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Hello my BBL sisters!!! Man i've been bugging the...

Hello my BBL sisters!!! Man i've been bugging the hell out of the other girls to figure out how to post on RS. ANNDDDD guess what?!?!?! lol yea I finally did it :p. So where do I start? well I'ma just slide y'all the basics. I'm currently 20 and I'll be 21 this summer. And I'm standing at B-A-utiful height of..5'11 -___- yes I'am tall and Im also 163 pounds. I tried to actually set my date for this year in July, but right when I was going to give Nancy my deposit...my doctor said...NO!!! all because i did have surgery on my long early in the 2012 year and she said my body needs a break. But WHATEVA!! I feel fine.

Now I have my heart set on actually it done in if not November, then October of this year. But to be honest it just might be in November, siiiinnnccceee Iam in school and all. I'm really wanting to do this!!! for one thing I'm sick of feeling like the odd one out in my family. See down here in Louisiana you are already excepted to have that country girl cake (booty). But on top of that like everyone in my family has ass, no seriously everyone! even my cousin who's a size 0 got a boom boom back there. Believe me I LOVE my body and I know whats best and if I feel like a booty back there will look good then, YOU DAMN RIGHT ITS GOING TO LOOK GOOD ;).

I told some of my cousins and even my mom about me getting a BBL and they all shook their heads like WTF? and its not like I'm getting silicon, right? I'm getting fat from out of MY BODY and transferred into one location.

ell I'm ending it right here for now so please please message me if u guys got any helpfull tips at all :)) P.S. does anyone know any good loan companies? P.S.S. Nancy did tell me that I had to gain at least 20-25 pounds for the results I want. So if u know some good weight gain pills, shakes etc yea help yea girl out thanks I HOLLA !!

Okkay I know nobody has read my stuff yet, but it...

Okkay I know nobody has read my stuff yet, but it still feels good for me to vent and talk about what I'm expecting. Ohhhh I just cant wait!! and guess what?!?! I know have my cousin on board and she wants one too which is a good thing now I can have someone to split the Hotel bill with. I already have a journal and been making a list on stuff I need. I still havent made a down payment but believe me I will really soon. With school n work I cant keep still long enough to let u guys know whats going on.....well right now im in class and i have to finish listening to the lesson soooooo I HOLLA :))
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