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I have wanted breast implants for many years but...

I have wanted breast implants for many years but did not have the guts to do it. I went to a consultation about a year ago close to my house in Puyallup, Washington, but did not feel completely comfortable going through with the surgery. The main issue with my breasts is that they are not symmetrical, and one is larger than the other. Also, one of my nipples hangs to the side a bit so that was something that I have always been self conscious about.

The doctor by my house said that there was really no way to fix this. Only after I spoke with Dr. Salama did I realize that there was hope.

I heard about the doctor from a friend of mine in Florida that has had a BBL done by him. I thought it would be fun to check out the Miami area, the costs were lower in Seattle, and have a nice relaxing vacation away from the family- but also come back with my new breasts!

What I did was find the Crown Plaza which is a 4 star hotel right by the doctor's office, my friend came and checked on me while I was recovering (although I was fine!) and there is a driver named Larry set up that took me wherever I needed to go.

Costs with my new breasts + travel expenses (about 650.00) ended up being cheaper than what I would have paid in Washington- plus I got to see Miami!! ... even though it was mainly from the hotel room.

I paid 3500.00 for my saline implants which to me was an unbelievable price for a great doctor. The process worked where I sent the office a picture of my breasts and then scheduled a phone consultation with Dr. Salama. Next, all my lab work was ordered and I went and had that done. I took time off work and headed down to Florida! When I arrived in the morning, Dr. Salama's driver Larry picked me up (he is a hoot) and took me to the office for an in-person consultation. The office staff are all really awesome and I felt extremely welcome. Dr Salama is extremely personable and went over with me exactly how he would fix my breasts. We chose an implant size of between 450-500cc's and he would make sure they were even in surgery.

Next day, Larry picked me up and I couldn't eat anything before going into the operating room. I felt really comfortable with everyone there but was really nervous about being put under!

When I woke up I was in A LOT of pain for the first 1/2 hour and then the pain meds kicked in. I stayed in recovery until I wasn't really in any pain at all and then Larry took me to the hotel. For the next few days I kicked back and relaxed.. it was actually a really nice break minus the pressure in my chest.

My friend and I hung out, watched movies, and the last day in town I went shopping at Sawgrass Mall with her. lol I couldn't resist... shopping in my city isn't the best.

I did go for a follow up before I left and all looked good to go.

The plane home was a little rough but definitely tolerable and I just recently went back to work. I have to tell you, the chest stares are a new thing for me and I definitely don't mind it. :)

All in all, I'm so glad I moved forward with the procedure. The doc ended up doing 480cc's in one breast, 500 in the other, and fixed my nipple issue. My cleavage looks hot and the swelling is slowly going down.

I'm going to update with some pics tomorrow to show everyone what they look like!!!!

A few weeks out now and recovering well. I am...

A few weeks out now and recovering well. I am still swollen but one is coming down more than the other at this point. My cleavage is amazing already! I really had none before... I am so glad I went with the size I went. I am hoping to be a D-DD when my swelling comes down. The incision area is still really tender and my left boob is sore. I'll post pics shortly so you ladies can see. ;)

Ok ladies... what do you think so far?

Ok ladies... what do you think so far?

Just posted my before photo. I CAN'T BELIEVE how...

Just posted my before photo. I CAN'T BELIEVE how different I look. My mom is really excited for me and said Dr. S did a beautiful job. It's nice to finally have even nipples and more volume!

Hi Ladies, Ok... So I'm 3 weeks out now about. ...

Hi Ladies,

Ok... So I'm 3 weeks out now about. Here is an updated picture that you can check out. They look a little uneven because of how I was holding the camera to shoot but they are completely symmetrical... which is shocking to me since I was so uneven. Also, take a look at the incision around the entire nipple in one boob and the other one only half the nipple. It's like a full moon versus a half moon. lol

The reason Dr. Salama did that was because I needed a lift in one to even out my nipples. They are nice and even now which is a huge relief. When I went to a consult back home the doctor told me there was no way to even them out, so it was really awesome that it was in fact possible.

The boob where he lifted my nipple is still pretty sore because I rubbed it too much with my shirt and it made the incision sensitive. I'm still taking a pain killer here and there where I need to when it really starts bothering me, usually at night.

Also, some of my friends I spoke with told me they were surprised I was still in pain. A few of my other friends told me they were sore for about 6 weeks until they felt 100% and not bothered at all so I'm not worrying. Because I went so big on the first time and I had the extra work done I think my recovery is taking a little bit longer. Also, the doc mentioned that I had really think chest muscles and I think it was a little bit of a shock to my body to go 500cc's. I'm REALLY glad I did though because the size really fits my body type.

Several of my friends went smaller than I did because they said their doctors were worried that the implants would be too big for their body or their chest diameter. Dr. S didn't see a problem with the size I wanted and they ended up looking more natural believe it or not. My advice to you is go with the larger size so you don't have to get a revision. ;) I'm really happy with my decision... my man is getting really tired of hearing about my boobs though. lol
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I chose Dr. Salama because I felt comfortable with him from his reviews and my friend's experience with him. His office staff is unbelievable and made me feel so warm and welcome there. All in all, I felt extremely safe and in very good hands. Dr. Salama definitely knows what a good set of breasts are supposed to look like. :) I feel like it was so worth it to travel and he has high credentials for board certifications.

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