Still Draining.. Extended my stay.

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Like so many others I also have been stalking this...

Like so many others I also have been stalking this site. smh.. Let me start by saying all of the wonderful courageous ladies on this site have made it possible for me to make my decision. I'm loving the (sister hood) everyone seems to have for one another on realself. The support on here is fantabulous! ^~^

Salama chicas can any of u tell me how long was...

Salama chicas can any of u tell me how long was the surgery for BBL?

“i will NO LONGER post pics or update to give...

“i will NO LONGER post pics or update to give info on my journey until RS gets together and add the "delete pic" option again.”

Ladies beware real self will not allow you to delete YOU'RE personal pics. Once they have been posted! smh

Please PM me if you're interested in an earlier...

Please PM me if you're interested in an earlier date with Dr. Salama. Just need my deposit back..

Been trying to post since 9/2012.. smh

Been trying to post since 9/2012.. smh

I have been quietly following, praying & cheering...

I have been quietly following, praying & cheering for all the brave Beautiful BBL ladies who have made it to the other side. I am now 18 days away from my journey! I am full of mixed emotions.. Excited, scared, anxious & hopeful. I will start posting Tuesday after my labs come back. Will post pictures as well.
Since I joined RS I have read many mixed reviews, some on the procedure & others on the Physicians themselves. I have to say there were moments where I myself was full of regret for ever coming across this site and the procedure. Then I would think of how so many before me had the courage, respect & courtesy of sharing their journey helping & educating those like myself. I want to try & do the same.

I go for my Medical Clearance today, hope all goes...

I go for my Medical Clearance today, hope all goes well. I have been mentally preparing myself & now I need to make the necessary arrangements. I haven't booked flights, condo inquiries for my stay have come back too pricey. I'm not vacationing so I don't want to spend insane money & I have to pay for 3 air fares & 2 rentals during my 2week stay!

Well let's see what happens in today's Dr's visit. WISH ME LUCK LADIES!! I To be continued.....

Posting pre-op pics tomorrow. Tonight's mission?...

Posting pre-op pics tomorrow. Tonight's mission? Look for place to stay! to be cont.. ;-)

Booked flights and found a great deal on hotel...

Booked flights and found a great deal on hotel studio. Double bed with full kitchen & under $70 in Fort Lauderdale! So when I had my consultation with Dr. Salama he stated that I had what you would call a "short but". Never really looked at myself to take notice of that. I wanted that upside down heart shaped hour glass figure, but not possible for me. Instead I will probably favor more of a round bubbly but. Hey I'm not complaining as long as its bigger and perkier!! lol

Well I'm off to hopefully try and book rental car. I cannot believe the time is just around the corner and I still have to get my meds. filled and buy my travel supplies. This is definitely adding up $$$..

My stats... I am 41 years old the proud mother of 4, 5'5" currently 165lbs. I've never been good at "blogging" so I will post as much information as possible.

I received my surgery packet back in December 2012...

I received my surgery packet back in December 2012. In my packet I of course received all my pre-op information as well as my medication RX scripts. I waited till after my medical clearance and for the days leading up to the surgery date before filling my RX meds. Well yesterday I tried getting my prescription filled and it was an epic fail! :( The script for percocet was dated back in December, according to NJ law the script is out dated by more than a month and in order to get the prescription I have to have an ORIGINAL script to hand to pharmacist! (i.e.) no faxes, e-mails or phone calls. WTH the other scripts were not signed by dr. Salama so I have to wait till Monday for pharmacy to call Drs. office to verify scripts without signature.. MY SURGERY IS 4 DAYS AWAY!!! Yikes what now!

Im sure the scripts without signatures can be remedied via phone conversation but what am I going to do without my PAIN MEDS!! Will def. call Nancy/Salama office tomorrow. So ladies we make sure were taking our vitamins, get our recovery supplies together, book travel, etc.. and do not give the prescribed meds another thought till its time to get them filled.. Well at least I didn't. :( Any one else run into this scenario?

Spoke to Noemi and Cynthia today regarding the...

Spoke to Noemi and Cynthia today regarding the situation with the RX scripts. They stated that Dr. Salama was re-vamping how they dispense scripts, that now the office will be handing out scripts the day prior to surgery due to some of the complications in obtaining the meds. We also discussed the possible pricing at pharmacies located over in FL. I presently do not have insurance so I will be paying cash for my meds and I had concerns about their pricing. Here in Jersey they have discount prescription cards that cash paying consumers can apply to their meds. In reality I found out that all pharmacies have discount cards/policies to accommodate cash paying consumers. Well aside from the pain med "percocet" the antibiotics and nausea medication would run me about $22 each w/out Ins. in NJ. Cynthia stated that she has not heard of any of the prescribed meds exceeding $50 in FL, so that was helpful to know. I will get the antibiotic and nausea meds filled her just to be on the safe side and worry about the "percocet" over there. I also got my answer on the "Arnica pills" well I thought about buying the "Arnica Gel" but Noemi stated it was not necessary because the office gives out the pills the day before your surgery.

I was on a mission looking for the scar treatment silicon based gel "biocorneum". I read great reviews and recommendations on this gel. I looked online and had to speak to physicians before ordering gel and that turned into leaving voicemails with no response. I contacted my dermatologist here and their office never even heard of the scar gel, they prescribe "maderma cream" and that is an over the counter cream. I decided to give the web one more try and ended up finding a plastic surgeons office in Virginia that sold the "biocorneum gel", so I ordered it on Saturday only to be told it would not arrive till probably Thursday and I of course will be in FL by then recovering.. Well why did I not think of calling Dr. Salama's office to see if they sold the dam gel!?? I don't know... guess would of been to easy for me to try that route! smh..

Dr. Salama's office does sell the "biocorneum gel" and in several sizes for about the same pricing thats out there. When I spoke to Noemi from the office she stated that the scar gel is not used till about six weeks after procedure so I have time for my delivery from Virginia..smh

I saw on RS member "neisha5", a fold up camping stool that she will be using to sit on after her procedure. Looks like a great tool, however because I cannot get it here fast enough to take with me, I ended up ordering one similar to it on I have the prime membership so I expedited the shipping to one day for an additional $3.99. So will let ya know how that goes. (posted pic)

Hope this info. helps!

About 3 years back I visited a friend of a friends...

About 3 years back I visited a friend of a friends home and on display she had this 12" sculpture of an afro puff, voluptuous/curvacious figurine.. I was amazed by the detail and feminine qualities the artist had captured. I immediately inquired about the sculpture/figurine and wanted to get my own! Well in true hater fashion the response I received was "it was a gift", don't know where they got it from. smh Needless to say that prompted the search for the unknown..

I searched under various search key words on the computer, (big ass doll, big booty with afro doll/sculpture, voluptuous woman sculpture, etc.. and it would always lead me to everything I wasn't looking for or porn sites. lol Well a few weeks back I started my search again focused on the thought that instead of presenting Dr. Salama with wish pics, I wanted my very own "booty babe figurine" to motivate my surgeon.

Growing up I was called "China" because of my facial features. I would often get confused for Korean, Phillipines, etc.. NOPE just plain ole spanish I am! Well I found my perfect "Booty Babe"! I ordered her and was super happy to receive her practically overnight!

SO YES LADIES I WILL BE TAKING MY "CHINA BOOTY BABE DOLL" WITH ME TO INSPIRE DR. SALAMA!! I figure better to have a visual aid present when it comes time to mold muaah!! ") And besides all that I JUST LOVE LOOKING AT HER.. LOL

Because I'm no hater & love to share Ive included pictures of my very own "booty babe"!!! I hope to purchase a few more to collect, well because I'm hoping in 3 days to have more in common with them than just wanting to look like one! :)

Hola My BBL Mamacitas!! Ok so I was a bit...

Hola My BBL Mamacitas!! Ok so I was a bit skeptical about the "seat cane". After looking at a few of them I opted for the one with handles on either end for more stability. Well I really think this is going to work! Now I'm excited about the possibility of being able to sit if I absolutely need to within the first 6 weeks and even after. I tried it out and you def. have to kinda balance yourself so that you don't end up on your ass, but it does work! (see pics)

I also found my compact pill box (DSW), this will fit in just about any of my bags. I have my vitamins in them. No room for my antibiotics, but I found this collapsable travel cup with pill compartment at Walmart so this will work for my antibiotics!

Well getting ready with last minute details before my flight out tomorrow morning. So close yet so far! lol ttys

Forgot to mention my Biocorneum arrived today as...

Forgot to mention my Biocorneum arrived today as well. I was disappointed to find that it expires 6/2013! I called PS office and got the "we will have someone call you back". I got the 50mg size, biggest one. So unnecessary because the 50mg is for surgeries such as Tummy Tucks, I could of gone with the smaller one & less money one for the BBL incisions were getting. I thought I could def. have some spare around for any other possible "life scars". Oh well live & learn. :x

It has been a difficult recovery. Uncomfortable...

It has been a difficult recovery. Uncomfortable for the most part and painful at the front drain site. 12 days later and I'm finally feeling better, appetite coming back and massages getting easier. Celia is amazing and knowledgeable! So far I've had 5 massages abd have 3 more to go. I was scheduled to leave today but my front drain is still draining heavy. 50cc's in a 24 hour period, so ti avoid possible Seromas and because I def. do not want to travel back with drain, I'm staying longer. Shooting for Friday departure.

Dr. Salama def. did his thing! Already have definition and form. I've lost some volume but I know that's the swelling. Was around 46" 47" after sx. presently holding at 45" 45 1/2". previously I was 41" the sculpted waist makes huge difference and derrière is out there! Waist originally 39" 40" presently holding at 29" 30".

Dr.S and his support staff have been amazing.Very accommodating, informative
and supportive. Will go into details when I get back home and with more photos. Going to try and upload some. I've been MIA and I wanted to report back. God Bless all BBL Mama's recovering and those getting ready. So far DEF. worth it!

ps; saw RS member Perfectbutt a few times. Very sweet and amazing results!
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Wednesday is definitely busy at the office due to Consults and follow up scheduled, but staff does they're best to accommodate. Remember to stay realistic to your expectations and results. From where I started, today l already see I am new and improved!

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