I feel very weak and not sure if I can Handle it. Okay girls gonna laydown and I'll update soon. Check out my pic I just updated. Gimme some feedback girls.

Okay so tommorow makes 14 days po. I'm feeling...

Okay so tommorow makes 14 days po. I'm feeling great. A little sore and stiff especially if laying or sitting for a while. I've been cooking and doing light housework. My stomache is super itchy n no matter what I do it won't go away. I've read that this is totally normal. I had my friend who is a Rn remove my drain yesterday morning and I feel so free without it. I've been showering everyday sometimes twice a day and massaging my belly with the warm water using my nuckles to break up any fluid. I had a massage on Friday which hurt a little by I felt great after. I'm currently in a size small garment that Dr salamas office fit me in and my massage lady recommended I get xs!!! I haven't measured my waist yet but it's tiny. I'm in love. Lol. I didn't do bbl but DrS joked and said looks like I had it done cause my backside is big!! Lol Other than that I'm doing great. I do have two burns on each side of my waist. DrS says its from the garment but I believe it from the cannula! Either way he rx'd a cream which is helping me a lot. The burns are better n better everyday. I just hope they don't scar!! I'm gonna put a pic up. Lemme know what u think. Happy healing ladies!

Okay so ladies its now 5 weeks as of Monday coming...

Okay so ladies its now 5 weeks as of Monday coming up. I'm starting to feel great and super confident. My burns are healing nicely and I keep getting smaller and smaller. My size small garment is huge so I went and purchased and full body Colombian one at a local boutiqie size xs. My belly still looks a little lumpy and feels hard and tight but I hear this is all normal and can last months. At night I sleep with a Colombian soft garment full body as well. Lemme tell you ladies if you have any cellulite the full body garments work wonders. Instill wake up stiff bit every day it's better. I've been drinking a tea that is given to women in Colombia afers every called calendula tea and my massage therapist uses the gel for my massages. Well that's all for now ladies. I hope you are all well and healing well. For those with upcoming surgeries best of luck and stay positive. That's one thing I didn't do and ended up with post surgical depression for a few weeks. I was very sad and regretful of what i did and cried all the time. I'm all better now and il staying positive is the way to go. Good luck and my prayers are with you all.

Okay ladies so as of yesterday it make 6 weeks po....

Okay ladies so as of yesterday it make 6 weeks po. I've been doing great. Feeling good and full of energy. My skin still feels tight if i sit ornlubfor too long. I get a burning feeling. I'm still getting itchy and some shooting pains that make me jump out of my seat. Lol. My skin is getting smooth and not so hard. The lumps are much much better. I'm still wearing my new body cg and it's amazing. My massages don't hurt anymore. They feel so good!! As for the burns they are coming along great. I'm hopeful by the summer thy aren't as noticeable. So I'm thinking end of August to go back n get my BA. It's already paid for so I just gotta get a place to stay. DrS said I only need a long weekend to be there. He said its no where near as tough a recovery than lipo. Went out with my hubby and omg. The states and the looks. It's crazy!! But feels good. Okay that's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well and recovering well

New pic

New pic.

Girls. Got the Tatas done!

Had my breast lift with augmentation yesterday with Dr. Salama. I feel very sore but nothing unbearable. He also did scar revision surgery! I'm anxious to see how tht looks. My boobies look super perky. Yayy. I'll post pics soon ladies. Good luck to all who are recovering and going in for surgery as well. Blessings!!

Had my bl &ba. One week po

Hi ladies. Yesterday made one week po bl and ba with dr Salama So far I'm doing great. Woke up from surgery very groggy this time and in pain. My first night I didn't even use any pain meds. The second day I did. Mainly for the pressure. Incisions looking great. For now just using micropore tape. I'll keep u his posted

Salama 08/2013

Just posting some pics of the boobies

Boobie pics are up!!! Lol

Still healing up nicely. I'm one week po. Breast lift with augmentation. 397cc!! Saline with dr Salama. Lemme know what u ladies think

7 weeks po. Bl and ba

New pic!! They are fluffing and rounding and finally dropping

Before and after

8 weeks po

New pics!! Healing up. Boobies are dropping n fluffing. Abs are getting tight

New pic

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