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I came across this website a few months ago and...

I came across this website a few months ago and immediately got hooked. Through you wonderful ladies on here I was able locate Dr Salama. I went in for a consultation today and paid a partial down payment and booked my date for Feb 5, 2013. Perfect timing for me because I have to lose at least 30lbs. My current weight is 210 and I am 5"5, so I have ways to go. This is going to be a long journey.

8 more months to go... I have ways to go I don't...

8 more months to go... I have ways to go I don't like thinking about it.. I the mean time I have loss weight just a little trying to get down to 180. I enjoy reading the bbl girls update. I can't wait until its my time. Got to get my money right though.

It been a long time in the making... I'm Ready!!

Hello my bbl sisters. It's been a long time. Still no sx but my time is coming, I had to reschedule and allowed someone else to take my date. Well, I'm starting from scratch all over again with this weight loss thing. I am now 220 lbs yes I love to eat don't judge me.. I am scheduled for February 2014 and I am praying this time nothing won't happen to where I wont have to reschedule. I'm ready to look summer time fine lol. I have a question did anyone of you ladies use FMLA for this surgery?

Not feeling Dr. Salama's work lately

It seems like after 2012 Dr. Salama's work isn't the best. I don't want to go through a hit or miss type situation so I have decided to switch doctors. Plus he's one of the more expensive doctors. So I received a quote from Dr. Yily now I'm waiting on a quote from Dr. Duran. I am currently in the process of loosing weight, I'm trying to get down to 160 lbs. My last status I wrote I was 220 I was actually 223. Since then I've loss 5 lbs. hey me!!! I am very determined this time around.


I really wasn't going to write a review but I'm like what the heck. I have been wanting this done for so long why not share my experience. Like many of you ladies I was booked with Dr. Omulepu but the unfortunate happened so now I'm going with Dr. Macado (I think that's how you spell it). My date is set for March 18th. I'm praying that the time will fly by bc I hate to be anxious and the bible says be anxious for nothing. So I'm trying to stay calm and not think about it. As of now I'm 5'5 and my weight is 197. I want to be 185 on the day of surgery. That's it for now I will try my best to keep posting.

Pre-Op Today

So went to vanity this morning and was sent to encore... A bit mix up but I don't mind because I'm excited. Im so ready to get this over and done with. I will be posting before and after pictures.

Sugery is tomorrow and my nerves are really bad

So finally my surgery day is coming. It has been a long time in the making. I pray that God sees me throughout safe and sound with no complications during or after the surgery.

Pain Pain Pain

In so much pain.. My butt feels like it's on fire

The day of Review

As time goes by I'm feeling better everyday. I can say this procedure is not for the weak. You need strength out of this world to push yourself out off the bed and someone who's really dependable. For the first two days my friend took care of me and I felt as though she was an angel sent from heaven. The day of surgery my surgery time was scheduled for 4:30am. I got to the clinic before time me and another girl and the nurse arrived and let us in. She made us change and peed in the blue cup. I was praying Lord please let me go first. So I waited for an hour and the nurse came in and was like, let's take some pictures. She left for a while so I took a nap then she came in and was like let's go are you ready. I was nooo I'm scare Lord I can stratch this off my bucket list. So went back and saw Dr Mcadoo. Very cool guy I told him what I wanted witch I wanted a butt like his nurse. She was bad, her butt looked so natural and she got hers done 3 months ago by dr Mcadoo. He felt on her butt and was like this is what you want and he said touch it. So I did and said yes this is what I want. Lol He said looking at your chart that's exactly what you're getting but bigger. I said I don't want a ghetto booty. Guess what he gave me a ghetto botty with added hips. Now I already had big thighs so now I'm looking like a stallion walking around here. Ok back to the first day. They put my IV in and I started praying and before I knew it I woke up on my stomach next to the girl I came in with. I tried to lean up but couldn't and yelled hey my back hurts. The nurse was with the other girl and was moaning in pain. Then someone came to me and said let me help you. Surprisingly I was already in my faja and padded up Thank God for that. So I got up and she helped me in my wheel chair and took me outside to my friend. The ride home was 30 mins away, it wasn't that bad besides the fact that my friend kept slamming on the breaks then say sorry. So we got to the condo and her condo is on the 2nd floor I'm like mannn. But we took the elevator but was far from her door so I had a long walk. My left side felt tingling and I thought something was wrong. I thought he hit a nerve or something. So went in laid on the couch in pain for several hours bc I had to wait on Walmart. Not cool not cool at all. She made me chicken broth and chopped watermelon and I drunk water and I was fine besides being in pain. The day of is hard feels worse than a c-section to me.

Post Op day 5

Still walking stiff as a board and ready to get out of the house. But my husband isn't having that. He's a little more protective now plus I have these drains in. It doesn't hurt it's just a strange sight to see. On the flip side while reading a lot of the vets reviews who went through PS Mcadoo, they never stated that the dr doesn't want you laying on your stomach. He want you in a gravity chair or between two beds with your butt sticking out in the middle. I told him that looks uncomfortable and I think my back would hurt. Which it did until the point I couldn't tolerate the pain from my back, thighs, and butt hurting. So I'm laying on my stomach. He said if I do my butt would shrink. Well lets see. I see mix reviews. I know I'm still swollen butt he left fat on one side of my waist. I'll get it fixed with ultra cavitation. He could only take out a certain amount of fat I understand that but he could have made it even. Yes I still have back fat but to me it's still a 360. He told me that I would need a round two to get all the fat out. No thanks I'm good I've delt with a big stomach and love handles for all these years I can deal with what you couldn't take out. I'm not trying to be a scripper anyways. I just want to look good in my clothes. You ladies have a blessed day.


More Pics

11 days post op

Ok so today makes 11 days, a lot of swelling has gone down so I'm hoping my butt won't go down anymore.. The stiffness has subsided but not in the hip area. I can't wait to for my butt to soften up. I am walking normal. I was praying that I could before I have to go back to work. No dress up as of yet just chilling. I would like to get my lashes done but my better half isn't happy with all these changes. That's it for now.
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