Two Years in the Making and I'm Finally Getting What I Wanted - Aventura, FL

I came across this website a few months ago and...

I came across this website a few months ago and immediately got hooked. Through you wonderful ladies on here I was able locate Dr Salama. I went in for a consultation today and paid a partial down payment and booked my date for Feb 5, 2013. Perfect timing for me because I have to lose at least 30lbs. My current weight is 210 and I am 5"5, so I have ways to go. This is going to be a long journey.

8 more months to go... I have ways to go I don't...

8 more months to go... I have ways to go I don't like thinking about it.. I the mean time I have loss weight just a little trying to get down to 180. I enjoy reading the bbl girls update. I can't wait until its my time. Got to get my money right though.

It been a long time in the making... I'm Ready!!

Hello my bbl sisters. It's been a long time. Still no sx but my time is coming, I had to reschedule and allowed someone else to take my date. Well, I'm starting from scratch all over again with this weight loss thing. I am now 220 lbs yes I love to eat don't judge me.. I am scheduled for February 2014 and I am praying this time nothing won't happen to where I wont have to reschedule. I'm ready to look summer time fine lol. I have a question did anyone of you ladies use FMLA for this surgery?

Not feeling Dr. Salama's work lately

It seems like after 2012 Dr. Salama's work isn't the best. I don't want to go through a hit or miss type situation so I have decided to switch doctors. Plus he's one of the more expensive doctors. So I received a quote from Dr. Yily now I'm waiting on a quote from Dr. Duran. I am currently in the process of loosing weight, I'm trying to get down to 160 lbs. My last status I wrote I was 220 I was actually 223. Since then I've loss 5 lbs. hey me!!! I am very determined this time around.
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