5 months post Op With Dr Salama - New pics!

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Hello realself girls! Okay, so I've been looking...

Hello realself girls! Okay, so I've been looking into this procedure since March of this year (2014). I've been so undecided whether or not to do this procedure. Not because I can't afford it or because I don't think it will work, but because I'm such a punk! I have never been put to sleep before, I have never had any type of surgery, never had a kid, never been pregnant, never had stitches, never broken anything, like seriously, I guess I'm lucky, I've never really expierenced a great deal of pain. So that's what's totally freaking me out!!! So I've been researching this website for a few months, and I love salamas work, plus he's in the states. I love the work they do in DR but I'm too much of a punk to get surgery in a country that I've never been to or can't speak their language, so miami it is with salama. So when I first reached out to him I was 110 lbs (I'm 5'1 in height). I have went up to 117 lbs since March. Had to weight gain to get the results I want. So now I'm totally fat, have a muffin too no curves and I have to get this done! I'm about 2 months away from surgery. I want to be at least 120 lbs when I go in. So if anyone has a date near august 26th let me know! I'm going out there alone and staying in the recovery house so it would be awesome to have a friend!

Cleared for surgery!

Ok guys so today I was finally cleared for surgery, and I paid everything in full!!! So it's official today makes 2 weeks exactly till I'm bootified lol. I'm so nervous/excited !!! Still have to buy some supplies and some maxi dresses for after surgery other than that I'm good to go! I will keep u guys updated. I'll post soon as I land in Miami :) btw, here's some pics of my weight gain, it's so gross! Lol :(

My cousin gets surgery today!

Ok guys it's 2am and I can't sleep!!! My cousin @aprilasil gets her BBL tomorrow with Salama!!! I tried to go with her but he couldn't fit me in he's all booked. Anyways I'm totally excited for her. I can't wait to see her results! I wish her the best luck and I will pray for her, hope u guys do too!!

I'm here!!!

Hey ladies!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've had so much on my mind lately I just can't get it together. My nerves are shot!!! I go in for surgery tomorrow at 12:30. Ok let me start by saying I'm staying at the recovery house. It's like home here. Everyone is so sweet there's food, tv and the caretaker is great! I missed my flight today I was supposed to be here at 1:09 for my preop appt. so they had to reschedule me for 4pm. So I came in met with Nomie who is very sweet. She basically made me sign my life away, gave me my boppy and I left. I'm so upset I didn't get to meet with salama for my preop, I really wanted to talk to him and ask him questions. Guess I'll just have to save that for tomorrow (well really 12 hours) Ahhh! I'm so excited/nervous , I'm scared. Don't know how I'm going to feel because I've never been under. I just hope everything goes well tomorrow. There's 2 girls that just had their surgery today and they seem done, bleeding and draining like crazy. But fine because that's normal. So tomorrow the driver will pick me up by 11:30 and that's it. I'm going in!!! Wish me luck ladies. I'm so scared. Please have me In your prayers! I will try to post tomorrow before or after surgery depending how I feel.. I'll see you ladies on the other side! Xoxoxo :-|


Sorry for the typo, I meant the 2 girls seem fine not done***


Good morning ladies. So my surgery is at 12:30, I'm going to start getting ready and preparing now. Just wanted to update. I barely slept last night, woke up at 4am, went to the bathroom and realized I had my PERIOD! I'm so pissed. I have like the worse luck!!! The caregiver here said that it's probably my nerves and I'm not the first one and it's not a big deal. But I feel so weird. Now I have to have this poor man work on me while I'm bleeding thru my vagina! That's double on me right now! I'm so upset! My nerves are shot. I just want this to be over with. Anyways I'm really scared girls. I need a nice shower to relax me, please pray for me and I'll see you guys on the other side! I'll try to update asap.

The other side

I just wanna tell u girls I made it to the other side. This pain is no joke. My tummy and ass Is burning. I'm going to lay back down, I'll give a full review tomorrow. Here's a pic

Post op

Hey girlies. I feel a little better today, less dizziness and nausea. I went to my post op appt, and nomie and salama checked me and told me I look fine. So I asked salama how many ccs?? Guess what?? 1200ccs!!!! And I only weigh117, so I'm excited about that. He's great at finding fat on slim girls. Well I'm Gna take some pills and lay back down.. Here are some pics of me at my post op appt...

Feeling better

Hey girlies!!! So I'm 2 days post op today and feeling much better than the day of surgery and one day post op, I think those are the hardest days. I'm still very sore, but I took a shower and washed my garment I needed that. So I feel clean and good. The lady here at the recovery house (Grace) is so amazing, she really cares and looks after you like your her child, I could not do it without her. She's great! My skin feels so weird to touch. I'm still very sore but overall doing better. Tomorrow is my massage, I am not looking forward to that. But it looks like I do have a lot of fluid build up so I'm going to need it. I still haven't pooped FML.. I took my stool softners yesterday and today and nothing! Hopefully I can go tomorrow. Anyways girls just a quick update on how I'm doing and I have a stomach pic for you today.. I'm still very swollen and full of fluid but u get the point... Xoxo


Hey girls! Had my first massage today. And yes it's true. It's torture, probably the hardest part of this entire procedure. But the good part is it doesn't last very long and when it's over you feel brand new!!! It gives your skin some feeling back. And makes u feel like u can move better. Also got my stage 2 garment today. Well here's some pics I took after the massage. I think I'm shaping out nicely :)

At the airport!

Sorry it's been a while ladies. I'm at the airport now getting ready to board, finally going home. I'm so excited! I was getting so depressed and homesick! So I've had 3 massages in total. Your first 2 are included and I decided to get another for $75. I feel much better overall. Still very sore in certain areas where the doctor focused on, like my sides and lower back, but for the most part feeling better. I only got my back drain removed because the front is still draining over 25ccs, idk how I'm going to pull that thing out myself, I'll probably have my bf do it. Lucky I only have a 2 hr and 30 minute flight because I will be standing the entire time (so embarrassing) but I don't care I do not want to ruin my butt, the only time I have to sit (on my boppy) is for landing and take off, the doc gives you a letter. Well I'll post some update pics of me, and wish me luck on my flight girls! Xoxo

2 weeks tomorrow!

Hi ladies, well I'm back in my hometown And let me tell you it feels good to be home, tomorrow I make 2 weeks. I finally got off the pain killers, not really in much pain anymore except for when I'm going to sleep and waking up, but I guess that's more discomfort than pain. And let me tell you, I've never realized how important sitting was! Life is only laying down and standing up, and of course sometimes kneeling. It's so draining. Well I've had one massage do fat since I've been here and Wednesday I'm having another. I feel like my booty got a bit smaller but I'll let y'all be the judge of that, here's some pics... :)

3 1/2 weeks and losing :(

Hey girls. I am so depressed. I am 3 1/2 weeks and my butt has gone down a lot since week 2. It doesn't even look like boom anymore it just looks like a regular butt. I'm getting so stressed out, I paid so much money for such little results. Also it dropped a lot too. Which I don't mind tho.. I love my waist and my shape I just wish my butt was bigger, and what scares me is what if I lose more in the weeks to come! I'm driving myself crazy. I have not sat down at all. I don't lay on my back. I'm always in this itchy annoying garment and still losing! Idk what to do :( I mean in still somewhat satisfied I just can't take it getting any smaller.

Bipolar booty

So ladies let me tell you. This surgery will make you crazy. Lol. It's like an emotional roller coaster. Some days your butt looks huge and your happy. Other days your like where's my booty? :( but I'm feeling much better since my last post. I realized that I fell in love with the swollen booty, like the girls say on here the booty greed is real. But I'm content and happy with my body. It's way better than it was before. And it's been dropping and getting a little softer. Some areas are still really hard. But I'm only 4 weeks so I guess that's normal. Anyways I was trying on some of my old panties since I haven't wore underwear since the surgery lol. Here's some pics!

6 weeks

Hey ladies. Just a quick update, I turned 6 weeks yesterday and I have to say I'm starting to feel a lot better. Like almost normal again. My butt has gotten softer, I barely sit, unless I have to and if I do I only sit on my boppy. I still sleep on my stomach and sometimes my sides. I try not to sleep on my butt because I feel like I'll ruin it lol. But yes it has went down. A lot. I feel like my entire body weight went down tho. Idk. But it's def not as big as it was but it's still there and it looks nice and natural so I'm fine with that. Also my hips are gone. They been gone since like 3 weeks but I knew that wasn't going to last all the girls complain that their hips leave. But oh well I'm fine with my projection. Well I was playing dress up so here's some pics it's not a huge butt, but it's full and natural looking.. Enjoy ladies.

10 weeks.

Hey ladies, it's been a while since i last posted. Just want to say that I feel about 80% right now. I still get a little itchy from time to time. Still a little sore if someone grabs me to hard. But for the most part I feel like my normal self. I started to sit now without my boppy I sit whenever I have to and it feels normal just hurts a little if I sit for too long. My butt got a lot softer and dropped a lot. It jiggles so nicely now. Only thing is it did get a little small. I did want it bigger but oh well. It fits me well and no one ever thinks I had surgery so that's a plus. My waist is so tiny. I barely wear my garment anymore I just wear my waist trainer when I go to sleep. I also took my measurements they are 33-25-37.5. I had about 12 massages I have no lumps in my tummy. I feel great. Here are some pics I took today for you girls!! Enjoy xoxo

5 months :)

Hey girls!!! I'm sorry I haven't updated sooner! I just been so busy with work and stuff! My life is completely 100% back to normal. This is me now. This is who I am and I'm finally used to it!!! It feels so good looking in the mirror now. My confidence has been boosted way up. Any girls that are even thinking about it, I say do it. This by far been the best decision I've ever made. It's life changing. So I sleep, sit, take long drives, everything and anything I want, and I feel normal. It doesn't hurt at all. I got all my feeling back in my lipo areas. Everything is just so normal and great. The attention is crazy! Everyone guys and girls are always complimenting my body. It just feels so good to finally be comfortable in my own skin and satisfied. I'll try to update more often but here are some pics hope this makes up! Xoxo
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