Had my BBL...Now Give Me the Boobs! Full Lift with Silicone Implants #TeamSalama - Aventura, FL

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I am scheduled for a breast augmentation with full...

I am scheduled for a breast augmentation with full lift on 2/17/15. I am getting silicone implants under the muscle. I am not sure the size yet, I will find out on 2/16/15 when I have my preop appointment with Salama. Currently, I have deflated, shribbled, hanging raisins from breastfeeding all three of my kids. God please fix it…lol. I hope to go to a full D. Nothing too big, I just want perky, soft natural looking girls:)

I currently wear a 34 or 36 C depending on the brand--that is padded. If it is not padded I wear a 36B. I can sadly fit a small sports bra. How is this possible and my hips/butt measure 45 inches? SMH. Anyways, always wanted breast ever since I was 14. The girls at school teased me so badly. I remember going home rubbing butter on my chest with the hope of getting bigger boobs. #Ghetto! Needless to say it never worked.

In fact, I wanted to get a breast job before the BBL, but I needed that good lipo, so the breasts had to wait. Now finally it is within reach…bring them here…please Jesus fix it…LOL. I love my results from the BBL, I think my butt is the perfect size for my body and its looking more realistic as time progresses. I can’t even imagine how sick my body is going to be with this boob job.

You ladies don’t understand. I went from being picked on for being skinny and flat chested in school, to filling out and having a nice shape as an adult, to a fat ass after having my kids. I never imagined my body could look like this. I am so grateful and this is to show you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Go get it ladies!!

I am also getting my chin lipoed. I have a double chin….ugh! All the ladies in my family have it. It is disgusting. For an additional $250, bring it on. I hear the recovery is not that bad either. I am also going to get my boob fat lipoed from my axilla. This has always been a problem area. No matter how many push ups I do, it doesn’t go anywhere.

I am staying at the recovery house, so anyone staying there at that time, please inbox me. Also, any words of advice? I don’t know what to expect. I have a lot of answers about the BBL, but am at a loss for this surgery! Please help.

So far this is my list, most of which I got from my BBL supply list:

- Sports bras: Danskin found at Walmart
- TheraPearl™ Nursing Buddies $13.95 
- Skin shammy: very gentle on skin when bathing postoperatively 
- Bed lounge: it’s like having an easy chair for your bed
- Sipping straws
- Bacterial Soap (like Dial or Safegaurd)
- Hibiclens liquid skin cleanser
- Gauze/tape
- Small scissors
- Hair products
- Lotion
- Deo
- Lip balm (lips will be dry after surgery)
- Tooth brush/tooth paste
- Neosporin
- Disposable Chucks pads
- Peroxide
- Q Tips
- Loofa and exfoliating shower scrub (pre-op surgery shower)
- Razors or Nair (pre-op shaving a must; please get the vagina right)
- Thermometer
- Cell charger, music, iPad, laptop (things to keep you busy)
- Protein Powder/Meal supplement @ GNC (Lean Cinnabon Flavor was delicious!)
- Grabber to help with things you cannot reach or bend over to get after surgery

- Arnica Gel and tablets
- Bromelain Pills (Found on Amazon for $38)
- Prescription: Percocet, Zofran, Keflex, Colace
- Swiss Kriss from Whole foods (Best Laxative ever and it’s all natural!)
- Multi vitamin with at least 325 mg of iron daily, and vitamin C

- Robe to wear day of surgery
- Socks
- Slide on slippers/shoes/sandals to wear the day of surgery
- Loose fitting pants/sweats/lounge pants to wear day of surgery (TJ MAXX)
- Shirts that zip or button up the front

Here is the link to my BBL review; did I say I love my results?

Good day ladies…

Periareolar lift instead of full lift?

As time draws closer to my BA date in February, I really want to get a periareolar lift vs the full lift with lollipop incision. I have researched both techniques thoroughly, and I love the natural look the periareolar lift gives. Also, although I have some sagging, my breast are on the small side. If I get a full lift with skin removal, how large of an implant will I be able to get? I know I would not be able to go too big as you cannot put too much tension on the midline incision. I only want to go to a small D cup, I am not asking for much. I talked to Cynthia, and she keeps telling me I need a full lift. What do you guys think? I posted a pic of a patient Dr. Salama performed the periareolar lift on; her breast preoperatively were similar to mine and i love her results.

Thanks in advance for your input.

BA with BL May 29th!!!

I have a new date for my breast augmentation with full lift. I had to reschedule my previous date due to my blood pressure. Things are under control, and I have a new date: May, 29th!! I will be staying at the recovery house for 7 days. I will arrive on May 28 for my preop appointment and fitting. I am also going to have lipo of my inner thighs, since I paid for it with my BBL but did not have it done, due to my low hgb. I am also having my boob fat, in the area of my axilla, lipo'ed as well.

I received my preop packet in the mail yesterday, and I was surprised to find out I need to have a mammogram performed for prep testing. Apparently, Dr. Salama now requires anyone over the age of 35 to have one done for breast augmentation surgery (I am 36...of course I just barely missed the cut off age). Who knew? I also need: EKG, preop physical with letter of release from my PCP, labs: CBC, BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel), Urine Analysis, urine pregnancy test, HIV, Hgb A1C (used to look at trends in blood sugar), PT, and PTT (Clotting factor test).

My bags are packed, my flight is booked. I need to finish paying the recovery house, and I am good to go. I am getting nervous, as time is flying by.

I just wanted to keep anyone (who is interested) informed. Fingers crossed, and I can't wait to be perky again!

Happy Healing

Countdown begins...

The countdown begins; I leave for FLL on 5/28, and I have my surgery on 5/29. I had a little scare with my mammogram....they found a lump. I went back for an ultrasound, and the lump was found to be a lymph node.

I'm ready to go, I just need my doctor's office to fax all my lab work and consent. I will update you guys before my departure!

Can't wait to be perky again!!!!!

don't know why my pic didn't load

Updating here seems to be more time consuming and difficult. This is the primary reason I'm not on here as often. (Can u tell I'm frustrated?)

OMG... My update didn't load either..had BA/BL surgery today

I made it to the other side ladies! I my surgery today, and I have my post-op appointment tomorrow at 9:30--so I will be sure to send pictures. The surgery took 2.5 hours. I started off a C cup; I got 500 cc HP smooth silicone implants under the muscle with a full lift. Per Salama I will be a full C/small D.

When I woke up I was in pain. I asked the nurse to give me pain meds and she said no! Whet?! She said wait til you get home to take some pills. She said she had 2 more patients coming. Whet did this broad tell me?! I called Dr Salama ASAP. Being a nurse, I know this is immoral, and inhumane. I'm pain free now, but I can't believe she treated me that way. I love Dr. Salama, but that bish shouldn't be a nurse because she lacks compassion. I'm really pissed and disappointed. I would NEVER treat a patient that way!!

At any rate, here is a pic of me in my bra. Til tomorrow ladies, I'll be sure to post more pics.

Post op day 1

Here are some pics of the girls. I am happy with my results. The lift was done flawlessly. I will be glad when they drop and soften. I received 500 cc High profile smooth silicone implants under the muscle. Once I heal I will be a small D full C.

Thanks for your continued support...

Of course the pics didn't load...

Here they are

They still didn't load

I swear I hate this website. There are do many bugs and it is do difficult to load pics. Once I load these pics I am taking my page down. It's too much of a headache.

Post op day 2

What a difference a day makes. I can't believe I was 225 lbs after I had my daughter 3 years ago. That was the start of my journey. I can remember not wanting to look in the mirror at myself. Well... Look at me now.

If I did it, you can too. I hope my story gives you inspiration. It wasn't easy, but I did it. I'm super proud of myself.

2 weeks post op

I'm currently 2 weeks post op. Steri strips removed, now using 3M micropore tape for incisions.

Happy healing ladies!

5 weeks post op

I am almost 6 weeks post op. I am back to work and back into my normal routine. I take things slowly, as when I do too much, my pecs become sore. My incisions are healing nicely. I am still using the 3M micropore tape. I change the tape every 4-7 days (once I feel it is starting to lift). My breasts feel heavy, but I hear the heaviness will eventually go away, as my body adjusts to them.

I can't wait to see what they look like at 3 months post op. So far I love them!

3 months post op

I am currently 3 months post op BA with full lift. I am still using the 3M micropore tape and, I still wear a really supportive sports bra 24/7. I avoid the sun, and when I go out into the sun, I wear sun screen. I am 100% healed now. I do not have any pain. My upper body is still very weak, I tried doing push ups and only did 9. LOL.

Good luck ladies and happy healing!

Before and after pics you've been asking for

Here are some before and after pics you guys have been asking for. It was a good trip down memory lane. I can see where I have shrunk over the last two years and that before pic is a fond memory. I love my curves as they are more natural looking. Remember, Dr. Salama will give you what you ask for. I wanted a more natural look, but if you want to get it popping....then ask for that. It's all good and what matters is you're satisfied.

At any rate, enjoy...
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