*NEW SURGERY DATE* FEBRUARY 17, 2014 - Aventura, FL

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My BBL sisters...Ummm, why didn't anybody mention...

My BBL sisters...Ummm, why didn't anybody mention how HORRIBLY LONG the wait is for a consult with Dr. Salama? I waited over an hour and 30 minutes! I was so mad! I went from one waiting room to waiting in the exam room for an extra 30 minutes! I was sooooo excited about my consult but by the time I saw him, I was beyond pissed! I mean I was on time and everything! I had to take time off from work & drive two hours to the consult! Those of u who are waiting for ur consult with him, go prepared to wait an EXTRA LONG time with a waiting room FULL of people who were waiting just as long as you! After all of the waiting, I don't even think I wanna be bothered with the surgery! Seriously, total wait time was exactly 2 HOURS! And boy do I wish I was exaggerating. I guess when it's a free consult, that's what u get in return. He DEFINITELY has to do better with scheduling and timing otherwise he could miss out on a lot patients. Oh and he's booked up for 2013...bummer

Dr. Salama truly redeemed himself by being so nice...

Dr. Salama truly redeemed himself by being so nice and answering all of my questions/concerns. Poor guy was there all day and non-stop with patients. Even after a full day of consults and patients, he was still very kind. I really liked his honesty and thoroughness. I was so angry about the wait time but the staff assured me that I would never have too wait that long ever again. I hope they're right bc those two hours were horrendous. Still deciding if I wanna go thru with a TT then BBL bc all l here is more money comin out of my pocket. I know I can't take too long too think it over bc Salama books up like crazy. I'm also a little hesitant bc he says my butt shape isn't the easiest to work with. Dang, Dr Salama! LOL! He did say he could work his magic tho.
Trying to keep hope alive so wish me luck.

Made my deposit today with Nancy so I guess I'm...

Made my deposit today with Nancy so I guess I'm officially Team Salama! I'm getting a tummy tuck first. Then, I'll finally get the surgery I've been waiting damn near two years to get...BBL!!!!!!!! Super excited yet realizing that 2013-2014 will be filled with body makeover surgeries. I was so big and finally realized that I wanted to be happier and that started with me losing weight. I have about 30 pounds to lose but I'll def do it b4 my surgery. He'll I've waited so long ago I'm not giving myself any choice but to lose the last 30! Nancy is such a sweetie early in the morning and even when they are past their hours. I'm scheduled for November but would love a date anywhere between August til October. If anyone wants to switch please let me know bc I would more than appreciate it. Any advice on this whole process, I would def appreciate as well since we're all sisters! Love

Hey booty-ful girls! LOL! Sorry... I couldn't...

Hey booty-ful girls! LOL! Sorry... I couldn't resist. Still super excited about my BBL next year with Dr. Salama but having second thoughts about my tummy tuck with him. I really liked my breast reduction surgeon so I'm thinking about going back to him for my TT. Still thinking about it but if I decide to go with my other surgeon, I'll let my Salama-maniacs know ASAP! There's no way I'm leaving Dr. Salama for another doctor when it comes to my BBL tho! Love his work.

I think I may need to get off of here. Ever since...

I think I may need to get off of here. Ever since I decided to get a BBL and put my deposit down for Dr. Salama, I have been über obsessed with this section of this website. I check this site everyday and I am getting so mad at all of Salama's booties. I have to wait till next year for my new booty and I'm so jealous of all the BEAUTIFUL Salama booties. The man is gifted and is doing the damn thing when it comes to cosmetic surgery. C'mon 2014...I want my new booty now! Happy Healing to each and everyone of u! Blessings

I see a lot of women who change their doctors and...

I see a lot of women who change their doctors and 4 a hot second I was about to do the same thing but then I remembered how nice EVERYONE at EPS is. I would be crazy to switch to another Dr. I just can't believe I have to wait damn near a year for my BBL tho. At least I can get my money and supplies together. Don't judge me but I have a space in my closet and drawers for my new booty next year. Clothes that will never see the light of day till I get my Salama masterpiece booty! Too excited for 2014 to get here and I'm even more excited that I have my low price locked in! God is good bche knows that a sista is working on a budget. Honestly tho, I can understand why Dr. Salama is raising his prices...Supply and Demand ladies plus the man is a booty genius! LOL! My BBL big sisters/veterans, could u check my list to see if I have missed anything, plz?! Much appreciated
-Arnica 30X dissolving tablets
-Make Me Heal pre-op and post-op program
-Maxi dresses
-Boppy Pillow
-Compression socks
-Dial Antibacterial Soap
-Stool Softener
-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Order foam and boards from lipo express
-suction hooks for drains
-Safety pins for drains
-Chux pads for any leakage
-Female urinal
-Wet wipes since I read we can't bathe for a couple days
Plz let me know if I'm missing anything or if I don't something. Happy Healing and a speedy recovery to those of u who have gone in our are getting ready to go get that new booty! Say those prayers!

Hey ladies! I just wanna S/O to all the vets who...

Hey ladies! I just wanna S/O to all the vets who are all about uplifting and advising us babies. LOL! Seriously tho, I can't believe how negative some women can be on this site. I mean ur already going through a lot with nerves and recovery but to add on negativity...C'mon man! I joined bc I wanted to be around women whom were going through the same surgery as me, get realistic advise from someone who went thru the surgery, know that I'm not alone on my journey and positivity.
Well, not much to update on since my BBL surgery isn't till Feb. but I'm getting ready for my TT with Dr. Salama in Nov. Praying for a low incision and some fast left for a nice juicy Salama signature booty. Don't need to shop around for much since I still have supplies left over from my Breast Reduction/Lift I had just last month

Sorry for the typos.

Sorry for the typos.

Hey ladies! Soooooooooo, let me tell you all how...

Hey ladies! Soooooooooo, let me tell you all how much I LOVE EPS! I had a bit of a concern with my TT with Dr. Salama scheduled for Nov and they put my mind at ease. I was concerned that my procedure didn't include some things that were mentioned on Realself so I emailed the office. Cynthia quickly returned with a very reassuring email and voicemail. Pretty impressive since they're bombarded with calls everyday. So happy I decided on EPS! Can't wait for my procedure with Dr. Salama bka Dr. Magic Hands! Oh and I have only 20 pounds left to lose! Thank God! Wishing everyone having their procedure Happy Healing! All the best! Kudos to Realself for updating the site. Will post b4 pix once I reach my goal weight.

I think I'm all alone

My BBL isn't until next year but I have already been told by my mom that I'll be going on this journey by myself. She thinks I shouldn't do the surgery bc it's not a necessity. She's totally against it. I don't wanna go the friend route bc I don't go thru b.s. nor ruin a friendship. Don't wanna ask my boo bc who knows if we'll be together next year.
I really think I'll need a nurse. Guess I'll add the cost of a nurse to my BBL budget. Too bad I can't buddy up with someone to cut the cost. Oh well. Maybe something will happen between now and Feb 2014.
On a positive note, I'll have my mom to help me with my TT in Nov! I mean she even offered to pay for it! Thank God bc I can't afford BOTH procedures. She has seen my body since I lost a significant amount of weight and agrees I need a TT so she is all for this surgery. I just gotta get back to losing weight. I went out of town and indulged in the local cuisine. Gotta get refocused and get it together. Thank goodness for Shaun T & this Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten. Lol
SN: I'm loving Dr. Salama's recent work! The man is an ASS-OLOGIST! Still sticking by my decision to go with him. I'm even using several of his patients as my wish pix! Well, that's all from me for a while since my procedures aren't for some time. Happy Healing to all of u ladies and ur in my prayers.

8 Days Post-Op for TT

Hi Ladies!
I know I've been gone for a good little while but thought I'd come back for a review. First off, a Tummy Tuck is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOKE! I see why they call this a major surgery. On the day of surgery, I was taken into the bathroom by Monica change into my patient gear. Monica is super sweet! After I changed, I went into a room to answer some questions from Sergio. I see why all the ladies made comments about how cute Sergio bc buddy is a cutie! LOL! He speaks so highly of Dr. Salama and his work. He wrote some notes while I was answering some questions and I asked him tho include this in my file...“Dr. Salama, sculpt the shit outta me plz!" LOL! After Sergio, Dr. Salama came in. We talked and laughed. My Mom was in the room too

8 Days cont

We talked about my weightloss and how he would use the rest of my fat for a Salama Signature Booty! YAY! Anyway, he marked me up and took pictures. He mentioned how he would have to remove a lot of skin bc I was a big girl. My heaviest was 272 but I'm down to 195 (pre-op)! My surgery was supposed to be in the morning but bc I was put on antibiotics, it was pushed back to 1:30pm. We wrapped up everything with Dr Salama and then walked into the O.R. Sergio mentioned I was a bit dehydrated so my veins were acting up. We tried the left arm but my blood vessel popped. We moved onto the right hand and success! Thank God bc I HATE needles. He immediately started to pump me with drugs and I was out. Woke up to Monica and Yaneisy telling me that it was time to wake up. They asked me how do I feel and I responded, “¡Hace frio y tengo dolor!" Which means It's cold and I have pain. Now mind u, I'm part Dominican, Haitian and black but I rarely if ever speak Spanish. After I started speaking Spanish, Monica and Yaneisy started speaking to me in Spanish which was cool bc I totally understood them. They

Final part of 8 Days Post Surgery

Realself keeps cutting off my update! Ugh!
So The ladies called in my Mom and started talking to her in Spanish. My mom doesn't speak a lick of Spanish so she was a bit confused. The ladies apologized bc they were like she speaks Spanish so we thought u did too. My Mom was like, do u realize ur speaking to them in Spanish and ur comprehending. She was telling them maybe the real u comes out with the help of anesthesia! W/E MOM! LOL! After all of us laughing which was a HUGE NO-NO, it was time to go home. Monica and Yaneisy both got me in a wheelchair and rolled me out to the car. They got me in the car and kissed my forehead and told me to feel better. They are so sweet!
The next couple of days were rough. U have no appetite and it's really uncomfortable. U bleed like a period and the pain is horrendous! Thank God 4 my Mom bc she really took care of me. Plz read ur discharge papers that Sergio makes u sign bc there is some helpful info on there. I had bad gas and constipation so those stool softeners are a must. I'm glad I read Ms.Flat2FabAzz blog b4 bc it gave some insight. Noemi put me in a faja yesterday & I feel like a stuffed sausage. Oh and I still have these dreadful drains til Monday. I bought a female urinal so I don't have to constantly take the garment off. Great investment of $10 @ Walgreens! I'm loving my results so far! Dr. Salama says I need to give my body time so everything can smooth out but I LOVE my incision, belly button and sculpt so far. I just really fear wound separation. I pray to God that it doesn't happen. Well, that's all from me. Hope everyone is healing well!
Lots of love

Still have these damn drains

Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone is healing well. Saw Dr. Salama today and as always it was a pleasure. My Mom went with me bc she absolutely loves Dr. Salama just as much as me. Good news is I'm healing well. YAY! Bad news is my friends are still in and this marks 12 DAYS POST OP! UGH! I totally why he wants them to stay in bc I'm still draining more than I should so they need to stay in. Everyone heals differently and I'm realizing that first hand. Dr. Salama brightened up my spirits & said Friday they might come out. I really hope so bc I can't take them in anymore. I also have my first massage on Friday so pray 4 me. I wanna mention how I love the fact that Dr. Salama is making me keep in the drains til he thinks they should come out and not when I think they should. He suggests what's best and I can dig it even if I hate the idea of them being in me. He told me that some people have to keep them in for 3 weeks but that won't be the case for me. God I hope not bc these things suck! Still very much so swollen but that's to be expected for a couple months. Met a sweet BBL sis who was 5 days po from Arizona. She was so kind to answer my 5 million questions despite being tired of standing and waiting for her appt. Alright, I'm out. Happy Healing

I can't wait 2 be Drain-free!

Hey Ladies,
Today marks two weeks since my TT! Great news and I should be happy right?! NO! Today also marks two weeks of me having drains in! UGH! I really don't get what's going on with my body. I was spoiled when I got my breast reduction bc I only had my drains in for 3 days. Now don't get me wrong, I know a TT is a really invasive surgery but DANG it's about to be two and a half weeks with these things. I know I'm not alone when I say these things are beyond annoying and can be painful if u accidentally tug on them. I don't know if I'm getting paranoid but they are also starting to smell a lil bit too. Everyone says they should definitely come out by Wednesday and Baby Jesus I hope so. If they stay in this long for a TT, who knows how long they'll be in for my BBL in February?! OMG. The stuff we go through for beauty.
Also, I had my first massage post TT and OH. MY. GOSH. That thing was something else! I left my pills at home so the massage was ALL NATURAL! Thank God for my Mom's hands bc they were the next best thing. PSA of the day - Don't forget ur pain pills when it's time for ur massage & Don't forget to breathe during the massage. I squeezed the mess outta my Mom's poor hands and felt so bad I treated her to dinner. LOL. Luckily she made me laugh during the massage which was both good and bad. I have another massage on Wednesday and u better believe I WILL NOT forget my pain pills. Those areas he lipo'd were the absolute worst and they say the massages are the worst for the BBL. Great. Something to look forward to in less than 3 months. LOL.
Oh a serious tip, I'm glad my recovery hasn't had any complications this far. Everything is pretty cool except for the stupid drains but I understand their purpose in order for me to heal properly. I just wonder when can I get another garment since I hit the two week mark? Guess, I'll ask Dr. Salama on Wednesday. Oh and remember my post about me being alone for the BBL?! Well, my Mom can't around she supports my decision to get the BBL! She's even thinking about getting it herself! Chile, she's 51 and doesn't look a day over 35! People even think we're sisters bc she looks so young. She will schedule her consult with Dr Salama and we'll see if she goes thru with it. Stella is trying to get her groove back, hunni! LOL.
Well, that's everything for now. Oh wait, to the ladies who had TT, did u have 2 wear tape over ur incision after the steri strips? Hope everyone is healing well! Toodles!

The constipation struggle is real

WARNING!!!!! This review may have what some consider graphic material.

Hi Ladies,
So the drains are still in but that's not my only struggle...I had some super bad constipation. Mind u I just had a TT not too long ago so my body has been thru a lot of trauma & the last thing it was thinking about was pushing out some poop. I tried to push but I reconsidered once I realized I had a full TT, muscle repair and hernia repair two weeks ago. So that means I had no other choice but to put on a glove and get it out. I know...GROSS!!!!!! I really had no other choice bc it was only gonna hurt my insides more. U would think my body couldn't take anymore but just 5 hours later, I had to go back for round 2 but this time I came out on top! I didn't have to push nor put on a glove. The trick I wanted to share was rocking/swaying ur body side 2 side and then breathing like a woman giving birth. Yes, He-He-Whoo works! I don't wish constipation on anybody bc it really isn't a joke. I had to get some Preparation H bc it was so swollen back. Yesterday was def a shitty day! LOL! Hopefully that won't happen again bc maaaaaaaaaaan! LOL
On another note, I'm a lil worried my BB. I saw Dr Salama on Wednesday and he said everything looks fine so I could be a lil paranoid. I'll ask him on Wednesday about it. This surgery is really ...No pun intended since I still have drains. I mean ur body goes thru so much after a TT so I can't honestly think about how I'll be going thru almost the same thing or worse in less than 3 months. Oh lawd give me the strength!


Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies! Enjoy a lil bit not too much so u can keep those booties/bodies looking good!
Well, I'm excited to report that I'm FINALLY DRAIN-FREE!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! WON'T HE DO IT?! LOL! I had those things in for two and a half weeks but thank goodness they're finally gone! I really hope I won't have them in that long when I get my BBL.
I got my second massage yesterday with Eillyn and she did an AMAZING job! I hated it bc hurt but it was much needed. The lipo areas were worked on like crazy but felt better. Don't sleep on Eillyn bc she works her magic and she's such a sweetie.
I got my staples removed yesterday as well.I had staples bc I tried jumping off the operating table and opened up a couple of my stitches. That's the second time that had happened while I was under anesthesia. Dr Salama always remembers me bc of that incident. He's always like “Oh, ur the one that was thrashing and tried jumping off the table?!" LOL! I got prescribed a cream for a little open wound I have around my belly button and staple area. Dr Salama says he wants to keep seeing once a week to monitor the area. Even though I live two hours away I'll make the trip bc I want everything to heal right.
I just wanna say how I love everyone at Elite Plastic Surgery! They're beyond amazing and friendly when my Mom and I walk in. We get upbeat greetings with kisses on the cheeks. I love it. Then there is Dr Salama. I absolutely love him. He's always kind and beyond accommodating. I forgot to get my return to letter from him yesterday at the office and do u know he actually met up with me on Thanksgiving to give the letter?! On top of that...He even offered to have my follow-up appointments on another day besides Wednesdays. He is such a great doctor and I'm beyond happy with my decision to have him be my doctor.
Well, that's all for now. Happy Holidays & Happy Healing!

First day back to work

Hello Beautiful Women,
I returned to my stressful ass job today. I purposely took off three weeks bc my job and the people there are beyond too stressful and I didn't want them to mess up my recovery. I made sure I took my time going back to that place. Well, my first day back and they expected me to be able to do everything as usual and I had to quickly give them the biz. I mean they see I'm walking around slowly and not as upbeat as usual and u have the nerve to ask me to do ur job and my job on my first day back?! NO MA'AM! HAVE SEVERAL SEATS! LOL. I even left early bc I was getting sick of the mildew smell since it got wet inside the building from all the rain. I can't put my health in jeopardy knowing I'm still trying to recover yet keep myself healthy for my BBL surgery coming in less than 3 months. CHILE BYE! LOL.
I also booked my lymphatic drainage massages since I'm 2 hours away from my dear EPS. I really got a good deal. They are giving me three sessions for only $120.00! They do the manual lymphatic drainage massages as well the lymphatic drainage massage with a machine and ultrasound inside the session! I'm only doing three sessions bc I'm moving back to Miami soon to go back to school. *Praise God* Once I move back I'll go back to EPS and complete my massage therapy.
I still get a little tightness but that's to be expected for a lil while. I make sure I get as much walking in as possible so I won't be a stiff old lady. I can't do my four miles a fast like I used to buy we'll get back there one day. Just taking my recovery one day at a time and not overdoing it. I got the go ahead to start my scar therapy so I bought bio-oil bc a woman in Dr Salama's office lobby recommended it bc she got a TT as well. I also bought my silicon sheets bc they worked miracles when I got my breast reduction. I also have to buy more supplies since I used up the majority of them for this surgery. I know I'll need them for that BBL.
Well, I've talked ur ear off enough. LOL. Hope everyone is healing well or preparing for their new booties! Wishing u all the best!

Everything is looking good!

Hey Ladies,
Had another follow-up appt with Dr Salama and would u believe it wasn't crowded at the office. Rare right. Well he said everything is coming along good. Thank God bc I had drains in over 2 weeks, 2 rounds of antibiotics, and pain.
I'm doing so good that he says I don't have to see him til Jan. 8th! Of course being a nice doctor, he offered to see me if I had any concerns.
I had a very small wound around the belly button and he prescribed cream that I had to apply. He said the wound is healing nicely. Thank goodness. I also got more foam added inside my garment. I was only given a piece to put by my incisions but he insisted that I have more bc it would help with sculpting me. My favorite Yaneisy came in and hooked me up with foam. Hopefully this will do some miracle working especially since my BBL is in less than 3 months. I actually asked Dr Salama about that and he said everything needs to be smooth by the time I do my BBL. *fingers crossed*
I had my third massage yesterday and I walked and felt so much better after it. I have about 3 more and hopefully everything will smooth out bc IT'S MY BBL AND I WANT IT NOW! LOL!
Well, I hope u all doing well and healing well. Oh and I'll gladly take any pointers

Pix of my BB wound

Can't believe I'm 4 weeks post op

Hey girlies,
My how time flies by once ur past week one? I'm still swollen but I was warned of that. I had my 4th massage today and it's hurting less on the left side. The right side is another story, hunni. I am soooooooooo swollen on my right side that my massage on that side is so painful. I'll be glad when out subsides. Guess I'll be adding pineapple back into my diet to get the swelling down. Other than that everything is coming together. I posted a new photo of my BB since it's healing nicely. That cream Dr Salama prescribed is working wonders! I even feel a scab growing on it whenever I apply it.
Also, I'm glad Dr Salama told his staff to give me more foam bc it's truly sculpting me better and keeps down some of the swelling. I remember he even asked me why I didn't have more foam and I told him that was all I was given. He made sure his staff gave me more foam and my body is glad he did.
Forgot to tell u how he said he wanted to sculpt me more and I told him he'd have a chance since I was getting my BBL with him. Then he says, “Oh good! I can make u skinnier." I look forward to that day, Dr Salama.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks!

Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone is doing well and healing nicely. I can't believe tomorrow marks 6 weeks! Thank God for my complication-free recovery! It has been along road but things are getting back to normal. I kept wondering why I was always swollen beyond the norm but it turns out my behind needed more compression. I was put into a 3X garment like a week after surgery. Then they filled up my garment with foam so I never thought nothing of it. Whenever the garment would feel loose, I would wash & dry it then put my binder on top but that still wasn't enough compression. I would ache when I wake up and throughout the day. Plus the masseuse was always telling me that the swelling wasn't going down much. Finally, I sucked it up and put on a 2X garment and would u believe the swelling has gone down significantly! Less than a week and I'm already on the second clasp! By next week, I'll need another smaller garment! YAY! I've read reviews where they emphasize compression but I'm a witness that it's true. Compression helps shape u and eliminates a lot swelling. I know a tighter garment is uncomfortable but it's so necessary. I still wear my foam in my garments bc it's still helping with shape. I just wonder if I should buy an abdominal board? Guess I'll ask the vets and Dr Salama. Oh and my scar is looking good! I still rock the tape over my scar bc Dr Salama says so but I take a look at the scar anytime I can and he did a great job. My BB wound has a scab on it so it's def healing. I'm not picking at it bc I want it to come off when she's ready and not a moment sooner. I started going to a new massage therapist in Miami called CS POST LIPO MASSAGE and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! They have great packages and they're reasonably priced. I have had a total of 7 massages bc I need everything smooth by Feb 20th so I can finally get my BBL. I have about 4 more massages with CS so hopefully I can get my stomach nice and soft. I only have a couple rough spots but Patty is working her magic. We'll get there bc I want my ass! LOL! I don't see Dr Salama til the new year but I wanna go back with a lot of progress so we can keep moving forward. Probably won't talk to u ladies til after Christmas so Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brings u something good. LOL.
Till we chat again...Toodles & Happy Healing!

Thank goodness everything is smoothing out!

Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone is healing nicely. Well, I had my first follow-up of the new year and Dr Salama says everything looks good. My BB wound has healed completely! The only sad part is my skin is now trying to spit out some of my stitches. Ugh. Like Keyshia Cole, I just want it to be over.
Dr Salama says I need to lose about 10-12 pounds b4 my BBL & I'll def get there. He's aiming too make me as skinny as possible but he can only take out so much fat. Well, I've been juicing two meals a day with a focus on greens and little fruit so we'll get there.
There are some new girls at the front and they seem cool. Had a mix up about my BBL surgery date so we need to get to the bottom of it ASAP. Not gonna go into much detail bc I got a lil upset. So Anywho... it was a pleasure to see Yaneisy and Dr Salama. Gotta get this weight down for my BBL surgery bc I've waited too long for this surgery for anything to stop me.
Well, that's all for me for now. Hope u all are doing well. Stay sexy & warm

Oh, forgot to mention...

Hello, Really quick...I forgot to mention that I am now in an XL garment!!!!!!! So from a 3X garment I was put in after surgery to an XL! U know I'm not complaining. I just really hope I don't have to buy another garment til after my BBL surgery bc I need my lil coins. Lol.
So for almost a year, I thought my BBL surgery was on Feb 20th. Today I was told that it had always been FEBRUARY 27th. *sigh* I wrote it big so it can start to register in my brain that I'll have to wait a lil while longer. *In Martin's voice* Damn...Damn...Damn! I'm so pissed at myself. I had to apologize to Jules bc I was so wrong & convinced that it was the 20th. Dang!
Oh let me about this lady I talked to at the faja store. So I was telling her how frustrating wearing this garment can be but I honestly feel weird without it. So she tells, me that I should keep it on all the time even during sex! LOL! I was like huh! She was like the only reason I should ever take it off is tho bathe and that's it. Then she tells me that I should take every precaution to make sure I'm using birth control bc u can become very fertile. I was like WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT?! LOL! Then she tells me that she speaks from experience bc she got pregnant after her TT and Lipo. If that's true, DAMN! That sounds so painful. Can u imagine getting pregnant after a TT?! My lawd! And now she is pissed bc she wasted all that money for nothing. Guess me and the bf will be doubling up on the Jimmy Hats bc I'M GETTING MY BBL. LOL.
Ok, I've talked ur ear off enough. Talk to u ladies after my pre-op. Oh and if u have any juicing recipes, I'd gladly like to use them. Take care


Hey girlies,
Hope everyone is doing well. I can't believe I'm 9 weeks post-op. Time seriously has passed by so fast but I'm so happy to be feeling better. My little area that was trying to spit out stitches is doing well. It had some liquid coming out of my pores and a lil sore. Dr. Salama said to put neosporin on it and it healed within 2 days. Thanks Dr Salama! Now if I could just be without any other issues, I'll be the happiest girl in the world.
I still have some tenderness and sore moments but that's to be expected for a while. I think me juicing has brought down the swelling. I notice that I have fewer swollen days and I truly have to thank God for that.
I still get massages but have decided to decrease to one per week instead of two. PATTY OF CS POST LIPO MASSAGE IS THE BEST! She has worked her magic to get everything smooth. I've had 7 massages with her and I'll def be going back to her for my BBL post-op. If ur in the area, u won't regret giving her a try.
Well, I think that's everything for now. Take care and be optimistic

Sorry about the messed up Faja photo

Hopefully this one is better

Faja info


Hey Girlies!
Major News...I got an earlier date and it's MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH! I'm excited yet uber nervous. Thank God I got all my supplies and have my balance ready to pay. The only bad thing is money is gonna be a lil tight. I was planning on using my upcoming paychecks to keep as miscellaneous money but that doesn't seem like that'll happen. Oh well, I'll make it happen.
I'm glad I didn't waste anytime trying to lose weight nor start on my Iron regime as my pre-op is next Thursday. I've lost 5 pounds already but I gotta hustle to lose the last 10 pounds. Dr. Salama said I needed to lose 10 but dammit I'm shooting for 15 so wish me luck. I'm still juicing two meals and eating one (lean white meat with veggies) and it's working but I might have to up my diet. I saw this juicing company called BluePrint Cleanse and I'm gonna do it next week. It's sold in a 6-Day (already made) Juicing Pack at Whole Foods so I'll be doing that next week. I don't know if I'll have enough time to get my Iron up so my Mom suggested SSS Tonic. Never heard of it but she says it's good and I read plenty of good reviews on it for people who are trying to get their Iron up or for those who are anemic.
I just really gotta get ish together since the new surgery day is like 3 weeks away. I gotta get this hair done ASAP bc I need a perm BADLY. Thank goodness that'll be taken care of TOMORROW! LOL. I go to a Dominican Hair Salon but wont be able to sit for six weeks so I bought some wigs just in case my hair starts looking crazy. Ladies u know if the hair doesn't look right, it can mess up an outfit and your mood.
I'm racking my brain trying to figure out if I have everything together so it's really hard to focus at work and at school. I even had a dream that I was having my BBL surgery last night. LOL! I'm losing it! I haven't told my bf about the change of date bc I just wanna surprise him with a BIG OLE ASS on Feb. 17th! I already told him that the minute he acts up when I get this Salama Signature Booty, it's over! LOL!
Well, that's all for me. Wish me luck on the Pre-op/Lab Test and losing weight bc I'll truly need it. Hope everyone is healing well.

Hemo levels gotta be on point bc Pre-op is TOMORROW

Hey Lovely Ladies,
I'm super duper nervous about my pre-op tomorrow. I'm taking the 325mg Iron supplement daily but don't know if less than two weeks is enough time to get my levels up. I really hope they are bc everything's in stone now and it's way too late change anything. I didn't use the SSS Tonic yet bc my Mom says it makes you fertile. She even told me that's what she taking to get pregnant with me. Thanks Mom and SSS Tonic but the last thing I need right now is a positive pregnancy test. I'll pass for now. LOL! I'm just praying for a miracle and all my labs come back fine so we can move forward with my FINAL surgery.
I decided to do my blood work/labs with Dr. Salama's office bc they did it for my TT and it was only $165. So instead of shopping around I decided to kill three birds with one stone. I'll go do the labs, make my final payment and sign off on paperwork all on the same day.
I'm so happy I no longer have to have a "Booty Budget." Yall don't understand or maybe u do but every paycheck, I would put money aside for bills (obviously), groceries, tithes, and the infamous "Booty Budget." My mom would make fun of me bc she knew any left over money I had, it would go directly in the Booty Budget. Thank goodness those days are coming to an end. I mean I know I still have to pay for garments, massages and etc but at least it won't be as bad as before.
Speaking of garments, I've been on the so-called tightest clasp of my XL garment for the longest but I'm not buying another garment until my BBL. I know I should have more compression but buying another garment so close to my surgery just doesn't make sense to me. I think I'll be ok bc I wash it like crazy so it stays a lil snug. I also still wear my foam and board so we'll be ok.
That reminds me, I don't think I have done a good job with updating about my experience with the TT and I sincerely apologize but hope to do better with my BBL. I stopped wearing the tape Dr. Salama gave me for my incision area bc my skin was getting irritated with it. I had adhesive build up from the tape around my incision and my skin wasn't breathing. To make matters worse my skin's really sensitive and it definitely lets me know when it time to give something up. So even tho Dr. Salama told me to still wear the tape, I had to listen to my body and not rock the tape anymore. I haven't worn the tape since Jan. 8th and everything has been so much better. I think that's why that area of skin was acting up bc now that I stopped wearing the tape, I don't have anymore issues. I put cocoa butter on the incision everyday and hope to wear the silicon sheets after my BBL has healed a bit. *Lesson of the Day, listen to ur body*
I also started wearing an abdominal board even tho nobody at the office told me. I know I wanted my stomach to be flat and get rid of swelling so I researched and found out that an ab board is good for TT patients as well as those getting a BBL. Score one for me! Lol! I started rocking the board about a month and a half after my procedure. I didn't wear the board too soon bc I had muscle repair AND a hernia repair so I really wasn't trying to mess myself up. *Lesson of the Day, research ur procedure and aftercare thoroughly*
I'm working out everyday doing two miles and eating right. The juicing is different for me but it does work. I've lost 8 pounds but would love to reach my personal goal of 15 so we'll see. I had to let my beloved phentermine go a while back bc I know it's too much of a risk to use it with my surgery is coming up. My doctor was also saying that it shouldn't be used all the time nor too close to surgery bc it causes complications or death. She didn't have to tell me twice. It's great but you really have to get tested before you use it. Some people have been rushed to the hospital due to irregular heartbeats or simply passing out. I had to go through a series of tests before my doctor prescribed it and she only lets me use it for less than 3 months at a time. *Lesson of the Day, be careful of diet pills and the diet methods u use*
One last thing...Since we're all grown women, can we talk for a moment?! Is it just my bf or significant other, but men really try to get as much loving/sex as possible b4 the surgery since they know we'll be out of commission for a while?! I mean it's starting to get ridiculous. I thought it was cute for my TT surgery but now I'm kind of like damn. I mean he acts like I'm never having sex with him again. He says he "needs to stock up before the candy store closes for renovations." REALLY?! LOL! No lie tho, I'm going on strike til Valentine's Day. Plus he's working my nerves.
Well, I think that's everything. Guess I'll let you guys know how my pre-op goes and about my lab results. Prayers and blessing to those with upcoming surgery days. Have an awesome day!

Today is NEW BOOTY DAY!!!!!!!

Good morning Ladies!
I've been trying so hard to get myself amped up but it has been on helluva week. My Mom just found out she has serious health issues and I swear I wanted to just cancel everything. My mind has been so focused on her and this new journey she has that I completely wasn't focused on me. I love that woman to death and I can't imagine my life without her. I was getting ready to call the office and cancel but she told me not to do it. She was like “don't stop living ur life bc of me. Keep to ur plans and I'll still be there 2 help u." I swear my Mom is an angel bc even in the midst of her new struggle, she's willing to be selfless and help her baby. I love u, Mom and truly thank God for u being in my life.
We'll be heading 2 the surgical center around 1 pm since my procedure until 1:30pm. We gotta check into my hotel at Best Western in Hallandale Beach run some errands then be there by 1pm. I haven't slept since my Mom told me about her health issues so I hope I get some rest after my surgery. Anyways, let me get my mind in a happy place. Talk 2 u ladies soon. Wish me luck and say lil prayer for a sista. Can't wait 2 finally get this new booty!

This fainting crap is not the biz

Hey girls.
So I had my procedure yesterday and it went well. Dr. Salama and I talked a good little while about the procedure, possible complications and what to expect. I like when he's able to talk to his patients for a good lil while bc it's so personable. Ok well before that happened I'll give u the play by play.
My Mom and I got there an hour early bc as u may know, Miami's traffic is unpredictable and ridiculous. It was cool bc we just chatted til about 1:30 and then Alex the anesthesiologist came and got me. He made me nervous bc I thought Sergio left but he told me they spilt the week up. Anyways, Alex was just as cool as Sergio so we were good. Even cracked some jokes and I had to warn him about my habit of jumping off the table. LOL. Signed some papers, changed into the gown then took a pregnancy test. After Alex and I were done, waited for Dr. Salama 2 come in. He took pix of my TT results and was proud that my flanks he lipo'd during my TT still looked good. He told me Congrats on not being pregnant so we could actually go thru with the surgery. Thank God!
He asked what my weight was but I haven't been on the scale in over a week bc I've been so wrapped up in my Mom'shealtg issues. He even asked how my Mom was doing which I thought was so nice. I brought my Mom in the room bc she loves her some Dr. Salama. We allchatted for a while and he wished her the best. Super sweet, right?! Then, it was time to get to this BBL. He marked up and while he was doing so my Mom told him once again that he had his workcut out. I mean I know I was a big girl but thank God I lost the weight. It's just the body u get left with isn't cool so I'm doing something about it. While marking me up he mentioned that I actually have a small butt. Turns out I have a layer of fat above my butt that was considered my back so he says he was gonna lipo that and then work his magic on my small booty. I think he did a great job. Even though I have a small butt, I was able to get 1250cc in each booty. Not gonna complain bc everyone's shape is different plus Dr Salama says to give it 8 weeks or so b4 I see my final results. Just gotta be patient. I wasn't even obsessed with how many cc's I could get. Hell I just finally wanted an ass. LOL. Alex promised they would take care of me and they really did. I think I was the last of the day and b4 Dr Salama left he came and checked on me while I was in recovery. Thanks doc. Leaving the suite was something else tho. I was pleading with the new nurse to hurry bc she had me sitting on my fresh new booty 4 a while. I'm not trying to have a flat ass or get a round 2 so better believe I was rushing her. I propped myself up with my arms so I wouldn't put pressure on my new booty. I had to help her with removing my IV, getting over thresholds, in and outta the elevator & in my car. My Mom was laughing at how I jumped outta the wheelchair and hopped in the car so I wouldn't mess up my ass. So we get to the hotel and everyone was staring. I give no f's. I told my Mom the hallway was getting longer and we both burst into laughter. We put chux on the bed and I was ready to fall asleep but my Mom made me eat a breadstick first. I guess I had to have something in my stomach. Took my meds then off to sleep. Do know I was up every hour peeing, walking, draining, and drinking Gatorade.
The pain isn't bad but my booty feels like I'm carrying rocks. This morning though was the worst. My Mom and I were gonna go to the hotel restaurant for breakfast but we didn't make it off the elevator. I fainted twice. I dropped to my knees and my Mom was slapping the mess outta me to bring me back. She kept yelling get up and ur gonna f-up ur ass. LOL. Stay on top of the Gatorade and eating ladies. Talk to u soon. I have an appt today with Dr Salama. My back drain isn't draining so I ask about that. Pics coming soon

Some pre-op and post-op pix

This booty is so hard. I can't wait 4 it to soften up. My Mom keeps touching it and asking me if I could feel her touching it. I always say no and she bursts into laughter. She already has a booty mix she is gonna make 4 my new booty. She took pix of it for me and says it looks bigger in person. I thought she was trying to make me feel better but she's actually right.
My back drain is barely draining and Dr Salama says it's cool. The back drain will probably come out soon. I told him that I fainted twice b4 coming to his office and he said well don't faint on me. LOL. He made me go lay down in the recovery room till my Mom came back with my shirts. Yep, I completely forgot about the shirts. He took me 2 touch my butt and I did bc he says he tried his hardest to give me a big booty but the skin would only allow him to fit 1250cc's. He told me to wait and see how my butt heals and then we can go from there. I know he tried his hardest & I truly appreciate it, Dr Salama. That's all from me. I get my first massage on Friday. Oh lawd. Ttyl & Happy Healing loves

1st massage was NO JOKE

Hey Booty Beauties,
Well we all knew this day was coming but dear goodness. I had my first BBL post-op massage with Eillyn and it was beyond painful. I thought my TT massages were bad but no ma'am. The BBL massage was by far the worst. I took my pain pills but that didn't even soften the blow. Remember how I mentioned my back drain wasn't draining? Well Eillyn definitely got it to drain during my massage. I have so much fluid that u could hear it swishing around while she was massaging me. Gross, right?! Well, at least it's coming out. Thank God. I have always gotten my massages by Eillyn and I absolutely love her. She's super sweet, patient, kind and thorough. She helped me in my new garment and carefully placed each piece of foam while explaining. She told me that I have to stay on top of making sure that my garment is compressing and foam being placed correctly bc that is the key a good shape. Love her.
I have my second massage on Monday so wish me luck. I was put into a 4X after surgery which was too big but now I'm in 2X which won't be for long. I'll be getting my massages 3Xs a week to get rid of this fluid and get back to feeling normal. After my last free massage with Elite, I'll be heading over to CS Post Lipo Massage with my girl Patty. Well that's all for today. Hope everyone is healing well. Lots of hugs

Post-op emotions = Sad Day

Hi everybody,
Today I just feel really sad. Everybody has tired to make me laugh and go outside to get a change of scenery but I just feel down. These were the same emotions I dealt with when I had my TT. My mind just wants my body to get back to normal ASAP. *sigh*
Good news about today...I finally pooped. Thank goodness for Colace. I was taking 2 everyday and I didn't have issues with constipation. My body won't let me poop in the garment so I had to run to the bathroom. Thank goodness I made it in time. Took a shower after it and thought I would feel better but I didn't. I mean they even took me to go shopping and I wasn't in the mood to buy anything. Lawd knows I love to go shopping so to not get anything nor try on anything, something ain't right. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Hope everyone is doing well.

Like Ice Cube...Today was a good day

Hey ladies,
I actually had a better day yesterday. I was able to do pretty much everything for myself except fasten my garment and place the lower back piece of foam. Trying to get as independent as possible bc my Mom has surgery is about a week. I really wanna help with her recovery plus show her that she doesn't have to worry about me while she's recovering. Hopefully it works out.
Yesterday, I got outta the house and walked a mall. Tempted to buy stuff but holding off bc I wanna see what my final results will be. My shape is coming together very well and I'm loving what I see. Can't wait to get to that good ole fluff.
I have my second massage Monday and I'm nervous yet excited to get this fluid outta me. I have so many extremely hard yet tender spots that'll be worked on for a while.
My drains have that yellowish color so u know what that means...THEY'LL BE COMING OUT SOON! YAY! I thought I'd have to keep them in as long as my TT but thank the heavens it doesn't seem that way. This recovery has been so much better than my TT except for the massages. The massages feel like my skin is getting peeled off.
In other news, Dr Salama told me on surgery day to inspect every inch of my body everyday to see if everything looks normal. Well I've been doing just that and would suggest the same to u. Turns out I have a small sore (or perhaps a burn gotta check with Dr Salama) in the middle of my back and underneath my left boob. They are both the size of a dime so no panic plus they're healing well with the cream I've been using. I just used the same cream Dr Salama gave me for my BB wound.
Last but not least, my 2X garment is already getting too small. I'm already on the tightest clasp and I just got it on Friday. This tummy is trying to come down and I LOVE IT! I can honestly say that I have been eating right to get my stomach nice and get my small booty as fat as possible. Speaking of which, ever since I got into a smaller garment I can really see the shape of my booty coming together. This recovery really is about patience to see what you'll end up with.
Ok, won't keep u. Gotta take more pix plus show u the probiotic I was taking to prevent c-diff. Talk to u cuties later

second massage today

Not feeling the best but wanted 2 give u a small update. Had my second and last massage with Elite today. Hurt like crazy but expected it. Got my back drain taken out & go back on Wednesday to see if the front one comes out. I hope it does. Noemie and Eillyn are so cute. They kept saying how I've had a mass transformation. I really like what I see as well. Just can't wait to feel 90%. Guess that comes with time. Hope everyone is doing well

Thank God for Ruben

Hey Booty Boos,
I had a follow-up appt today with Dr. Salama. My appt was at noon and I got there 11:50 or 11:55 am. The waiting room was so packed that I had to wait outside. I kept going back in to make sure the front desk didn't forget about me bc my total wait time was almost 2 hours. Ruben left the office and came back to find me still waiting. Thank God for Ruben bc he got the front desk moving. I was able to lay down in an exam room to rest my achy back and legs. My patient step-dad was with me and he still had to wait for me. Poor guy.
Ok, let's get to my appt. My booty is still hard as rocks but Dr. Salama says we need to wait a couple weeks for it to get soft. He also mentioned how I really need to do a better job of placing my foam so I can get rid of the rolls/folds on my flanks. It just hurts to even touch that area but pain for beauty. Sigh. I just need to put my big girl panties on and do it. Also, I got my front drain taken out! I'M DRAIN FREE! YAY! Thank God bc I really wasn't trying to have them in as long as my TT. My 2X garment is too big so I'm gonna look into getting my fajas altered. I think that'll save me money instead of buying a new garment.
On a sidenote, my bf went to a work conference for four days and he didn't call me once 2 check on me. What a jerk. I don't have time for him and his antics right now. He was saying for the longest that I was gonna leave him once I had this surgery bc I'd have my confidence back. That doesn't mean u act like a jerk bc then u make it easy for me to leave. Whatever.
Well, that's it for me. Met some sweet BBL ladies while I was waiting. Hope everyone is healing well. Hugs

Please make sure ur money is on point

Hey Ladies,
I titled this entry “Please make sure ur money is on point," bc u can go thru so many garments within the first two weeks plus ur other expenses that may come up. For example other meds the doc may prescribe, massages, and etc. Thank goodness I budgeted accordingly but I just wanna mention this for those of u with upcoming surgery. Hope this helps.
As for me, I'm doing pretty good. I got a XL garment! Truly needed this garment bc I definitely needed some extra compression. My body started aching badly like the time I needed a tighter garment when I had my TT. Still rocking all this foam but on Monday I'll be two weeks post-op so I add the abdominal board. I'll also try-out my heating pad but need to see when and how often I should use it. I think that's everything for now. Hope everyone is doing well. Ttys

Some pix...I hope they load

Let's try this again

My apologies 4 going missing

Hi beautiful women,
I've had a lot going on so I sincerely apologize for getting ghost. Hope everyone is doing well tho.
As for me, when I waited close to 2 hours for my post-op appt, it triggered severe back pain standing that long. U know at 9 days post-op u still have a lot of fluid in u well add that to standing close to 2 hours and boy oh boy do I have horrible back pain after that day. I thought compression would subside the pain but no. Thought sleeping differently would help but no. Tried using pain meds but that didn't have any effect. My masseuse Patty really did the trick! I told her about my horrible back pain and she is def working on it. Thank God I found CS POST LIPO MASSAGE AND PATTY!

Whoops, sent it b4 I was done

My back pain is subsiding and I'm so happy. The pain was so ridiculous that I wasn't sleeping.
I've being staying on top of my massages getting three per week. They still hurt but not as bad as the first two. Patty is working her magic on my Lipo areas and there is def a difference. They're still tender as hell but in no time she'll have me good. During the massages, I always say “Patty, ur trying to kill me." And we both burst into laughter. She's AMAZING!
As far as my garment situation, I'm in a LARGE! I decided 2 get the 3/4 leg butt out garment to help these thick thighs of mine. So far so good. I still rock all of the foam and ab board. I've gotten better with my foam placement so I hope I'm making Dr Salama proud.
My Percocet is running low. I have about six left but haven't really needed them. If ever feel pain, I use Aleve which is GREAT!
Now to my new booty...
My surgical goggles are finally off and I can see my shape. Here's what I mean by surgical goggles...When u first have the surgery, ur in a lot of pain right? Sometimes u have so many bad thoughts/complaints that u don't allow ur eyes 2 see ur new body clearly. Well, once those surgical blues goggles come off u can finally appreciate as well as enjoy ur new body. I'm so glad that I'm at that stage. At first I had doubts and etc but now I really like what I see in the mirror as well as in person. And to think I haven't hit the Fluff stage yet. I have to suggest that u seriously give ur body time. Trust me, I know it's easy said than done but u have to. I know Dr Salama is the best so I had no doubt that I wouldn't like my results. My surgical blues goggles wouldn't allow me to see the transformation he performed until now. I just can't believe how he really transformed/sculpted my booty as well as my body. I'm really happy.
I'll be getting ghost again bc my Mom has her first surgery on Tuesday then another one later that week. Probably won't talk to u all for sometime but I hope u take care of urself and heal well. I have some pix I wanna leave u with. Until next time.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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