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Hello ladies , I'm Chantii a 22yo mother of a...

Hello ladies , I'm Chantii a 22yo mother of a fabulous 5 year old little guy, which is why am here with you all today. Motherhood took a bit of a toll on my breast and abdomen . Although I'm still pretty young in age my body has definitely changed since my pregnancy. I began my BBL and Breast Augmentation journey looking for the right doctor about 6 months ago I researched until I got tired and it wasn't until the month of March that I found Dr.Salama. All of his reviews were superb, videos and photos were pretty detailed and up to part so I finally called and scheduled a consultation. My consultation happened about a week ago. Meeting Dr.Salama he gets straight to the point and he listens to everything you have to say. He made sure we were on the same page before we walked out the door. He explained everything out that I didnt understand or wanted to go over again. And he is definitely all about safety, safety, safety. He is not scared to tell you what is not for you ! As far as I can tell you about the STAFF they will definitely put the first smile on your face walking in and they get the job done (meaning they know what they are doing), they were so very nice and sweet!! As I said I had my consultation a week ago and my surgery is confirmed April 23 I'm so very excited , cheerful , joyful ... Everything into one !!! I did my blood work at the office , fast and comfy process and I was able to take home a packet of all I need to know. They really make sure your prepared. Well now it's a waiting game for me girls! Wish me luck????

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11 Days Until My Big Day !!!!!!

3 DAYS LEFT FOR ME !!!!!!!!

It's almost time ladies !!! I'm so excited to be WOW'd by Dr.Salama
I know he will be exceeding all my expectations I know he will be doing a great job on me I JUST KNOW lol !!!!! I spoke with Nancy this morning because I had a few questions about my procedures as far as me wanting to get a TT as well my BBL and my BA and she was so nice in answering each and every question I asked !!!! I'm going to do my last minute shopping for my Post - op items and get my prescriptions filled today. When Wed comes I will be resting up so that Thursday will run smoothly ... 3 MORE DAYS ????????????????????????????????????????????


Today is the day that I have my surgery guys . I'm so nervous, excited and everything into one !!!! It's at 2:00p today so I'm resting until about 11a then I will prepare to make my way down to My surgery location in Hallandale Beach. I'm ready to wake up sexy ????????????


RS LADIES HELLO GOODNIGHT . How are you all doing ? Well as you know I did finally have my surgery and BOY let me tell you it was over before I knew it and now that I'm post op , This is the most painful thing if ever experienced along side if my c-section. I'm 5 days post op now so I will be posting pics of my Day 1 post op and Day 5. If any of have any questions about anything feel free to ask away .. Message me or comment I'm going to make this one short and sweet so let me know what you guys think ????(Still very swollen but still very satisfied)

Here's Another Update girls

I am now 9 Days post op and I'm just showing you girls how the surgery is actually settling now. Everything is filling out nicely and the drains are out (thank god) . SATISFIED ! Ask any questions you like ..

beauty is pain LITERALLY !

So ladies , it's been a few days since I last posted but here I am now. Let's talk about the pain ! Now I know that there are definitely different pain levels for different individuals but I'm not going to lie to you ladies this crap HURTS . As sexy as I do feel I feel the pain a lot more. Now for me it hurts to maneuver around from my thighs to about right under my breast there is still a lot of pain and numbness. There are days where I feel really up to it (walking around ,laughing and socializing) and days where I rather just take the pain killers and sleep this whole process off and not see anybody...IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS ! Now as far as getting my massages I'm on my 4th one I will be getting it today actually , I did buy a continued package at the office of massages .. If your getting your BBL done by Dr. Salama your definitely in for a very good deal you receive 2 massages in your package along some really important things that you will need to get through recovery. The massages in beginning are very very painful they massage your lympnotes and everything else in order to get your body back to its regular state. It does hurt as I stated before but for me personally it is all well worth it !!! If you have any questions ask away ???????? I recommend doing things that comfort you throughout your recovery . I love all things zen like so what helps me is ... Nice long warm showers , foot massages , anything that comforts me basically.. The only problem iv seriously had is chafing from the garment , now that hurts !

19 Days Post-Op

Hi ladies , Well I'm 19 days Post -Op & I'm actually feeling better than ever now. I've even slowed down with the pain meds. I'm so glad the hard part has past, actually I thought the constant pain would never end and it did. Now the only thing is the numbness and how my skin feels weird still but the girls in the office and Salama said it would past in time , I can't feel anything really in my back area and my tummy area still only when I'm getting my massages which we all know they hurt like hell. Here's some photos

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