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I have been wanting this procedure for about 4...

I have been wanting this procedure for about 4 years now!!!!! My ass when i worked out had bottom booty but no sides. and very little projection. I worked out so hard ladies you have no idea. Honesty section: WORKING OUT DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK. If you have a little ass thats your ass, working out will shape it and round it out but it will not be huge. I am now 130 lbs and 5 ft 3. gained 15 lbs for sx. I originally really wanted Brazilian butt lift only because I want a very natural result. I wanted my butt to jiggle and feel soft. I look in the mirror and I honestly do not see the 15 lbs...although my man says I "definitely" gained weight. I naturally have muscular thick legs and that is one reason i weigh more than i look. Like Sponge bob i only gained fat on my flanks and tummy. a little in my inner thighs. I am not eating milkshakes and fries because I HATE fast food. It makes me nauseous and dizzy. I have been drinking boost and ensure in the mornings. I gained the weight that way and just ate normally. For me to be 116 lbs flat stomach i had to be on an extremely strict diet. ate 6 x a day just boiled meat with a lot of veggies no carbs just protein shakes in the morning. cardio 4 times a week 1hr and weight lifting for my booty and legs. 5 times a week then just polyometrics. even then I didnt have abs. VERY STUBBORN STOMACH FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butt implants can
be placed either under the skin, under the fascia (fat), between the muscle and under the muscle. I want mine between or under...who wants it under the skin ??? O.o I am also getting fat transfer to sides of booty and under the booty. In Brazil and Mexico, the implants are cohesive gel and it settles a little different. You get a little bottom booty but I noticed the implants here give you projection but no lower booty cheek. I am getting lipo on my upper body. Literally i want my surgeon to lipo me dry. NO fat of my BACK. FLANKS and TUMMY.

*******Its been two months since I gained the weight and have stopped working out :(


I am using real self to motivate me to EAT!!! I recently got accepted to med school and all i've been doing is studying and working. when I stress I do not eat at all! I forget I am hungry. Scale says i lost 2 lbs :/

deposit and hotel paid

I paid for 13 nights in aventura florida for my surgery :) ladies i do not know if it will be more or less in the summer but it cost me 603 dollars for 13 nights. that was the best deal i could find! Will post my chubby body pic later. I think the thanksgiving food has helped lol!

Weight Gain and Wish pics

This is me after gaining 15 lbs. I started at 115 lbs now scale read 131 lbs. I honestly do not want to gain more. I feel like my arms are starting to get thick. Based on my wish pic i do not want to be very thick. I want an ATHLETIC upper body and a bubble butt! lol

WISH pics

I want Dr. S to know exactly what I want! I want a small upper body (no wide back of thick arms!) small waist. subtly hips and alot or booty projections with cheeks!

Weight gain diet tips

So I woke up this morning and said "girl .... You r losing your beautiful thick legs" so I went to my gym. I did not eat anything just prepared my shake n took it while I exercised. I weight myself and I gained 4 lbs 0.0

The weight has affected my flanks massively. I pinch and a handful of fat is hiding my abs. Inner thighs n arms. My face thank god has not been effected too much.

Tips. Ladies buy heavy cream and add it to literally anything you cook. I add it to spaghetti sauce soup etc n let me tell you it's soooo good n u gain all those calories. Boost is GREAT n cheaper than ensure I drink 2 of those a day.

I have one month to lose weight!

Ive been MIA for a while but my surgery will be in about a month. I went from 132 ish pounds to a whopping 144 lbs. I have no freaking clue how I got here! I havent even been trying to gain weight I swear I feel like my body is just meant to be thick :( I hate being this fat. The last time I was this big it was in early high school and I was picked on for it. My ass and my flanks have enlarged that none of my jeans fit. My boyfriend thinks I shouldnt worry too much about the weight gain but I cant see myself thicker than this. seriously I never wanted to be this thick lol I am damn sure if i go in surgery like this my ass will be 50 inches or something lol! anyhow I have a month to lose 6 or 10 lbs. I will also be working on my legs and shaping them at the gym.

This is what I did to gain weight:
I promise you if you do this diet you will gain weight!!

breakfast: Eat a honey bun (it has like 600 calories) I used to drink this milkshake: i put boost or whole fat milk, peanut butter and nutella, and bananas. put all that in a blender and enjoy. its actually really yummy :)

lunch or dinner: I USED to make home made pasta like chicken Alfredo. Buy heavy cream and a block of alfredo natural cheese. you can find some recipes online for it. basically you only use the whole cream and cheese you grated and you mix it with some light flour to thicken the sauce. add already cooked chicken and pasta. It has ALOT of FAT calories. DO NOT eat to much of this, its extremely high in fat.

DO NOT eat fast food. Fast food and canned meals carry a lot of sodium which will cause bloated fake fat look. If you ever see me in person lol you will def see my belly jiggle. my fat is very soft and i can pull it. its healthy fat. it took me like 4 months to be this fat! I never eat fast food or canned meals. I buy all organic or fresh ingredients. your body will thank you in the long run and so will your skin!

take care ladies and see you around may to post an update on my weight loss and gym regime! oh and please be careful. Research your surgeon carefully and take care of your health. be realistic with your body and do not force your body to be super thick or super small. remember cholesterol and heart disease is not worth a huge ass. not when you are popping pills and having to visit the doctor many times! xoxo

My weight Gain Journey :)

I thought it would be neat to post some pics of me during my weight gain journey. gaining weight is a huge blow to your self esteem...especially when you are a workout junkie and have literally killed yourself at the gym to be skinny. basically I went from underweight 116 lbs to 130 lbs (my natural weight) to an unintentional 144 lbs :(...;) I still do not know if I should lipo my inner thighs... i know i am having my arms lipo cause there is a lil fat there but still unsure of inner thighs. ALSO any you ladies know the whole garment process.... im so confused. how do you girl know what is a stage 2 garment etc. When do you know to switch garments!?!

Weight gain pics (116 lbs to 144 lbs)


LADIES this is a small tip for you lovely girls...ONLY tell EXTREMELY close friends or relatives about this surgery. That may be your mother and partner (in my case). I swear today I have had all my girlfriends turn on me. They called me a cynical vain BIT$% that wants to be perfect etc. They claim my ass is already bubbly and big ill look like a "ghetto %itch". They even made me feel horrible because they said I "purposely gained 30 lbs to have an extremely big ass" Its not my fault I am naturally thick (i didnt even know I could be that big :( ) SIGH...enough venting :)

Vitamins.... Too much info

Okay so I just have learned there is a vitamin regime to take prior to surgery. I bought vitamin c and iron pills but now I am seeing arnica and other vitamins. I know not to take vitamin E but it's so confusing especially the mg needed. I could only find 27 mg of iron. I found this site http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=13517

Is this legit? I may have to buy it cause it has all the pills I need. Last thing I need is my hemoglobin level down. That terrifies me! I want to be in tip top shape! I'm confused lol

finally I got the package

So I talked with Zuny and received my package by email. There is a lot of information there but what stood out was the vitamins to take. I have to take 1000 mg of vitamin c and iron (325 mg) daily. I found 65 mg of iron and I was informed to take that 5 x daily....does that not seem like A LOT!!!!

Iron and feeling fat :( and making time go fast

Just a quick update. If you gals are taking iron just an FYI your stool will be green. I mean DARK GREEN! Don't freak out lol I am so ready for this bbl no joke! My bf was recording this picnic we did and I saw myself.... I was so fat. I started to cry. I suffered from extreme body issues in HS and have always obssesed with being skinny. Seeing my huge rolls and back and thighs just made me feel super ugly :( ughhhhhhhh

Complete guide to BUTT IMPLANTS

Okay so I have been lurking (stalking) this site for about a full year now. I went from wanting the illegal shots (don't be an idiot), bbl, butt implants, to bbl lol. Its safe to say I have done ALOT of research regarding this procedure. As of right now I do not know what exactly I will be getting. Talking to Dr. Salama in two week. For sure 100% i am getting a complete full upper body BBL with or without implants. I want to post what I know so I can help any girl out there seriously considering this procedure. It is unfortunate that many girls rush to this procedure and go to any doctor without regarding the risks. It is also sad that many surgeons out there will do this procedure and wing it, so the patient has to be very well educated to avoid those types of surgeons that will lie etc. Soooo lets start with the basics :)

What are butt implants?
-Butt implants are foreign silicon based material place inside the buttock muscle for cosmetic improvement

What kind of implants are there?
- Regarding shape, there are two kinds of butt implants, the round and oval shaped. Each of these shapes are suited for the correct anatomical butt shape. From my own research, I believe the shorter the buttocks the more suited it is for round. The long buttocks is best suited for the oval implants. This is a personal opinion, please ask your surgeon. Each of the shape comes with a variety of cc. Do not regard the number of cc as a sole factor. The width and height are two main factors that surgeons must take into account. For example, a woman may have short booty with minimal width. The surgeon will have to decide what CC will safely fit inside the patients buttocks (that may be a lower amount of cc than you expected)
-In North America, the surgeons use semi-solid silicon butt implants. In South America they use gel based silicon butt implants. Both implants carry the silicon in different style. For example: the south American implant carry the silicon a little heavier and a lot softer than the NA silicone butt implants. I will go in depth in regards of the feeling later on.

Where are implants placed?
- under skin (PLEASE DO NOT PLACE THE IMPLANT THERE), subfascial (under the fat, above the muscle), intramuscular (BEST OPTION) or under the muscle. I believe all implants are place in the intramuscular level. That is the safest place to place the implant. It minimizes your chance of developing any risks such as capsular contraction and sagging. If the implants are placed too deep inside the gluteus maximus it has a big chance on hitting the sciatic nerve.

Where is the incision?
There are two place where the incision will be made, either the V insicion (one incision made per cheek by you butt crack. The other option is the singular incion (ONE), this one incision is made between your butt crack and in some cases (women with short booties) VERY close to you bootyhole. This incision site is the most unhygienic but the best location if you want you scar to be completely hidden. Because it is unhygienic many infection cases has been attributed to this.

What are my RISKS??????????????
~ infection- Most of these cases have been about the infection of the incision. Others have been the implant itself has been infected. If this happens, most patients will have to remove the implant and wait 6 months.
~scarring- Butt implants like breast implants have a high risk of capsular contraction. This means one butt cheek, or both, well sit higher and sturdier than the other. The implant should drop a bit and feel softer.
~nerve damage, firmness, implant rupture, implant migration, seroma, etc. Like I said implant placement is crucial to avoid hitting the sciatic nerve. Implant migration is most common in the subfascial placement which cause the implant to sag.
~Implant rupture- I have not seen any cases that involved the implant rupturing from the semi solid implant. I have seen the south american gel implant removal and replacement cases. The implant either ruptured from severe trauma or it melted. Like silicon breast implants you may need to change your butt implant within 10-15 years, most likely if you have the gel implants. LADIES if you are traveling to MEXICO please please make sure the surgeon is using butt implants NOT BREAST implants!
~ The FAKE LOOK- YOU HAVE to go to a great surgeon to avoid this. Implants can look very fake. The look I absolutely hate is the duck look. The surgeon places the implant too high or uses an incorrect butt shape implant thats too big so the patient literally has a pointy butt on the upper pole of her butt and nothing on the bottom. I have seen this unfortunate case by a SOUTH american doctor using the gel implant.

This is the best video link if you want to watch butt implant procedure by Dr. Cortes in TEXAS
~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrk9zYBF5u4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSk5UtkKjA4
South American doctor operating
~the type of implants used in south america is slimmed implants. The north american implants mostly used is AART or implantech
~This is a great explanation of the surgery by a lovely RS member. This operation is BBL and Butt implants
"Girl I can't wait to fully see it either without garments, tape, gauze, drains and all! Right now it photographs okay but it's far from where it needs to be its rock hard and a little oddly shaped. But yes I've gotten thru the hardest part I'm sooooo glad. Okay as far as fat grafting and implant, I also read that doing both doesn't work together bc when you cut the muscle you cut good blood vessels that need oxygen to help fat survival or something like that so he does it like this, first he lipo's your stomach, sides when you're on your back, then flips you over and lipo's your back etc., filters the fat, then he cuts the 2 "V" incisions in your butt crack and puts in a sizer or temporary implant to see what looks good in your butt, while that's in he adds the fat to your hips and around the sizer so that if he punctures the implant it's just the sizer. Then he last puts in the actual implant. Stitches up the muscle and the other layers and that's it. Idk what's best either I'm not a doctor but that's what he explained to me. Hope that helps :-)"


okay so lets say I have a job where I see naked ladies from all shapes and sizes with literally every kind of surgery known to man kind;)! I have felt butt implants from patients that have either the silicon semi solid or the gel. GIRL ONE: This lady has gone to south america and had the butt implant procedure. I can still remember feeling her butt cause this was the first time I ever heard or have seen this lol Her butt was not soft. It felt like something was indeed in there. She was 5 months post op. The best way I can describe the feeling is by having you flex your calf muscle. Just flex it and the hardest part of the muscle is exactly how here implants felt. GIRL 2: This girl had her butt done in north america. I think she went to California to get it. Her butt felt almost exactly the same as girl 1: I did notice the middle part of her booty was hard. She was about 7 months post op so honestly it will never be really soft like a BBL.

You know how breast implants look amazing on ladies who already had big boobs. You know how nice and soft it is lol Why? because she has a lot of muscle and fat tissue already present before the surgery. I only know of one girl who I have personally known to have butt implants and hers felt just lovely. I have known her before the implant procedure and she already had a big booty with lots of muscle and fat there . Why she got the sx idk? lol I felt her butt just 2 months post op and it felt really nice!!! I was a bit jelouse no lie lol She had the semi solid silicon butt implant.

What I think.....
-If you want butt implant please gain the weight if you are very very skinny. The butt implants look really good if you involve fat transfer to the sides of the implants. I talked to a top surgeon in Mexico about a year ago when I was extremely underweight. He advised me not to gain weight... he said I had enough fat. that was a complete lie because I literally had very very little fat on my body!
-If the feeling is your biggest concern, you may be disappointed. Like I said, if you have a big booty with a lot fat go for it because your results will feel and look a lot better.

Dr. Salama in Aventura Fl
-I love the way he places the implant. He gives you overall fullness and the sides of the implants are completely covered. I have seen his sx results have a round full look. I LOVE IT :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Cortes in houston Texas
-I have seen the most results from him, He gives a natural look. I do have to say, his lipo skills is a bit less aggressive than dr. Salmaa which is a no for me because I need most of my fat lipod.

Dr. Gongora Mexico
I have seen lovely results from this surgeon HOWEVER I feel like he uses oval ON EVERYONE. If you go to him ask him WHY he is using this specific shape on you. I have emailed him before and he advised not to gain weight.... mind you I was very very skinny. just an FYI :0) The reason why I did not choose this surgeon was because i want a very round look with the sides nicely filled in. His look is more projection than round and longer booty. Maybe if you talk to him with this concern he will correct it with you :) however he is a great surgeon!

Final weight in :) salama

Okay so about me... I noticed it's very hard for me to find petite girls like myself getting a bbl. so I'm putting my body measurements here

Height: 5 ft 2
Weight: 146 lbs ( yes I gained 2 lbs ughhh)
Bust: 32D (my boobs grew a lot yay but I got bit stretch marks on the bottom :/ )
Waist: 28 inches
Butt: 39 inches around booty and hips

It's weird bc back a year ago I wanted a 38 inch booty lol

I noticed that my ass has a bit of cellulites :/ it's very weird for me bc I've never had cellulites ever on my ass. My ass has def grown a lot from back 30 lbs a go. I need to work out ASAP after sx cuz a sloppy ass is not cute honey!

My bbl :)

Hello ladies. I had to reshedule my sx because of a sinus infection. I also came across some privacy issues so my pics may get deleted randomly. Anyhow I can't update too touch because I'm day 2 and super swollen.

First five days of bbl

Today is my first massage and I honestly can't wait!

Day 1
My sx was scheduled at 7 am by dr salama. His sx center is in another facility and I was the first one there to arrive. I was sooo scared you have no idea. I couldn't even talk to my bf I was very quiet :( I met the nurse there and she tells u to change ur clothes into their own medical gown. That undies compression socks and hair net. U also pee in a little cup. Around 715 am I met dr salama. He told me to take my gown off to take pics of my body. He then puts notes in his PC then asks u what u really want and what's possible what's not. I did mention the burn issue I had on my mind. That was a very serious dilemma and I I made sure he knew. He informed me he would be gentle on my stomach since that is the most sensitive area. He then marks u right up and it's pretty amazing to see the areas he plans to lipo and then inject with fat. I was very pleased when he marked my whole back considering I have noticed some girls have a little back fat left I didn't want any on me. The anesthologist is very nice and talked to me to have some health background checks. I then said bye to my bf and I was led to their sx room. This was horrifying to me. I am a huge whimp and I wanted to get out of there. The anesthologist was so sweet and he led me through the pain of the needle going in lol it wasn't THAT bad! lol he told me I would check out is a few secs. I literally felt dizzy and my eyes I could feel them want to close... Lights out! ????

After sx u will be in their facility. I woke up super nauseous and extremely depressed in pain! The nurse took me to my bf car and god I have no clue how I made that car ride home. It was exhausting. I quickly did my own bed bc my bf was in a schlock my ass was PURPLE and my face... It was like a balloon. I slept for about an hr then woke up. Took my meds then immediately threw up. I honestly couldn't stand without throwing up everything even water. I was crying and literally cursing myself for doing this surgery. Day one was all about forcing to stand up and then immediately throw up. I even pissed myself bc I was shocked in pain I barely made it in the bathroom. Girls piss in the bathtub and have a cup ready. My bf was amazing. He would wake up at 3 am and force me to take my my pills and help me when I was crying and throwing up. He changed me and fed me like a toddler lmao. I am amazed at u girls that do this alone or with a boob job etc. this was literally the most painful day heck DAYS of my entire life!

DAY 2-5
Honestly u do feel a little better each day but I think I am recovering a lil slower than most. Like I said I have an extremely low pain tolarance so even a little pain depresses me! I am still swollen! At night around 4 am I wake up feeling extremely bloated. My face has gone down a lot but it's still fat and round I don't like it. It's worse around 4 am though. My legs looks like purple sausage right now. It's very think and meaty! Can't wait for that painful massage! I'll post pic later. My bf doesn't want to help me with that part and taking it alone is very hard????

My 1st massage

OMG... OMG.... That was literally torture. I promise u I screamed and cried. I felt the fluid burning and moving. OMG that was like complete complete torture. Please girls take a pain killer before the massage. I think that helped a bit.now is it me or does salama not have mirrors. I swear I haven't had the darn time to take a pic of my body naked or even see it completely with a professional to help me put the darn garment on. Although I saw my waist it's so small and flat I love it.

I got 1200 cc of fat per cheek btw. I got complete upper torso and inner thighs lipo. Ughhhhh !!!!!

Tip: try to get ur first post appt with salama first then right after ur first massage.

Some pics

I did NOT get butt implants just bbl :) I felt the samples.

In a dress

Okay so today it's my second massage. Ughhhh I'm so scared :( I will try to take pic of my body or if the masseuse will help me with that.

Me naked lol

The second massage was not bad at all thank god. Today I am glad to say I feel a million times better. I still have a little bit of stomach acid but I think that's mainly due to being on my tummy so much! OMG ladies the first 5 days is complete hell but thanks to this site my girl @mistryc and my mother I got through it!!! Lol

Tears of joy

I undressed home today and saw my body. Ladies I cried years of joy. My waist is finally finally the way I want it and I have hips. OMG I love dr salama

Day 9

I feel wayyyyyyyy better today yay. The only thing is sleeping. U swell up so u have to take ur walks to settle it. Very annoying. I also have some diarrhea nothing big like sweating and cussing of the pain but rushing to take ur garment is a bitch. The antibiotics cause this thank god I'm almost done. My booty has def dropped beautifully it's still a but high but way better than day one omg

New garment and massages

Okay so the best garments I think are found in classic shapewear. I ordered a ultra compression solame butt out. I'm now waiting for it to arrive. I used a coupon so I paid 74 instead of 100 :) I had to measure myself bc I have no clue what size I am. I have seen u girls post 2xl Xl etc and y'all's are very little lol I'm only posting measurements once and will never again measure my butt. I see a lot of u girls get a little too caught up with the numbers and stress I don't want that. Also them massages are EXPENSIVE. I finally found a place my bf approved of. I spent 1k for 12 massages and will get some discount cuz I'm getting another 20 massages afterwards. I care more about my stomach than my ass. Right now my tummy has zero lumps it's flat and perfect I plan to maintain that yes mam!!!

Waist 24 inches
Ass hips 45 inches

Day 15 drains coming out tomorrow!

My booty has dropped and fluffed finally. It was super high at day one. I feel a lot better. Tried on my blue leggings I used to wear when I was super skinny girl.... Those leggings DO NOT FIT. I have to jump and lift.

One more pic from behind

Drains out

Sweet loooord this sx ain't no joke! I took a Percocet before the deed of pulling the drain out and bad idea. Right after pulling it I felt dizzy and threw up the Gatorade I took. Maybe I threw up bc I didn't eat beforehand idk but fudge I feel sleepy and nauseous now eek. Here are pics of the deed. Ladies no lie it hurts a bit but it's not nearly as bad as my first massage. U can feel some muscle ripping it's just looks nastier than it is.

Need new garment

FYI just get the garment provided by ur surgeon. My Salome garment I bought sucks. It's extremely little on the butt n hips area. I ordered lipoexpress size m it cost me total 140 $$$ ughhhh! I noticed my left butt cheek has a weird lil crease I think that's due to the garment not being right enough on my thigh so hopefully the new garment will fix that. I also ordered lipo foam that ish is expensive but whatever. Ladies this sx is EXTREMELY expensive. I had to dig into my shopping fund so I could afford the massages garment clinchers foams etc.

Left butt cheek and protection!

I'm almost one month post op yay :) my booty is less dark in color and a lot softer than before. I think it did go down but honestly day one my ass was swollen and rock hard haha. My only issue is my darn left butt cheek. It's like the right has it's nice lil crease and my left booty cheek refuses to the standard it wants to do its own damn thing haha. Although it is better than before. I think my new garment is fixing it nicely. I'm still swollen on my flanks and back so hopefully more massages will heal it. I am not taking bromelain idk I'm scared to use it haha also ladies... ALL you girls are BEAUTIFUL and unfortunately there are savages out there that wants to harm you. I went out shopping yesterday and I felt extremely uncomfortable. Me and my mom were both very annoyed and a bit scared. Men were stopping to see me. Literally men in groups and I passed a barber shop looking for food and the men came out with their phone. I even had three women give me the stink eye and follow me with their phone. I felt like a freak show and my butt isn't even big like that. I don't think I have a shocking body. ladies please carry a taZer or something and never b alone. I was sexually harassed as a young girl and my biggest fear are men. I'm not into hardcore flirting I don't like it. Please girls pre bbl and especially post bbl regardless if your butt is big small whatever protect yourself!!!


And yes I do hVe stretchmarks on my side booty. I was always ashamed of it as a teen but I grew to love them bc I know no one is perfect and of that's my lil imperfection then I considered myself blessed ;) love urself girls!

Pre op body

Here r my pre op per request. I miss my tone body :(

One month post op... Finally -_-

Yay one month... I made it :) only one more month to go until I start school and I am not over protective of the booty lol. Okay so I won't b available for one month unfortunately... Blame school. I hVe a huge exam on the first day and I can't fail that. Okay so I have some tips for any girl going to salama. Try and try to get lipo foam for you back and one paper sheet size one for your belly. I'm telling u that foam is a life saver especially when u put it under your ab board that hurts like a bitch when u sleep. If u don't ull pay 16 bucks for ONE lipo sheet... Yes one! My left butt cheek is finally fixed I'm very happy about that. The top part of my butt is very soft but the middle lower part still needs to start fluffing. I'm about to get x rated here but... I tried to have sex with my bf. okay so he is about 6ft2 I'm 5ft2 that's a whole foot towering me. Now sex has always been a lil difficult bc I'm so small and he is bigger than average... Lol but this time it huuuuurt like hell. My butt is so big that when we tried to doggy style the penis couldn't go in straight it bent down that it hurt. We couldn't fix it at all my butt literally gets in the way. I hope this isn't going to be a permanent situation bc that ish hurt BAD that I started to tear up in the middle of it. I couldnt handle it. Anyways here are some pics for u ladies. I love my booty :) at times I think it's too big but I love the shape. I'm def considering a round 2 revision not full blown bbl just in case the shape starts to loose it luster. Also my mom called my ass and told me my butt is tooooo big and I look like a duck :/ yes a duck! She wanted to know if there was anyway to fix that problem aka ask salama to suck fat out of my Ass. I was like "u crazy!!!" I was soo mad girl I wanted to cuss my mom out I know I love her but that pissed me off. I'm like other people have bigger problems and I'm about to do what? Ugh my poor (lucky ) grandma has a huge ass she rocking the kim k look since 1940 lol and she always gets the snarky blab of her ass LOOKIN like a duck. I'm thinking of doing my nose but I terrified. it's just a though but I'm a lil crazy may end up doing it December. I have a nice nose but I want a lil more definition ughh i don't want to tempt fate u know what I mean... I'm scRed of surgeries.

Going shopping

Just a lil update. Finally had s3x ;) I NEEDED the D girls u feel me hahaha it was sooo good but no doggy. Just cowgirl position works for now lol let me tell you when u have the booty you want to swirl twerk make it bounce it looks good hahahahaha okay okay calm your ass down cosmetic journey! Haha

Waist cincher

Oh and this waist cincher I got is AMAZING. ITS tight but comfortable enough to wear over your garment and foams. It's called squeem perfect waist. Got it at classicshapewear .com I got size small. I'm 24 inch waist. So maybe go a size up bc I doubt I'd fit into xs especially with my foams etc.

When will this $hiy end already!

Okay I have to vent. I'm sick and fucking tired of this already. I know I'm only one month post op but damn that should be enough. I went to the mall to shop till I drop and not even an hour later I felt the weight of my ass. Yes my ass felt like it weight a ton. I felt tired and wanted to sleep. The worst thing is NOTHING fits this ass. Literally no jeans not even leggings. Leggings make my ass look humongous and fake. I wanted to just cry because I want my life back already. For 6 months I've been fat and refused to wear anything cute and now I'm still in that spot. The damn garment shows through everything and so I have to be selective on what I wear. Gosh I'm just tired of it. I want to be better NOW. I AM super cabin fever. I can't even shop or wear heels. I know this is a dumb ish post but fuck I am just so tired of not being happy and being able to be without this damn garment foams ab board. I want to be able to walk for hours without feeling like I am carrying a planet back there. I'm just so over it.

Fat narcosis

Hello dolls. I checked my booty today and felt a little lump on my right top butt cheek. I've seen a lot of girl talk about having fat lumps on that specific area. Now I don't know of it's just tender whatever but I'm pretty sure I have fat death there. It doesn't hurt nor can a person tell but I can feel it. Also I measured lol let me tell you girls start measuring at one month. Bc I lost one inch. I'm at 44 inches lol. Mom approved my butt says butt did indeed drop!

Anyways that all for now :)

VERY CHEAP but HIGH quality gym clothes one day sale :)

Hello lovely ladies :) I know how excited we are for out new big booties and yes gym leggings are very expensive however I came across a commercial for fabletics. Kate hudson is the co founder and they sell gym clothes anyways your first outfit is 50% off and let me tell you you get an ENTIRE outfit pants shirt and some even the sports bra for either 24.99 to 34.99. I got a gorgous outfit for 24 bucks! here is the website http://www.fabletics.com/

I think the Salar leggings will look AMAZING on my shall I say our booties :)
the sale is only until tomorrow :)

bad grammar and misspelling

geez my typing grammar sucks :( sorry my iphone is hard to use to type!

another Salar legging photo...

why cant we just edit a previous post realself :(

6 weeks post op mini update

Hello sexy ladies :) so just here for a mini update. Went shopping to find pants. I didn't care about jeans I was just sick and tired of dresses. Found the hue legging jean. It's originally 40 bucks but got mine for 11 lol sale baby u know after this sx my ass on a budget! I think these "jeggings" are amazing. Very comfortable and it STRETCHES BIG TIME. I'm a size small. Get the jean legging thing at Bloomingdales stores or online :)

Also I DID gain weight. OMG once u start eating like a little pig your ass ain't stopping. Yeezus my fat ass is eating like I'm preparing for another bbl or something. I feel the fat gaining on my arms (gorilla arms is a very real thing honey!) and a tiny bit on my belly. The part he wasn't too aggressive. At 2 months post op I'm hitting the gym big time and eating healthy.

Also on my recent pics I had A LOT of junk food. God I need to stop eating like I was blessed with a fast metabolism!




6 weeks undies

Forgot the undie pics. Y'all's gotta see bare skin that the best pics lol

Scars and gym .... Thoughts?

Okay so next Friday I will be 7 weeks. I want to go to the gym so badly. Also I haven't sat down yet. I want to sit so badly to get a manicure at least. I'm very scared.
As for my scars. The back one is light. The main one where the drain was at is big and a bit dark. Not sure what is the BEST thing to put on it. I'm just putting the scar way silicon sheets.
I'm not sure if this is a correct thing to do however I plan on buying spanxs thong to wear in daytime then wear my garment with foams ab board and waist cincher afternoon/nights until 3 months post op.

2 months post op august 25

Hello dolls. I'm finally (almost) at 2 months post op. I did notice my hips go down a bit and also my booty. My mom noticed it and was relieved lol hahaha my bf noticed too but he said it went down a little bit. I'm sure it was the swelling. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR DAY 15 post op booty lol anyhow I am now sitting :) my daddy made this thing for me and it was a life saver. Your ass will be in the air while driving sitting etc. not the most comfortable but it'll do. I had my orientation.... Omg it was 3 hours long. I looked pretty crazy sitting in mid air and my legs was going numb. My thighs were hurting a lot also. I did however get my hair done :) lifesaver and I'm now driving. Studying is a bit of a hassle by I have to lay face down and my neck is hurting. I study for about 6 hours a day. I need my neck cracked. I'm wearing my garment ab board foams and waist cincher.. I'm going to order the xs bc the small isn't as tight anymore :/ I also ordered two garments. Vedette and Salome. Hopefully one of them will be a keeper. Will post pics of them when I get them. My leggings for gym I got.... My bf said I'm not allowed to wear them out lol. I can see why. The booty is VERY Very noticeable. So I guess I'll save that when I work out at 6 am. No one in the gym then. I'm a shy person in public.

2months post op pics

Pre op. Sexy dress ;)

Here is my pre op photos... Kind of embarrassed to post them lol

Vets help !!!!

Okay so I started school and needless to say I have been on my feet a lot. I have to walk through campus drive and I don't sit I kneel throughout the course. I noticed I have swollen ankles!!!!! I'm scared. I just noticed it. It has just now happened. I just want to know it's normal or not. Is it bc I've been walking a lot. I've been eating a lot of sodium also. Going shopping for organic meals this weekend. This week has been very very hectic!

Thanks dolls

Fat necrosis

Hello ladies

At 2.5 months post op I have found two areas of fat necrosis. I went to see dr salama yesterday and he confirmed it. The area is harder and firmer than rest of my butt. I feel very sad. I mean you can't tell I have fat necrosis however you can feel it. I don't have an infection thank god however I am the kind of person to worry and so I am worrying now. My butt cheeks are huge and bc of the high amount of fat placed there I got fat necrosis. If any of you ladies have had fat necrosis please pm me or comment here. I have seen some pics of girls that seemed to have some sort of fat necrosis however they never mentioned it. I am considering a revision as of now just in case any deformities happen. However I'm not sure if I'll go back to dr salama. He is a very nice man and will text you back ASAP but he doesn't inject fat directly into your muscle. At time I think maybe that's why I got fat necrosis. He injects the fat on top of the muscle not directly into it.

Just thinking

You know I have to vent. I paid so much money to end up with fat necrosis. I could have just had ass shots and that would have retained but no I had to get surgery. If this fat necrosis causes any deformities I'm just going to get ass shots. Idk I'm just mad right now. Dr salama said to massage it but I doubt that will help. I don't care how my butt feels. All I care about is how it looks. My biggest fear is having a huge caved in spot on my ass.


Deleting pics. Lots of thirsty ass girls I'm dealing with personally. Love you dolls. Will post pics soon. When it cools down ;)

Almost 5 months post op next week :)

Hey guys everything is great so far. My necrosis no longer hurts it's just there lol I'm planning a retouch next June. Not for a bigger booty but a little more shape and roundness and to fix the necrosis. I love my body.

Yay got the pics up

ummm this porno star got butt implants AND illegal but shots. Personally I think her body looks disgusting. She literally looks like an ant. NSFW... Kind of http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22pbir_lela-star-ass-tastic_redband

Almost one year post op

Hello lovely ladies :)

Its been a LONG time since my update! I had the bbl and i love my results. My ass went down A LOT however its still big considering my small upper frame. It looks a lot more natural. I still have that necrosis but it doesnt bother me honestly. I have $ on the side just in case i need to fix it but i dont think i will need to anytime soon. I am consodering getting another bbl. however this time i may go with dr jimmerson in atlanta. Only reasong for this is bc my surgeon from 1st bbl had a horrific burn patient and another bc it will be my second time doing lipo i do not want to run into any risks. Also i have a gross scar from the stupid long drain i had. I didnt know how to care for it correctly. I needed a shot or something bc that scar healed aweful. Overall i love my body.


Ok so I think I'm going to schedule my bbl with salama again. Although it won't be for another round. I don't want to gain too much weight. I don't like being thick. My preferred body type is slender thick and toned. I am planning to lipo the extra fat around my midsection, arms and thighs. It will be a revision instead to fix that left hip. Overall I love my body even tho I gained weight :(

1year 4 months post op revision soon

I haven't updated in a long time. I am very very happy with my booty. However I gain weight very easily and right now I am at 154 lbs not only is my ass huge but so are my thighs tummy and arms. Gosh I hate it. I know it's my fault lol I mean the second I eat I gain weight. Anyways I'm scheduling a revision to have my hips bigger. Believe it or not my hips retained pretty well. I'm trying to schedule with Nancy but I always miss their call and when I am available they do not call me back >:(

I am terrified about the lipo. I was blessed to say my lipo is very smooth and pretty. I hate the lumpy I had lipo look. I rather have a small ass than that dreaded lipo look.

New pics

New pic

New pic one year post op.

Revision scheduled for June 15th ish...

Yay finally I'm going to get rid of these chubby arms. Going to get trim and toned and during late spring I'll begin my fattening sessions :/

Who wants my march 13 2016 date

I won't be able to do my surgery so I want to know who wants it. It is for march 13 2016!!!
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