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I can't wait till i walk in a room and "all eyes...

I can't wait till i walk in a room and "all eyes on me". I've been obsessed with this site for..... too damn long. I'm so ready to have my new booty I'm tired of wearing tight dress with just a lil lump I want a watermelon back there lol. I am most definitely going with Dr. Salama his results are frickin breathtaking. I think he's the one that'll be able to give me my dream booty. Still haven't done a consultation yet waiting for the new year cuz I'm not entirely sure on how I'm going to be able to afford this and don't want to get the quote till I'm absolutely sure I'll be able to lock in that price. My measurements are 33-28-38. To me that sounds like i'd have a decent size but uhhhhh no those numbers are very deceiving. I used to be 44 in the butt (lol) but my waist went up to so ehhh. I look pretty decent in clothes but once they come off sag city and there's no hiding those love handles. I'll b posting pics soon once I figure out how to hide my tatts.

new pics

Ok, so I figured out a way to hide my tatts and not show my wall color yay me! Also I forgot to give a lil more background information. I'm 26, have 2 girls 5&6, I'm 5'7" and I weigh 137 lbs. I think that covers everything, until next time loves XOXOXO

Wisssshhhhhhhh Pics

Some wish pics.... U guys I'm scared to go to Salama now that I've seen these ghastly burns everyone's talking about :((((((((((. I don't want to have to pay an arm and a leg to go see Jimerson (my next choice) nay do I want to travel. I'm thinking I should wait and see if anyone else comes forward with in 2014 with any new burns. I'm going to look better not worse.

Making Moves

FINALLY making some moves yall. I have a consultation with Dr. Mel Ortega this Wednesday and with Dr. Moises Salama the 26th of this month. I was considering Dr. Salzhauer (sp?) as well but that office taking too long to get back with me. I'm so excited I already have my new booty outfit in mind (that I will b sewing once i know my measurments) and let me tell you it is going to bring guys down to their knees that outfit so bad. I already have the shoes lol first place I'm going is kod. I just hope I get something, even if its not alot as long as its more than what I have now i'll be happy ;); but I'm hoping for the booty of my dreams bol XD well that is all

sister's bbl today

Hey guys my sister goes under today please keep her in your prayers. She chose Dr. Alexander. Haven't heard much about him but he did my other sister work. I only know of breast augmentation twice dk anything about her having a bbl I just assumed she'd been working out n that's y her booty was big (like she'd tell me anything). But anywho she's in her way to having the body she always dreamed of.


Just got done with my consultation and bad frickin news. I apparently don't have enough fat. This is news to me because I feel like a fat ass my stomach is huge and these love handles are killing me. So he said where I'm at right now he would not take my money. So my only choice is to do the damn near impossible and gain weight and come back to see him. On a lighter note Dr. Ortega is great he's sweet, nice and honest. Oh and so is the staff I love em. How long does it take to gain 20 lbs? I hope it all goes where I want. I'll keep u guys posted on my weight gain journey I guess
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