Surgery #2 scheduled for Nov 2017

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Im currently 5'4 146lbs looking to gain about 10...

Im currently 5'4 146lbs looking to gain about 10 lbs before my surgery. I looked into other Drs but in the end I felt like Dr. Salama can give me the results I want. I'm really looking forward to my BBL and keeping all you ladies informed on my experience. I'll be sure to update as much as possible.

Wish Pics

Drs visit has me depressed :(

So I went to the Dr yesterday and when the nurse weighed me I was 139.8. I got on the scale like 5 x to make sure it was correct lol. I haven't been eating right before bed like I used to and I lost the weight naturally. I am currently 3 months away from my surgery so I'm really pissed. I ordered and received the best weight gainer out there (Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass) and I'll be drinking one serving every night before bed. I used it before and gained 15 lbs in 2 1/5 months. I blend it with whole milk, fruit, and vanilla ice cream, which combined is a extra 2000 calories per day. I eat my regular meals, which equal out to about 2500 calories a day, and boom add my shake at night. I'm going to weigh myself next Monday too see if I gained a lb or two this week. I was sent a email to remind me of my surgery ( how could I forget), balance, and some info about how to prepare. I says to start taking iron 30 days before but I think I'll start next month. Stay positive girls, our time is coming!

I've gained 2 lbs since my weight gain journey which started Monday the 12th

I posted two pics with me along side some other urban models. Don't let the angles fool you, my waist and stomach is def bigger. I took that pic last year when I was working out all crazy for 6 weeks. Only eating 1500 calories a day and working out 5x a week, I went hard. When I get home I'll take some pics of my waist currently. It's not huge but it's a difference. Even though I was working out a lot, my waist always had love handled on it, and the fat on that area is genetic. My mom had always been tiny and she had the same thing. It has to be sucked out or I'll be stuck with it forever. I think I'm more excited for the tiny waist than the booty (I can't wait for that too). I miss working out, so I can't wait to get this surgery done so I can go hard again. I want my waist to be 24-26 nothing more.

This pic was for the precious post

Y'all know what I meant lol^^^^^


Lymph massage therapist

Please inbox me if you have any info for a lymph therapist

Recovery house

Are there any girls seeing Dr Salama around the 12 of August staying at the recovery house. I just paid my deposit today and I was told there was only 2 spots left. Although the recovery house seems expensive, when you think of all you get, it's like staying at a all inclusive resort. I'm looking forward to making new friends there and connecting with ladies going through the same thing as me.

38 DAYS LEFT.......

Its really getting real now ladies. I just got my packet sent to me in the mail as well as email. Ive started taking my iron and vitamin C as per Dr Salama. I still oh my entire amount minus my deposit of $1000 payed last year. Im paying in cash but im not giving any money to the office until my surgery clearance. I have an appointment for the 18th to meet with my Dr for clearance. Once my blood work and EKG comes back clear ill be ready to pay my balance. Hopefully all goes well and I wont have to postpone my new donk. I took off of work for 30 days and I arranged for a extra 8 days off if needed. I really only want to stay off for 30 tho. I figured I need my car to get to work and if I cant sit for 45 days whats the point of going back. I have about $300 worth of necessities in my Amazon shopping cart, and im not buying anything until I get my clearance. I keep looking at all the dresses in my closet that I cant wait to wear. Im going to take pics in about 10 diff outfits and wear the same ones after surgery to compare.....bikinis and all. I cant wait for this waist to be a 24-26. I have to post my new wish pics too.

Wish pic Waist


I just got my medical clearance now I'm starting to feel nervous. I wasn't spending anymore money on this surgery until I got my clearance. I can purchase my plane ticket now. I was told my preop time and I'm so nervous. I'm still trying to gain about 5 extra pounds in three weeks. I gained 2 so far, if I don't gain it oh well. I got enough gut to use lol. I applied for CareCredit this morning and got approved for $4000. I'm only using $3000 tho become saved up $5000. I'm paying in full tomorrow. I still owe $1400 on the recovery house and I'm going to pay that next week. I know I'm going to tear up when I see my tiny waist. I'm so excited girls and this site has been a God send.

I've found my girl

I finally learned how to use the plastic surgery app

This is a before and after pic wearing my small Squeem waist cincher. I purchased this months ago to help me look better in tight dresses. I'm glad I did bc I love it. I'm on the last set of rows so I need to order a XS. I'll post some from pics so you girls can see my lack of hips. Please Salama give me hips!!!

This waist chillllllld

4 more days.....

4 more days and I'll be transformed. These are the pics I'll be showing Dr Salama during my preop.

I'm less than 24 hrs away

I'm less than 24 hrs away from having the body of my dreams. I touched down in Ft Lauderdale this morning and Justin (driver) took me straight to my preop. I signed all the paperwork, why is like signing you're life away, got my boppie and was on my way to the recovery house. When I arrived I was greated by one of the caretakers here, she's really nice and asked me if I wanted a sandwhich for lunch before I even put my bag down. I met my roommate who's really nice and her butt looks amazing. I was in awe. Then I went in the kitchen where I met another young lady who was giving me advice on the surgery. She let me lift up her dress to see her butt and omg it looked nice. In walked another girl who was staying there too and her butt looked nice as well. The house is clean and nice with snacks layed around and the fridge was full. Everyone here is so nice. The caretaker told me they usually have a full house everyday. She explained to me that after my surgery tomorrow she wanted me to try the Lentil soup and she would bring it to me in bed. It's so relaxing here I can see now it's worth every penny. I can't eat after 12 am so I'm going to stuff my face until then lol. Looking at the girls here makes me even more excited. I'm scheduled for surgery at 7:30 am. Pray for me girls I'll update tomorrow and post pics If I'm feeling up to it.

I made it!!!!

Hey girls When I saw the Dr he said m butt already had fat it was just square. He also said one cheek was slightly bigger than the other I never noticed that. He said you don't see your butt like I see it lol. He said I needed more fat and asked if he could take some from my inner thigh. I told him to take what he needed lol. I'll try to send pics later I'm just in pain I can't move. All the girls are like "you have hips lol" my roomy took this pix for me, I can't move anything but my phone finger lol

I tried to take a few by myself

I'm not gonna lie girls I'm in pain but doing well. I haven't loss my appetite which is good and percs are my best friend lol. The caretaker helped me use the bathroom a few times
Which was really painful, I was ready to lay back down.

Post opp

I took these at the Drs office, I do know how many ccs yet but I'm going to call and find out tomorrow.

1200 Ccs!!!

I'm so happy I found out today. I'm glad he was able to take some from my inner thigh too. I'm still really swollen so my waist is still big it sucks. Salama said it
Will shrink it's just swelling and fluid. I'll post pics after my massage. I hope all the girls that had surgery this week are doing good.

This itching is crazy

This itching is crazy, it's almost unbearable. I'm going to get sine anti itch cream tomorrow hopefully that helps. I haven't really been up to updating bc I'm just going through the motions trying to get through these days and this uncomfortable feeling. I hate this garment. It's so uncomfortable and tight. I know it'll be all worth it in the end but it's pure hell now lol. When I rub my hand on my lower back all I feelis bone and skin, he def sucked me dry back there. I still love my results so far I'm still happy. I haven't been taking measurements so idk if I've lost any volume. I hope all you girls are doing well. I'll post pics soon.

It's been a long time

In the booty world but I've just been taking it easy and praying that I don't loose any volume. I'm at 36-27-41. I've been at those measurements since I first measured a couple weeks ago. Like most of my bbl sisters I wish I was a 44 but my bf keeps saying this looks good for my small frame. I hope my waist goes down in the next few months. I've been eating whatever I want and not watching my diet bc I've never watched it before. I'm currently 140 and want to gain about 10 lbs. I think Salama did a excellent job and I love my body. I hate this garment tho it's a killer. I ordered a vedette yesterday which I can wear under my sexy clothes when I'm not at work and still have compression. I want to get my breast redone as well as add a little more to my hips and butt. My bf said if I want to go again next year he'll help me pay for it. I'm gonna wait and see how this fluffing thing goes tho lol. Even if I do gain a extra inch I still want to get my boobs done so why not go back to Salama and get some more hips and ass lol. I hope all you newly enhanced girls are doing good. I'll def try to update more I've just been so nervous about fat loss it's consumed my mind.

Pics throughout healing

Pic of the garment I ordered to wear under tight clothing no clips

Lost volume:(

So I lost about 1.25 inches since I last chkd. I'm really irritated by this. I didn't pay all this money to go back to where I started. I'm going to be patient tho, and see what it looks like at 6 weeks. I'm not taking my measurements again until then. The good thing is I love my new garment. It gives good compression on my waist. It gives me a sculpted hourglass look. These are some pics I took when I first got it last week. I had foams on with it.

So I got on the scale today

and I weigh 136.2 lbs. how can this be. I can't believe I lost all this weight after surgery. I didn't try to loose it, I just lost it the natural way. I think it's bc my appetite has been shitty after surgery. I was right when I said I needed to gain about 10lbs. This can't be good for my new transfer lol. My bf is going to buy me some ensure drinks and I have to force myself to eat more, I just don't have a appetite. It's been hard getting back to normal but I'm trying.

Def Round 2

Hi girls, I've decided to have a round 2, even if after the swelling my waist goes down to a 26. After playing with my plastic surgery simulator app I know I want a smaller waist (24), and more butt and hips. After seeing many woman have complications from this surgery such as infections and fat necrosis I think it's a blessing that all I ended up with was some fat loss. Dr Salama def made my butt and shape rounder and fuller but I want more. I'm thankful that I didn't have a lot of ccs injected my 1st time bc it seems that high levels of fat injected can bring more complications. Some ladies get up to 1600 ccs and have no problems. I know we all want the perfect round 1 but now I know why two rounds are sometimes necessary. My body will have time to get used to the new fat added. I'm really happy with my results and my DR and I will def be going back to him for round 2. I want to go in August again but if it's too booked I'm going to try for December 2015. Here are some updated pics of me and what I hope to achieve after round


Pics aren't loading

Has anyone expirenced this?

I very noticed over the past few days when I run up the steps or walk fast I can feel my butt jiggling and it feels heavy and weird. My butt isn't even really big but I don't know if it's the fat dropping or what. Yesterday I held the bottom of my butt cheeks when I had to speed walk to my house from the car to grab something. I thought I'd share that little weird thing lol.


I took these yesterday and I'm a lil bloated so don't mind my tummy believe me it's normally flat.

More pics

I love this dress, I just got it. It fits amazing hence the impromptu photo shoot.

Reposting some pics

I'm measuring 27-40 as of today. Im hoping that I fluff some at 8weeks. The ensure has really been working. Since I started my weight gain journey I've gained 4 lbs. I'm 140 so I have 10 more to go. I hope everybody is doing good and healing good.


Sorry guys

The files aren't uploading, I'll tinker with it tomorrow

7 months after BBL

Hi girls, Just a short review to update my progress. I'm healing very well. I still feels little burning sensation on my waist but it has leassened a lot. I still wear my lipoexpress waist vest 10-12 hrs a day and I'm addicted to it. When I dont wear it it feels funny. I went a few weeks without it but decided to put it back on. It's not a latex trainer which makes it feel soft and soooo comfortable but is really tight. I've been eating and not working out so I gained 7lbs by eating late at night (by late I mean after midnight every night bc of my new shift at work). Now to the real reason we're here lol...the booty. I'm currently at 41 inches bc of the weight gain and I honestly believe fluffing happened. My butt stayed at 40 inches before the weight gain but it rounded out more. I think it takes some time for the fat to completely settle and start to get nourished from the new blood supply. It shakes and jiggles like crazy, I love it. I'm still making plans to have a round 2 hopefully in March 2016(a year away). I was shocked to see Dr Salama's prices went down. Is it bc of all the cheaper competition now Hmmmmm. I want some more hips and a smaller waist which is my 1st priority and if theDr can give me more ass with any fat left over I'd greatly appreciate it lol. My current measurements are 34-28-41 (I just measured). My dream measurements are 34-26-43. i hope all you girls are doing well.



16 months post op

Just a quick update. I've gained a few pounds and my butt is bigger after the weight gain and the fat settling. I'm currently 29-41
Yes 29!!!! Lol. I have a consultation schedules and I'm looking to have a round 2 plus breast implant replacement in 2017.

Still doing well years later and looking to do a round 2

Hi everyone, I'm back in here reading reviews again looking to do a round 2. I'm unsure if I want to go with Dr Salama again (who strangely lowered his prices), or Dr Miami (who raised his). I gained a lil weight and my weight all goes to my waist and stomach so I'm currently a 29 and a 41 butt. I really want a more hourglass like figure with wider hips and a smaller waist. I'm not looking for my butt to increase too much just enough fat to round it out more on the tops and sides. My tummy has a few lumps which I believe is due to the fact that I didn't do much post op massaging like I should have. I've learned my lesson. Im thinking about going to a breast implant specialist here where I live and scheduling my bbl only with another Dr.

Can't wait!

Hi ladies, I hope all is well. I have my surgery scheduled for Nov and I'm getting vaser lipo with fat transfer to hips. After looking at all these new reviews with amazing results....I'm thinking, should I get a little more fat added to my booty too????.
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