LADIES DO ANYONE WANT MY JUNE 6th 2013 w/Dr SALAMA for an earlier date

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Would love an earlier surgery date if anyone is...

Would love an earlier surgery date if anyone is interested in having their surgery in June 2013 I will switch for an earlier surgery date. I live in Texas and the heat is horrific in June and it has been my experience that having plastic surgery and wearing the compression garment in Texas Heat is extremely difficult. I would love to have the sx in the winter or even the spring months, just not in June where the HEAT attack begins!

I am 38 yr old mother of 3 and I am on the BBL...

I am 38 yr old mother of 3 and I am on the BBL journey waiting for my sx date. I just love Dr Salama's work and feel confident he will give me the look I am seeking. I am so ADDICTED to the site!! I jus can't stop looking at all the postings of before/aftr pics. It's so exciting!! I have had lipo in the past so Dr Salama told me that I would have to have ultra sound assisted lipo to be able to get the desired fat.. I am not at all scared of the pain of the surgery since this is not my first rodeo, but I am most terrified of the massages everyone is talking about. Yikes!!
If there's anyone out there who would be willing to switch sx dates with me please please let me know. I just need something earlier than June bcuz that when the TX HEAT starts to explode.

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