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The breasts God gave me, unfortunately, were very...

The breasts God gave me, unfortunately, were very awkward looking, a bit problematic and as they were developing, one decided to skip town and cause all sorts of symmetrical issues. Frankly, not his best work.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, as I lovingly named them, were known for giving me major anxiety. For about 11 years, actually. I initially wanted to have surgery when I was 18. But silicone was not (and still isn't) approved for women under the age of 22. At the advice of my primary, I decided to wait and see if things would improve as I finished developing. You know how this story ends, so clearly, things did not improve. And neither did my self-confidence. I could never wear a strapless anything, always needed extra padding in Tweedle Dee, and the yearly examinations were a pain in the rear (we're a family of breast cancer). As the years went by I grew complacent and just dealt with them. I always knew I wanted to have them fixed but I never knew when. I was very self-conscious about them and rarely let anyone see my top half bare. While breasts don't necessarily "define" a woman, they do play a big role in feeling feminine, at least in my opinion. They didn't look normal to me. And that made me feel like less of a female. One pro of having super awkward lady parts, you develop a pretty awesome personality!

Last year, after a major break up (probably should thank the ex for the motivation), I decided it was time to focus on me. Happiness is made on the inside, right? For me, it was on my chest! I wanted new tits. And I wasn't letting anything stop me. I made consultations with 3 doctors. The first one was Dr. Salama. I was very well versed on the procedure and the risks involved. I had quite a bit of time to research, after all. On the day of the consultation, I met with Jesenia at the front desk. Super sweet girl, very helpful. I filled out some forms and waited my turn. Meanwhile, the office waiting room was crawling with patients (literally, as most couldn't sit due to their fresh BBLs). No one had a negative thing to say about Dr. Salama, which was reassuring. After a few minutes, I got called in, told to remove my top, and throw on one of those paper robes. I couldn't help but play with implants that were on the counter. I'm really a 12 year old boy, by the way. Any who, shortly there after, and luckily AFTER I put the implants back, Dr. Salama came in and greeted me. First impression was good. Thought, damn he's kind of short (sorry Dr.!), but seemed nice enough. I was ready for the typical surgeon attitude and it was really nowhere to be found. He was cool, down to Earth, answered all my questions, did tons of measuring, explained the difference between certain implants, asked me questions about what look I wanted to achieve, etc. For a free consultation, you'd think they'd rush you in and out. So not the case with him! He suggested high profile implants and a lift on Tweedle Dum. Poor thing was facing all the wrong directions so it needed to be lifted. Of course, being a surgeon, Dr. Salama was kind of bummed he wasn't doing a bilateral lift but hey, such is life! Knowing that cc's don't necessarily correlate with a specific cup size, I left it up to him to figure out what size would A. even them out, and B. look the best on my frame. For someone who is a natural skeptic, you can imagine how hard this was to do. But I put on my big girl panties, and went with it. At the end of the consultation, all I wanted was for him to make them pretty.

The consultation went SO well, I canceled the other two I had that afternoon and decided to schedule my surgery. Dealing with Nancy, their surgical coordinator, and the rest of the office staff was amazing. Everyone was extremely sweet and professional. Leaving their office, I felt 100% confident I had chosen the right doctor.

Fast forward 8 months, and it's June 2nd. Surgery day. I got to the surgical center, mom, grandma and nerves in tow, checked in, met the staff (again, super friendly and helpful), changed, and waited to see Dr. Salama and the CRNA providing my anesthesia. Dr. Salama came in shortly after, drew on me again, took some pictures (that could very well be used as blackmail, FYI), and went over what we were getting ourselves into once more. I had zero questions for him at that point. In came his CRNA, we went over my anesthetic plan, signed some paperwork and that was that. I was left to wait for a few minutes as they flipped the OR, during which time I flashed all those driving on Hallandale Beach Blvd through the window in the office I was in. It was the last the world would see of my God given boobies; a parting gift, if you will. Soon, I'm being escorted to the OR. I hop onto that OR table, let the CRNA poke a hole in my hand, and next thing I know, I'm home. With new titties. Which are sitting gracefully, in my throat. Oddly enough, I experienced no pain. I mean, absolutely zero pain. Either my tolerance is freakishly high, or he's just THAT good. Maybe a combination of both. All I felt was tremendous pressure and sore. Granted, I was now the proud owner of 500cc/650cc high profile smooth, round, silicone implants. Obviously, I was going to feel as if a car was sitting on my chest. But beyond that and the accompanying swelling, I felt great. I had no negative anesthetic side effects and no bruising from the surgery. I did need to sleep on a recliner for a few days but once I got use to the twins, that's what I call them now, I was able to sleep in bed, albeit, elevated and on my side.

I am currently 15 days post op and have my 3rd follow up next week. They have dropped and changed tremendously. According to the man friend, they were "pretty banged up" the first day. Now, they're "pretty damn awesome". Success. As with all cosmetic surgery, time does make a hell of a difference. If they look this good on day 15, I can only imagine how awesome they'll look 1 month out, 2 months out, etc. I'm definitely excited to see the final result.

I asked Dr. Salama to make them pretty. And thus far, he has delivered!

If only my incisions would play nice!

So I am currently 20 days post-op! I'm excited about getting to that one month mark.

Went in today for a follow up since my incisions seem to be playing hard to heal! Those bastards. Over Father's Day weekend I noticed a small hole in my lifted boob, Tweedle Dum. It's right at the juncture where the vertical incision meets the horizontal one. I figured it was normal but I sent Dr. S a picture and asked what I should do in regards to caring for it. He called in Silvadene cream and told me to apply 2x/day. Picked it up an hour later, had some Denny's, went home, and did as I was told. There was, and still isn't, any swelling or raising of the incision, heat, excessive drainage, no fever, and no pain. Just an unsightly, dime sized hole. It does look more intimidating in the picture, btw.

Anywho, I decided to add some Silvadene cream to the right incision as well. Figured it wouldn't hurt. A brief introduction of my right incision; This one is obviously a lot smaller than the left incision as there wasn't a lift on that boob. It's about 2 and a half inches long and probably about less than a half inch wide. It has the potential to be a pretty well hidden incision. About 10 days post-op, my trusty steristrip on the right incision, decided to exit stage left. It came off entirely while I was patting my incisions dry after a shower. Thinking nothing of it, I covered it with gauze so it would not brush up against my support bra and went about the days. I had my primary, which is also a very close family friend, check my incisions the day I went over to show her the new additions (she's also been through a BA and wanted to see how mine were coming along). She noticed it was draining and had a dark film over it. It almost looked like a scab. The drainage had no scent, it wasn't raised, hot or looked infected so she said to point it out to Dr. S on the next follow up to make sure it was healing right.

Today was the follow up. And while my main concern was fixing that damn hole, Dr. S was more concerned about the right incision. It turns out, that sucker had opened up and the protein build up above it was inhibiting it's healing. I'm here thinking if I don't get this hole on the left taken care of, I may need to go back to the OR. Well, the hole on the left incision is quite common. The tension in that area is typically to blame. The right incision, however, should've never opened. But it very much did. Dr. S said he'd never seen that happen and I'm sure he's not lying. It didn't look right to me either which is why I figured applying the Silvadene cream wouldn't hurt. Thankfully, he wasn't seeing the implant which is AWESOME. Lord knows I'm just now getting use to these puppies. I'd hate to have to go through an explant.

Dr. S and Nomie, one of his nurses/surgical coordinators there (she's a total doll), came in and scraped off all the dead skin/protein on top of the incision right inside the exam room. It didn't hurt one bit. To be honest, it felt much better afterwards. Dr. S also removed a few stitches from the left incisions. That did sting a bit more but it wasn't anything I couldn't deal with. Nomie applied Silvadene to both sides, and dressed them. I've been instructed to not remove the dressing until tomorrow, Thursday. On Friday, I will be seeing Dr. S again but this time, at his surgical center. Hopefully these wounds play nice and close up soon! I feel like they're competing to see which one can give me the most grief. Boobs look nice and are dropping well, though. Glad to report they're cooperating!

Dr. S and I believe maybe it was the exercises that caused the right incision to open up. Maybe I was doing them to hard? Maybe I stretched and didn't notice, or just using full range of motion with that arm caused it to open? Who knows? I am definitely sure it must've been something I did early on (< 2 weeks post-op) since its looked the same since the steristrip came off. But alas, nothing that can't be taken care of with proper, and early, intervention. I obviously can't be trusted with incisions.

TL:DR Left and right incisions are in a battle royal. The left incision sprouted a hole, and the right felt left out so it one-upped the left, and opened up completely. Boobs are caught in crossfire. No casualties as of yet. I cannot wait until I stop draining from the various holes in my body. I'm starting to think I may be Swiss cheese.

Until next time folks.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is truly amazing at his craft. I've already recommended him to three friends who will be scheduling consultations. He is thorough, professional, and down to Earth. He's clear about what works, and what doesn't, focused, knowledgeable and has every intent to fully surpass your expectations. I said I wouldn't have any more procedures done, but given the great experience I've had with Dr. Salama and his staff, I may need to retract that statement. He is solely the reason I pay my monthly Care Credit bill sporting a Koolaid smile. If you're on the fence about a procedure, look no further than Dr. Salama and his staff. They will not steer you wrong.

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