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I have been on this site for some time reading...

I have been on this site for some time reading reviews and trying to decide if this was something I really wanted to invest in. After talking to my Dr's office patient coordinator for 2 years I think now is the time [=
My BA is scheduled for the 19th of February in Aventura Florida with Dr. Moises Salama ; I'm super excited to get this done, its like a late birthday present to myself since my birthday was last Thursday . I'll be traveling from the New England area to Florida with my lovely girlfriend and my plane leaves tomorrow at 6am . My stats are 5'5 and 120-125 pounds. My boobs are small currently I am wearing a 34B and I am totally looking to go to a full D. I was thinking between 450-475cc sub-muscular so hopefully he agrees with that ; my fear is going too big though and I have seen other women on here with similar stats that go for the CC's I want and look amazing but of course everyone's body is different. Here are some before pictures ..

Got it done today

Landed in Florida yesterday and met Dr.Salama - he is such a personable man , I honestly felt 100% comfortable with him and we even joked about a few things . He's an amazing guy ! And the ladies ! Naomi was amazing and very sweet and Evelyn & Zuny . So Salama and I spoke about size and I told him I wanted a full D he did say my boobs are narrow so the best choice for me would be Upper high profile and he would order 400,460 and 500. We didn't want to look too large because I am a skinny female but I did let him know I want them big enough that they are pretty nice .
So of course I went the the surgery center this morning at 930am and met with Sergio the anesthesiologist who is very relaxed and easy to speak to too. Dr. Salama has a great staff ; he started an iv on me and told me he'd give me a taste of anesthesia to see how I react , he said wait 30 seconds . Literally in that time I told him I felt hazy and he laughed then I woke up in the recovery room to the nurses dressing me and pressure in my chest . I'm all bandaged up and I can not take them off until my post up with Salama tomorrow so I'm not sure how they look yet. I hope they don't look like torpedo boobs lol ! They look small right now in this bra and hope they're not because I want them to be a nice big size. I've taken 2 Motrin 800 so far and I'm eating regular food I had red lobster earlier and now DQ, I like to think I have a high tolerance and I do feel a bit uncomfortable because it's all this pressure in my chest and arms . But I don't think I need Percocet at least not yet. I have needed help from my girlfriend to sit up and stand up because when I sit my chest feels so darn heavy ! Other than that I'm fine and just hanging in my hotel room (: Hope everyone else's surgery and recovery goes well.

First night

So all that about handling the pain great ? Went right out the window , all this pain hit me out of nowhere during the night , my ribs are bruised and I could start to feel my incisions , every single time I got help from my girlfriend to sit up I get extreme pain in my chest area and arms . I took a Percocet and did nothing for me but hurt my stomach and I only brought 10 Motrin 800s on this trip. I felt so bad because I had to keep waking her up during the night to help me but it was definitely a rough night for me . My post op is today at 12pm with Salama so hopefully I can get Motrin 800 from him. I never told you ladies my sizes , in my right boob he put 500cc and my left is 460cc due to the fact that they were asymmetrical . I'll finally see them later thankfully but goodness you ladies were not kidding about the pain . I'll show pictures later

Post op was today

Met with Dr. Salama and he removed the bandages and showed me how to massage my boobs starting next week . He said they're looking good and he showed me how the strap is supposed to be on because I didn't have it on properly . I finally showered today with the assistance of my lovely girlfriend which was refreshing and I told Dr. Salama about the Percocets not working for me and he suggested taking 1 and half so I did when I got back to the hotel and immediately started throwing up which was awful . I hate pills in general so this doesn't make it any better . I did get to see my boobs today though and they're slightly torpedo boobs which I joked with Dr. Salama about but I love them and I know they'll settle. My girlfriend has been such a huge help and support system along with my mom who has been calling me every second (: going to take an antibiotic and another Percocet before I go to sleep and hopefully that will help me get through the night . I have some pictures finally of what they look like , as painful as they are I love them already !

Day 5

Came back from florida yesterday . It was an all day flight with long layovers but the actual flight wasnt as bad as I had imagined it would be , I was just very nauseous and uncomfortable . I barely have pain , just discomfort every morning when I wake up in my chest and constant pressure and I have little pockets of fluid on my sides and bloating . I started my massages tonight and my R boob is higher and larger than my L boob , I know is because that one has 500cc and my other 460cc so I'm just hoping they even out in time . My boobs look small to me sometimes and I'm just hoping they'll look a little larger once they start to drop and fluff . Still taking antibiotics for a few more days and I finally had a BM today which was long over due to say the least ! Other than that I feel pretty okay , just waiting for them to start dropping !

1 week update ????

I have no pain just discomfort if I keep my bra on 24/7 in the middle of my chest and discomfort if I reach too far with my arms . Still can't lift my arms fully over my head yet - I go back to work this Wednesday and I feel fine to do that . I love them! I hope they don't shrink because this size is perfect to me ! Before I had my surgery I went a little crazy at VS and bought about 100 bras at the semi annual sale size 34D and some DD and they seem to fit so far , I couldn't be happier. Dr. Salama is amazing ???????? my nipples are very sensitive and have this weird numbing feeling to them but I knew that would happen and hopefully return to normal in time.

2 weeks (:

Dr. Salama said I need to wear the strap for a couple more weeks to help them drop . My R 500cc is higher than my L 460cc and its much harder and its freaking me out from reading all this about capsular contraction . My left is so squishy and soft but my right is quite firm . My nipples are very sensitive which I can not stand . My steri strips are still on and are barely budging at the moment - I'm back at work without any issue and I feel completely fine - I can lay on my side without too much issue which is fabulous ! But do any of you dolls know if it's possible to develop capsular contraction so early ? Or am I just freaking out and need to massage more ...

Photos wouldn't Upload


So everything is going great . Dr. Salama said they look great and it's up to me if I would like to continue to wear the strap . I wear it from time to time and the massages have really helped with them both getting super soft . I absolutely love them , the first time I went down stairs at my job and they jiggled I almost passed out with excitement lol ! I've been trying on all my bras and I'm so in love with them all !

More bra sets (-:

I Love VS (:

4 months

It's been awhile since I have updated!
My breasts are the best decision I made for myself , I'm so in love with them . They're soft and actually bounce (: I still massage them here and there . My scars are definitely flat now but they seem to have gotten darker from when I first got them done I use the biocornieum scar cream on them twice a day . They're a 34DD at VS but they don't seem too big too me , I wouldn't gotten them bigger if I could go back but I am very happy with them . Dr . Salama did a great job ! I have complete feeling in my nipples , around them is slightly sensitive still ; I've never had extreme nipple sensitivity before this procedure but I sure do now ! I wear only VS bras and for the most part they are all wired bras but with no push up and I'm obsessed with sports bras now ! I do all my regular activities ; I'm a nurse so I lift patients and all of that and I have no issues. I am back at my regular routine at the gym and I couldn't be more happier with these gems (-:

A year and some months later

Hey everyone ! It has been a long time ! Just wanted to update on my progress . It's been a little over a year and they're super soft , scars are practically faded away . Size 32DD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is such an amazing man . He is such a humble down to earth person , I didn't feel rushed in my preop even though he had a room of women waiting for him , he explained everything to me and gave me his honest opinion about the size I was going for and what would be achievable . The day of surgery we spoke in the room and I was so glad I picked him because his staff is amazing and he is such a pleasure ! I'm so happy with him and his abilities and Naomi, Evelyn, Zuny & Cynthia at the office and Sergio the anesthesiologist! Thank you Dr. Salama !

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