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Just over 18 months ago, I succesfully had my BBL...

Just over 18 months ago, I succesfully had my BBL done. My only regret is that I should have done it sooner. I love love love my results and therefore, my genius and master of a surgeon, Dr Moises Salama will also be doing my BL&A. I consulted with 3 other doctors, knew it would take a lot of convincing after my experience with Dr Salama and needless to say, I wasnt.

After breastfeeding 2 kids for almost a year each, fluctuating weight, aging and Gravity, it simply is way due.

I'm currently a 36c, probably went up to a D. I am not looking for bigger, I just need perky and full boobs, ability to go without a bra if needed, and certainly, elimination of underwires!

I consulted with Dr Salama during my BBL postop and it was just left for me to decide when. Nov 13, 2014 is my Boob Day!

Less than 4 days to go with these floppies...

Huge nipples! I want these reduced too!

I have work tomorrow and Tuesday, so I started packing tonight.
Sports bra and undies
5 button down shirts L and XL (I normally wear M)
2 bathrobes
Zip down hoodie
Antibiotic Ointment
Cotton swabs
Stool softener
Anti nauseant
Dial anti bacterial body wash
Hydrogen peroxide
Spa slippers
Swim suit (lol, maybe I can laze by the pool or beach on Wednesday)

I am really hoping to just use a carry on, so I can grab and go, but My carry on is filling up fact. Then again, I may be too sore travelling back home to hoist it in the overhead compartment, so maybe better off checking a piece(?). We'll see.

Current wish pics...

Miami, here I come!

I am all packed, ready and raring to go. No nerves, yet. I was more anxious about my BBL; maybe because those results would have been more life-changing(?); may be a case of 'been there, done that'; dunno...

Pre-op Done

Had my pre-op this afternoon. Dr. Salama and I have decided on 350 - 375 cc, moderate profile. I told him I trust his expertise and will rely on his judgement in the final analysis. I will be having an anchor lift, as my tatas are quite droopy and will require that type of incision to be effective and to achieve my desired results.

It's been a long day. Doctor Salama's office was soooo busy. I got there for a 12 noon appt and left at 1:30. I hate waiting! I now have a headache...ugh!

Anyway, surgery is scheduled for 11:30 tomorrow; no eating after midnight tonight so I guess I will go out and have something sinfully delish for dinner.

Perky Boobs n the house!

I am up, flipping between football and basketball games. So it's safe to deduce that I am doing relatively well. This is so much easier than my BBL.

I arrived for surgery at 11:15 per their suggestion. Monica greeted me. I waited a bit in the waiting area, then in the doctor's office, met with Sergio the anaesthesiologist, took a pregnancy test, changed into my surgery garb, then back to the doctor's office to wait for Dr Salama. He came in, took pics and marked me up. (He also did the booty as he had not had the chance to do post op pics before...said it was a really nice butt ????). My husband came in to shake his hand and tell him how happy he was with the butt...smh. Then Sergio came for me and off to the operating room we went. That was about 1pm!

Anyway, I got on the table, had my IV inserted, and I could feel the sedation coming on, then pow, I was out. I woke up in the recovery room to Yaneisay's voice, shuddering, shaking, shivering like crazy. I felt cold so Yaneisay's turn up the heat. I hate that shuddering...had them after BBL too. Yaneisay gave me something in my IV to stop the shaking, helped me sit up, put on my robe., then sit in the wheel chair. She also gave me some water to drink. I was happy to see her as she was also my nurse for BBL. Hubby came in, then she wheeled me down to the pick up area. I even had the time and awareness to chit chat while hubby went for the car. I met Dr Salama's dad, etc. Yaneisay helped me into the front seat and off I went.

Hubby steadied me as I took my first several steps from the car, but I could hold my own soon thereafter. I walked around on my room, had some water and two slices of pineapple. Later, I had some soup and crackers, more water and pineapple. Took my First dose of Percocet and Keflex.

I noticed some blood on my robe, when I backed it off, my dressings were soaked through. I called Dr. Salama, he said that was quite normal and that I should change the gauze pads only. I did cautiously...felt like I needed a nurse and I do not trust hubby with this kind of thing. I managed pretty well, but just before I put on the last strip of tape, I felt like I was going to pass out, so lay down a bit (propped up by pillows - about 45 degree angle). After a minute or so, I felt okay. I got up, finished the job, then had something more to drink and eat.

My boobs look small, dunno..I hope as the settle, they will look a bit filler. I will update with actual implant size tomorrow.

Day 1 Post Op

Actual implant size is 329ccs in both; I was quite symmetrical to start with.

Went for my post op visit. Doc was in surgery, so Yaneisay changed my dressing, said I looked good, took a pic, brought it to Dr Salama in surgery and he said I looked good too. She said I didn't need to be at 45 degrees to sleep but that two pillows of propping up would be good. I did'nt get to talk to Doc about my size. Yaneisay said I wouldn't want to go too big with implants right after a lift, as incision sites may not be strong enough to support bigger, heavier implants. She suggested I try these and do a round two if I really wanted to go bigger.

I went by Sunny Isles Beach for a short stoll, then back to my hotel. Took a shower, dried incision areas and changed dressing again.

My chest feels a bit heavier today...just a bit though. I am also weening off the Percocets already. I took the first 1 at 7pm last night, then 11pm, then 5am, and then 1:30pm just now. My hands are a tad swollen and my stomach area too. Other than that, I think I am doing well.

Stiffer, Heavier...

I felt really stiff overnight and this morning when I tried to get out of bed. But once I was up, the stiffness and heaviness in my chest went good. Hands and tummy area are still slightly swollen. My bra and chest strap also feel tighter, so my chest is more swollen too. I'll take and post pics after shower.

Also had my first BM post surgery this morning...a relief. I took 3 Colace yesterday.

Day 2 Post op pics

Flew Home Today

I am back home...missing that lovely, sunny and warm South Florida weather :-(. The flight wasn't bad, I caught myself taking short breaths sometimes...I wondered if my implants were going to explode from the air I was so paranoid with the passenger beside me...her elbow always seemed to be swinging back to almost hit me in the chest...nerves were raw.

I am also tired of sleeping on my back! I couldn't sleep last night...I think I need sleep aids now.

I am not so tight, sore or heavy anymore but now, I am feeling dull shooting, biting, 'hurting', when your significant other hurts you and you feel a spasm radiating through your can't explain it. But I guess it is a good sign, that the nerves are connected and working(?)

...No obvious physical changes to the girls today...

A bit tired this morning...

I'm feeling fatigued this morning. I probably overdid it yesterday...I was up early after tossing all night not able to sleep, my curse of a period started - heavy flow, flew home, did 4 loads of laundry, didn't sleep well again, dreary cold wonder.

The swelling in my hands, arms and tummy area have gone down since yesterday and surgery site looks good...light stiffness.

I changed back into the bra from Dr Salama's office. The one I bought (Hanes sports bra) felt irritating to the skin...dunno...maybe a tad tight(?)

Back to work today

Today was my first day back at work...was uneventful. But man, my boobs have swollen. I swear, this implant seems to be expanding inside of me. I would have thought that by now any swelling would have gone down or at least stabilized...

I saw small patches of yellow on my steri strips, which I assume to be pus, so I am taking extra care to dry the area and apply extra Neosporin.

I am also taking sleep aids, cleared by Dr Salama, so that I can get some semblance of rest at night. This back sleep is not for me.

1 Week Post-Op

All in all a good first week. The worst part for me now is only being able to sleep on my back. However, Dr. Salama said I could sleep flatter now. I had a virtual follow up with him yesterday and he said this is not my final size and I should wait for my breasts to settle. If I stay at this size, I think I'll be fine, but chances are I will be smaller as much of this must be swelling...we'll see. I am still wearing the band overtop my bra; as you can see, I am still riding high. I can still feel some tightness, sporadic tingling, and my muscles adapting to the new occupants.

2 Weeks Post-Op

My recovery continues to go really well. I have removed all my steri-strips but I'm still applying Neosporin and covering the lollipop areas with gauze. My incisions look pretty good too. I still wear the special bras with the band overtop.

Swelling has gone down significantly, if not all together. My left nipple is really sensitive - to the point where I shield it during my showers. I have started my massages...I don't know if I am doing them properly but I sent Dr Salama an email, so hopefully I'll get confirmation or correction soon.

OMG...I was able to shave today! What a relief...Armpits, privates and legs. The lower I went, the harder it was as the new girls don't like hanging down..a bit tender.

I like the shape they are taking, the size is okay but I still wish they were a tad bigger...

3 weeks Post Op

Over the last week, I stopped using Neosporin and started scar therapy with ScarGuard silicone sheets. I still wear the band over top my bra - getting annoying!, and am doing my massages to help the implant descend - as you can see, I am still a bit high. I am softening up a bit, my left nipple is not as sensitive and also started sleeping on my side!!!

4 weeks Post Op

That went by quickly....

...Nothing much/new to share. The girls are still settling, slowly but surely. I put on one of my 'wife beaters' (for the love of God, why do they call it that?) the other day without a bra, and I look pretty much the same, size-wise, as I did pre-op (which was my wish...didn't want to be bigger). I am certainly perkier now.

I had some itchiness around my anchor suture line - a sign of healing, I guess, but that also went away quickly. My skin is flaky and peeling, especially around the nipple area and down the vertical incision line. I have more 'feeling' in my right boob, the lower left is a bit numb. I also stopped wearing the band...just because I felt its purpose was done.

I am anxious to do some weight bearing exercise...I feel weak and my arms are looking quite flabby, especially against these youthful looking girls....ha!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Moises Salama is an artist, a genius and master of his craft! Going back to him after he did my BBL for my BL&A is the best compliment I could give to him. Shoutout to my girl, Cynthia...she is the best, always on the lookout for me. Yaneisay, you are awesome as always. And to all the other ladies who I encountered during this process: Zuny, Karen, Evelyn, Nomie, Monica...thank you.

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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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