BBL Pt 2: Ladies, my mom made it and I am BACK. What a long road...thank you so much for all the prayers, they kept her going

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Hey girls..sorry it's been awhile. I was waiting...

Hey girls..sorry it's been awhile. I was waiting to post until I was three here I am, I'm three weeks tomorrow!! I've had a lot going on so I'll update you on everything..

Massages: really really mad...I went to massage envy in my town the last day I had my drain in and got a great massage for the $39 trial price. It was great I left with no hardness whatsoever. I was satisfied and figured I'd do their membership..which is $59 a month but that includes a free massage every month and instead of $79 hour massages, you only pay $39. I figured that was worth it since I wanted three a week. They told me they had 5 people (including a guy I wouldn't use) that do post liposuction massage. I had to reschedule both my appointments this week because I haven't been feeling well and unless you get a doctor's note, they charge you 50% of the massage price. That's fine, whatever. But then I go on and see I was charged $49 dollars!

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Hey girls..i used to use real self under a different name...a couple years ago I came up with this idea..

buy an extra firm mattress pad off amazon 6+ inches for about $35 and cut a hole for your butt so you can lay on your back...I have posted the pic from my other blog so you can all see

Hey girls..I had to start a part 2. Sorry about my...

Hey girls..I had to start a part 2. Sorry about my last's not really important. Just about how I'll be self massaging for the most part and using the heating pad a lot. I feel it helps just as much as the massages. If you want to know more let me know..I don't feel like writing that whole thing again!

I found a new idea for you girls looking for a solution to sleep on your back.. the mattress ad I bought before is no longer available and I made a mistake It was $75 not $35...BUT here is a link to a better idea. It's still 6 inches thick but it's a square so you can prop your upper and lower body up with pillows. They are $15 each so if you are getting a really big booty, you can buy two, stack them, and cut a hole thru the middle. Here's the link:

Here's a pic of the board girls..i'm going to post...

here's a pic of the board girls..i'm going to post either later tonight or tomorrow a detailed post about how I think I'm getting my stomach so flat..I had a BBL a few years ago and am doing things differently and they seem to be working :)

Hey ladies...I was going to post this tomorrow but...

hey ladies...I was going to post this tomorrow but I have some time and I'm feeling pretty good. I have been following Dr. S's instructions for flattening my stomach post op and have also added a few of my own steps that I put together after reading up on a bunch of far, I think they are really working. When I had lipo before I didn't have a board or foam. Here are my tips, everyone is different, but it's worth giving a try because you pretty much have all the tools to do it...

1) I wear the board on my tummy, the flank foams, the triangle above my butt, and I started using the foam that I used to use on my stomach in the middle of my back above the triangle and between the flank foam...I was having a little swelling there every time I took off my garment and thought it might far it lines or swelling in my mid-upper back anymore.When I came out my bra rolls were still kind of noticeable; since I've done this they are practically gone.

2) After I put my garment on (which is a little big but I don't want to spend any more money if I'm going to keep shrinking, and I don't want anymore compression around my butt cheeks) I use a size medium SQUEEM waist cincher on the 2nd clasp over everything..this makes everything really right...I swear it's moving my last rib so I have this crazy nice curve in my's painful at first but after fighting through it gets easier...I think I'll be ready for the small squeem soon.

**here is where I added my own twist** I have read In many places that cinchers work by creating thermolipolysis in your mid section, also known as "fat dissolving." The squeem is made partially of rubber, hence getting a much tighter squeeze and also not allowing your tummy to "breathe." This may not sound good but, hear me out. I noticed since I have been doing this, when I take off my garment and all the other "stuff," my tummy is really sweaty and flat and heat radiates out. I also have no more of those hard uneven's hard but VERY just feels like my abs underneath.

After I noticed this, I added the heating pad. We are supposed to use it anyway bc it does the same thing as the ultrasound massage machine they use in the office by heating and softening the very deep layers of tissue. While I wash my garment I lay on it and rotate around my whole midsection. I ALSO use it whenever I lay on the couch under my sweatshirt, OVER the foam, board, garment, and squeem. Remember, the squeem is rubber so it really holds that heat in your garment. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I lay on it and it helps me fall asleep...ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE THE AUTO SHUT OFF KIND OF HEATING PAD. Mine stays on for two hours and I just let it do it's thing while I sleep...When I am all done, my cincher is lose and I also feel just like I did after all the massages...almost no swelling, no pain, and pretty much like brand new...the sweating there kind of feels like I have sweat out some of the fluid that accumulates. I've been doing this for a week and my stomach has evened out completely and I have lost another half inch. Remember, after lipo we still have all the liquefied fat that was not sucked out. The massage is supposed to break everything down and push it out thru the lymph system.. I feel (and was told my Eileen) that the heating pad works in the same way. The heat helps soften that leftover fat and get it moving to be pushed out... (sorry if this is repetitive, I'm trying to be very thorough in explaining so I don't sound crazy lol)

I also repeat these steps on my flanks and back...while I sleep and anytime I am laying on the couch. Also, after I shower I use Nivea q10 firming lotion..I lather it on and massage my back, flanks and tummy myself, pushing down to the lymph nodes on either side of the the area where your thigh the massages at the office. I do this until it's all rubbed in and then lather on some more and put the garment on while it's still moist.

The heating pad is pretty annoying to keep moving around to all the areas so tomorrow I am going to buy a "heating throw" (they are about $30) I'm going to fold it to the width of my abdomen and wrap it around the area so I can do everything at once.

Hope this helps, it's worth trying...It's working for me. Let me know if any of you ladies see the same positive results :)

Hey girls, I wanted to post a link to a bunch of...

Hey girls, I wanted to post a link to a bunch of vedette garments..a few of the firm/double compression ones are on sale. I have done some research and have learned that a lot of doctors (including dr. salama) say that the "butt-in" garments do not provide enough pressure to create fat loss, but they provide enough pressure for the swelling to subside and the fat to "drop." I feel like my butt is getting a little square from the garment....I don't think this will happen to everyone but I just think the shape of my butt doesn't really fit into the holes in the ideal position. So I bought like 5 garments and I'm going to try a bunch. I got two of the $50-ish ones here:|+VEDETTE&utm_content=vedette+garment

and 3 more on this website (they had some really great rated ones with EXTRA STRONG abdominal compression which is what I want) I also ordered a mix of small mediums bc of brand variation and that I think eventually I will be in a small..whatever doesn't work I'll return.

So feel free to check those out...I'm up for experimenting because I'm not worried if I lose a little bit more (it's too big) and I'm not in love with the shape the butt-out lipo express is giving me..not to mention it was $140 and I wore it for 5's been too big for two of those days. Other than that not much has changed...I'll probably post more pics around week 5 or when I see some noticeable changes...until then I'll be posting helpful things I come across..sales, tips, etc.

Hey a the buttin...

Hey a the buttin garments from Dr. Salama's office (or anywhere) make your butt squeeze out the hole in the back?? I switched from my butt-out bc I thought it was making my shape I'm back in the butt in and I'm scared it's going to make it more deformed!! Does it go away or will the fat permanently push to the muddle and "drip" down like that?!? I'm just doing this until I get my new garments in the mail but I'm afraid any garment except a thong is going to cause shape problems..

what do you think

Hey is are VEDETTE 316 garments on...

hey is are VEDETTE 316 garments on sale from $92 to $38...grab em the sale is ending soon :)

Sorry the sale ended so soon! I didn't realize...

sorry the sale ended so soon! I didn't realize there was only 2 minutes left when I posted...I'll keep looking for great deals..I know these garments are crazy expensive :)

Here is an ebay store that sells garments, fajas,...

Here is an ebay store that sells garments, fajas, waist cinchers, levantacola jeans, leggings, etc etc...all at really good prices...and they are all 100% you know they work ;)

Sorry I forgot to upload the...

Sorry I forgot to upload the link

Well I just typed a whole review and lost

Well I just typed a whole review and lost to make it short, I just got my 317 vedette in the mail..the one I got on sale 60% off for $ far it is veryyyy comfy and I'll be updating in a few days when I can give a more informed review. It's very tight in the abdomen and I am cinching over it...just worried it may be too tight on the butt..I'm starting to worry that my butt is going down too much, I feel like it's flat and almost back to how it was before, but I know it's just my mind playing tricks..(hopefully, lol)..I just might not be used to losing all the swelling. I'll try on clothes soon and see how i feel..anyway here are a bunch of links to great garments I've found at great prices on ebay along with how long the sale is on for etc... I'll be posting a lot of these...I've ordered a ton and will be doing a HUGEEE review in the coming weeks reviewing about all 8 garments I've purchased..

***Vedette 131 Karla Lace thong garment: 30% off..$65...TWO DAYS LEFT***

***Vedette 128 Katia lace thong..30% off...$63..TWO DAYS LEFT***

***Vedette 301 butt-out..$65...30% OFF..TWO DAYS LEFT***

***LIPO EXPRESS half leg butt out (what salama gives and charges $140 for) this is a size 2XS if anyone is looking..$30, 4 available 15 days left***

***VEDETTE 317..not as good of a sale as ebay but much cheaper than usual $55***

**LINK TO HOURGLASSANGEL'S SALE might find something there***

Okay that's all for now, I'll be working on other things tonight, this is just a start ;)

Hey far so GREAT with the vedette 317...

Hey far so GREAT with the vedette 317 garment. I HIGHLY recommend it so far. It does not zip or buckle so you really have to struggle getting it up but it has 3 layers, cotton, rubber, and latex which makes for a tight thermogenic squeeze. IT IS SOOOOO COMFY...just like they say, it has the comfort of a medium control but the firmness of their strong control. I've also been boarding, foaming, and cinching over it and since even yesterday my stomach has gotten flatter and more even down on the really low area. I have been doing my heating pad/lotion/squeem/self massage every day and I love how my stomach is progressing. I'm going to work hard in the gym to lean out so the remaining upper part of my abdomen fat goes down a little..everything will shrink in proportion so even if i lose some booty it will look the same in relation to everything else. I still haven't found a measuring tape but will be taking measurements tomorrow.

I'll update more on the 317 soon, but so far it is my FAVORITE garment to date...another great thing is the hole in the back is not as large so your butt doesn't "squeeze out"

I have 6 or 7 more garments on the way..can't wait to try them, although this one is going to be hard to beat :)

Forgot to mention the link for the vedette 317 on...

forgot to mention the link for the vedette 317 on sale is a few posts back...

BTW..This is why we need control of our pics..i forgot to rotate and double uploaded, yet I have to wait to have it stupid.

Here is the link to buy a board...they seem to be...

Here is the link to buy a board...they seem to be much better quality than what Dr. Salama provides but they are also more expensive. I have looked for literally HOURS (after they told me they couldn't be bought, I was determined to find them) I would suggest buying 2 because they wear out and aren't as effective. So for all you ladies that didn't get one from your doc or aren't a Salama patient, here is where you's in Spanish but I'm sure you can figure it out ;)

Hey girls..I don't really have and new updates.....

Hey girls..I don't really have and new most of you know I ordered an array of garments (mostly in size medium) and some small...I never really thought i'd get past a medium but here I am and the 317 is really starting to losen up..I took it off yesterday and my boyfriend was like "HOLY HELL." lol. But, I got some of the mediums on clearance and they cannot be returned..I know I am cinching over, and am in a small squeem, but I like the under layer to be as tight as possible too...I think that's why my waist is shrinking so fast..I've been continuing with my heating pad/lotion/cinching/massaging regimen...and have only had one professional massage since I've been home and my stomach is smooth and flat with no fluid build up. I talked to Sexybaknew and she said one day of this regimen also made her notice some differences..

well I guess that's all for now. Hopefully I don't completely out shrink these garments before they even get here. I received the vedette short butt out (301) yesterday and am going to try that one starting tomorrow:) I will let you know.

Oh one last all of you ordering the squeem...I wish I had ordered the vest bc the cincher seems to stop right where your bra roll is and pushes the little bit of fat I have left has become more noticeable since I've been heavily cinching. I'm not really worrying bc I plan on dieting in a few months..but I think the vest would do a much better job of flattening that out IMO. xoxo ttys girls

Oh sooo....went to at&t today...there is a guy...

Oh sooo....went to at&t today...there is a guy there that regularly helps me out so I made an appt with him.. I was walking in and somehow tripped, came out of my sandals, and bc of the garment I like did not bend and fall and roll...I flew like superman and hit face and hands first into the glass doors of At&t..the guy I work with was RIGHT there with his back turned and there was a loud smash and then I jumped up all out of it and couldn't find my shoes....all I cared about was my butt. I was bleeding on both knees but laughing after they knew I was okay, the guys there all took me into the back and rewound the surveillance footage and OMG. They are going to send me the video and I'm going to post some still frame shots of my face and hands against the glass with my ass flying behind me....needless to say I finished my business there bleeding and laughing hysterically....they said it was the highlight of their year.....LOL oh gosh . AND the place was SLAMMED bc of Christmas shopping...smh I swear this big booty has got me off balance!!!

Sorry ladies, I've been upbeat this whole time and...

Sorry ladies, I've been upbeat this whole time and today is the first day I feel really down... so i'm going to whine a bit

I just took my measurements


My waist has been holding steady at about 29-29.5 today it's And I lost 1.5 Inches in my butt since about 7-10 days ago. I don't want to go below 46. I also see no upper fullness in yoga pants and my waist is getting bigger. I know its all part of recovery and your waist goes up and down but my butt is upsetting. I was 44 before surgery and have been holding strong at 47.5 I am mad at myself bc I think it may have been caused by wearing butt in again...or maybe that just helped swelling go down faster, IDK but I know where that thing was tight on my butt and I feel like that's where I lost. Naked It definitely looks bigger but in clothes not so much. Like when I stand sideways and look from there, it looks the same as I used to see in the mirror! I guess i'll rely on before and after pics to be the judge of that. I also want it to drop so it makes a much more round crease, but yet I feel theres no upper pole fullness. Sorry for the bitching, i'm just not feeling myself today..I'm definitely on the bottom of this huge hill of a roller coaster.

Put on the vedette 301, which I love but I am mad because I ordered the shorts forgetting I had thunder thighs and it is painful bc it's rolling up and making them bulge. None of the others are here yet and I want to scream. If I end up with a butt that is not a big difference in clothes I'm going to be very depressed :( :( Maybe my skin being too tight will ruin it al.

Ayway i'm done complaining I really am thankful for my new body just shocked by the measurements and feel like my butt will end up the same. that is all.

P.s. because of the above, I am cinching the hell...

p.s. because of the above, I am cinching the hell out of my waist...small squeem on second clasp with double foams. I can barely breathe. I guess the saying is true: beauty is pain

I am so sorry I haven't been on...I've barely had...

I am so sorry I haven't been on...I've barely had time to breathe with work. My six week mark is on Monday so I will be doing a huge update and I promise ALL OF YOU I'll get back to each and every question. I've had so many people text or PM me and I'm sorry if I was short or couldn't even respond yet. A business I started took off like crazy and I've been running around with my head chopped off trying to get that in order, plus with the holidays I have had no time. I am feeling great! I'll talk to you soon! Sorry the pics are blurry...I was in a rush with this as well lol

Hey girls! Sorry I have been gone so long, that's...

Hey girls! Sorry I have been gone so long, that's not like me at all!

I will be 6 weeks as of Monday & I can finally put some good sitting mileage on my new bunzzz...haha

So, not much has changed..I have been following my previously posted regimen and it has been working great. My waist has been holding at 29-29.5...and I think I am more swollen than I should be bc I have been slacking in the water drinking dept. My butt is back to 47.5 and I have not gained any weight..I've actually lost about 2lbs since surgery. After 12 weeks and I'm sure the fat is mine, I am going to try and drop another 40-45lbs.

My butt is not the biggest or roundest but it is exactly what I asked for. I absolutely love my new shape. I've had a lot of questions about cinching/garments etc and whether it's okay just to wear the cincher and no garment, butt-in or butt-out be honest I think it is all what you feel comfortable with and what works with YOUR body. This is what I am doing this time (and also the last time I had lipo with great results...see "mschangy")

1. I will wear the garment for a minimum of 12 weeks..maybe up to 16, or until I stop getting that tender feeling after I take it off. I find it comfortable and wore it 17 weeks last time and my stomach was completely was my fault that I let it go with my bad diet..

2.I will also keep up the q10/cinching/board/garment/foams/heating pad regimen for the same amount of time

3. I won't ever wear just the cincher on its own because I feel it pushes the fat down toward the pubic area and causes a bulge..that area is already swollen on me bc of the irritation and scar tissue from the drain and I do NOT want it to heal like that like last time. I am contemplating switching to a thong garment so I don't have to deal with the whole suit....but will always keep pressure on my whole mid-section

4. I'll keep massaging myself for the next few months with the heating pad and NOT follow my lead but I have not been getting any massages since my first one after I got home. I found that they are really not helpful and nothing I can't do at home. They spent 45 mins with me with no heat...and I can come home and do it for hours on stomach is still flat and completely non one can match Eileen's for me it was just a waste of money. Please don't take my word on this..again, this is just what works for ME

5. I'm going to start sitting for very short periods this Monday, which is officially 6 weeks....I have not cheated EVEN once and cannot wait to make use of this new rear lol

6. I'm also going to start light light cardio and upper body this week...but will not start dieting or exercising hard core until 12 weeks. I feel the fat is still vulnerable to fast weight loss and that intense fat burning may really cause reabsorption.

I know I said I was going to do a huge review on garments...but the stupid USPS lost all $500 dollars worth of my garments except, surprise surprise....both the vedette 317s. I went from a medium to a small in two weeks and am taking this as a sign that it really is as good as I think it is, when I do finally get the other garments, I am just going to return them and get my money back.

Okay here is a new tip I just started two days belly button from the first round of lipo and this time became really flat bc of all the this time I am stuffing it...I started with the cotton and while it was working, I still didn't feel it was dense enough to make it really round again bc the cotton just kind of crushed down over time. soooo....after looking around my bathroom cabinet I found the perfect solution! I took a SUPER TAMPON and pushed it out and cut the end off about a half inch long. Then took the rounded end and stuck it in....waalaah! it's a perfect fit. I threw a bandaid over it and it has been working great. They are packed so dense and do not crush down and my belly button is looking nice and round. My belly button needed the super but you can try any size your heart desires....light....regular.......or SUPER! LMAO. I know it sounds really strange but whatever works right?! My boyfriend saw me cutting the tip off a tampon and then watched me put it in my belly button and goes "OKAY, WHAT THE F!@#?!" lololol

I think that's all for now ladies.....I know I probably forgot some stuff and if so, I'll be back to add-in...hope this helps and feel free to contact me by text or pm if you need any help.... if I don't get back to you right away, I will ASAP :)

To all of you who have texted and messaged. .. I'm...

To all of you who have texted and messaged. .. I'm not ignoring you. . My mom was rushed to the hospital not breathing and she is still not stable. I've been a wreck. . Please keep her in your prayers. . I'll get back to you all when things calm down :(

Hi it's been a long few days..I am...

hi it's been a long few days..I am still at the hospital. My mom was having a really down day and it's the first day she's been conscious at i took my laptop with me and read her all the encouraging comments you girls have left. it really comforted her and made her feel special. you girls are amazing and I wanted to say thank you so's amazing how people you don't even "know" can lift you so much...brings tears to my eyes. btw, since i'm past 6 weeks I have been sleeping at the hospital on this chair that is so hard but all this put things in perspective; i don't even care if I cause absorption or ruin my results...i just want her to be okay. Praying that she makes it thru this....

Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know I am still...

Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know I am still around but I have literally been living at the hospital since New years eve. I told you all my mom went in in respiratory distress...well she was admitted..then she suddenly became confused, incoherent, and combative..with visual and auditory hallucinations...It has been 10 days and still no change. She cannot walk or feed herself and rarely knows who I am...when she looks at me she cries because she thinks I am still a baby..I can't leave her side and yet it hurts so much to know how scared she must be...she in her mind is 25 years ago...but then she has moments of lucidity where she begs for help and asks if she is going to be brain damaged..those moments are few and far between now..

We still have few answers but they are almost sure it is EEE (triple E), eastern equine which 50-75% of people die and of the lucky ones that survive, 80% are left with debilitating brain damage. I am crippled with fear, pain, and exhaustion. They have started supportive treatment, but there is no treatment or cure for this viral infection. I am at a loss for words and hate myself for being so selfish in thinking that the aesthetics of my body were important..right now I just want my mom back...she is basically a 43 year old infant...unable to speak, think, or care for herself. The nurses are not caring for her and I have repeadedly walked in to her crying with coffee spilt all over her because she cant hold a cup...I am truly living a nightmare but yet trying to be strong...

Just wanted to let you know I am still here and I need all the support I can get. At this point just praying she survives this. I haven't forgotten all you amazing ladies who have helped me so much, but right now I can barely function. I just wanted to update you and please ask for your thoughts and prayers...... :( thank you all for your kind, loving words.

Hey girls, it has been so long. My mom survived...

Hey girls, it has been so long. My mom survived and she is slowly regaining her strength and short term memory. She still has the encephalitis but it's just something the body has to heal on it's own. I'll be updating on my recovery in a few days once I settle back in. I lost track how far along I am now (I think somewhere just past 8 weeks)...

I wanted to give my deepest, most sincere thank you to all you kind ladies that left prayers and encouraging words. Even though I disappeared, sometimes I would log in at my toughest times just to read your comments. Although I read them to her, she does not remember a thing from the one point it was so bad and her mind was so deteriorated, that she tried to attack me in the hospital and I had to leave. I can't tell you how painful all this was, but I do know that I don't think I would have made it thru the long nights without your support. If I could give each and every one of you a hug I would never let go. Thank you all, I'll be back soon to update, just need to catch my breath
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I chose Dr. Salama years ago but decided not to travel and used a surgeon where I live. After three years I realized that Salama was really the right doctor for me and I wasted a lot of money and time in other places. I trust him and see that his results are spectacular. The office has been a great support and help with my complicated situation so close to surgery. I will make a better update after I have surgery and all my post op appointments!

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